Hidden marriage love, the president is super overbearing. The mobile phone rings again, Mu Xiaoya took a glance at Han Ruoxi's mobile phone, which is a phone without notes. Han Ruoxi glanced at his cell phone, his face changed, and he picked up the phone: “What happened to Yu Hao?” “I'm a victim, too.” Yu Hao sat on the sofa with a leisurely face and no self-consciousness at all. This is because of you. Is Tao Xin your girlfriend? Han Ruo held back his anger at the moment and gnashed his teeth and said that if Yu Hao stood in front of her now, she would not hesitate to strangle him. No, I don't have a girlfriend. Yu Hao immediately retorted that he did not know the impact of this incident on Han Ruoxi, but did not force her to a desperate situation, how could she bow her head? “Then why didn't you explain to the media? You had nothing to do with it, and I became a third party for no reason.” The more Han Ruoxi spoke, the more excited he became, and his tone gradually rose, with a trace of stubbornness and grievance in his eyes. Why should I explain? This is between you and Tao Xin. Yu Hao's face was expressionless and he opened his mouth lightly. What do you want? There are so many people in the entertainment circle, the only thing Han Ruoxi has learned is to look at people's hearts, and Yu Hao clearly has a purpose. Be my girlfriend. Trick is about to succeed Yu Hao, can not help but raise the corners of his mouth, in fact, he is not forced to force her, if she does not call him, he is also ready to deal with this matter. Those entertainment reporters wrote so,ceramic igniter electrodes, more or less also received the benefits of Tao Xin, in this case, borrow her hand, let Han Ruoxi fire, and then slowly clean up Tao Xin. Make an article to pull him up unexpectedly, between did not pay attention to this kind of scandal is to see in her is the restaurant spokesman's sake, now is not, also do not need to continue to let others misunderstand,ceramic bobbin heater core, especially Han Ruoxi. At the moment, Yu Hao put away his usual giggling expression, with a cloudy face. Impossible. Han Ruoxi finished and hung up the phone, showing her monstrous anger. What's the matter? Mu Xiaoya tilted his head and listened to what she said, knowing that he should have called Yu Hao, after all, he was also connected with this matter. He wants me to be his girlfriend. Han Ruoxi opened his mouth angrily, his eyes like breathing fire, and he really wanted to beat him up now. Why do you know each other? Mu Xiaoya is still more curious about this. You asked me to drink that day. I knew him. Then he got my phone number from my brother. This endorsement is also their property. Han Ruoxi sat on the bed with some decadence and opened his mouth feebly. Hear here, Mu Xiaoya also some guilt touched the nose, if not for that time, it is estimated that there is no such thing. Why don't I go to Ye Yuhan and ask him to help suppress the news? Mu Xiaoya sat on the bed, looking at Han Ruoxi's faint opening, this time Ye Yuhan came out is also good, after all, steatite c221 ,10g Ozone Generator, in a city he wants to protect people, no one dares to be presumptuous. Alas, but in the hearts of others, I am still a mistress! Han Ruoxi lay down on the bed and rolled around a few times. Press down the news first. Mu Xiaoya in the mind, how to open his mouth with Ye Yuhan, after all, Yu Hao is his friend, he will not do this for her request. It's raining so heavily. Han Ruoxi stared out of the window, and the raindrops fell on the window and crackled. Uh “Then how do you get back?” Glancing at Mu Xiaoya's stomach, he said with some concern. I'll sleep here tonight! Mu Xiaoya lay down on the bed and looked at Han Ruoxi next to her. I can ask weakly that your husband won't pick the lock again. For the last thing, she had a shadow, especially afraid that someone would suddenly pry open the lock of her house again. Unable Mu Xiaoya said helplessly, in fact, I don't blame Han Ruoxi for asking, after all, the last time I saw him sitting in the living room, I was a little frightened. So we sleep together today? Han Ruoxi immediately hugged Mu Xiaoya happily. Yeah, but I'm hungry now. Mu Xiaoya let Han Ruoxi hold herself. What do you want to eat? There's only takeout. I can't cook. Han Ruoxi sat up and looked for his cell phone, which he had left on the bed and then disappeared. I know Mu Xiaoya took Han Ruoxi's mobile phone, skillfully unlocked the lock screen, clicked on the photo album and looked at it. What do you want to eat? Mu Xiaoya looked up at Han Ruoxi and asked lightly. “I want to eat everything.” She wants to turn grief and anger into appetite and eat. ………” “Eat this.” Han Ruoxi approached Mu Xiaoya and clicked on a picture to enlarge it. OK Mu Xiaoya took out her cell phone, looked at a string of phone numbers under the picture, and dialed out. Hello, we send a family bucket to Room 1202, Building 7, Jingya Garden. Mu Xiaoya returned Han Ruoxi's cell phone to her. All right “Yes, thank you.” Mu Xiaoya opened his mouth politely, after all, it was difficult for people to order takeout in such a heavy rain, although it was just outside the community. Ye Yuhan glanced at the weather outside, frowned, and clicked on the pager on the table: “Li Feng.” “What do you want, boss?” Li Feng's voice immediately came over. If the rain doesn't stop by 6:00, be sure to arrange a valet in front of the hotel. “All right.” Hang up the phone, Sophie's call came in again, Ye Yuhan pursed his lips, turned off the phone and threw it aside. Sophie called again and again, and finally it was the prompt to turn off the phone. She was so angry that she dropped the phone directly. Aunt Ye knew that Ye had a dinner party today, so she asked her to attend with Ye Yuhan. As a result, he didn't answer his phone and turned it off. He picked up the cell phone on the ground and made a phone call to Liu Suzhuang. His tone was aggrieved: “Auntie, Yuhan doesn't answer my phone.” “This boy.” Liu Suzhuang sat on the sofa in the living room, her tone was somewhat helpless, and she had no way to take this son now. Sophie, you go to the dinner party first and say that I allow it. Liu Suzhuang thought. Thank you, Auntie. Hearing this, Sophie immediately exulted, as long as she could get close to Yuhan,Ceramic Band Heater, she did not believe that she was worse than that uneducated woman. If she couldn't help her, Aunt Ye would back her up, and it would be sooner or later for her to get out of the Ye family. global-ceramics.com