I love Bill Their strange gestures attracted people's attention. Those foreigners, especially the Japanese, had nothing to do with themselves and bowed their heads as they passed by, pretending not to see. The Chinese, who liked to watch the scene of bustle, did not. They all looked this way and stretched their necks. A San was in a panic and felt that the event was not good. With a look of begging for mercy, she said to the one who pulled her, “Let's go upstairs first.”. Unexpectedly, this angered him even more. He had never liked Ah San all the time. She inexplicably joined in and stirred up the night. The more Sam explained to him, the more he thought that Sam had to go into Ike's room. They all came to China for the first time and knew nothing about this open socialist country. Their mood had been very tense, and at this point, the fear of being violated suddenly became a reality. Eventually, he actually called the “police”. Meanwhile, the hall was quiet, and the piano was playing “Bon Voyage” from “Waterloo Bridge”. The cypress finally came out of sight and the car stopped. The door opened and the young policewoman got out first. Then, the reeducation-through-labor personnel came out. When Ah San got out of the car, he felt someone pushing him behind his back. He almost lost his footing and almost jumped off the foot. She looked back and saw that it was the woman who had previously made obscene gestures. She met Ah San's eyes as if nothing had happened. Ah San glared at her. After all of them get off the bus, they will form a small line according to the group divided before departure, and will be led to their respective teams by the captain of the discipline squadron who came to greet them. The luggage was unloaded, and everyone carried their own luggage and walked into the courtyard, which was located in the open farmland. The sun shone quietly after noon, and there was no one in the yard except them, the newcomers. Above the courtyard wall is the dark mountain shadow, because the weather is clear, the edge is clear, even the lingering white fog is clearly visible. A San and the other two women belong to the same squadron, including the one who asked her for help. A San's head was covered with a straw hat,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, which was pressed very low. The shadow of the brim of the hat completely covered her face. The squadron leader walking in front was a tall and thin man, wearing a police uniform, no hat, and a bunch of ponytails hanging on her back without trimming. She never looked back, as if she was sure that they were following behind and walking honestly. Walking to an alley deep in the courtyard, she turned in. In front of her was an iron door. She took out the key to open the door. Inside was a courtyard. On three sides of the courtyard were rooms. There was a girl sitting at the door of the room, knitting a piece of knitting in her hand. As soon as she saw the squadron leader, she stood up. The squadron leader asked Ah San to settle down on some empty beds and have lunch first. Considering that they had been in the car for several hours, they took care of the rest until two o'clock, and then went to work in the workshop. As he spoke, the girl at the door of the room had called three thermos bottles of hot water and three boxes of food for them. San looked at her watch. It was already past one o'clock. She spread out the bedding and sat down on the edge of the bed without touching the rice in the iron box. The two were already familiar with the old one and asked her why she did not go to the workshop. The answer was “Minguan”, which was responsible for managing the life of the reeducation-through-labor workers. They began to eat, and the iron spoon stirred the lunch box. As they ate, one of them began to cry, alumina c799 ,Ceramic Bobbin, saying how sad her parents would be if they knew she was eating this. The old one advised her that the lawsuit was like this. Besides, her parents were in Shanghai, how could they know? The one who was looking for Ah San said with a sneer, “Will you go to court? If not, don't go to court.”. It sounded rude and unreasonable. Ah San looked at her, thinking that this was the first one to deal with. She and Ah San were not in the same shelter. They met for the first time in the car. Ah San didn't know why she had a grudge against herself. A San lay down on the bed, stretched out, and pillowed his hands behind his head. She looked at the sun outside the door, where there was a water bucket with a shoe brush beside it, which was exposed to the sun. Although it is October, the sun here is still very hot. A few flies were buzzing around, and there was a smell of rice in the air. The three men at the head of the bed were saying something in a low voice, very confidential. Then, it was two o'clock. A San's new life began. Before coming to the farm, a San wrote a postcard to the woman writer from the shelter, asking her to send some daily necessities and bedding. The woman writer came, and by virtue of her connections and fame, she was allowed to meet with Ah San alone in the office. As soon as she came up, she hardly recognized Ah San, who had cut his hair short, and when she recognized him, she could not speak. After a pause, Ah San smiled sheepishly and said, “Now, those who come out of your living room are not only going to the United States, but also going to court.”. “Thank you for rewriting history,” the woman writer sneered. After sitting for a while, the woman writer opened the big rucksack she had brought, took out the bedding, pillows, washbasins and towels one by one, set a table, and finally gave her the big rucksack. She told her that she had returned her house and left her things in her house for the time being. There were still some things that could not be taken away. She took the initiative to send the neighbor next door a pile of old paintings. She thought about it and asked the critic to take them away in a car, but she asked him to write a receipt. Then Ah San interrupted and said, “Why do you give it to him?”? Just burn it, but the woman writer ignored it and put a small envelope in her hand. As soon as Ah San saw that it was five hundred yuan, he said, I'll pay you back later. The woman writer said she didn't want you to return it. Her voice was a little hoarse and she almost shed tears. A San frowned and stood up to go in. The woman writer said, “It's not easy for me to come here. It's good for you.”. I have to walk in a few minutes. “Do you know why I don't want my family to come?”? I just don't want to see them cry. Now, you cry for them. The woman writer gritted her teeth and said, Ah San, your heart is really hard! Then he stood up and left. Now, a San's new life is to nail the logo on the back collar of the sweater. Trademarks should be nailed with two kinds of thread, the outward side is the wool thread of the split, the inward side is the silk thread,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, both sides can not be wrinkled. Many people could not do this work, and a large number of them needed to be reworked, but Ah San immediately mastered it.

