I am a bear cub! Stories for kids

Hello! I am a bear cub! The baby of a brown bear! We brown bears are very furry and have round ears. Our eyes are also small, but we have a big and strong muzzle. When we are born, we have a white ring around our neck, but the closer we get to two years old, the color of the ring around our neck changes and becomes brown! That’s when we grow up; we must find food for ourselves and become independent.

We bears often walk on all fours, but sometimes we stand and walk on our two legs like you humans. I live in a forest in a mountain range! Our families are present all over the world! Like the Alborz mountain range in Iran. Polar bears, sloth bears, black bears, and even pandas are part of our family! In winter, when it snows everywhere, we bears go to our dens and sleep for several months! The nest can be a stone cave or a hole in the mountain! When spring arrives, the weather warms up a bit, and the trees bloom, we slowly wake up.

Don’t think that we bears are always sleeping and lazy! Not! By the way, we love climbing and rock climbing! We climb high mountains and trees and run on rocks! We are very good at swimming and fishing. Between us, I’m also very good at eating! There is almost no food that I do not like to eat. Forest fruits and mushrooms, insects under the stones of the forest, and sometimes animals smaller than us! But the tastiest of all, you know what? Honey! We bears like honey very much, and we don’t feel the sting of bees at all. We are so furry and hairy that no matter how hard the bees try, their sting cannot reach our skin.

You must want to know how we bears, with such a large appetite, sleep for several months in the winter and do not get hungry! Well, in the fall season, we eat and treat ourselves! In winter, the fat of all this food and the warmth of our nest will keep our body warm and sleep well!

All of us bears were born in winter! When bear cubs are born, their eyes do not see well, and their ears do not heal! But until spring, they drink enough of their mother’s milk to strengthen their eyes and ears. When spring comes, the bear cubs come out of the cave and get to know the forest, river, and nature! Did you know that we bears help a lot in the forest? When we eat forest fruits with their seeds, their seeds become ready to be planted in our stomachs. These ready seeds come out of our bodies when we poop and start growing; after a few years, they become big trees!

By planting these trees, we bears make the forest bigger, and many other animals like us can live in it. How do you think we feel the presence of other animals? When another animal passes by somewhere, its smell stays there for a while, and we bears, who have a powerful sense of smell, can tell if another animal has passed by or not!

We bears have a habit of marking trees with our nails or rubbing our backs against the tree so that our body odor remains on the tree. We never lose our way home like this! It’s time for me to go because I’m so hungry! It was a pleasure getting to know you! Goodbye!


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