Tianxin is angry The Ministry of the Water Blue Army and the Lord of the Water Blue Kingdom, the Blue Emperor, looked at the image sent back by the front finger, cold sweat drops. Especially the blue emperor, he himself is an extreme God, extreme God has what power, he knows very well. But judging from the images and pictures, the God of the Extreme Realm is vulnerable to a single blow in front of those who have no realm. Dozens of legions of polar gods may be able to spread the power of the ant group, but the problem is that the boundless way is not like cattle, moving slowly, and there are many corners that can not be guarded against. From the picture, although the boundless Taoist of Huazhongguo is trapped in the heavy army of water and blue, he has powerful instruments, several times faster than the extreme gods, more far-reaching divine consciousness with exploration function, although only the size of the extreme gods, but the quality of the boundless Dharma body is absolutely different, and there are endless means of far attack and near defense. It can make the most efficient use of the whole body's energy and selection points. All this adds up to tens of millions of legions in the deep space of the three realms of water and blue, but so what. Facts have proved that as long as the other side is not soft, with time,inflatable bounce house with slide, the deep space of the three realms of water and blue will be clear. For a moment, the blue emperor's hands were stiff and his feet were weak. He seemed to understand why the emperor and the ten clans of heaven had to strictly observe neutrality. This was simply a guy who could not be killed. He had too many means to reverse his practice and maintain his war by fighting. Maybe in the end, when the enemy was dead, he was still fierce and not tired. How could I be obsessed with stealing my heart to attack a country created by a boundless Taoist? The blue emperor gave birth to the heart of regret. Thinking of the counterattack oath of the Communist Party of China, the Blue Emperor was shocked and shouted to the Ministry of Water and Blue Army, “Assemble manpower, study..” Research,inflatable air dancer, we must find out the way to destroy the boundless way, we must find out the way to destroy the boundless way before the army of the deep space of the three realms of water and blue runs out, and we must continuously transport soldiers to the deep space of the three realms of water and blue.. “Lord, can you ask him to mediate?”. Make peace with that fellow? The extremely hawkish elder interrupted with a white bark face. Make peace? Blue Tianzi shook his head, is it possible? Shuilan country, Huazhong country. Two save one! If the Lord of the United States could make peace, he would not have made such an oath. Let's fight! Lan Jie, the chief elder of the neutral faction, sighed. It is not impossible to reach an agreement, but two conditions must be met. First, there will be a major earthquake of the upper echelons of the Shuilan Kingdom, and those who initiate the war must be tried. Second, cede or compensate the Huazhong Kingdom for a Shuilan sky. If these two conditions are not met, the state system of the Huazhongguo will not end; and if these two conditions are met, Inflatable water park factory ,Jumping castle with slide, how can the Shuilan country nod its head? Not to mention that the comprehensive national strength of Shuilan country is still far superior to that of Huazhong country, that is, the national strength will be equal in the future. It is impossible for the three realms of water and blue to make this concession. So there is only war, a bitter war, until the United States of America is willing to stop fighting, and until the United States of America takes the initiative to stop fighting. Lord of the Kingdom.. The extremely hawkish elder wants to speak again. A matter of mediation. Don't mention it again. Again, you are my enemy! The blue emperor waved his hand and turned to the neutral Lan Jie. Elder, I'll leave it to you to study in the rear. “Respect the orders of the Lord of the Kingdom!” Whoever destroys who is a big problem! Not come singly but in pairs, when the water blue country conceived the establishment of a research Institute on “how to eliminate the boundless way”, the three systems of China, Tianhua Media and Star Media, also took action. After obtaining the image of Tianxin fighting alone against the infinite water blue army in the deep space of the three realms of water blue, the two major media began to produce a psychological weapon to attack the psychological defense of the water blue people. In the future, every time Tianxin goes to Shuilan Sanjie to open deep space, the two major media will produce a video weapon, which must establish the image of invincible people without boundaries, and spread the basic spirit of the three systems. The fighting between the two sides is no longer limited to the military level. Shuilan people have a headache about how to defeat the boundless Taoist, and Hua people also have a headache about how to face the giant of Shuilan Sanjietian, which has nearly four million star fields. The people of Shuilan will become a conspiracy when dealing with Tianxin, while the people of Hua will show their Yang power and destroy their heart of great power when dealing with the people of Shuilan. When the Water Blue Man was training the God Extreme Killer, the first video of the Chinese people's heart-attacking weapons entered the three realms of the Water Blue Sky. In this issue, there was no noise to dye the three systems, just to show the elegant demeanor of the boundless Taoist who looked at the stars and was invincible in the world. Tingling. Yeah, it stings. In the short term, it is difficult for the water blue people to produce a “sharp weapon” to deal with the heart of heaven and earth, and the three realms of the water blue people have been stung by the video of the boundless Taoist. How did this happen? Water Blue Three Realms Roar Tens of millions of legions have no way to take a person, but was beaten upside down. In the face of the roar of the three realms of Shuilan, the upper class of Shuilan declared hypocritically, “Tell me, Shuilan people, we are lagging behind in the practice of single ability.”. If you fall behind, you will be beaten. People, practice your anger! Aquamarine needs you. As soon as this announcement came out, there was an upsurge of spiritual practice in the three realms of water and blue. Behind the upsurge of spiritual practice, there are turbulent waves. The young people of the lower ranks are pure and innocent, but the practitioners above the middle level of the true spirit understand that it is not so easy to practice in the realm of the Tao. The heads and elders of all races focused their eyes on Qiyuan Jietian, and even some races hesitated whether to choose Qiyuan Jietian as the place for their future travels. Time passes. In a flash, the time calendar turns to the Earth Nine Interstellar Calendar for 28 years, and three years have passed. The war in the deep space is still in a stalemate between the attack of the water blue people and the defense of the United States of China. However, the video of 300 attacks on the heart hit the water blue three realms, and the people in the three realms of water blue have changed from initial pain, anger, and high-spirited words to numbness and numbness. Three hundred times the Lord of the United States of China crossed their armies, and his invincible demeanor had penetrated into every corner of the three realms of water and blue, and even spread to the realms of emperors and ten clans. — In the hearts of the people in the three realms of water and blue,Inflatable meltdown, there is a sense of powerlessness that can never be mentioned. “Our country is huge, but we can't win a boundless Taoist. What's the problem?” The clans in the depths of heaven, “Oh..” “It's been a long time since I heard of the original world. Would you like to go and have a look?” 。 joyshineinflatables.com