Stuffy and coquettish He Xiaodian opened the post, the game has a little paralysis symptoms, she is very laborious to play a “um”, decided to make a cup of milk tea, drink and then see. The title of the post was “Shocking the Inside Story of the Confession on the Lost Cloud Mountain of the President of the Assassin Federation!”! There are pictures and truth in the post! The title should be long ~] And behind the number of replies, as early as more than fifteen thousand floors, at this moment from the posting time, less than a day. Fat pig flow Fortunately, the network at home did not become rusty and moldy because it was not used for a few days, but it was very powerful to read most of it with a cup of milk tea. She drew the progress bar and flipped through it roughly, and then summed it up: There are many pictures of the main building, and there are many traditional Chinese characters. The main building alone accounts for one third of the reading. Son, don't you really know what a fat pig font is? Shocking the Inside Story of the Confession of the President of the Assassination Federation on the Lost Cloud Mountain! There are pictures and truth in the post! The title should be long and long ~ first say ha, Lun Jiasu oh, a small gang of people, and then send a poison oath,Alumina Ceramic C795, B sweat if my picture is PS, let me a `prepare a child pregnant abortion ~ ~ oh! There was a treasure hunt last night. Our president, Da Yin, took us to pick up the task together (scatter flowers!) What a coincidence! As soon as the president drew, he won the task of stopping a team from killing Sister Spider. We looked for a lot of coordinates, and finally found the coordinates of Sister Spider's cabin on the hillside (scattered flowers ~) (Picture 1: Oh,ceramic bobbin heater, all the members took pictures at the foot of the mountain). Then we went to climb the mountain. A small group of people came over. The sisters said that the team was from the Assassin's League. Hum, the name of the Assassin's League was disgusting. I had never heard of it in the world, but the president's sister told us that the president of the trade union was great. Hum.. (Blush!!!) (Figure 2: Two distinct teams) Coming down.. Oh, oh, oh, ah. I hate it. It's not easy for people to narrate. Picture above ~ anthracene, picture above ~ (Picture 3): [nearby] [belching love to martyrdom] Anonymous [nearby] [belching love to martyrdom] Anonymous ~ [near] [belcing love to martyr] Anonymous! [Nearby] [Belch your love to death] Is it there? [Nearby] [Anonymous] En? [Nearby] [Belching to death] Don't go, don't go! I need to talk to you ~ [Nearby] [Anonymous] Huh? [Nearby] [Belch your love to martyrdom] Add a friend ~ [Nearby] [Bright Moon in] … … [Nearby] [Sweet and Sour] Hey, the head of the smelly fart, our president's sister told you to add it, you can add it, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin element, a little more agile [Nearby] [Belch to the death] You don't want our private chat content to be seen ~ ~ Add (Star Eye) [Nearby) [Magic Stick] Just went to the toilet, so fast.. What's going on? [Nearby] [Colorful Clouds Return] Team Chat 0 0 [Nearby] [Anonymous] What do you want to say here [Near] [Anonymous] I'm in a hurry [Near] [Belch Love to Death] Today is your birthday. Happy Birthday ~, ~, ~ [Nearby] [Belch your love until death] And [Nearby] [Belch your love until death] There is a word I want to say to you for a long time, but I haven't had the courage ^ ^ [Near] [belch your love till death] But.. Chasing you all the way here [nearby] [belching love to death] En.. Let's talk about it today! [Nearby] [belching love to martyrdom] Anonymous! You listen to Miss Ben! My little love loves the person who loves to die most [nearby] [belch your love to death] is you! [Nearby] [belching love to death] I love you! Be my boyfriend! [Nearby] [Beautiful Fairy] Wow, the president's sister expressed her love in person. [Nearby] [Little Cherry Blossom Petal] You are so happy! [Nearby] [Anonymous] Hurry to get out [Nearby] [Belch to martyrdom] Oh, oh, don't be arrogant and charming [Nearby] (Belch to martyrdom] (blush) It's the first time that someone confesses to someone else. [Near] [Little Cherry Blossom Petal] Hey, don't be shameless! [Nearby] [Beautiful Fairy] Our president's sister is a big beauty. Don't you go to the forum? [Nearby] [Anonymous] I'm not interested in it. [Near] [Colorful Clouds Return] Fat pigs, let me go. The encirclement is so tight. We're in a hurry. [Near] [Belching to the death] Anonymous you.. [Nearby] [Little Cherry Blossom Petals] Hum, anyway, all the people who come to do the task today are our own people, and we are not afraid to say. You can't finish this task unless we give up voluntarily! [Nearby] [Together with you] Come on, President Sister! [Nearby] [Xiaodou] Come on, President Sister! ……) Hum, even if the president's sister does not let us say that we are afraid of stabbing the president to see sad, I still want to say! Sister is such a good person, she will be enthusiastic to find someone to bring us up from the novice, but also gentle and beautiful! Asshole Anonymous, what the hell do you have to be arrogant about? Sister is such a good person, you will never meet again in your life! Go back on one's word to still come now and, the QQ date of president elder sister is: 12340987, you go poking her privately! That's all the gossip, I'm done, alas. Typing is very tiring, but when I think of doing something for my sister, I am very happy, all of them are not tired! Hope that the kind-hearted elder brothers and sisters gather your strength to help our gentle and lovely president sister get the heart of the anonymous, hum.. Seeing the president's sister love him so much, I reluctantly. Call him brother John Doe. June 27 Cute Sugar * * * * The air conditioner is obviously not very cold, why is her back swishing now, and. I want to laugh. He Xiao tried to correct her facial expression several times, but no, she still wanted to laugh. Poof. Ha ha ha Ha-ha I can't hold it anymore, president, please. Don't curse me out of sight. From time to time,Kamado bbq grill, with a slight pumping of the lips, he Xiao opened the post again to see the content that had been fully loaded, and she had not yet read the reply. Poof!.

Hidden marriage love, the president is super overbearing. The mobile phone rings again, Mu Xiaoya took a glance at Han Ruoxi's mobile phone, which is a phone without notes. Han Ruoxi glanced at his cell phone, his face changed, and he picked up the phone: “What happened to Yu Hao?” “I'm a victim, too.” Yu Hao sat on the sofa with a leisurely face and no self-consciousness at all. This is because of you. Is Tao Xin your girlfriend? Han Ruo held back his anger at the moment and gnashed his teeth and said that if Yu Hao stood in front of her now, she would not hesitate to strangle him. No, I don't have a girlfriend. Yu Hao immediately retorted that he did not know the impact of this incident on Han Ruoxi, but did not force her to a desperate situation, how could she bow her head? “Then why didn't you explain to the media? You had nothing to do with it, and I became a third party for no reason.” The more Han Ruoxi spoke, the more excited he became, and his tone gradually rose, with a trace of stubbornness and grievance in his eyes. Why should I explain? This is between you and Tao Xin. Yu Hao's face was expressionless and he opened his mouth lightly. What do you want? There are so many people in the entertainment circle, the only thing Han Ruoxi has learned is to look at people's hearts, and Yu Hao clearly has a purpose. Be my girlfriend. Trick is about to succeed Yu Hao, can not help but raise the corners of his mouth, in fact, he is not forced to force her, if she does not call him, he is also ready to deal with this matter. Those entertainment reporters wrote so,ceramic igniter electrodes, more or less also received the benefits of Tao Xin, in this case, borrow her hand, let Han Ruoxi fire, and then slowly clean up Tao Xin. Make an article to pull him up unexpectedly, between did not pay attention to this kind of scandal is to see in her is the restaurant spokesman's sake, now is not, also do not need to continue to let others misunderstand,ceramic bobbin heater core, especially Han Ruoxi. At the moment, Yu Hao put away his usual giggling expression, with a cloudy face. Impossible. Han Ruoxi finished and hung up the phone, showing her monstrous anger. What's the matter? Mu Xiaoya tilted his head and listened to what she said, knowing that he should have called Yu Hao, after all, he was also connected with this matter. He wants me to be his girlfriend. Han Ruoxi opened his mouth angrily, his eyes like breathing fire, and he really wanted to beat him up now. Why do you know each other? Mu Xiaoya is still more curious about this. You asked me to drink that day. I knew him. Then he got my phone number from my brother. This endorsement is also their property. Han Ruoxi sat on the bed with some decadence and opened his mouth feebly. Hear here, Mu Xiaoya also some guilt touched the nose, if not for that time, it is estimated that there is no such thing. Why don't I go to Ye Yuhan and ask him to help suppress the news? Mu Xiaoya sat on the bed, looking at Han Ruoxi's faint opening, this time Ye Yuhan came out is also good, after all, steatite c221 ,10g Ozone Generator, in a city he wants to protect people, no one dares to be presumptuous. Alas, but in the hearts of others, I am still a mistress! Han