The sweet osmanthus is fragrant Tonight, the king of the imperial forest gathered the people again to finally confirm the arrangements for the battle of the city of tomorrow. In order to prevent the server from getting stuck due to the large number of people online when guarding the city, Yulin Jun proposes that all players who do not participate in the city battle will be scattered elsewhere from 8 o'clock tomorrow night to ensure the smooth flow of Kasyapa City. Yulin: “Anyway, look forward to tomorrow night!” Haribo is especially big: “Ha ha ha, same, same.” Shaking in the wind and rain: “Master Yan, I hope you can keep your word.” Qin Tian Sunny Day: “Ha, this task is the leaf, right?”? I hope you don't make trouble. Yanyan Yu Fei: “At present, everything is to defend the city first. We will talk about other grudges later.” Qin Shiyue: “Same.” Ran Ran stared at a string of resounding names in front of him, more and more excitement accumulated in the blood, accompanied by the temptation of pride and glory, trembling slightly. On the day of the city battle, Yulin Jun announced a temporary YY channel in the world, calling on all players participating in the city battle to log in, and setting up various permissions for players to take their seats. Hello, Guizi. When Ran Ran entered Elite Room 1 (such a straightforward room number = =), he heard a strange male voice greeting him. Hello ah ~ “She popped up a window to see, the other side is under the cliff.” The first time I talked to you. “Sister,China spa factory, come to me.” “Oh where?” Ye Luo listened to the wind and interrupted Yashan impolitely. Ran Ran was not used to his sudden call to his sister, but he was still obedient. I'm next to the Earth Spirit Stone. “Right away ~” …… Under the poor cliff mountain, it was so chaotic. Forgotten.. Ran Ran found Ye Luo to listen to the wind, he is competing with Yu Lin Jun, in the case of no abnormal skills, Yu Lin Jun is vulnerable, two or three can not support began to beg for mercy. Yulin: “Hang up with you.” Ye Luo listens to the wind: “… …” Drunken Breeze: “Really should fly to your evaluation,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, more bullshit than culture.” Yulin: “Grass!” Watching the top officials of the two hostile gangs standing together and chatting harmoniously at the moment, although the words are somewhat sour, it still gives birth to an illusion that this is going to be a political marriage? Ye Luo listened to the wind and said, “Younger Martial Sister, send us some Rejuvenation Pill.” Yu Lin Jun: “Younger Martial Sister?” Holy shit! Ye Luo listens to the wind. Why did you kill me?!! Ran Ran rubbed his ears, and Yulin's voice was too loud. She took out the resurrection pills she had refined in the past few days and distributed one to each person. No, there are only five. This material is too hard to find. “What are you going to do?” “Don't you have a super-soul extradition?” “……” Chapter 33 At eight o'clock, all the miscellaneous people in Kasyapa City had been transferred, and the players who stayed here stood guard according to the initial platoon. Because the system did not inform the demon world of the specific time of the siege, only prompted that in the evening, a group of people had been standing dry for two hours from six o'clock. From the initial expectation of tension and numbness, to today's dermabrasion and itching. Ran Ran is squatting beside the Gathering Spirit Stone to meditate, listening to a burst of “cluck cluck cluck..” “Coming!”! Attention, outdoor hot tub ,4 person jacuzzi, everyone! Cried the king of the imperial forest excitedly. His character stood up fiercely and jumped up the flagpole beside him in several sprints. The sky was covered with dark clouds, the earth roared, a crack cut through the stone steps, and countless monsters came on stage. The game dealer must be a fan of Xianjian. “No, the powder of death.” Ran Ran listened to the nonsense in the room and laughed out loud, slightly easing the tension in his heart. In a twinkling of an eye, countless monsters gushed out from the cracks in the ground and gathered in the city of Kasyapa. The city was suddenly full of casualties, while the cannon fodder of the King of Yan outside the city were staring at the sky at 45 degrees: “Look at the king of the imperial forest who has turned his grief into a river.” Yan Yan Yu Fei wiped the cold sweat, fortunately Lao Tzu lost, otherwise it is estimated that it will be so wretched to arrange the people of faith outside the city as cannon fodder, the result of losing their own people. My grass! In the face of the unexpected situation, the king of the imperial forest is completely crazy. He assumed that there were countless ways for the demon world to invade, but he never thought that they would choose to dig tunnels. Fortunately, he was so handsome that he set the earth spirit stone in the rear of Kasyapa City. If he put it in the middle, he could only wave the white flag now. Yu Lin Jun hastens to inform each area leader, lets them transfer the player to the city, outside the city only stays behind the NPC mercenary to go. They are all elite monsters in the copy. Ran Ran looked at the group of monsters with the vanguard of the demon world on their heads and lamented. The number is too large, and it's only a pioneer. It seems that we have to solve it quickly. “The earth spirit stone is relatively safe at present, the wind and rain and Yan Yan Yu Fei are here, we have a high output, go to the hall to help clear the strange.” The king of the imperial forest calms down and commands calmly. Several people take a shortcut to the front of the hall, where the surface fracture is located, where countless players fight, and once they die, they immediately revive and fight again. The main road, which was not wide enough, wished it could be crowded with one or two hundred people. Dyeing and studying the terrain, there was a long walkway in front of the main hall, leading directly to the south gate. There were no extra lanes on both sides, only a path on the left and right of the entrance. Someone has to block the passage of the rear hall. “There are so many people gathered here, but don't worry too much. There is a long-range group to deliver firepower at the high point. We go to the city gate fork road, and the monster is easy to go around to the rear from there.” The Kingsguard left the team room and went to the main hall to arrange the staff. Ran Ran followed a group of people to the south gate fork in the road, the other five people lined up in a row in the front, Ran Ran stood in the rear to add blood to their state. There is a certain distance from the fault of the main hall, and there are relatively few players. It was a little hard to surround it, and even let some elite monsters run away. Fortunately, the streets and lanes have Gao Min occupation responsible for street fighting, so far there is no big situation. Now, the south side of the city gate to a few gods sitting in town, the players of the defensive pressure immediately reduced a lot. Each big copy of the elite strange, originally with blood thick attack high perception high fame, now drill out so much, even if the leaves fall to listen to the wind and others also feel a little tired. It's not good to go on like this. It consumes a lot,jacuzzi manufacturers, and I don't know when it will end. Drunken breeze supplies end on the way back to the team, see the fault of the monster is still pouring out, can not help but have some headache. There's no other way but to carry it. 。