The villain has a She took people's hands and went in. Two pretty figures captured many people's hearts in an instant. Loki snorted and reached out to hold Irene in his arms. A pair of sharp eyes shot at those people, making a guardian gesture. As he escorted people inside, he secretly hated himself for not listening to Irene. Women's wear? What women's wear?! Annoying! The Avengers are drinking. To be exact, it was the first time in many years that the people of the Avengers Alliance gathered together to talk. With one more chirping Spider-Man, the whole scene was not quiet at all. When Loki and the others walked over, they saw them in a pile of sofas, and the vision of the original stone on their heads was reaching out to take the axe in the middle. Loki raised his eyebrows and looked sideways at his brother. Thor doesn't care if anyone else picks up an axe. Asgard has disappeared, and it's impossible to be the king of Asgard. Not to mention that the other party has already picked it up once, and it doesn't matter if he picks it up a second time. Vision failed to pick it up. A group of people, as if they did not believe in evil, went to get the axe one by one. Just like when Thor's hammer was placed in the middle and they were asked to take it, it was very happy. Loki rubbed his hands and went up. The whole scene was quiet for a moment, looking sideways at the gods who did not know why they were present in women's clothes. Loki was used to being looked at, and he enjoyed it. Then he held out his hand. Thor, who was about to drink, put down his glass. He only saw his sister put her two hands on the handle of the axe and picked it up with gentle force. Loki himself couldn't believe it! He picked it up?! He waved the thing around and quickly put it down, just as Thor thought, Asgard was gone, what was the use of picking it up? Loki took the glass to drink,Portable gold trommel, she walked into the crowd, instantly drowned, at least remember that he was accompanied by people, took the glass and a glass of fruit wine, handed to Irene: “In a few days, the raccoon they come, I let them take us to the universe,gold CIP machine, I want to find the guy who borrowed the Superman spaceship and did not return it.” “……” Irene looked away from Thor's spellcasting hand and nodded. “Good.” Come on, don't tell her. Without her brother, she can't even pick up the axe. Sure enough, when the younger brother became the younger sister, the younger brother control became the younger sister control, even more horrible than the previous younger brother control. Irene looked at Steve just in time to see the other person looking over. As soon as they smiled at each other, Irene looked away, and suddenly there was a big round of applause in the banquet hall. It turned out that Tony had finally proposed to Pepper with the ring. Looking at the two people hugging each other, Irene looked at Rocky, who was drinking slowly on the side, and raised her eyebrows. Forget it. Even if Loki doesn't propose, they still have plenty of time. -Slow! Slow! Consume! The author has something to say: Yes, Loki, this axe.. Still not picked up o (? ^ ` )o Next is Loki and Irene's first encounter, gold heap leaching ,gold cil machine, you want the Lantian sun warm jade smoke ~ The text is finished, the first encounter is extra ~ Chapter 79 Irene was seventeen when she picked up the girl. Her parents had just flown to England, and she consciously thought that a person could continue to struggle, so she did not go to England to live with her parents. I don't know why, but she prefers the United States and China to other countries. But her parents didn't want to go to any country but England. She thought she'd better stay in New York. Then one day when she came home from school, she picked up such a person in front of her house. Irene was a little girl at that time. Five years later, she would not have rashly brought a strange woman, especially a strange woman with blood on her body, back to her home. So little she still brought people home. After putting the person on the sofa, she found that her hands were all covered with blood. At that time, the little girl, who was hardly 18 years old, was startled. She quickly turned the woman over and found that her back was covered with blood. Even her green clothes were ragged. At that moment, she actually thought about throwing people back. But before he could move, he heard the woman groaning. Chant All of a sudden, she went soft. Anyway, people have been brought back, bandaging is not a difficult thing, Irene sat on the small sofa to think and think, and finally decided to leave people. And then he stayed, which became a scourge. Of course, at the age of seventeen, she didn't know what was going on, so she took off the wrinkled clothes with many blades on them. At that time, she didn't know what it was. She just thought it was very dangerous. She didn't dare to wash it, so she threw it away. The woman was in a coma for two days before she woke up with a groan when she left school. She seems to have forgotten everything, including her name and address, and she doesn't even know whether she is an American or not. The days that followed were very ordinary. Of course, this is Irene. From a woman's point of view, it's another way of saying-oh, she has a name now, she can't be called a woman. Blue Jade. Blue jade from Lantian Sun-warming Jade Smoke. It is said that it is a very beautiful ancient poem from China. In fact, she did not understand, but still quite like, blue jade, that is her strange world, the first time she began to have attachment. The person who took her in was still very young, sixteen or seventeen years old, and was still at school. Blue Jade looked at her room and the clothes hanging in her room, and her heart warmed a lot. Originally, she had no clothes, only the ragged green clothes she wore when she first came, and Irene's clothes were too small for her to wear,tin beneficiation plant, so one day they took time to go shopping, and when they came back, the wardrobe in her room was full. ore-magnetic-mining.com