Chief Medical Officer Ceng Yi saw, hesitated for a moment, or did not catch up, oneself at this time to come forward, is tantamount to hit the face, will make white Akebia more embarrassed, his purpose of teaching white Akebia has been achieved, there is no need to do things absolutely, or leave a line is better. Ma En's father, however, ran after him quickly and said, “Doctor Bai, I'll see you off!” More than 20 minutes later, the hospital sent the decocted medicinal soup. According to Zeng Yi's decocting method, four parts of water were decocted to three parts. Now only half a bowl of thick medicinal soup was left. Marne's bladder was about to explode. He had to drink the half bowl of medicine. In less than five minutes, his face suddenly turned white. Before he could speak, it was like a reservoir with a sluice gate. The flood poured out. In a moment, most of the hospital bed was wet. Fortunately, Ma En's father reacted in time and quickly brought the urinal, otherwise Dr. Ma could have scattered all the urine he had accumulated for a long time on the hospital bed. The time of urinating was really long,interactive flat panel display, more than three minutes. Ma Encai emptied his bladder. At that time, there was a very comfortable expression on his face. After holding it for so long, he was finally able to urinate happily. Anyone would be very comfortable. At this time, the doctors at the scene finally believed that Zeng Yi's theory was not nonsense. Facts have proved that the reason why Marne's urinary obstruction is becoming more and more serious is that it has a great relationship with the use of a large number of diuretics. This gave all the doctors at the scene a lesson. It was the first time they had seen such a situation. Urine was not common. Diuretics were ineffective, but the drugs used to shrink urine were very common. This was completely contrary to the medical knowledge they had mastered. President Hu is also surprised, the flexibility of traditional Chinese medicine therapy program, simply let people feel incredible, diuresis is not good,75 smart board, but also can be used in turn to shrink urine, but also received a miraculous effect. In this regard, Western medicine simply can not figure out, as long as the name of a disease is determined, the idea of treatment in Western medicine is completely standardized, the only difference lies in what medicine to use and how much dosage to use. But it is absolutely impossible to make a 180 degree turn in the thinking of treatment like traditional Chinese medicine. Ma En was comfortable, but the bed suffered. Fortunately, President Hu was clever and said, “Let the nurse handle this. I'll arrange another ward for Dr. Ma.” Ma En looked at the mess on the bed and felt a little embarrassed, so he had to accept President Hu's kindness. He felt uncomfortable before, and all his strength was spent on clenching his teeth. At this time, he felt comfortable all over. Then he quickly thanked Zeng Yi: “Assistant Zeng, thank you. You are really a big expert in the capital hospital. This medicine is so effective. I have never felt so comfortable in more than 30 years!” Zeng Yi smiled and said, “You don't have to be too polite. Doctors are supposed to cure diseases.” Guan Zhengbo stepped forward and said, smart board for conference room ,smart interactive whiteboard, “Ma En, it's not convenient for you to talk like this. Why don't I take you to change your clothes first?” With that, he winked at Marne. Ma En had no choice but to smile and said, “I'm sorry. I'll go and change my clothes first, and I'll thank you later.” Guan Zhengbo took Ma En out of the door, and when he was far away, he whispered something in Ma En's ear, but the distance was too far for everyone to hear clearly. When Marne changed his clothes, they came to the new ward, which was a single small set of wards. Ma En's father asked everyone to sit down and poured water for them. Then Ma En said, “Assistant Zeng, listen to Lao Guan. Did you come from Dongjiang?” Smiling, Zeng Yi took out his business card and said, “Let me introduce myself formally. I am the acting county magistrate of Fengqing County, Dongjiang Province. I used to work in the Capital Hospital.” Ma En took the card, showing a surprised expression, said: “I have seen a county magistrate, but the youngest county magistrate, really great.” Zeng Yi added, “Dr. Ma is also great. I have heard about your invention of a new detection reagent.” As soon as Ma En heard this, he sighed and waved his hand and said, “Don't mention this. It makes me sad to mention this. It's really a big blow to me to return home this time!” Zeng Yi smiled and said, “Dr. Ma, don't be so pessimistic.”. To tell you the truth, I came to Ganzhou this time to invite Dr. Ma to Dongjiang. Fengqing County is very optimistic about Dr. Ma's project and is willing to use the most favorable conditions to strive for the project. I hope Dr. Ma can seriously consider it. Ma En was a little surprised and said, “Is the county magistrate Zeng here for the reagent project?” He is very confused, Zeng Yi will be a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, will be a county magistrate, and now to engage in reagents, what on earth does he do. Zeng Yi nodded solemnly and said, “We are serious. I am here on behalf of the county government this time.” As he spoke, Zeng Yi opened his handbag and took out the analysis report made by Jiang Bo Medicine from it. He put it in front of Ma En and said, “We are not on a whim. Here is a report made by a professional organization entrusted by us. I believe Dr. Ma should be able to feel our sincerity after reading this report.” Guan Zhengbo, who was sitting aside, cleared his throat and said with a smile, “I didn't expect that the county magistrate Zeng, who was far away in Dongjiang, also knew about this project and had made such careful preparations. It's really surprising.” Zeng Yi smiled faintly and said, “Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. For those who have no intention of doing anything, even if the opportunity is in front of them, they will turn a blind eye to it!” From Guan Zhengbo's unnatural smile, Zeng Yi had guessed Guan Zhengbo's mind. Before, Ganzhou City rejected the project because it did not understand the value of the reagent at all. It did not even do a professional analysis report. Now, Ganzhou City still did not understand the value of the reagent, but they knew one thing. Ma En's teacher was Xu Lao. For this reason alone,digital touch screen board, Ganzhou City will gamble again, there is such a strong relationship, that is a great waste. Five thousand words! !# Text ( Chapter 544 Sour.