Ruoxi lay down on the bed and rolled around a few times. Press down the news first. Mu Xiaoya in the mind, how to open his mouth with Ye Yuhan, after all, Yu Hao is his friend, he will not do this for her request. It's raining so heavily. Han Ruoxi stared out of the window, and the raindrops fell on the window and crackled. Uh “Then how do you get back?” Glancing at Mu Xiaoya's stomach, he said with some concern. I'll sleep here tonight! Mu Xiaoya lay down on the bed and looked at Han Ruoxi next to her. I can ask weakly that your husband won't pick the lock again. For the last thing, she had a shadow, especially afraid that someone would suddenly pry open the lock of her house again. Unable Mu Xiaoya said helplessly, in fact, I don't blame Han Ruoxi for asking, after all, the last time I saw him sitting in the living room, I was a little frightened. So we sleep together today? Han Ruoxi immediately hugged Mu Xiaoya happily. Yeah, but I'm hungry now. Mu Xiaoya let Han Ruoxi hold herself. What do you want to eat? There's only takeout. I can't cook. Han Ruoxi sat up and looked for his cell phone, which he had left on the bed and then disappeared. I know Mu Xiaoya took Han Ruoxi's mobile phone, skillfully unlocked the lock screen, clicked on the photo album and looked at it. What do you want to eat? Mu Xiaoya looked up at Han Ruoxi and asked lightly. “I want to eat everything.” She wants to turn grief and anger into appetite and eat. ………” “Eat this.” Han Ruoxi approached Mu Xiaoya and clicked on a picture to enlarge it. OK Mu Xiaoya took out her cell phone, looked at a string of phone numbers under the picture, and dialed out. Hello, we send a family bucket to Room 1202, Building 7, Jingya Garden. Mu Xiaoya returned Han Ruoxi's cell phone to her. All right “Yes, thank you.” Mu Xiaoya opened his mouth politely, after all, it was difficult for people to order takeout in such a heavy rain, although it was just outside the community. Ye Yuhan glanced at the weather outside, frowned, and clicked on the pager on the table: “Li Feng.” “What do you want, boss?” Li Feng's voice immediately came over. If the rain doesn't stop by 6:00, be sure to arrange a valet in front of the hotel. “All right.” Hang up the phone, Sophie's call came in again, Ye Yuhan pursed his lips, turned off the phone and threw it aside. Sophie called again and again, and finally it was the prompt to turn off the phone. She was so angry that she dropped the phone directly. Aunt Ye knew that Ye had a dinner party today, so she asked her to attend with Ye Yuhan. As a result, he didn't answer his phone and turned it off. He picked up the cell phone on the ground and made a phone call to Liu Suzhuang. His tone was aggrieved: “Auntie, Yuhan doesn't answer my phone.” “This boy.” Liu Suzhuang sat on the sofa in the living room, her tone was somewhat helpless, and she had no way to take this son now. Sophie, you go to the dinner party first and say that I allow it. Liu Suzhuang thought. Thank you, Auntie. Hearing this, Sophie immediately exulted, as long as she could get close to Yuhan,Ceramic Band Heater, she did not believe that she was worse than that uneducated woman. If she couldn't help her, Aunt Ye would back her up, and it would be sooner or later for her to get out of the Ye family.

Deceased System _ 20200215155402. “So many keys, if you run up and down with them, it will make a lot of noise, so what should I do?” Chu Tianming looked at the pile of keys with a worried face. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Chu Tianming subconsciously pinched the thick quilt. Old people, it is easy to be afraid of cold and heat, this is not, Wang Bo has now used a thick quilt. As soon as Chu Tianming saw this thick quilt, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his mind. Right! I can wrap handfuls of them in cloth, as long as they are wrapped tightly enough, they will not sway, they will not sway and make no sound, yes, that's it! After thinking about it, Chu Tianming immediately stood up, looked around the room, and then found a pair of scissors from the corner of the desk. Holding scissors, Chu Tianming carefully cut the sheets, cut out a strip of cloth, Chu Tianming immediately untied a key on the plastic board, and picked them up with the cloth. The keys on each floor will be wrapped in a thick layer of cloth by Chu Tianming. In this way, Chu Tianming directly wraps 65 keys on five floors into five parts, and then connects the five parts together with a longer cloth strip, so that it is easy to carry. After doing this, Chu Tianming sat down with a smile and rested for a while. Eh! My body feels much better,7g Ozone Generator, and I'm not as hungry as I was just now! Chu Tianming stopped only to find that his body, which had looked a little weak, was much better now, and that his stomach, which had been wriggling all the time, was no longer wriggling, except that he felt a little hungry, and was not as uncomfortable as before. Thinking of this, Chu Tianming immediately checked his attributes. Host information: Name: Chu Tianming Gender: Male Physical condition: Slight hunger Cell viability: 2 Cell strength: 2 Nerve response: 2 Mental strength: 2 Overall rating: Level 2 organism Seeing the change of his attributes,ceramic welding tape, Chu Tianming was overjoyed. Sure enough, it's not my illusion. My body has really recovered, but why? Physical recovery is a good thing, but if you don't know why, Chu Tianming always feels as uncomfortable as being scratched by a cat. Think carefully, this situation seems to be in their own killed the zombie after the start, is it because they killed a zombie? “No!”! If killing a zombie can restore the body, that is not too simple! After thinking about it, Chu Tianming rejected the possibility. Then, the only thing left is their new skills, the substitute! “That's right!”! Surrogate, didn't I get some Chakara? The so-called Chakara is also a kind of energy! Maybe it's what's causing my body to recover slowly! A pat on the forehead, Chu Tianming immediately a face of surprise. If it is really the effect of Chakara, then this lottery is really worth it, not only to get a life-saving skill, but also to get the body to slowly restore the energy of Chakara. It's not fast, but at least it can recover, cordierite c520 ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, right? It's much, much better than getting worse before! Chu Tianming laughed proudly when he thought that he had won such a valuable skill in his first lottery. After a little rest in Wang Bo's room, of course, Chu Tianming turned out some biscuits and other food that Wang Bo had hidden and ate a little, so that his physical condition column changed from a slight hunger to a new standard of good. After resting for a while and letting his body recover completely, Chu Tianming walked out of Uncle Wang's room. Also half squatting quietly walked to the stairway, Chu Tianming intends to start cleaning from the fifth floor, so he is now going back to the fifth floor. When Chu Tianming came, he was frightened, first, because of the fear of unknown creatures, and second, because of the weakness of his body. Now, these two problems are basically solved. The body has been completely restored, has been able to play a higher than the average adult twice the physical quality, and for zombies this creature, there is no fear before, after all, how to say Chu Tianming has personally killed one. Although not calm in the face of living zombies, but at least Chu Tianming has the determination to slay these horrible creatures, there will be no more fear of their own limbs trembling before they start. With Chu Tianming's present physical quality, he can completely lift an object weighing 200 kilograms, can lift a heavy object weighing 100 kilograms, and hit it with one punch, which is even more comparable to an ordinary boxer. And more importantly, Chu Tianming's physical quality is very average, unlike some people who only exercise a certain part, the strength of his hands is very strong, but the strength of his legs is very small. Chu Tianming's whole body strength is very average, completely according to the normal adult data after doubling the degree, there is no deviation, even the mental strength and nerve reaction ability are exactly the same as the physical quality. This makes Chu Tianming even if he has just gained such power, but there will be no bad control of the situation, just a little activity, you can freely control the power of the heart, this is the benefit of average promotion. Otherwise, you only have great strength, but your nerve reaction is very low. In this way, you may not hit an ordinary person with a punch. He is not a target. He is a living person, but he will dodge! However, according to today's technology, although it can not be said to be impossible, it is thousands of times more difficult than a single promotion, but Chu Tianming has the help of the dead system, which is very simple. As long as you upgrade, you can double the quality, a little activity, you can thoroughly control the new power, there is no need to contact hard or anything. Of course, Chu Tianming at this time do not know what will happen after the upgrade, first, he did not ask, and second, he has not yet been upgraded,Ozone generator ceramic plate, naturally unknown. Chapter 15 The Great Purge Begins, Target 507! Come to the fifth floor again. The quiet fifth floor echoed with a low roar, which was the roar of the zombies locked up in the dormitory.

