How To Become A Herbalife Preferred Member

How to Become a Herbalife Preferred Member

Join Herbalife to get discounts on products and to connect with supportive members. The Herbalife nutrition company offers a range of products, including meal replacement shakes and supplements, to help you reach your goals. There are also online resources and workshops to support your journey toward better health.

To join as a Herbalife Preferred Member, visit the website of Herbalife nutrition and click on the “Become a Preferred Member” link. Enter your sponsor's Herbalife number (usually 8-10 digits), the first three letters in their last name and complete the Membership Application. Your name, email, phone number and address will be required. You will also need to accept the Distributor Agreement.

Once you've completed the application, Herbalife will review your submission and send you a Member Pack. The Member Pack includes a Formula 1 shake canister as well as brochures, literature and samples of nutritional products. You will receive your Herbalife member number, as well as a distributor's website where you can track your inventory and view your sales become Herbalife preferred customer.

Herbalife Preferred Members also have the opportunity to achieve higher discounts based on the amount of Herbalife product they purchase. Starting at the Bronze level, which entitles you to discounts over 20% on Herbalife products for personal consumption, you can increase your discount level as you purchase more. You can eventually earn up to 40 percent off Herbalife items by reaching the gold level.

Herbalife members receive exclusive discounts and Herbalife products. They also have access to a wellness consultant who can assist them in setting and achieving their health and wellness goals. Your coach will guide you on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that can help you achieve your full potential. You will also be able to attend Herbalife events and learn from expert speakers.

You can choose to earn a commission by selling Herbalife to others, depending on your business plan. You can create a team of Herbalife distributors and Preferred Members, which will increase your income.

After two years as a Herbalife preferred member, you may upgrade to the status of distributor. To become a distributor, you need to have 500 points (which can be obtained by buying products and expanding your network). This upgrade can be selected in your MyHerbalife Account. Your commission rate will be automatically upgraded by the company, which could lead to substantial earnings over time. In addition, you'll be able to receive training and leadership support. Herbalife also offers flexible and innovative ways to earn money.