Three palaces, six courtyards and seventy-two imperial concubines When I received the imperial edict, the little eunuch said to me, “Your Majesty has asked you to go to the palace at once. Don't make any mistakes!” I nodded with a heavy heart, but I didn't know what the purpose of Li Ji's portrait was. I explained to Jiao Zhenqi and told Tang Mei to entertain him well, and then went to the Qin Palace with two eunuchs. Arriving at Xuyang Palace, I found that Yan yuanzong was also in the palace, and a heart hanging high was put down. It seemed that Li Ji just wanted to find my portrait, and there was nothing else. I first greeted Yan yuanzong and Li Ji separately. Yan yuanzong said, “Yin Kong!”! The queen wanted to draw a picture as a souvenir, and I immediately thought of you! I said modestly, “Thanks to the emperor's love, Yin Kong will do his best to live up to the emperor's trust.” Yan yuanzong suddenly sighed: “Everyone is like this. Since I became the emperor of the Great Qin Dynasty, my brothers and relatives around me have seen me like snakes and scorpions, and even refused to say a word of intimacy to me!” The words are full of emotion. [db:wangzhi] Chapter 32 hidden bitterness Xiao _ said: “The emperor is the master of ten thousand chariots,” I said respectfully. “The etiquette of the monarch and his subjects must be distinguished.” Yan yuanzong shook his head and pulled me to the study in the side hall. There was a character he had just written on the desk. Yan yuanzong said, “Help me to see if I have made any progress in writing this character.” When I got close to him, I saw that what was written above was'love and hatred since ancient times'. I couldn't help laughing in my heart. The exclamation in Yan yuanzong's heart was certainly not for Li Ji. To be fair, Yan yuanzong's calligraphy is very standard, very strong in emotion,interactive digital whiteboard, very strong in calligraphy, the calligraphy with emotion is really extraordinary, I lost no time to praise him a few words, Yan yuanzong can not help but feel a little proud. “I'd rather hide here and write and draw every day than go to court and listen to the ministers' nagging,” he exclaimed. Li Ji let the palace pour tea personally brought over, did not expect Yan yuanzong said excited place, and did not notice her arrival,smart board interactive whiteboard, happened to wave a hand to knock over the tea tray, tea actually splashed on the word, my heart secretly cried bad. Li Ji was so frightened that her face turned pale. She knelt on the ground hurriedly and said, “Your Majesty, forgive me..” My concubine is unintentional! Yan yuanzong's face was flushed. His eyes were wide open. He suddenly grabbed Li Ji's long hair and slapped her in the face: “Bitch!”! You deliberately want to destroy my love work! A trace of blood flowed slowly along Li Ji's cherry lips, and her eyes were already full of crystal tears. Yan yuanzong still grabbed her hair, pushed her to the ground, lifted his feet and stamped on her. I hurriedly knelt down on the ground, hugged Yan yuanzong's legs, and said, “Brother, calm down. The empress didn't mean it. Please spare her.” Yan yuanzong pointed angrily at Li Ji and said, “Bitch, if it weren't for Yin Kong's sake today, electronic board for classroom ,interactive whiteboard for schools, I would certainly drive you out of the palace.” Right now outside the door a small eunuch reports: “Your Majesty!” “What's the matter?” Said Yan yuanzong angrily. The little eunuch said timidly, “The nine princesses ask the emperor to come over and play chess.” Yan yuanzong's expression suddenly softened. He said to me, “Yin Kong, you stay here to paint the queen's portrait. I'll go to Jiu Mei's place to play chess.” When he reached the door, he turned around and said, That's right! You stay here for dinner in the evening! I nodded yes. After Yan yuanzong left, Li Ji was still lying on the ground. My heart secretly gives birth to the heart of sympathy, follow in Yan yuan Zong this abnormal side, Li Ji's suffering can be imagined. She climbed up from the ground in silence. I noticed that her right hand was cut by the broken porcelain. I said with concern, “I'm going to call someone!” “ “No need,” said Li Ji coldly. “Do you want everyone to know what a mess I look like?” The tears in her beautiful eyes dried early, and the rest was a cold light. I took out my handkerchief and bandaged the wound for her. Li Ji's lips trembled slightly, and a crystal tear rolled down again. She lightly moved to the front of the book case, took out a piece of white Xuan and spread it on the table. She said softly, “King Ping, can Li Ji's humble posture still be painted?” I said respectfully, “The queen's elegance is peerless. Even if Yin Kong tries his best, he can't draw your elegance.”. ” Li Ji laughed miserably and said, “Peerless?”? I am not a woman in the eyes of Yan yuanzong! I kept silent, and I knew very well what Yan yuanzong was thinking. “The queen's lunch is ready,” said a maid outside the door. “Are you..” “I don't want to eat,” said Li Ji coldly! King Ping painted me. Don't bother us if you have nothing to do! The maid of honor retreated submissively. I was alone in a room with Li Ji, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward. When I came to the desk, I picked up Yang Hao and said, “Empress, please sit there. Yin Kong will draw a portrait for you.” Li Ji nodded and walked slowly to the front of the screen in the study. A pair of bitter eyes looked at me. There were countless sorrows between her eyebrows, but she could not hide her natural beauty and amorous feelings. Li Ji turned around, her slender hands suddenly pulled open the skirt belt, gorgeous palace dress slowly slipped down her snow-white and smooth skin, her infinitely beautiful body unreservedly displayed in front of me. The shock in my heart was actually to the extreme, and Li Ji's action was totally beyond my expectation. I turned my head hurriedly and whispered, “The queen..” Li Ji said softly, “Since it's a portrait for me, why don't you dare to look at me? If I shout at this time, you should imagine the consequences!” My eyes finally fell on her graceful and incomparable body again, but I saw that Li Jijiao's skin was covered with shocking scars, the bite marks on her arms and shoulders were still clear, and my heart was throbbing for no reason, all of which were clearly due to the perversion of Yan yuanzong. Li Ji said indifferently, “Since I stepped into the palace gate, I thought I was dead, but I never thought that what I would face after marriage would be such a humiliation..” She turned around slowly, with tears in her eyes. “Am I a fool who has never lived a day for myself seriously?” I bit my lower lip hard,65 inch touch screen, and I really didn't know what to say to Li Ji. I always thought my father loved me, but he pushed me into the fire pit with one hand. Siqi and I are his daughters. Why should I bear such bad luck? Li Ji had no tears, and her wonderful eyes were full of hatred and anger.

Wolong gives birth to a flying swallow and startles the dragon However, the childish Miss Shen was not on guard at all. She walked calmly to the cottage. The middle-aged scribe took the two men to a wing on the left, raised his hand and pushed open the two closed rooms, laughing: “Please wait inside the door for a moment while I go to light the lamp.” After the man quit, Zhu Ruolan took the opportunity to say to Xia Lin, “Sister Lin, this man doesn't look like a bad guy, but we can't be on our guard. We can't tell the truth about what happened to us..” Before she could speak, she heard the sound of footsteps outside the door. Then the middle-aged scribe's voice rang out, saying, “You two have been waiting for a long time.” With a flash of fire and a flash of fire in his hand, he hurried to a pine table near the window and lit the pine oil candle on the table. The flaming light of the fire lit up the cottage of three different sizes. Zhu Ruolan looked at the furnishings in the room by candlelight. Apart from a pine table by the window, there were only bamboo chairs and a large wooden couch, on which the bedding was folded neatly. The room was large with few things and looked empty and incongruous, but it was spotlessly clean. Xia Lin ran to the couch, put the dream in her arms, took off her shoes for him, and pulled a quilt to cover it. The middle-aged scribe seemed to smell the delicate fragrance of Zhu Ruolan and walked slowly to her side. Zhu Ruolan stepped back alertly. The middle-aged scribe smiled and turned to walk straight to the couch. He looked carefully at Meng Huan, who was lying quietly on the bed. He shook his head and said, “Elder Martial Brother is seriously injured. I'm afraid it's hard to cure him.” He turned to look at Xia Lin and cast his eyes on Zhu Ruolan again. Although Zhu Ruolan was extremely clever, she was seriously injured by Yang Menghuan. Disturbed an inch of her heart, she has lost the calm of the past, unconsciously a faint sigh,digital interactive whiteboard, sad tears. The middle-aged scribe smiled faintly and said, “Your brother is seriously injured, but there is a medicine in the world that can save him, but..” He seemed to know that he had made a slip of the tongue, and his voice suddenly stopped. Hearing this, Shen Xialin stared at her eyes and shouted, “Ah!”