Close bodyguard He knew that this man was addicted to alcohol, and although it was the first time they had met, Ye Qiu felt extremely close to him in his heart. This kind of feeling has never been experienced by Xie Dongxian. Perhaps it is because both of their lives are full of tragedy. After clinking glasses with Ye Qiu, Xie Dongsheng drank the white wine in the quilt in one mouthful. His voice was full of the mellow fragrance of 5 grains. He said, “My brother is very incompetent.”. I know what he's been through all these years. In the future, you should treat him well. It's not a threat, it's a plea. The only thing a brother can do for his sister is to ask others to take good care of him, which is really unspeakable. “I will.” Ye Qiu nodded and said. Similarly, drink the wine in the glass in one gulp. Did your mother let you come this time? “Sort of.”. Good people are bullied by others. If you can't be fierce, you are like a gentle cat. Anyone who sees it wants to come up and touch two. We were bullied enough before we decided to be tough and get back what belonged to us. “Yes.”. When your grandfather passed away, he felt guilty about your mother, so he decided to give your mother a share of the Xie family's property. This is a little token of his old man's heart, and we, the younger generation, can only obey. Xie Dongsheng said with a sigh. There was no food to go with the wine, so the two of them drank the white wine in the quilt while chatting. Xie Dongsheng has been immersed in the liquor market for many years,stainless steel tile edging, and his capacity for liquor is naturally good. Also is a monster, the so-called thousand cups are not drunk, every time two people raise a glass is a mouthful of dry, in a twinkling of an eye, a bottle of one catty of 5 grain liquid was actually emptied by two people. It was not until Xie Dongsheng was about to pour wine for Ye Qiu again that he found the bottle empty. He looked at Ye Qiu in surprise and said, “I am a notorious drunkard in Kuala Lumpur,aluminum tile edge trim, and my capacity for liquor is not weak.“. I didn't think you were a good drinker. Can you still drink it? Here's a bottle. “I have no problem,” Ye Qiu said with a smile. Good boy, I met my match today. Xie Dongsheng stood up and went to the wine cabinet and took another bottle of Wuliangye and unscrewed the cap. When Huang Lin personally came in with a few dishes to go with the wine, he found that two people had already drunk a bottle. “Young Master,” he expostulated, “Your health is not good. Drink less. “It doesn't matter.”. My nephew came to see me. I'm happy today. Xie Dongsheng waved his hand and said. With a sigh, Huang Lin put on a dish of fried peanuts, a dish of cucumbers in sauce, a dish of pig's ears and a plate of vegetables that had just been fried, and then silently retreated. Ye Qiu looked at the dishes on the table and pointed to Huang Lin's back and said, “It seems that he is also a master of wine tasting.”. These dishes are the best partners to go with wine. “Is it?”? I really don't know if you don't say it. Xie Dongsheng picked up a peanut with his chopsticks and threw it into his mouth. He chewed it. Then he took a sip of white wine by himself. After savoring it for a while, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel edge trim, he said with a smile, “It really feels different.”. Peanuts with wine, is simply a must. “So, when you drink in the future, you should have two dishes of side dishes to go with the wine, which can also improve the drinking.” Ye Qiu advised. Ye Qiu can not only kill people, but also save people. After Huang Lin's reminder just now, Ye Qiu carefully observed Xie Dongsheng's facial features and found that his eyebrows were tangled, his complexion was dark yellow, his upper lip was slightly black, and his lower lip was red. This kind of physiognomy showed that his just dirty had been overwhelmed by alcoholism. If he did not take good care of himself or quit drinking, it might be seriously deteriorated. Ye Qiu knew that his heart knot had not been solved, and it was impossible for him to stop drinking. So we can only dissuade him from drinking reasonably first. If you eat something before drinking, or if you have someone to accompany you, you don't want to drink alone, why should your body be much better? OK. Listen to you. Xie Dongsheng readily agreed. After 2 people touched a cup again, Xie Dongsheng asks: “Do you know the property of Xie Jia 1/3 is how much?” “Uncle Cai said it was about 10 billion.” Ye Qiu said frankly. He did not think highly of himself and pretended not to care what the number was. Moreover, even the richest man in the world, when there is a huge amount of property to be integrated, he will first go to inquire about the specific situation. Xie Dongsheng shook his head and said, “The number he said was more than ten years ago.”. The eldest brother can be called the'rubber king ', the Xie family can be called one of the business leaders in Malaysia, and the production of 30 billion yuan is really too shabby. “How many will there be?” Ye Qiu was a little surprised. He really didn't expect the penetration to be of such an extent. I don't know how many there are. I haven't asked about the Xie family for a long time. Xie Dongsheng took a sip of wine and put it in his mouth to taste slowly, a mouthful of bitterness. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as I thought before. If I can't find a will, I won't be able to get the money back. Ye Qiu said helplessly. I said I'd help you. Xie Dongsheng said. You have a will in your hand? Ye Qiu was overjoyed. My share was taken by my eldest brother. Xie Dongsheng said. All of a sudden, Ye Qiu went down and said with a wry smile, “In that case, I'm afraid there's really no chance.”. As far as I know, he has at least three wills in his hand now. “But I have your mother's share.” Xie Dongsheng's words are not shocking. He talks about small-say-t-xt-days. Don Chapter 599, the plan to annex the Xie family! The little plan to annex the Xie family! Seeing the expression in Ye Qiu's eyes, Xie Dongsheng sighed softly and said, 'When your mother left the Xie family, she lost all hope. She didn't think of taking the will away at all. When I came back from the outside to see her off, she had already left. I also found the will on her bookcase by accident. I was worried that the will would fall into the hands of others. I collected him, but I didn't expect to have a chance to return him to his original owner today. Xie Dongsheng spoke so casually, but if he had not been anxious to come back to see his sister,tile profile factory, how could he have found the will? Xie home so many people at home, if they want to come over to bid farewell, where can wait until Xie Dongsheng came back to see the will.

