Zhengdi system However, he muttered for a moment, feeling that the real butterfly had no superfluous explanation, so he muttered again for a moment, then sighed lightly, without words. “You know, my ability, since I say so, naturally he has a reason!” The real butterfly sighed lightly. “This..” “Not to mention that I have a marriage with him, this matter, on the contrary, is secondary and important, in fact, there are two points.” The real butterfly sighed, and his voice became a little lower. The serpent was silent. “First, this Li Xiao, Duan Chu, gifted, all kinds of talent has not said, its body even implies the blood breath of ancient gods and beasts, I suspect that this person has a great origin!” “Hiss-no wonder, in the face of this person I always feel a feeling of irritability, the original is the problem of blood, if it is true, I move this person, is not against the ancestral precepts!” Tianshe Zhenren is a little frightened. “No hindrance” The butterfly real person slightly waves, the signal is all right, this only then continues: “The second matter, is” the emperor God worships the ancestor “the question. You must be more clear about what “Emperor God Worships Ancestors” is,Narrow aisle rack, which is not simple, but Li Xiao's “Emperor God Worships Ancestors” is also true, so what is the problem? The problem lies in this book, Li Xiao is to understand, record the memory down, before giving me! Die Zhenren said a paragraph more. “This..” No, no, no way! The serpent can't believe it. “In fact, I also think it is impossible, but this is true, because once someone really understands” Emperor God Worship Ancestors “,Pallet rack upright,” Emperor God Worship Ancestors “itself will lose its true flavor of Xia Ze and Dao Yun, but this one does not! From Li Xiao's physical performance, it is true that he thoroughly realized the “Emperor's Worship of Ancestors” and really mastered the “Emperor's Worship of Ancestors”! You know, what does that mean? The butterfly real person pondered, said some facts, immediately let the serpent real person dumbfounded, welcome you to come, your support, is my greatest motivation. More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 054 Yan Xing Zong Vein. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: April 15, 2013 18:20:13 Number of words in this chapter: 5324 “So, it seems that I was wrong, I'm sorry.” Silence for a long time, the snake real person finally very honest apology. “Our demon clan, lingering on, naturally should take care of each other, you also know my special ability, this Li Xiao, we can not offend.” The butterfly real person sees the sky snake real person attitude is extremely good, Steel racking system ,pipe cantilever rack, gratified many, said once more. “Well, this man is really growing up very fast. I'm just worried that if he talks like this today, it will inevitably make him jealous later.” Tianhe Zhenren has some remorse. “Just as well,” the butterfly real person affirmed, this matter, this is the end, if, really there is a future, there is a future, I believe he will not be under us. The real butterfly is very confident. “I hope so,” the serpent real evil charm on the face, but also a little more sense of loss. …… The mountain breeze is blowing gently, after crossing the dark and cold mountain forest for some distance, the fresh breath like the spring of the recovery of all things makes Li Xiao feel the vastness and vastness of life. In the surrounding area outside the dark and dense forest, there is a vitality of the recovery of all things everywhere, which is a kind of rendering and pride of life, which is a magnificent and vigorous growth. Immersed in the feeling of the breeze, all unhappiness will disappear, Li Xiao stepped on the black sword without growth, the whole person and the whole sword completely integrated together, the heart has a completely indescribable implication. “This is the feeling that everything has life. The feeling is really strong. The whole world has color. The world is so beautiful.” Li Xiao can not help but sigh, now, in the real world of heaven and earth to control Changhong, flying is not a problem at all. To do so, naturally, is not low-key, nor deliberately high-profile, but does not care. Li Xiao knows that high altitude is the easiest to find, but he did so, representing either self-confidence and strength, or absolute death! But in such a world, how many people are really willing to die? Based on these considerations, Li Xiao simply flew with the sword. …… 'There Is no lack of beauty in the world, but the lack of eyes to discover beauty. 'In previous lives, many people could not understand Rodin's famous words, even if they understood and recognized them, they could not go deep into the true identity of the soul. After all, some things have not been experienced personally, and there is no sense of substitution that can be recognized. Only when I personally feel the freshness and beauty of all things can I realize how true and profound this sentence is. Had it not been for the fact that Rodin himself had reached his present state, then this Rodin, in terms of perceiving the'way of heaven, 'would have had a very powerful talent. No matter what kind, this kind of person is the'pride of heaven.' Li Xiao thought a lot in his heart for a while and recalled everything on the earth, and his heart was bitter again. Flying all the way, the temperature gradually deviated from the darkness and coldness, and became warm and pleasant. In such a flight, Li Xiao gradually observed the direction of spiritual veins and array energy between heaven and earth, and understood the energy distribution of some mountains. After passing through two smaller mountains in succession, he suddenly saw a big mountain in front of him. The mountain seemed to be a little far away, so it was not very clear. From a distance, the outline of the mountain was like the monster in Ultraman Little Monster, ferocious and ferocious. It stands abruptly between heaven and earth, like a mad'Tyrannosaurus Rex ', giving people a tragic feeling. This piece of heaven and earth weather is very good, coupled with Li Xiao's strength and Xiaoguang's scientific and technological strength, to see a mountain, it is naturally very simple, but now, not only can not see clearly, but after approaching, Li Xiao has a kind of soul trembling suffocation, it seems that this is a sleeping'Tyrannosaurus beast ',Pallet rack beams, can not be provoked. It seems that once it wakes up, it must be tyrannical and bloody. “There seems to be something wrong with this situation.” Very strong vitality, very strong power that makes people tremble. It's very much like the situation in Tianyao Wasteland! omracking.com