! What kind of medicine is that? The middle-aged scribe fixed his eyes on Xia Lin's face and hesitated to answer. Zhu Ruolan slowly approached the couch and stood side by side with Xia Lin. She smiled coldly and said, “Are you referring to the snow ginseng fruit of Dajue Temple in Qilian Mountain?” The middle-aged scribe hesitated for a long time. Suddenly he smiled and said, “Medicine doesn't cure the dead. The Buddha has crossed a predestined person. Your brother's time has come. How can man save the day?” When Zhu Ruolan saw a sudden change in his tone,smart board whiteboard, she knew it was a prevarication. She shrugged her hair and was about to have an attack. Suddenly, she changed her mind and smiled shallowly. She said, “That's not necessarily true. Although my brother is seriously injured, he is not without hope of treatment.” The middle-aged scribe smiled, stopped answering, and turned to walk slowly away. Zhu Ruolan closed the door and carefully examined the layout of the room. He felt that the cottage was full of mystery and horror, neither like a place where a master lived in seclusion, nor like a place where ordinary greenwood people gathered. The middle-aged scribe looked and acted as if he were not a dirty person in Jianghu, but his expression changed uncertainly. Sometimes he laughed loudly and was full of heroism, and sometimes his words flickered and made people elusive. She thought for a long time, but still could not break the doubts in her chest. Then he said to Xia Lin in a low voice, “The scene in this cottage is really unfathomable. As far as the layout of this room is concerned, it seems that there are many people living there. But apart from the middle-aged scribe, no one else shows up. In normal times, I have to get to the bottom of it. But now, your brother Huan is seriously injured. If there is any dispute, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive panel board, I'm afraid I can't take care of it.” In order to avoid trouble, all the tea, rice, wine and other food in this cottage, it is best not to touch the lips, tomorrow to see how his injuries change, we will decide to stop. Shen Xialin had never seen her so dignified since she knew Zhu Ruolan. She nodded and answered, “I must listen to my sister.” Zhu Ruolan stood up with a smile, put out the candlelight in the room, and both went to bed with Xia Lin. Chapter 25 Lord of the Iron Sword Although both of them were sleeping with men for the first time, their moods were quite different. Shen Xialin had no sense of shyness. She lay beside Meng Huan in her clothes. Although she was very sleepy, she did not fall asleep. She opened a pair of big eyes and was in a trance. Zhu Ruolan has a kind of indescribable strange feeling, she wants her innocence, dignity, such as late at night, and a man with a bed, although accompanied by Xia Lin, Yang Menghuan and bear a heavy injury, but this is an unspeakable thing. Once it is spread, it will be a laughing stock. Suddenly, a new idea flashed in her mind. She thought to herself, “He can't live any longer. What suspicion can I avoid?” She moved her body away and slowly leaned against the dream world! Suddenly, she suddenly became as gentle as a pool of spring water, and her body nestled beside Yang Menghuan. She almost forgot that there was a Shen Xialin lying beside her. Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps rose from outside the door, followed by the voice of the middle-aged scribe, saying, “Be gentle..” The voice is very low, the following words, can no longer be heard clearly. Zhu Ruolan was startled and sat up. At this time, Shen Xialin also did not fall asleep, also followed to sit up. Just as she was about to open her mouth for questioning, Zhu Ruolan quickly covered her cherry mouth with her hand and whispered in her ear, “Someone is coming outside. Don't make a sound. You watch him. I'll go out and check.” Xia Lin nodded, reached out to pick up the side of the sword, gently pressed the spring of the sword handle, three feet of cold front out of the scabbard, lightly stepped out of bed, put on boots, horizontal sword sitting on the edge of the bed. “Sister Lin,” said Zhu Ruolan in a low voice, “no matter how fierce the fight is outside, don't go out until you hear me call you.” Say that finish, a jump to stay. She lightly approached the back window, slowly pushed open a window door, lifted her breath and concentrated, and went out through the window. Not far from the back window, there was a thousand-year-old pine, as high as a thousand feet, standing in the night sky, with dense branches and luxuriant leaves,smartboards for business, and a shady area. Zhu Ruolan looked around and jumped under the giant pine for the second time. As soon as she saw the middle-aged scribe, she knew that he was a master of both internal and external training, so she acted very carefully and jumped back under the giant pine without entering the cottage.

Confuse the country and poison the imperial concubine He paused: “Ah Chu is me, and I am also Ah Chu. If he is by your side, I am by your side.” Qiu Ye Bai did not speak, but listened quietly. yuan Ze's hesitant and trembling voice sounded in her ear: “If.” What Ah Chu said is true, Bai Hui. Do you hate the poor monk? “What words?” Qiu Yebai has some doubts. That time, after I fell asleep, Ah Chu said something about me. Those words. yuan Ze's voice was a little stiff. Chapter 68 Aze's empathy. Autumn leaf white thought, suddenly thought of that time in the bathroom was a hundred miles early pressed on the wall for a long time that time. Achu said that Aze wanted that too. Get close to her. Her ears were red and stiff in an instant, and she did not know how to answer. For a long time, she felt that yuan Ze's arms were stiff and his body was trembling, as if the next moment she would not answer, he would turn away, or suddenly retract into his shell. She opened her mouth for a while and then said, “I always thought it was Ah Chu's angry words.” She really thought that those were all said by Ah Chu to slander Ah Ze, after all, Ah Chu that fellow was angry,86 smart board, what can not be done? He was angry and hated at that time, and what he said naturally made her think it was false, but she didn't want to. “If it's true, will Bai hate me?” yuan Ze asked softly, sounding like a calm voice full of uneasiness and caution. He did not call himself a poor monk from just now. At this time, Aze was not a living Buddha, not a national teacher,interactive panels for education, but just Aze. She understood what he meant. She was silent for a long time before she reached out and patted him on the back. “No, I will never hate Aze,” she said gently. “Really?” yuan Ze's voice seemed to bring joy. Qiu Ye Bai nodded: “Yes.” yuan Ze reached out and hugged her quietly, as if hugging some precious treasure. She sighed lightly and reached out to stroke his back comfortingly. After a while, yuan Ze just straightened up, hung down his long eyelashes, and looked at her with clear silver eyes, like a silver moonlight, like the early morning sun, warm and gentle. But that look did not make people feel uncomfortable at all. She smiled. “What are you looking at?” yuan Ze suddenly asked seriously, “Can I kiss Bai?” Qiu Ye Bai was stupefied: “Eh?” But Aze seemed to be afraid of being rejected, smartboard for business ,65 inch smart board, and when he saw her stunned, he suddenly lowered his head and closed his eyes and dropped a kiss on her lips. Akiba could even feel his soft lips trembling slightly. People who secretly loved her were more nervous than she was. They were too shy to even look up at her. They looked up at once and saw her looking at him with her eyes open. yuan Ze's pale cheeks were suddenly tinged with a bright red. He turned his face away and muttered to himself, “Amitabha..” Almsgiver Xiao Bai.. Don't you close your eyes? As soon as he was nervous, he started Amitabha and the little white benefactor again. Qiu Yebai only felt that the little monk in front of him was like a shy and rare beautiful white deer. After licking a person forcibly, he wanted to run and pretended to be calm. She wanted to laugh, then shook his head, do not want to entangle too much on this topic, then simply changed the topic: “Aze, why don't I cook for you to do some breakfast?” As soon as her voice fell, she heard yuan Ze's stomach rumbling for the occasion. He didn't feel embarrassed at all. He just nodded: “Good.” yuan Ze has always believed that eating is the most important thing in life. She smiled. “What do you want?” yuan Ze did not want to tunnel: “steamed stuffed bun, small white benefactor soft big steamed stuffed bun.” He also emphasized it. Qiu Ye Bai: … This one doesn't! Why is this guy still thinking about this thing! Can you be so persistent