The beast's blood boils “Sweet potato and radish vine.” Said Mo, twisting the giant skull necklace on Lao Liu's chest. What Liu Zhen shook angrily: “King, is he feeding the pig?” “I lied to you. I ate knife fish and prawns.” Mo smiled dimpled and pointed to the skull necklace and said, “a shrimp is as big as this skull!” “And then?” Shocked, Liu gulped down a mouthful of saliva and asked, “Didn't the king say anything to Helen?” “No, what people say has always been the cliche of officialdom.” Mel pursed the corners of her mouth and nodded. “I have to say, His Majesty the King is really special. When you are with him, whether you are talking or dancing, you can feel like a spring breeze. It feels very approachable.” “Personally, I don't think the king is the same on the outside as he is on the inside.” Said Mel in a low voice. I also have the beauty of the soul. Unconvinced, Liu shook his lips and laughed. By this time, Helen and Ali, the kangaroo chief priest, had been introduced by the king and were enjoying the applause all around. The stairway leading to the arena was also opened by the royal guards. Helen, under the protection of several royal guards, walked from the main stand along the aisle to the stairway. Liu shook and Mo Er hurriedly ran to the aisle, Helen passed by,stainless steel tile trim, Liu shook and she exchanged a tacit look. I beat Prince Richard yesterday. Did you get the news at the palace? Liu Zhen asked Mo Er. You beat up Prince Richard? Wouldn't that be beating up Helen's sister's new brother? Mo Er can't help laughing. “We didn't hear anything in the palace. You showed your face this time.” “I've wanted to beat him for a long time.” Liu shook his eyes and flashed a trace of the true colors of a tough man in love. Lord Ali, the kangaroo priest, did not descend to the arena through the stairway, but directly summoned his familiar giant sculpture of Moranto, riding on the back of the sculpture and soaring down from the main stand. The appearance, befitting a temple priest, earned handkerchiefs waving in the stands. Damn it,china tile trim, aren't you so coquettish? Liu shook and rolled his eyes at the kangaroo chief priest, but when a certain pig said this, he did not feel that he was far more vain than the chief priest. Yes, yes. There is also a little sidekick who is echoing the shaman. No wonder. There is a five-meter-high, one-acre square stone platform in the center of the big arena. This is the Golden Crown Gladiator. Unlike the regular gladiators held on the flat ground, this gladiator is specially designed for the annual Golden Crown Gladiator Finals, but today the iron railings around it have been removed, making the place even bigger. Lord Ali, the chief priest of the kangaroo, directly controlled the flying bird of Moranto and landed on the arena. Four Royal Elf Mages, using their good wind spells, floated around the arena and blessed the whole arena with sound amplification spells. In the breeze, Helen, aluminium edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, dressed in a peacock plume priest's robe, stepped on the golden crown arena step by step. The colorful streamer, the phantom of neon clothes, the beautiful and seductive face of the little fox and the light figure of the immortal immediately made the stands around silent. “As soon as the base dragon was released from the Medusa badge, he raised his huge head and roared wildly, shaking the ring of the arena for a while.” “Wow,” the sound of neat pumping in the stands sounded. The priests in the box frowned. Ordinary Beamon has never seen the world, only know that the size of the base dragon is huge, at least much stronger than the giant sculpture of Moranto, and the head of the base dragon has obvious characteristics of Yalong, in the eyes of ordinary Beamon, Yalong Warcraft is very powerful, but knowledgeable sacrifices are deeply known. This kind of earthy Warcraft, which is the specialty of the Great Plains of Karemdo, is so rubbish that Warcraft without attacking talent and magic, whether it is Yalong or not, is not suitable as a bodyguard for sacrifice. Fortunately, this time it was only a battle song drill, not a magic familiar, so each sacrifice quickly focused on the upcoming battle song halo docking. This kind of pure singing competition, for a sacrifice's cultivation, can be the most intuitive and thorough understanding. All the sacrifices want to see how powerful the singing and dancing cross is. Xiao _ Shuo t-x-t _ Tian/Tang Chapter 209 Helen Time. “Helen Lanxia, I am honored to have your advice.” Lord Ali, the chief kangaroo priest, looked at his young opponent, who was several rounds younger than himself, with a burst of false politeness. I am a late student, and it is my honor to be able to compete with the chief priest. Helen smiled shyly and amorous, which made the eyes of the old kangaroo priest straight. The Basetrosaurus crouched down cleverly, Helen's toes stepped on the nose of the Basetrosaurus, and with a head-raising movement of the Basetosaurus, she jumped lightly on the broad back of the dragon. With a sound of “brush”, Helen pulled off the cloth cover covering the war drum. A huge drum of a general with the style of Beamon was tightly tied to the back of the base dragon by a thick belt. The huge black cowhide drum with a big belly and a round waist only showed a drum head. The drum wall was surrounded by layers of black and white crane plumes. Helen picked up two hollowed-out bone mallets and straightened out the wind chimes tied with two silver chains on the bone mallets. At this moment, I don't know how many Bimeng are secretly regretting that a beautiful fox woman sacrifice uses traditional war drums, which is really too unpleasant. Even if the general's war drum is covered with many sparrow plumes, it's still hard to hide the rough and stupid spirit. This kind of war drum is matched by the big and round tauren sacrifice of the Boer people. The fox woman is still suitable for ivory sandalwood board or gold harp. It was a pity that if anyone had been closer to Helen at this time, he would have been able to see that on the wall of one of her war drums, under the layers of crane plumes, there was a faint fluttering sound and a tremor of feathers from time to time. The auxiliary instrument of Lord Ali, the chief kangaroo priest, is the Debijian drum,aluminium tile trim profiles, which hangs on the belly of the giant sculpture of Morantuo and looks like a huge mushroom. When you use it, you need to put it under your armpit and beat the drum head with one hand, which is really suitable for the chief priest who is crazy about chicken feet.

