Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)
Think of here no front couldn't help shaking his head with a wry smile so thin defense of course their troops can attack and gram to March into the Kansai nature is a good thing but for the Taiping religion is not a good thing According to their own intelligence with the existing garrison forces in the Kansai region simply can not resist the Taiping religion rebellion once the uprising no front dare to assert that in less than three months without the intervention of external forces the entire Kansai region will change the master not to mention with the Taiping religion way of doing things there must be a lot of hidden secret forces All this seems to be developing too fast so that Wufeng always feels difficult to deal with for a while During the half-year delay in the imperial capital the northwest and Luzon were developing but after all the foundation was too poor the speed of development was limited and he was not in the northwest so it was difficult for many subordinates to make decisions for a while However the Taiping religion in the Kansai region has already had a fairly good mass base and with the full help of foreign intervention forces over the past six months the expansion of its strength should also be expected It's a pity that the Kaman people are too mysterious to send troops at this time dragging their hands and feet so that they can not escape from the northwest perhaps this is a good link in the calculation of the Kaman people the rapid development of the power of Taiping religion is absolutely related to the Kamans Wufeng firmly believes this Business Services Thinking of the Kaman's military actions throughout the territory of the Principality of Telok according to the information obtained no front roughly estimated that the Kaman had used more than 400000 troops during this period which had accounted for more than 80% of the troops that the entire Kaman Empire could use and now the garrison in the Kaman Empire is only about 100000 at best But also to deal with the harassment of the northern barbarians is really the best Think of here no front more worried the Kaman people spent so much money even the royal guards are out in full force this plan is bound to be great whether it is Jieluoke or Taixuanfu no front is inclined to Taixuanfu in this Taixuan mansion the target is Taixuan mansion city or Jiayuguan Although it seems too Xuanfu city seems to be with some danger but intuition tells no front the real target of the Kaman people is likely to be Jiayuguan although Jiayuguan grasp of the situation seems impossible to be conquered in a short time the Kaman people to do so is undoubtedly a waste of their forces But with the wisdom of Prime Minister Gomez and the ability of several of his famous generals how could he make such a foolish mistake This only shows that there is a big conspiracy China Manufacturers But no front is only a person not a God even if he is more shrewd than others but also can't think of what problems will arise within the defensive army and it is a big problem all this is doomed to the fall of Jiayuguan and even the opening of the northern gate of the empire is the inevitable outcome Seeing the heated debate I am very grateful to update another section Jiangshan Beauty Chapter 1 Chapter 8 The Wind and Clouds Surge Section 4 The Heart of Returning Home [Inspection in Section V of the main text] While thinking the heart is like a burning fire no front to urge the horse to rush Although is tired no front is still no intention to rest followed by a dry guards are also followed by no front galloping all the way behind the horse soon crossed the Longdong realm into the northwest county Bonan House boundary As soon as he stepped into his own territory Wufeng felt that his mood was much more down-to-earth and a sense of inexplicable relaxation permeated his heart It seemed that even the grass and trees that had no difference were much more cordial This may be the psychological effect but Wufeng still felt that even a lot of fatigue had disappeared Into bonanfu forty miles is an important checkpoint in the southwest corner of the northwest county the main military and political officials of bonanfu who have already got the information have been here to welcome the arrival of no front Seeing a large group of civil and military officials crowded in front of Yangma Kou Guan Wufeng could not help frowning He did not like this kind of noisy scene at all but when he drove his horse he saw the old subordinates who came to meet him and all the gentry businessmen and ordinary people who came to meet him spontaneously Some discontent in his heart suddenly disappeared without a trace This is what a touching scene ah I Li Wufeng how can unexpectedly let so many people place such high hopes if they can not bring them to live and work in peace and contentment and a happy life it is unworthy of the expectations of the people ah! Many Agriculture years later as the emperor of a glorious empire he still had a deep feeling about this scene and in his autobiography “The World” he also described this touching scene in thick ink One side of the enthusiasm of their subordinates greeted but also generous into the crowd and those who have long admired the merchants farmers and handicraftsmen to shake hands and embrace to show goodwill which has aroused the enthusiasm of the people who are already surging the situation suddenly became a bit chaotic and the seamless entourage of a dozen or so guards is even more Such a chaotic situation is they didn't expect and now in this case it is impossible to separate the front and the people this will greatly hurt the people to worship the front they can only look and listen to all directions to focus all their attention to observe the danger that may exist but to meet the people are honest and honest people they are just inspired by passion There was nothing else out of line Very easy to escape from the people surrounded no front and many guards are already sweating reluctantly waved goodbye until no front disappeared in the officials and soldiers in the security circle these people who are eager to see the northwest people respected as the protector of the people gradually dispersed At this time Wufeng really took out his energy to formally meet with the officials of Bonan Prefecture who had already prepared to report their work However there was nothing to be seen from the face of Yang Zhengbin the city guard of Bonan Prefecture but Wufeng was keenly aware that the chief and deputy division commanders of the Bonan Prefecture Garrison Division Shenei and Yueshan who had come with him were happy with a slight look of worry trade-global.com