about delicious food?! yuan Ze had some doubts: “Why?” He paused and remembered something doubtfully. His beautiful eyes moved and his eyes fell on the white chest of the autumn leaves: “Why is the chest of the little white benefactor..” It tastes like a big steamed stuffed bun. Last time, he felt a little confused. As soon as the autumn leaf white is stiff, the ear root is hot, does not have the good spirit to raise the eyebrow to look at him: “You mention eats, completely will not feel embarrassed?” yuan Ze was stupefied: “Why is it embarrassing to mention food?” He paused, his eyes fell again on the white chest of autumn leaves, and suddenly the picture he had seen last time came to his mind. His face was red and white, and he leaned back and hit the window with a bang. He only stammered, “That … …” That's.. Woman's.. Woman's.. Looking at yuan Ze blushing, beautiful eyes staring big, blank and shy, she did not know whether to laugh or cry: “Your nerve reflex arc is too long...” This stupid look, people can not be angry, but as if she was bullying the white deer in general. She reached out to rub his forehead. “I'll see if I hit the bag.” The sound of that'bang 'was not small. When yuan Ze saw her leaning over, it was his chest facing him. He was even more embarrassed. He reached out and grabbed her arm: “It's all right, it's all right.” Almsgiver Xiaobai, don't come any closer. Seeing that his face was white and red, Akiba thought he was not feeling well, so he asked, “What's wrong? I just want to see the back of your head.” yuan Ze did not open his face and did not dare to look at her. Only his long eyelashes trembled slightly. He endured for a long time, but could not avoid her hand. Finally, he could not help saying in a voice like crying: “Amitabha, Amitabha..” Almsgiver Xiaobai, come closer again. In the poor monk's mind. In the mind.. It's all yours. 'Steamed Buns' and. And the way you look when you're not wearing clothes and you're with Ah Chu! “Aze, you.” Qiu Ye Bai was stunned in an instant, looking at the monk who was forced into a corner by himself, and could not digest what he said at once. The person in front of him curled up in the corner and reached out to resist his touch, as if she were bullying him. yuan Ze closed his eyes,classroom interactive whiteboard, frowned and whispered, “I didn't mean it, but..” There is no way. 。

Rogue High Lord “Group transmission?”? What is that thing? Calorie is a swordsman, and he doesn't know anything about magic or anything like that. The ability of group teleportation has disappeared in the land of Aurak for thousands of years, even for many magicians. As long as they are not specialized in space magic, they have never heard of this magic, so they naturally do not know what it is. He only knew that Luo Yan used this magic to return to Sosik City from the base camp of the Demons in an instant. This group teleportation seemed to be a good way to escape. If he could bring hundreds of masters, he could even capture the city through such a sudden attack, of course. It's just a sudden surge of thoughts from the calories. Luo Yan first asked the soldiers to guard the sentry at any time to guard against possible attacks by the Demons. Then he said to me, “This is the space magic that our Terran space magicians were good at thousands of years ago. As long as the preset transmission coordinates are realized, you can transmit yourself and your companions hundreds of miles away in an instant. I don't know the limit of the transmission distance yet, but I think it should be at least hundreds of miles!” “A hundred miles!” Calorie asked Luo Yan in surprise, and he could escape a hundred miles in an instant. Who else can catch up! He glanced at Luo Yan. Luo Yan had never shown this trick in front of him before, so he was very surprised. With his understanding of Luo Yan, this move is like coming out of the stone pavement. That's right! Hundreds of miles. But I still don't know how many people can be transported by this group transport at one time! If there are more, maybe we can use this move to make a surprise attack on the Demons in the future. But according to my guess, at least hundreds of people can be transported! I sensed that the distance to the ground was more than 100 meters in diameter. As long as the people in this range get my approval, they can be transported away with me! Luo Yan thought about it and told Calorie some of the data transmitted by the group. There was no need to hide it between him and Calorie. Boss, when did you get the land! I don't know,touch screen whiteboard, you are really not interesting enough, with such a powerful trick, unexpectedly did not say to me! Calu pretended to be angry and shouted to Luo Yan. After listening to what Luo Yan said, he was more sure of his judgment, this move should definitely be used for large-scale transmission of troops, not just for escape, instant transmission of hundreds of miles away,smart boards for conference rooms, such skills used to escape is too extravagant. When he finished, he seemed to remember something and said to Luo Yan, “Yes, boss, what happened to you just now in the Demon side? How did I see the magic array in the Demon base camp turn into a light pillar and fall down?”? Did you stop their magic? After asking for a long time, Calorie finally thought of looking for Calorie to get down to business. \ \/Luo Yan shook his head and said to Ka Lu, “It's the Lich King of the Demons. They were beaten back by us yesterday. Not only did the soldiers suffer heavy losses, but they also killed a winged king and a Dread Lord. In order to capture the city of Sosik, they summoned a Lich King!”! Aunt Lan and I tried to stop it, but it was too late! Halfway through his speech, he stopped talking, and then naturally he and Lan Ruoxin were chased by the Lich King and his men. It was better not to say such a humiliating thing. But as soon as he saw Luo Yan's half-spoken appearance and the appearance of the Lich King, smartboards in classrooms ,interactive boards for classrooms, he immediately guessed what Luo Yan didn't say behind him. He smiled at Luo Yan and said, “Boss, it's not that you and Aunt Lan saw the Lich King, so you were scared to run back with group teleportation!”! It is said that the strength of the Lich King of the Demons is at the top of the god-level masters. Even if you run back, there is no shame! After patting him on the shoulder, Luo Yan smiled at him and said, “If it were a Lich King, it wouldn't matter. Aunt Lan and I would have no problem turning him over. It's just that there are thousands of winged knights and three holy masters of the Demons around the Lich King. Whoever it is, you have to run away!”! Or you'll die! “In fact, I also know, just a joke with you, the eldest brother also really thanks to you have that what group transmission skills, if I change, it is estimated that you can not escape, so the eldest brother you have been very powerful!” When he heard Luo Yan's words, an overwhelming number of winged knights immediately appeared in his head. Then there are the winged knights of the Demons and the Dreadlord, plus. I feel my scalp tingling when I think about it! Luo Yan nodded and looked at the base camp of the Demons, which had been silent. He said to Ka Lu, “Tonight or tomorrow, the Demons will definitely launch a fierce attack on our city of Sosik!”! With the existence of the Lich King, the attack of the Demons tomorrow may be more ferocious than ever before. We must cheer up and get ready. Meet the challenge of the Demons! After saying that, he pulled Calorie to his side, and then whispered a few words in Calorie's ear. Then Calorie smiled and thumped Luo Yan's chest. He said to Luo Yan, “Boss, you are so insidious that you can think of such an idea.”. When the time comes, the Demons will be killed by you! I'm really looking forward to what kind of expression the Demons will have! Hey, hey, smile at the calories. Luo Yan said to Carl, “What kind of insidious thing am I? There are more insidious things you haven't seen!”! Besides, the Demons are too strong. If we don't want to deal with them, we can't deal with them at all! A look of grievance appeared on Luo Yan's face. It seems that if you don't use these tricks to deal with the Demons, you can't stop the attack of the Demons. If you are not familiar with the people, you can see the expression on Luo Yan's face now. It is estimated that he was forced by the Demons, God knows the Demons since Luo Yan came to the city of Sosik. He and his legions of Lordaeron have suffered a great deal. Will rearrange the city defense, Luo Yan let the calorie go back to rest first, tomorrow half a day by the calorie is responsible, if the calorie does not rest well at night, I am afraid there will be no spirit tomorrow! Wait until the calories down the wall, then Luo Yan will also send Lan Ruoxin back,touch screen board classroom, watching the city defense has been rearranged according to their own ideas, Luo Yan this just summoned his bone dragon, gently slipped into the boundless night.