Ghost Marriage Girl: I'm afraid of the dark, Lord Ghost Husband Zhao Xiang also came to interject and said jokingly, “I think my elder sister has good luck in love.” “No, don't talk nonsense. Who would like ghosts in a normal person?” Zhao Zhen touched my hand and denied it. As soon as I saw Xiu Rui beside me, I couldn't hang on his face again, and hurriedly explained, “Su Er, I'm not saying you shouldn't be with ghosts.”. He is different from my brother-in-law Xiu Rui. Xiu Rui's brother-in-law is very beautiful. “All right, don't explain. I know what you mean.” I see Zhao Zhen to describe more and more black, simply let her not explain, a group of people also left the courtyard. Zhao Zhen was very concerned about my situation and asked me, “Is it true that Lou Shao said that his brother-in-law's spiritual power was greatly reduced for him?” It's true, at that time. Yan Qing was so ill that he had to use this method. I looked up at Xiu Rui and told Zhao Zhen in a low voice. Xiu Rui's spiritual power is greatly reduced, and it can't be leaked out at will. But now that everyone knows it, there's no need to hide it from my best friend Zhao Zhen. Zhao Zhen patted me on the shoulder and praised me and Xiu Rui, “You are really loyal. I really don't know you in vain.”. Don't take what Yan Qing said to heart. He has such a temper. Since he returned to China,stainless steel edging strip, this is his virtue, which is different from what we knew when we were young. But didn't he forget everything? I still feel like I hate you. I frowned slowly, according to normal logic. [Http://] Netdisk resource search, Netdisk search artifact (novels, movies, TV series) Yan Qing has lost his memory,stainless tile trim, and his temperament has returned to his true nature. Baidu cloud search, search novel is convenient to As at first, as gentle and refined as when I was a child, but now it is still a little extreme. Zhao Zhen sighed and said helplessly, “You don't know yet. When he woke up, he was stimulated again.”. Yan Qing is really an unlucky boy. Well, let's all give in to him. “He..” Did something happen to him when he woke up? My heart missed a beat and I was a little worried. Zhao Zhen looked around for a moment and whispered in my ear, “I heard that Lan Ying, when he was in a coma, took away a secret book from Lou's family, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminum tile trim, and he was impeached by many side branches.“. For a while, I heard I was almost thrown out of office. “What's the secret? It's so serious.” I frowned even more, and I knew it was a big deal. It is said that there is only one blood of Yan Qing left in the Lou family. No matter what happens, those people are not qualified to depose the identity of Yan Qing. Zhao Zhen is not the floor family, know is also hearsay, shook his head, “where do I know ah?”? I don't know about that. “Hey, Lan Ying hasn't taken care of him since she was a child. How could she come back and do such a thing?” I lowered my voice and said something depressed. This matter is a family affair of the Lou family. Although we are all friends of Yan Qing, we are not qualified to intervene. One side of Zhao Xiang could not hold back and said angrily: “This is nothing, Lan Ying has done too much, sister did not say.”. I heard that she remarried and stole the secret book to please the man. Zhao Xiang and I chatted, and we both said it secretly in a low voice. Relying on the fact that she was a ghost, the girl raised her voice and said, but all the disciples of the building family opened their eyes. She talked nonsense, and she was happy. The disciples who passed nearby heard it and looked at it with disdain in their eyes. For a moment, it was like a awn on the back. A group of us hurriedly quickened our pace and left. Zhao Zhen sent us to the door and went back to Lou's house. With Zhao Xiang, the little girl, dragging her down, she dared not leave the house for half a step. When I got home, I saw my fourth brother playing games in the living room. The TV has become his game machine, and he pulled me to play video games with him. At first, I was not interested in this thing. At first, I played with my fourth brother, and I became addicted to it. In a flash, three days passed. I got up early and followed Xiu Rui directly to Lou's house. Because he had been to Tao Lao's small courtyard before, he only informed the housekeeper of Qiu and came to Tao Lao's side to get the pottery body made by Tao Lao. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw Zhao Zhen sitting on a stone bench with a bitter face. The expression on his face was uglier than crying. He repeatedly touched a red amulet in his hand. Seeing me was like seeing a savior. “Su Er, you're here.” “Did something happen to you? You look so ugly.” I pinched Zhao Zhen's little face and asked with some heartache. Zhao Zhen put her arms around my waist and buried her face in my bulging lower abdomen. “I'm sad this time,” she cried. “I'm finished.” “What's the matter?” I was very anxious to see my good friend so helpless. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, “He follows me every day. A ghost always follows me.” “He..” Where is he now? I looked around for the whereabouts of the man, but he didn't seem to be in the yard at the moment. Pointing to the room in the courtyard, Zhao Zhen said bitterly, “He's in there. I told you I'm not an antelope.”. He insisted on following me and said he would follow me for the rest of his life. “Did he force you?” As soon as I heard it, I felt terrible. I was haunted by an ancient ghost who had lived for tens of thousands of years. It's creepy to think about this kind of day. Chapter 206 a girl in a cheongsam. “He..” After listening to Xiu Rui's brother-in-law's words, he didn't force me to follow me all the time. Zhao Zhen is a face to cry without tears of small expression,tile trim factory, cold little hand tightly holding me. I was relieved and patted her on the back of her hand. “As long as it doesn't hurt you, it's not a serious problem. Just pretend you can't see him.” “Then..” What if I take a shower? I have to change my clothes and not take a shower. Zhao Zhen looked at me with a red face and a tangled expression. I looked her up and down. She was wearing an aqua blue dress today. The hair is also very clean, not like many days without a shower.

My Rhapsody with Her After the Transformation (Updated to the End of the Prologue) “Do you see my handsome face clearly now?” No, no, no, I didn't say I couldn't see it clearly from the beginning. You deliberately enlarged it and added a close-up. The cute little animal itself was inexplicably disgusting. Is it a bit perverse to call myself. Of course, although the students thought the same thing in their hearts, none of them dared to speak, because since the black cat dared to jump into the lecture, his identity was ready to come out. Then, in the future, I will be your teacher every Monday morning. If you have any shortcomings, please endure them. Put up with it?! Teacher Black Cat, if you have any problems, do we really have to endure it? “Then there is the name, right? Because I was born in the land of the Suzaku Empire, so call me [Yongye].” Everyone was dumbfounded by the cat's attitude, and what is the connection between the eternal night and the rosefinch kingdom? Why can every sentence from the other side's cat mouth be taken out for their students to discuss? Is this the power of mobile teachers? “Well, do you have any questions?” Yongye had just put the words out, but for a second he went on to say. “If not, then begin the first lesson.” It's too fast! The cat teacher had no intention of letting them ask. How many of you are there? The one on the left who looks stupid, you say it. Yongye turned his eyes to Constance, who looked left and right, and found that all the students were looking at him, so he pointed his finger to his uncertain question. “Me?” If not, who are you? Observe classroom discipline and stand up when the teacher calls the roll! “Ah, yes.” Kang Shiding hurriedly stood up from his seat, and his flustered appearance made the eight clouds next to him unable to bear to look directly at him. Of course, I'm not impersonal. Kneel down and speak. “Teacher, wouldn't that be even worse?” “Well,shuttle rack system, young age, a lot of nonsense, quickly answer me the total number of people in your class.” “Well, I remember it should be 97 people.” “Should be?”? You actually said in front of me that it should be?! The cat teacher was not satisfied with Constance's answer. He put his right paw on the bookshelf of the lecture and said like a Griffin holding its prey. In my class, there are only the most standard results, no vague answers! I also know that there are 97 people in the classroom now. Don't you think about it with the translucent liquid in your head? Why do I ask you what I can know in an instant? “Well.” Poor Constance was caught by the momentum of a cat, but he was speechless for a moment, and the other students were silent, fearing that many movements would attract the attention of the black cat. Yongye patted the lecture made of red rice wood with a cat's paw, sent out a crackling echo, and then opened his mouth. “If a student leaves before I come, if someone is late today, if someone goes to the toilet halfway, even if I can use perception to know the number of people in a moment, are you sure that this is the final total number?”? I ask you because you have been here all the time, wire mesh decking ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and what I want to explain by this question is observation. “Eagles will hover in the air to observe the direction of prey, lions will observe the habits of prey in the plain, assassins will observe the environment and habits of the target in advance, the time spent in war is often less than one tenth of the pre-war reconnaissance, businessmen's transactions have been decided as early as when they explore each other's details, what about you?”