Emperor Group: Tame the Iceberg Husband + Fanwai Bai Xiyan said goodbye to Rong Ruoyu and asked her to wait here. She said to her, Aunt, I will rescue you, you must wait for me. Bai Xi Yan took advantage of the day is not completely bright, with the memory of the way to the exit, this time is very smooth, unexpectedly did not go back too much. She rushed out of the imperial garden and ran to Rong Haoen's bedroom. Unfortunately, he forgot Bila's words, and the three princes' bedroom was heavily guarded. As soon as she bumped into him and was not familiar with the terrain in the bedroom, she was suddenly discovered by the guards on patrol. Hearing the news, Lord Khalil hurried here. As soon as he saw it was Bai Xiyan, a trace of doubt flashed through his eyes: “Miss Ou, what are you doing here so early?”? You know, this is the bedroom of the three princes? Rong Haoen also went out when he heard the noise outside. When he saw Bai Xiyan,Walking measuring wheel, his eyes flashed, but he suddenly calmed down and turned to Khalil: “What's going on?”? Lord Khalil? “Oh, it's nothing important. It's still early. The third prince, please go to bed for a while.” Khalil obviously didn't want him to get involved. He made a gesture to the bodyguard behind him, and the man holding Bai Xiyan hurried her back. “Wait..” “Wait..” Rong Haoen and Bai Xiyan opened their mouths at the same time,Fiberglass tape measure, but they didn't know how to say it for a while. Bai Xiyan hated herself for being too reckless. Now, they must have doubts. She is now the girlfriend of the second prince. She appeared in the bedroom of the third prince before dawn. It can't be justified. “Look at you, look at you.” Just thinking about how to find an excuse, Bila appeared outside the gate, or a hazy look, “said to tell you not to run around, playing hide-and-seek all night is not enough?”? Now, it's a shame for me to come to someone else's bedroom. Bila said as she walked, walking to the side of the bodyguard carrying Bai Xiyan. Her handsome face sank. “What are you doing?”? Don't you recognize her as the future princess of my prince Bila, or don't you take my second prince seriously? His voice was soft, Diameter tape measure ,fish measuring tape, but it had a shocking majesty. The two bodyguards carrying Bai Xiyan hurriedly released her. As soon as Khalil saw Bila, he came forward and bowed respectfully. “Prince, how dare you ignore him?”? Because Miss Ou broke in so suddenly, so. Bila hugged Bai Xiyan: “So what?”? Lord Khalil, you are getting bolder and bolder? Is my father too indulgent of you? Beating the dog depends on the master. Where did you put my Bila? Bila glared. “What hit the dog?”? How to speak? As soon as Bai Xiyan heard Bila's words, she stared at him. “Metaphorically, my dear, don't be angry.” Bila's smiling face and Bai Xiyan's apology. “Cough-” Rong Haoen, who was standing at the other end, could hardly see his face. He coughed lightly to hide his anger. He turned his eyes away and whispered, “Now that he's awake, it's hard for his second brother to come here. Let's have breakfast together thanks to Miss Ou..” Rong Haoen said and turned to Khalil, “Lord Khalil, go and get ready.” “Uh..” The three princes. Could it be.. Too early.. Khalil did not expect things to come to this point, and for a moment he was at a loss. What's too early? It's almost five o'clock now, and it's getting late. “That's right, what the third brother said is that I haven't had breakfast with the third brother yet.” Bila echoed with a smile and pinched Bai Xiyan's hand. Bai Xiyan could not help but look at him, looking at his big palm on her waist, is it necessary for him to make such an intimate move every time in front of Haoen? “This..” Khalil seemed to be hesitating about something. 'What's The matter? Don't let me have breakfast? Rong Haoen's voice rose slightly and he looked at Khalil with a calm face. No, no.. Here to prepare, here to prepare. Khalil made a gesture to the guards and ordered them to get ready, but he did not leave and followed them into the dining room. “Will Lord Khalil dine with us?” Rong Haoen looked at Khalil standing by the door and squinted. No, no.. The second prince, the third prince, Miss Ou, you use, you use. Reluctantly, he turned away and gently brought him to the door. As soon as Bai Xiyan saw the door closed, she jumped out of Bila's arms and rushed to Rong Haoen: “Haoen..” Haoen.. “Hey, hey, hey, how much do you worry about my feelings.” Bila shouted, watching them embrace each other tightly,cattle weight tape, feeling inexplicably lost. Rong Haoen hugged the charming body that jumped into his arms and could not help loving and hating: “Where did you go last night?”? Why can't I find you? “When did you come looking for it?” Bai Xi Yan looked at him with a surprised face. “You have to worry about my feelings and treat me as air.” “I haven't said you're a third wheel yet. Can't you be invisible automatically?” Rong Haoen stared at him. There's more. (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) Works related to the final piece of a rare breakfast (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) “I haven't said you're a third wheel yet. Can't you be invisible automatically?” Rong Haoen stared at him. (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) “No, no.” Bila, Horne.. 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