Play Tang (Sunny Afternoon) _ Just like Kong Heizi's Weizhen village, he was also unwilling to directly oppose the government. Even Hao Lizheng did not provoke him, he did not provoke Hao Lizheng. That's the reason. This Gongsun is not willing to enter the yamen runner, is also a matter of course, and there is a rich man behind to find a way to frame them. As for the matter of this adopted son, Wang Hua probably guessed it out. It could be the son of a very good friend of his, it could be the son of his Comrade in arms. The soldier attached the most importance to the love of the same robe, so he adopted him and engaged his daughter to him. Of course, this is also his guess. Just when he was cranky, the plot in the field changed, the big fellow suddenly regardless of a pair of his children, several face to face, cut a few officers and soldiers, suddenly like a tiger down the mountain, rushed to the side of Xi county commandant. All of a sudden, he put a knife to Xi Xian Wei's neck and shouted, “Put down all your weapons, or I'll kill this dog officer today.” This sudden change is too sudden, see here, Li Baoer is still a little funny, this is like Wang Hua that day with a knife on the neck of Zaha Ling. While laughing, he quietly drew another circle on Wang's back with his hand. Now she took the painting of the King of the Struggle as a pleasure. Seeing that the officer was held up by a broadsword,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, the officers and soldiers were also silly. But Wang Hua is still worried about them, so what if they hold up? Just like at the beginning, if Zhang Changyi had to pursue the matter of his injury to Zahaling, he had no way to solve it, so he had to count on the backstage of Baolin Zhai to come forward. The same is true of them. Even if we threaten the officers and soldiers now, we may flee somewhere. They let you go, OK, follow you behind. You have to have a time to solve it, or let go of the county commandant adult,smart board touch screen, well, the officers and soldiers again. Or kill him, or the same result. Now this is just making things bigger and bigger. But the present really makes these officers and soldiers embarrassed. Just then, I heard a loud shout from behind: “Get out of the way, get out of the way.” Not knowing what was going on, I looked back and saw several officials in official uniforms, riding horses and bringing a group of officers and soldiers. From the dress of these officials, about the county magistrate of Wen County, as well as the main thin and other officials. The county magistrate came to the scene and asked a yamen runner nearby about the situation. Suddenly he said, “These rebels want to rebel, but they're not going to be arrested. When will they wait?” Wang Hua frowned when he heard this. This county magistrate is so vicious. Today this Gongsun seems to be rather die than surrender, that is to say, once he holds this mentality, the consequences will only be very serious. If the county commandant is not killed now, the other officials in Wenxian County are still somewhat difficult to explain. But once GongSun will kill the county commandant, 75 inch smart board ,4k smart board, the charge of rebellion is settled. He is a rebel, not a thief who forces a good man to be a thief. The nature is different, these officials not only have no fault, but also merit. Only in the middle of the county commandant, became the scapegoat. Wang Hua understood this truth, and so did the county commandant. He shouted, “Sun Yaodan, you bastard!” Sun Yaodan is the nickname of the county magistrate. As soon as he heard the county commandant Xi say this, the county magistrate Sun wanted to seal his mouth even more. He immediately ordered, “The rebels are here. Don't arrest them yet.” Wang Hua shook his head. It was really a hundred ugly pictures of officialdom. But then he heard Wu Chongxun say to Li Baoer, “Your Highness, these rebels are so bold that they kidnapped court officials in broad daylight.”. It really deserves to be killed. Originally, Wang Hua didn't want to be in charge, but now he doesn't know Wu Chongxun's name. Anyway, he doesn't see eye to eye with him, but Wu Chongxun also doesn't see eye to eye with him. It must be uncomfortable for him to see Li Baoer often touching Wang's body. However, Wang Hua sat upright, so that he could not find an excuse to have an attack. But Wu Chongxun's words made Wang Hua angry. Is this a rebel? Mingming Li Hong asked the truth just now. This playboy doesn't treat these poor people as human beings. He also thought about the two families of Yu and Du, as well as the original Wang family, and Qizhenxuan. Anyway, none of these big families had left him a good impression. Wang Hua suddenly gave a gift to Li Baoer. He is not familiar with Li Chongrun, and Li Longji has no power now. I had to beg Li Baoer. Li looked at him strangely and asked, “What are you doing?” After so many days together, I have never seen him give such a heavy courtesy to himself. Wang Hua said solemnly, “What I hate most in my life is the love I owe others and the love I receive from others.”. Because it's not easy to return. So I only owe Di Guolao a favor now. In Luoyang, Baolin Zhai had a mutually beneficial relationship with him, and Zhang Changyi's case was originally Wang Hua's reason. Only Di Renjie gave silver by the river, which was a real favor. To be honest, he was not famous at that time. A painting was not worth more than ten taels of silver. Besides, Di Renjie also recommended Wang's painting. That's a favor. Even Li Baoer was amused that it was only this little flower who begged for someone and asked for such glory, as if he was begging for someone, not that he was begging for someone, but that he was giving someone else glory. She was very happy. But Wang Hua said with a straight face, “I want to receive a favor from the princess today.” “Well, whatever I can do, I'll try to do it for you.” “Thank you very much,” said Wang Hua. He did not answer what to do. He went to one of that guard and said to him, “brother, can you lend me your bow and arrow?” The guards knew his identity and looked at him suspiciously. Now the scene is a mess. What does he need a bow and arrow for. But I also know that this teenager can't judge him by his age, and he acts very carefully. He hesitated for a moment and handed the bow and arrow to Wang Hua. At this time, the officers and soldiers in the field raised their weapons again and wanted to attack. Seeing this, the young boy shouted, “Father, don't worry about it. Let's kill today. Kill one and earn one.” With this killing, there will be a river of blood here today. Just when the situation was on the verge of breaking out, Wang Hua, carrying a bow and arrow, came to the outside of the officials' encirclement and shouted, “Slow down!” When everyone was nervous, they were shocked by Wang's painting. This is the child of that home,interactive touch screens education, do not know weight, still carrying this big bow, can this bow pull open.