? What are you going to observe? OK, let the students in the front row answer this question. Sitting in the front row was Sha Ting's Iron Sword. He stood up and pondered for a moment and said in a firm tone. “The value of oneself.” “Yes, sit down, and what else?”? The student in the upper right corner who has been narrowing his sense of existence, you answer. Moon sea slightly stupefied, looking at the side was called to the name of Ye Xi, until now she suddenly surprised, because just from the night came in, she actually forgot the existence of Ye Xi around, obviously Ye Xi displayed a terrible skill, but unfortunately in front of the cat teacher's strength gap makes Ye Xi's skills useless. Ye Xi was seen through by Yongye, his face was slightly heavy, but he stood up honestly. “Well, to answer my question, remember..” Ye Xi, right? I remember all your names and faces. Ye Xi did not think, said without hesitation. “The habits of all men, the structure of all circumstances, the composition of all things, the exclusion of all contingencies.” “This is the perspective of a stalker, and what I'm asking you now is something from the perspective of a student.” Feel the anger of Double Eleven! November 11 was still an ordinary day for Tyre, but when he got up and walked out of the dormitory building, he saw the dejected faces of his seniors. His sullen face was like a walking corpse, and his mouth kept murmuring. “What should come will come.” Tyre and Klad and others looked at each other and saw the doubt in each other's eyes. Walking all the way, like the country of the dead, all the people were listless as if they had exhausted all their strength, except for the new people like them, who showed a puzzled look one by one. After arriving at Kaifa Street in the Ninth District by the usual flying train, several people who should have arrived at the Yusheng Building stopped because of a mutation. The sky suddenly became dark, the freshmen thought it was a rainstorm coming, but the old students showed helplessness or excitement one by one. Then a huge projection appeared in the sky, covering the whole of Avalon. In the projection, a girl with long flowing purple hair, that is, the president of the Avalon Student Union, was facing everyone. She smiled and said without procrastination. “Another 1111 is coming. Are you happy?” All kinds of voices rose and fell one after another, including happy couples hugging each other and self-proclaimed Dog creatures crying bitterly. The president nodded slightly when he saw the reaction of the crowd. “Yes, yes, your joys and sorrows are the greatest encouragement to me. President, when I went back for a blind date this year, I still suffered the result of the collapse of the talks. You know,heavy duty metal racks, it's not that I'm demanding, but others don't know whether it's good or bad. Alas, let's talk more about the remaining tears. Let's return to the theme.” 。

Asylum for fierce ghosts

At 10 o'clock in the evening, Qin Kun took out a piece of yellow paper, drew a strange amulet, and lit three sticks of incense. After a while, a midnight hearse appeared in the streets of the town. Old cars, black curtains, silence. Qin Kun paid the money to buy the road, and then everyone got on the bus. The appearance of the hearse this time is different from that of the last one, except that there is also a gas bag on the roof. Many people in Xishan Town saw it, and while they were curious, they did not take it to heart. When they saw that Qin Kun and his party were all rich people, they thought they were some kind of crew. In the car, is a middle-aged driver, the conductor is still wearing a navy blue uniform, to see who has no expression. This time, when they got on the bus, they found a coffin parked in the middle of the aisle, and six people were sitting in the single seats around the coffin, three men and three women, dressed in bright colors, with red cheeks,push back racking system, red lips and white skin. In addition, the other passengers were looking straight ahead as they had seen for the first time. Yu Mengxin and Li Zhe sat in the last row. Wu Senran sat in front of Li Zhe and Yu Mengxin this time. As soon as he got on the bus, he complained to them: “I said Ah Zhe, the travel agency recommended by Xu Yang is too unreliable.”. You see, there's a hearse again, and there's a coffin, and I've never seen a ghost? I have to figure out how this car gets to the same speed as a plane this time. Next to Wu Senran sat a pregnant woman whose pupils were as small as the tip of a needle and who had a big belly. She sniffed Wu Senran's rich Yang Qi and swallowed her saliva greedily. What are you peeking at, bitch! Never seen a beefcake? Wu Senran glanced at the pregnant woman and sneered,warehouse pallet racks, “Is it the mass actor invited by Qin again?”? Look at your coat. Are you still a phoenix? Is it earthy? yuan Xinghan sat on the right side of the bus, parallel to Wu Senran. He said, “This is a three-tailed golden phoenix embroidered with rosy clouds. It is the specification of an imperial concubine or a princess. Ordinary people are not qualified to wear it.” “The imperial concubine?”? Princess? Ha ha, is that what she looks like? Wu Senran said, “It's only the group performance level of 20 yuan box lunch.” The pregnant woman's expression is obviously angry. The conductor stared back, and the pregnant woman opened her mouth and finally did not speak. Wu Senran saw that the pregnant woman did not dare to talk back, and continued to boast: “Sister, where did your crew come from?”? Qin Kun one person receives 3 W yuan, although expensive a bit, but ask your crew to come twice to pretend to be a ghost, the expenses are not small, right? The pregnant woman obviously did not understand Wu Senran's meaning, but was curious about Wu Senran's mobile phone. On the hearse, the cell phone had no signal. Wu Senran turned on his cell phone camera and said, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,mobile racking systems, “How about this? You come out in the middle of the night to act, and you are dedicated enough. Let's take a photo together.” Wu Senran pressed the shutter without the consent of the pregnant woman. Ha ha, Ah Zhe, I'll leave the evidence and take Zai Xu Yang for a meal. Wu Senran opened the photo album, but the next moment, his face was as ugly as Xiang. Li Zhe and Yu Mengxin looked over their heads, and they saw at the same time that there were only three people in the photo. Wu Senran in the front row, Yu Mengxin and Li Zhe in the back row. Next to Wu Senran, there was a big blank. There's no sign of a pregnant woman. Yu Mengxin grabbed Li Zhe's hand slightly tightly. Li Zhe took a deep breath: “Xinxin, it seems a little crowded here. Let's go to yuan Xinghan.” “Uh-huh, okay.” Yu Mengxin quickly agreed. Wu Senran saw two people leave without loyalty, while he was blocked by pregnant women, his scalp tingling and his expression bitter. You two.. Why do you go there? Sit here. My mobile phone camera may be broken just now. The tone of Wu Senran's voice changed, with a cry. How did this happen?! Wu Senran roared and shouted in his heart. He saw the pregnant woman stroking her belly, and suddenly. The bulging belly suddenly flattened down, and the pregnant woman was surprised to touch her crotch. A blue and purple little man with umbilical cord was carried out by the pregnant woman. The baby was dead, did not cry, covered with blood, wrinkled at first, then the skin slowly became flat, grew rapidly, and in a short time, grew to the appearance of half a month, then stopped. The pregnant woman took off the rosy clouds, wrapped them around the baby, and held the dead baby gently. Yu Mengxin covered her mouth, looked at what was happening over there, and whispered: “Husband..” That baby's face looks like Dawu! Not only did Yu Mengxin feel, but yuan Xinghan and Li Zhe also nodded at the same time. The baby was silent, obviously not alive, but I don't know why it grew to the size of half a month, and it looked more and more like Wu Senran. The pregnant woman reluctantly handed the baby to Wu Senran, who hurriedly shouted: “Take it away quickly!”! Don't give it to me! Qin Kun sat in the front and saw what was happening in the back row. He turned around and said, “This child was born because the mother sucked your Yang Qi. Hold it and cut the umbilical cord.”. You can end this sin. Otherwise, you will be haunted by evil spirits. Wu Senran's scalp tingled and his hair exploded. Who the hell wants to hold a dead baby! This is not my son! Wu Senran roared at Qin Kun. Maybe, Dawu, when we went to Tianhu Mountain, the old Taoist said that you were a five-clawed dragon in your previous life, otherwise this female ghost. Female imperial concubine, how can you suck your Yang Qi specially, still give birth to such a dead baby like you. Yu Mengxin stuck out her tongue and repaired the knife honestly. After they were familiar with the midnight hearse and experienced two accidents in Sanfen Mountain, they were much bolder, because they knew that no matter how strange things they saw, Qin Kun would protect them, so when Mengxin came to his senses from fear, he still had to play a joke on Wu Senran. In the car, several white-faced people with blush saw the birth of the dead baby and came over to the pregnant woman. They did not speak. One of them sent a gold ingot made of paper. Although the pregnant woman's expression was ferocious,industrial racking systems, she accepted it happily. Aren't you afraid of ghosts, big guy? Your son is dead, and you don't want to hug him? yuan Xinghan seized the opportunity this time and defeated Wu Senran. Your son is dead! Just hug! Wu Senran blushed and hugged the dead baby and helped him cut off the umbilical cord.

