Shenzuo _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise Lin Xi sensitively perceived that the war had reached the second stage, and the momentum of the two sides was deadlocked. At this time, who will break the deadlock first and suppress the momentum of the other side. Who can tilt the war in his favor. And this time is also the best time for the emperors to cut in! “Go!” There was a sharp sound behind Lin Xi, and as soon as the sky darkened, the huge “Chaos Kunpeng” immediately broke through the air. “ A scream of “jittery”. As soon as the wings fluttered, a demon on the dark side of the universe could not react and was swallowed by it immediately. Boom! As soon as his wings fluttered, more than a dozen demons were devoured. “Chaos Kunpeng” finally became fully mature after Lin Xi reached the ten-fold Zhenyang Realm. It's all raging on the battlefield right now. Lin Xi released the “incarnation of Kunpeng” and instantly manifested the “body of gods and demons”. A huge God and demon of tens of thousands of feet stood in the void. With just one punch, he blew up a dark demon with seven ghosts and gods into ashes. The Great Magic of Five Thunder! Lin Xi palm a grip, hundreds of thousands of thick thunder dense as a net, instantly extended the entire battlefield. Just listen to a burst of thunder, a thunder fell, there are a large number of dark side demons in this blow into ashes. The Great Magic of Yin and Yang! “Kill the Great Divine Art!” “The Great Magic of Cosmic Disintegration!” …… A strong wave of divine power emanated from Lin Xi, and every time Lin Xi shot, a large number of demons fell down. With his realm at this time, no one can stop him at all. Under the leadership of Lin Xi, other emperors also stepped into the battlefield one after another. But for a moment, Qi,Agate Slabs Countertops, which had been deadlocked, suddenly developed in a favorable direction for the human army. Even a few ghosts and gods ten heavy dark side demon God, also be killed and fall! Collapse on one side, collapse on both sides, like dominoes, when the momentum is suppressed, the dark side of the universe gradually shows signs of collapse. Roar! Suddenly,Artificial Marble Slabs, there was a roar from the depths of the ancient battlefield, and the demons around them retreated. Before the crowd could react, they felt a terrible smell of destruction. Ancient Demon God! It's the ancient demon God! I don't know who suddenly screamed. Boom! Like being hit by thunder, Lin Xi suddenly felt this overbearing, lawless majestic breath, the heart is immediately surprised, and others are different, in this tyrannical breath, he felt a familiar breath. This breath.. This is This is In a flash of lightning, an idea flashed through Lin Xi's mind: “.” It's the son of God! Although the other side's breath has changed a lot, or even completely changed a person, but that kind of dark depths of arrogance, Slate Wall Panel ,Marble Granite Price, conceit, and Lin Xi know that the “son of God” exactly the same, there is no change. At this moment, countless thoughts pass through my mind, the battle in the void of the universe. The sudden appearance of a huge demon arm. The mysterious appearance of the “Demon God”.. At that moment, Lin Xi finally understood. Lin Xi, our grudges are completely over here! Destroy me! Rumbling, a huge shadow fell from the sky. Ah “Lin Xi!” “Run away!” In the frightened eyes of countless people, a huge shadow rose from the square of the dark side of the universe. And then pressed down violently. Boom, a loud noise, Lin Xi and the human body around the collapse of the strong, instantly by this blow mercilessly trampled into powder! “Lin Xi!” Xuanyang Empress's body trembled and she exclaimed. A beautiful face turned pale. The power of the other side is too great, it is Ling on the realm of ghosts and gods, enough to make the universe tremble, not to mention Lin Xi, is their past, is also the same will die! “Hum!” The whole battlefield was silent for a moment with the death of Lin Xi. There was a dull look among many emperors. Only they know that Lin Xi is actually one of the top ones among them! Even Lin Xi was killed, and the fate of the others can be imagined. Son of God.. Whether you change your name to the Son of God or the Son of Devil. We really need closure. But not the way you think. Just then, a clear voice sounded on the battlefield. “!!!” In the eyes of the public shock. A faint shadow smiled. Suddenly stood up from the place where Lin Xi was killed, the shadow of lips, eyebrows, teeth and eyes, and Lin Xi exactly the same, eyes incomparably calm. In his hand, a blood-red “key” emits a faint red light. …… Also, thanks for helping me out! As soon as the voice fell. A red light rose into the sky in the shocked eyes of the crowd. Nope A roar of anger, in the moment Lin Xi flew out, a pair of big hands fiercely grabbed, the void exploded into pieces. But it's still too late. Hum! In the angry eyes of the “Son of God”. Lin Xi's body turned into a red light and quickly disappeared into the depths of the sky. ………… “Hum!” With a flash of light, Lin Xi appeared in a huge space in an instant. This is a forgotten space, where time has almost stopped flowing. Lin Xi opened his eyes and looked up. I saw an endless mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, stretching away to an endless distance. In the middle of the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, Lin Xi saw a bright “God seat”. In the hundreds of millions of dry bones and the vast sea of blood, it seems extremely lonely. Finally here we are. Lin Xi murmured, moving at his feet and moving forward. In the endless mountain of corpses and sea of blood, he saw a virtual shadow, like a statue standing still. Each statue is completely different, but if you look carefully, you can see that their facial features are actually very similar to Lin Xi's. This is a “incarnation” of his differentiation in the long cosmic era, including the “he” who is haunted by the “Xuanyang Empress”. Once,Calacatta Quartz Slab, “he” arrived here more than once, but finally stopped at the corpse mountain and failed to ascend the throne of God. Now, the last incarnation has finally arrived. It's time to understand everything. Hum! 。