Black bag group of the goddess of war Now I have a good talk with a science teacher, who has a good character and is a former student of Feng's mother. The Feng family is very satisfied, and the other family is also an intellectual family. The parents of the two families have already met, and for their wedding, they are now waiting for the two children to let go. Judging from the fact that Feng Ning has gained a few pounds recently, Feng Ning is obviously very satisfied with her boyfriend today. Otherwise, you won't be happy and fat. No flash, but it is estimated that if it is early, it will be National Day, and if it is late, it will be New Year's Day. Speaking of this, Feng Ning was still a little shy, pursed his lips, and then smiled. After the wedding process, the wedding banquet of eating and drinking began. During the meal, Dongshu sat at the woman's classmate's table. So, I saw He Huaixin on the table, and. His remarried wife, Liang Qian. Chapter 1542 the family has the throne to inherit 55. After we met, it was actually a little awkward. After all He Huaixin had pursued the original owner for two years before he got married. After the divorce, he moved his mind to pursue. As a result, there was no result, and they remarried. This wave of operation.. At this time he Huaixin quite take care of Liang Qian, although Liang Qian has not been pregnant,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, after all, the month is still small, but look at that careful look to know, is pregnant. Occasionally speaking between seats, you can also hear Liang Qian say that she is indeed pregnant. Dongshu did not respond to the whole process, and occasionally got up to help Quyao. After a meal, He Huaixin's hands and feet were stiff. Liang Qian sat beside her and saw clearly. Just outside, in the end to save face for each other. But after the banquet, as soon as she got on the bus,faux ficus tree, Liang Qian was not happy. Can't you forget Pan Yuzhi? As soon as Liang Qian got on the bus, she pulled a long face and was very unhappy. He Huaixin returned to the driver's seat, a listen to Liang Qian began to bring up the past, the complexion is not very good-looking. Everyone knows what happened before the divorce. This time, because of the accidental pregnancy, because of the child, we had to remarry, and everyone knew it. And he Huaixin also knew that Dongshu still had no idea about herself. Therefore, in the absence of choice, coupled with the pressure exerted by the Liang family, the two people had to remarry. He Huaixin did not know whether he still had feelings for Liang Qian, but he chose to remarry, and he would do his duty. But Liang Qian does not change the temper of the past, or suspicious, holding on to these old things, he Huaixin felt very tired. Originally looking at Liang Qian pregnant with a child, silk olive tree ,fake ficus tree, did not want to say anything more, but he Huaixin did not want to quarrel. Have you forgotten how we got divorced last time? After he Huaixin sat on the bus, he was not in a hurry to strike a fire, but asked in reply with a cold face. Liang Qian was choked by a word some uncomfortable, turned his head, wiped a tear, no longer speak. The way to remarry is her own choice, no wonder others. And how the child was conceived, she and He Huaixin knew in their hearts that they had played a trick. Now he Huaixin has such an attitude. Liang Qian really admitted it. Just think of, after Dongshu are in the development of Qingcheng, Liang Qian heart is extremely uncomfortable. He Huaixin here is what the situation, Dongshu does not know. After Qu Yao's wedding, Dong Shu returned to her daily life. Qu Yao went abroad for her honeymoon with a ticket. Feng Ning is also sweet with her science teacher recently. Wang Meijing. Once again, the seclusion of the mountains and forests, but the time will not be too long. Because her child is going to take the college entrance examination. Once upon a time, Dongshu thought that Wang Meijing would not even let go of a child, but now look, Wang Meijing is raised as a younger brother. There are no thoughts of men and women. After the May Day holiday, Dongshu plunged into the stock market again. In August, Dongshu came to this world for a year. The principal in his hand has been fried to six hundred thousand. No one knows how Dong Shu used twenty thousand yuan to make so much money in just half a year. But it's a lot of money. But six hundred thousand, in the Qingcheng housing market, even a sound can not be heard, let alone buy a house. So, Dongshu is not in a hurry, or rent a house. At the time of the National Day holiday, Feng Ning's wedding was not settled. The main reason was that the hotel was not easy to book. Both hotels were in good condition. They did not want to wronged their children, so they did not want to pick a small hotel. Grand hotels are fully booked during the National Day holiday, and some are even booked a year in advance. So, there was no place, and the wedding date was pushed to New Year's Day. Dongshu can just take the opportunity to go home. As a result, when I came home, I unexpectedly met several people. Sun yuanfeng, Grandmother and Dongshu know each other. In addition to these two, there is another man who is about the same age as Pan's father. Looking at the other side with Sun yuanfeng with a somewhat similar appearance, Dongshu judged that the other side may be Sun yuanfeng's father. What does this family mean by coming here? See Dongshu came back, grandmother-in-law is also very enthusiastic to come over and hold Dongshu's hand. As a result, Dong Shu directly avoided, did not let her succeed. Grandmother's face suddenly became very ugly. Yuzhi is back. Come on, yuanfeng, talk to Yuzhi. Grandmother's face was not very good-looking, but she turned her head and smiled, motioning Sun yuanfeng to talk to Dongshu. Dong Shu compared to the beginning of the year when we met, the appearance has changed a little. Dongshu left a little hair, dyed a little color, very natural color, is the kind of in the sun can be suffused with brown light. With this color, people also look very lively. Eleven, and the city here is not too cold, so Dongshu wearing wide-leg jeans, with a casual shirt. Very tall and capable. When Sun yuanfeng saw Dongshu, he was still slightly distracted. Yuzhi. After a long time, he spoke slowly. East Shu nods, did not say much,large artificial blossom trees, just motioned with Pan Mu: “I went back to the room first.” Grandmother almost exploded when she heard this. But considering that now Dongshu is no longer her daughter-in-law, she still has to ask for help, and it is useless to blow up.

Sword tripod Glancing at the Xuanyuan Sword, Luo Fusheng's eyes became moist. It turned out that Zhao Fuchen had just told them in midair that they wanted to break the void. Only the Xuanyuan Sword was possible, and he would leave the Xuan yuan Sword to them when they were flying up. As for whether they could go up to the sky, they had to rely on themselves. Looked up to the void gradually shrink, is about to disappear black hole, Luo Fusheng just step out, is waiting to come forward to take out the Xuanyuan sword, oblique inserted in the ground Xuanyuan sword suddenly sent out a sound of the sword, and then in Luo Fusheng a face stunned into a yellow lightning shot out, instantly disappeared into the black hole is about to disappear. This change, obviously let Luo Fusheng Yi Tianxing two people at a loss, looking at the void has disappeared without a trace of the black hole, the two brothers looked at each other, speechless.. In the eleventh year of the reign of Emperor Jiuzhou, the national teacher Zhao Fuchen's Xuanyuan Sword rose through the air. But the change of Kyushu is not completely over, when Zhao Fuchen rises, the yellow light all over the sky in the void gradually retracts into nine yellow sun-like yellow spots, and then nine huge yellow spots fall like nine suns at the same time, blasting into all parts of Tianzhou, at the same time,large ficus tree, when nine yellow photovoltaics disappear on Kyushu. The big tripod of Kyushu suddenly appeared everywhere in the world. It's over. The human world is completely over. Next is the next world. The next world is what the boy thought at the beginning of writing the book. Whether it's good or bad, the boy will write it out. I hope the readers will like it. Also, this Xuanyuan sword is also set at the beginning, but did not expect to be guessed later, it is a failure, but the boy is not ready to change, so also let it appear, there is Xuanyuan sword is not the boy reluctant to let him stay in the world, but the next world has its use. As for the last paragraph of the appearance of King Yu Jiuding, it is to leave a leeway! Will the two disciples of Zhao Fuchen appear in the next world? That depends on the preferences of the readers. If you have any opinions, please give me one, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,fake ficus tree, heh heh! Chapter 254 after the rise of the fifth collection of the realm of great achievements. The son woke up from a muddle, and the feeling of Zhao Fuchen's body swelling gently came from all over his body in an instant. In addition to the incomparable feeling of bulging in the body, the huge pressure from all around made Zhao Fuchen a little breathless, just like an ordinary person tens of meters underwater. Fortunately, Zhao Fuchen was lying on his back at this time, otherwise Zhao Fuchen did not know whether he could stand up under the pressure of internal and external attacks. Effort to open the eyes, Zhao Fuchen eyes a slight pain, then Zhao Fuchen eyes suddenly a clear. From the perspective of Zhao Fuchen lying on his back, the only thing that can be seen is the endless void, in the depths of which there seems to be a colorful luster looming. Although he did not know where he was, Zhao Fuchen could