Fat Sword Strange Monk Record-Little Tilia _ txt Novel Paradise But the man raised his face and smiled at the red curtain. “I seem to be crazy.” Somehow, Qin Honglian was surprised by his laughter. Zhou Wonton seemed to have seen something and suddenly shouted, “Wei Ping, so it's you..” He wanted to say, 'You're pretending to be a ghost,' but before he could say it, he saw that'Wei Pingping 'had clapped his hands on the pot table and said with a smile, “I'm not that Wei Pingping in those days!” The pot full of oil was quiet in the pot, and under his palm, like a bucket of gold beads, it rose into the air and exploded, straight to Gu Wuming's three explosions. The man was really not afraid of being hot, so he reached out his hand and fished out a sword from the remaining oil in the pot. As soon as the sword appeared, it shone brilliantly. What was even more amazing was that the wind from the sword, carrying thousands of drops of oil, like a sparrow spreading a golden screen, cut open in the kitchen where the smoke had not yet dispersed. Splash has exclaimed: “It's Wei Pingping's' Oil Reservoir Sword ''!”. “ The man laughed loudly and said, “The sword is really an'oil reservoir ', and the man is no longer'unfair'!” As soon as he laughed, Gu Wuming,industrial racking systems, Zeng Yide and Zhou Wonton were attacked at the same time. Gu Wuming was the smallest, but he was burned the most by the boiling oil. He screamed and said angrily, “Mom!” A pair of small hands grabbed the man's throat. That person already laughed: “ 'child his mother', 'child his mother', practice this skill but hurt oneself, no wonder you never grow up.” He just fell to the ground with the word'big 'and opened his mouth to bite the white and fat little hands that Gu Wuming had stretched out. Gu Wuming had been working on these hands for more than thirty years, but somehow, when he saw the man's white teeth,shuttle rack system, he dared not let him bite them. With a strange cry, he retreated. The man attacked Zeng Yide with a sword. The sword had already dazzled Zeng Yide's eyes, and most of the oil droplets brought up by the sword had hit him. With a strange cry, Zeng Yide lifted his robe to cover his head and face, covering his whole body. But the robe was also stained with oil, and he threw it away as soon as he took it off. He had already taken off a robe when he put out the fire, but there was another one below. I don't know why he wore so many robes, that one off and this one, this one off again, and there was another one below, just like his ventriloquism-his face was black, and he even changed his face. It turned out to be a'face-changing 'stunt in the Demon Sect. His face suddenly turned pale, and his eyebrows, like two brooms, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehousing storage solutions, were swept down in the dark, as if he were an impermanent hangman. Listen to that person to laugh only: “Ceng Yide, hey, the time that you press box bottom is used up.” As soon as Zeng was anxious to avoid the oil bead, he stabbed him with the sword and Zhou Wonton took it for him. This is a hard-hitting move. As soon as Zhou Wonton, an iron clapper used to sell wontons, touched the sword, the clapper made a'ding 'sound, and the sharp thorns pierced everyone's ears, buzzing, making everyone uncomfortable for half a day, not to mention the feeling of Zhou Wonton. As soon as he stepped back, he shouted, “The idea is prickly!” Call him and then retreat. Zeng Yide and Gu Wuming were his best friends, and at a glance they knew that he was going back to the wonton blunt pick, where all the magic weapons of Zhou's wonton blunt were inside. The man stared at Zhou Wonton with a sword and ran after him. Zeng Yide and Gu Wuming also ran after the man. The four men had leaped from the kitchen into the hall like lightning, and went out of the hall through the window. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhou Wonton was already close to his wonton pick, and he took a breath on his back. Qin red curtain and five phoenix knife children looked out of the window, only to see that a few people rolling over and over, disappeared in the night. Qin Honglian and Zhang Splash looked at each other. At this time, they heard a special whistle outside. The children of Wufeng Dao in the hall changed their looks and looked at each other. In a twinkling of an eye, they turned around and walked away. Zhang Sa patted Younger Martial Sister on the shoulder and jumped out of the window. He ran after Gu Wuming in the direction of the four of them and said, “I'll take the picture first, Curtain Sister.”. You can come back later. Qin red curtain here a look back, see the original bustling hotel has become empty, a mess, I do not know how to have a sense of desolation. All the people in the kitchen had already escaped, and on the cabinet in the hall, only the shopkeeper was still standing with trembling legs-not because he didn't want to go, but because he was paralyzed and unable to move. Qin Honglian looked at the back of the stove, only to see the figure on the wall grow up, and then appeared, and sure enough, it was the blind old man and the little bitter master and servant. The blind old man looked desolate, as if he could not imagine that Gong Changchun would one day fall into hiding from the enemy. The little bitter son grinned and felt that the scene just now was very funny. His master looked at the mess of oil and wood on the ground and did not know what he was thinking. Somehow, Qin Honglian looked at the expression on his face and felt that the thoughts in his heart were the same as his own. Gong Changchun sat down on the edge of the table. He was blind, but he seemed to be able to see everything. He walked without stumbling, which made Qin Honglian look at him doubtfully. As if he had guessed, he looked at the red curtain and said with a smile, “Little girl, you don't have to be suspicious. The little old man is really blind.” Tan Honglian blushed. The blind old man smiled: “Some people's eyes are bright, but their hearts are blind.” As he spoke, he looked at the young man with deep meaning. “My old man is blind, but his heart is not yet blind.” Tan Honglian was even more embarrassed. Eager to change the subject,warehouse storage racks, she asked aloud, “Is the elder Gong who was called'Changchun Sword 'in those days?” The blind old man smiled and nodded. “But who was that man just now?” Asked Qin Honglian? Is he Wei Ping? She seemed to be very sensitive to the three words of Wei Ping, as if she wanted to find him for something. 。