be sure that this was not the world, neither the 21st century of his previous life, nor Kyushu. Effort to turn the head, Zhao Fuchen helplessly found that, in addition to the endless void on the room, his left and right, are a piece of khaki. It took nearly an hour for Zhao Fuchen to wisely give up his observation and return his attention to his own body. A luck in the body, the floating dust was stunned to find that the extremely cold internal force in his body was completely suppressed into the Dantian, and his body was filled with endless huge energy. Tried for a long time, always unable to let the internal force in the Dantian move even a trace, Zhao Fuchen had to find another way, slightly pondered, Zhao Fuchen body suddenly appeared an invisible fluctuation. As soon as the spiritual power in the depths of his mind entered his body, Zhao Fuchen was surprised to find that a stream of colorful energy filled every inch of bone meridians in his body. Its energy was so strong that the internal force of Zhao Fuchen's previous innate realm was only a drop in the bucket. Check the situation inside the body. Return of the soul to the depths of the mind. Zhao Fuchen's face showed a trace of meditation. It took a long time to remember a clue. It turned out that Zhao Fuchen broke through the void that day. After cutting through the black hole with Xuan Jian. He stepped into the brilliant colorful luster. But who knows just step into it. Zhao Fuchen was poured into his body by a powerful force. I fainted in the earthquake. Is that the force? Zhao Fuchen said to himself. Think about it. In the colorful passage of the soaring land. The earth is indeed very similar to the colorful energy in the body. In fact, Zhao Fuchen doesn't know. There is nothing wrong with thinking for yourself. These are full of colorful energy in his body. It is true that when he broke through the sky and flew up, he poured into the body in the colorful passage. These colorful energies. There's another name. It is the power of flying immortals. Feixianli. As the name suggests. It is absorbed in the process of ascension by human practitioners when they ascend. In order to become immortal strange energy. This energy. It is only when it ascends that it can possess strange energy. It is reasonable to say that whether it is a warrior or a realist. Once it rises. When the power of the flying immortals poured into the body. It will naturally absorb the power of flying fairy. So as to promote cultivation. Reach a realm of immortals. But Zhao Fuchen is different from the ordinary martial arts, and the reason is that Zhao Fuchen's practice of King Kong is not bad, just as Zhao Fuchen could not lead the vitality of heaven and earth for several uses, Zhao Fucheng could not accept the power of flying immortals for his own use when he was flying up. Powerful flying immortal force constantly into the body, even Zhao Fuchen's human immortal body was almost broken, if not for the critical moment of the appearance of Xuanyuan sword to protect Zhao Fuchen, at this time I'm afraid Zhao Fuchen has not yet ascended successfully has been propped up. Xuanyuan sword protected Zhao Fuchen's life, but also made Zhao Fuchen body flying immortal force accumulated to an extremely terrible point, thus causing Zhao Fuchen's present situation. Although Zhao Fuchen is not particularly clear about all this,fake blossom tree, but in addition to some depression at the beginning, Zhao Fuchen's mood soon became happy. It turned out that after Zhao Fuchen felt clearly the powerful power of flying immortals in his body, Zhao Fuchen thought of the immortal body of the world that he had reached the acme.

Fist of Fury Wang Zhidao frowned, in this case, unless he climbed onto the roof of the train, or climbed through the gap above the seats on both sides, or really could not push the crowd in the middle passage forward. The killer of this carriage must have seen his amazing performance in the first two carriages and knew that he was no match, so he came up with such a way to stop himself. Wang Zhidao! A voice rang out from behind the passengers: “I know you're a good shot, but can you shoot me through so many innocent passengers?” Wang Zhidao said coldly, “Since you know they are innocent, why do you treat them in such a despicable way?”? Let them go and fight me fair and square! The voice laughed, “Because I am a bad man, are you a good man?”? And I admit I'm not as good as you? So I have to deal with you in a mean way. A nice, self-righteous guy like you wouldn't hurt these innocent passengers, would he? So you have to listen to me. Either you shoot these innocent passengers, or you drop the gun in your hand, or I will shoot them. My marksmanship is not like yours, but at this zero distance, I can still hit every shot! Wang Zhidao first cursed in his heart, then laughed and said,outdoor ficus tree, “I'm sorry, I'm not the self-righteous good person you imagined, and I'm not going to be a good person.”. So your threats don't work on me at all. I don't even know these people. Why would I throw away my gun for them? Don't waste your time. If you want to kill people, kill them. Anyway, after you kill them all, I can kill you to avenge them! The voice sighed, “It seems that you are really not an ordinary person. No wonder my disciples are no match for you. It is their misfortune that they met you.”! But it's all right. You helped me eliminate a group of rubbish disciples. Today's train battle is the final test for them. As long as one of my disciples can survive,Faux cherry blossom tree, it's enough. If they all die, it proves that none of them can inherit my mantle. I have to find another successor. Disciples? Wang Zhidao asked, “Are you the five-shaped killer of the previous generation?”? Which one is it? Sign up! “It doesn't matter if I tell you. I'm the invisible leopard. The people you shot in the first two carriages are all my disciples.” Replied the voice. Was it the leopard of the previous generation? No wonder it's called an invisible leopard. Teach so many rubbish disciples. You probably feel ashamed to see people, so you hide yourself? “Wang Zhidao, I know your mouth is also very fierce,” said the voice with a smile without getting angry. But you're not going to get me out. My name is invisible leopard, because no one will ever see my true face, even the dragon boss, they do not know who I am in the end, so I live the longest. You can't tell me from all these passengers! “Are you going to hide behind them and not come out to see anyone?”? How long can you hide? Wang Zhidao asked. The invisible leopard laughed and said, “You can never see me, and I won't come out to avenge you for the murder, because my target is not you at all, artificial grass panels ,faux grass wall, but Sun.“. Wang Zhidao, I heard that you are very clever and can always win by surprise. Let me give you a difficult problem. I'm going to drive them to kill Sun now, and I want to see how you resolve it. The invisible leopard said, suddenly shouted: “In front of me, all run forward, run quickly, if anyone does not run, I will shoot him!”! Run right now! There were two “bangs”, but the invisible leopard hid behind the passengers and fired two shots. This time, the passengers were as flustered as a frying pan. The back is pushed up first, and the back is pushed forward. Pushing forward again, more than a hundred passengers began to move forward like waves, and as the invisible leopard fired another shot in the back, the crowd moved forward faster, like a tide coming to Wang Zhidao. Seeing this, Wang Zhidao's face changed. Facing these frantically rushing passengers, he could neither shoot nor stop them, but if he stood still here, they would be pushed down or trampled to death. In a hurry, he jumped to the seat next to him. The shot rang out again, and a bullet came at him at that moment. Apparently, the invisible leopard saw that Wang Zhidao had exposed himself and took the opportunity to shoot him. Fortunately, the invisible leopard's marksmanship is not very accurate, just from Wang Zhidao's waist, although not directly hit, but from the skin, burning pain. Wang Zhidao was taken aback and turned the muzzle of the gun and his line of sight together, only to see the passengers below rushing forward frantically with their heads down, unable to tell who had shot him just now. Standing on this seat, the target is obvious, as long as the invisible leopard shoots itself, it will die, but the invisible leopard will also be invisible. Wang Zhidao was highly concentrated and squatted on the seat to observe the passengers. He was gambling that his reaction and shooting speed would be faster than the invisible leopard. As long as the invisible leopard could not bear to shoot himself again, Wang Zhidao was sure to kill him first. Unfortunately, these passengers were too obedient to be threatened by the invisible leopard, and all of them rushed forward with their heads down. In addition, the camouflage and patience of the invisible leopard were so good that they did not reveal any flaws. Wang Zhidao observed for a long time, but did not recognize who was the hidden leopard. The group of passengers soon rushed out of the carriage and ran to the next carriage. Seeing this, Wang Zhidao was taken aback again. He thought to himself that if the invisible leopard rushed to Mr. Sun's carriage among the passengers, in case Mr. Sun came out to have a look, it might be possible for the invisible leopard to succeed in the assassination unexpectedly. Thinking of this, Wang Zhidao quickly crouched down and ran on the seat. He soon rushed to the front of the passengers and shouted at them: “Stop! Don't run any more,silk cherry blossom tree, or I'll shoot you!“! Do you hear me? Stop it! There was a bang. Wang Zhidao fired a shot, but not at anyone, and fired a shot at the foot of the passenger running in the front.

Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world Young age, has been the essence of the wind and thunder palm, although the heat is a little light, the future will be able to be better than the blue and better than the blue, so Sun, has no regrets. Originally, I thought this young man of Youjia was capable. But it's not much stronger. See this punch. But I knew I was wrong and I was wrong. OK He stroked his beard and exclaimed. This move forced Feng Jieying to change. His eyes were cold, his palms did not move, and he walked quickly at his feet. You Tanzhi walked around, as light as the wind. You Tanzhi with static brake, the whole body light, relaxed down. Feng Jieying's feet were like the wind, and he walked faster and faster. After three laps, his figure became blurred, so fast that he could not see the figure clearly. You Tanzhi still did not move. Here! Feng Jieying drank in a deep voice, and the right shopkeeper came out with a meal of body. This palm carries the wind and thunder. With the whistle, the speed is very fast. In the blink of an eye. You Tanzhi fluttered out with one punch and changed his position again. Like a feather, frightened away by the wind of the fist. Feng Jieying was not convinced and took another step. Then on the palm potential, followed by abandon, swim tanzhi then float away. Pounding the gap makes Feng Jieying feel uncomfortable. The two men fought fiercely, and the old man stopped stroking his beard, forgot his movements, and stared at him for fear of missing every move. Youshi Shuangxiong stared at it closely, excited in his heart, so swift and violent palm method, changed himself, could not walk a few strokes, but Tanzhi was able to do it with ease, and did not fall behind at all. Have a son like this,decorative palm trees, the feeling of pride seems to overflow the chest. The wind and thunder palm is extremely fast, each palm is carrying the wind and thunder, the momentum is fierce, around gradually some people come to watch the fun, there is a lot of discussion. Soon, a hundred strokes in the past, Feng Jieying momentum gradually decline, wind and thunder palm power is great, but each Zhuo is extremely consumed internal force, so many strokes in the past. He has a feeling of exhaustion. His face was red,artificial plant wall panels, his eyes were sharp, but he was powerless. In such a situation, he had lost Grandpa's face! Even if there is a heart to inspire, the internal force will not be born out of thin air, the successor is powerless, and the momentum will naturally decline. As soon as he decayed, Youtan's offensive rose sharply, and his light fists seemed to have no strength at all, and he was joking. However, Feng Jieying punched him and noticed that his fist was strange. Although it was not strong, it was as painful as a nail. “All right, Tan Zhi,” the mule shouted in a deep voice, “stop!” You Tanzhi was stunned. But he drifted back and turned to look at his uncle in puzzlement. ,” You Mo looked at the old man Feng. Old Feng stroked his beard and laughed. He glanced at Feng Jieying and said with a smile, “Silly boy, this time I finally know that there are people outside. Aren't you proud?!” “Grandpa” Feng Jieying blushed and bowed his head in shame. The old man Feng waved his hand and said with a smile, “If you lose, you lose. Practice well, and then you can find the place again in the future. Don't be so fussy!” “Yes, Grandpa.”. Feng Jieying said in a loud voice. He folded his fists and said to You Tanzhi, silk ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, “You Shaoxia, you should learn from me in the future!” Yes You Tanzhi was stunned and answered with folded fists. Grandpa, “You Qi hesitated.” How interesting. Look at you, are you still worried about the old man falling out?! Old Feng glared at him and snorted, “Who can always win?”? Skill is inferior to others. Have a good practice and leave. You have a good nephew. The mule breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Thank you for your praise!” Master Feng said with a smile, “You Shaoxia, you should often come here to play and learn from Jieying, so that you can enter the country faster.” “You Tanzhi is a little restrained.”. The old man Feng waved his hand and said, “Go back to the tent. Don't get drunk today. Have a good drink.”. With that, he strode and turned to the tent. Feng Jieying took a look at you Tan and twisted behind the old man Feng. You Shi Shuangxiong pulls you Tanzhi. Also followed the past, to the tent to drink together. In the past, Mr. Feng was only grateful for their help to his son, so he treated him politely. After this competition, his attitude changed again, and he became more casual. The meaning of kindness is stronger. Youshi Shuangxiong secretly excited, the wind old man is famous, Juxianzhuang can't compare with it at all. The difference is two layers, but now the old man values it, which is the reason for it. Three adults drink together, Feng Jieying and you Tanzhi drink, two people cup to cup, don't get up. Head. Feng Jieying is to want to pull back a city, you Tanzhi played confidence, also not polite, no weakness of you a cup I a cup. In the end, you Tanzhi lost his drinking capacity and was drunk. Straight to the table, Feng Jieying laughed and breathed a bad breath. Seeing him laugh like this, the three adults all shook their heads with laughter. At this time, someone came in from outside, but it was a disciple of the Infinite Sword Sect. He folded his fists and reported that the grand ceremony would begin tomorrow. Chapter 652 retirement. Two fly to the air, by cutting in the middle, the sun is bright and beautiful, the breeze is blowing for the concave “fly in the face of all, comfortable and refreshing.”. You Tanzhi followed his uncle and father. With the crowd, they boarded the wooden platform, then boarded a large boat and sailed slowly into the lake. Standing on the bow of the boat, you can look into the distance, a vast expanse, sparkling waves, can not see the edge, only feel a broad mind. He turned his head and looked back. Chunniang was standing on the wooden platform, her figure was graceful, and the breeze was blowing, stirring her clothes, and her charm was like a bottle In his eyes, Chunniang is like a Lily, with a charming fragrance all over her body, which makes people intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves. Looking away, he suddenly had an impulse. He wanted to jump off the boat and stand beside her, even for a moment, he could not bear it. Ready to move, but forced to suppress. An ordinary boy, how can he be worthy of a fairy-like Chunniang girl?! With a deep sigh, he shook his head and forced himself to turn his head. It hurt in his heart. Ran Li opened his eyes wide and looked straight ahead. The ship was flying fast, and the waves turned to both sides like iron ploughs. You Tan opened his eyes wide and looked into the distance. A building slowly appeared in front of him. Under the building was a wide platform with several small pavilions in the middle. Taihuju has changed its appearance, surrounded by wooden boards as a platform, has been extended to the middle of the lake, a full four or five of the original. Big In this way, it is very wide, and horses can run on the platform. As the ship slowly approached, three men stood on the edge of the stage,silk ficus tree, a young girl, followed by two young men with swords, dressed in blue shirts. They knew at a glance that they were disciples of the Infinite Sword Sect.