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Chiyou was stunned: “The Six Wonders of Demons?”? Li, do you know that this “Demon God Six Wonders” is generally only passed on to the disciples of this school. However I was just a little disappointed, but when I heard'but ', my eyes lit up, and it seemed that there was still hope. But I'm about to break this rule and pass it on to others. In that case, I might as well break it first and pass it on to your son. Chiyou smiled. From the heart a move: “pass on to others?”? Who is Dazun going to pass it on to? But on the surface, Li immediately knelt down on one knee and said, “Xie Dazun.” One side of Li Jie is also intelligent, also followed by kneeling down: “Xie Dazun!” “ Chiyou said with a faint smile, “You don't have to thank me. Your father has been following me for hundreds of millions of years, and he has made a lot of contributions. It's nothing to pass on to you in The Six Wonders of the Demons. Li Jie, last time in the square, you were able to support for two and a half days, which shows that your potential is still very good. It's no problem to reach the Demon King. As for the Demon Emperor, if you work hard, you are sure.”. Chiyou said that there was hope that Li Jie would reach the Demon Emperor. How could Li Jie not be excited? Xie Dazun! Li Jie said excitedly. Li is also happy, his son is hopeful to become a demon emperor, if his father and son are demon emperors, that is a good story in the demon world, after all, the demon emperor is also very difficult to achieve. Look at how many thousands of years the entire Central yuan Domain has been the Nine Demon Emperors. Good, now the original will pass you “Demon God Six Wonders”, you sit cross-legged. Chiyou said indifferently. Li Jie immediately crossed his knees respectfully and waited for Chi You to pass on his Six Wonders of Demons and Gods. Chiyou's eyes closed slightly. Hum ~ ~ ~ “ As if with Chiyou as the center, the whole space was shaken, Chiyou's blue clothes turned into nothingness in an instant, Chiyou closed his upper body, the blue light flashed on Chiyou's body, a strong and brutal momentum rose to the sky, and even the world changed. Pangu body! Absolutely tough! At this moment, Chiyou's domineering power is completely spread out, and his eyes are closed. The reason why it is very difficult for him to pass on the “Six Wonders of the Demon God” is that every time he passes it on,ghana seed extract, it consumes his mind, especially when Chiyou wants to pass on the complete “Six Wonders of the Demon God” to others, which consumes his mind even more. What is the status of Dazun? Naturally, they are too lazy to spread it to others. Chiyou's eyes suddenly opened, and two rays of light went straight to the nine heavens, as if they had penetrated the nine heavens, and even shot into the boundless chaos above the nine heavens. Boom! His right arm stretched out lightly, and a blue light bombarded Li Jie's heavenly spirit. One side of the heart from a surprised, but he did not dare to doubt Chiyou, can only wait quietly in the side, at the moment, he is like an ant on the frying pan. Li Jie's body trembled, his face turned red, and his heart became more nervous. No need to be nervous, just accepted the “Demon God Six”, naturally to accept the “Demon God Six” that momentum baptism, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,phycocyanin spirulina, small things, he can still bear. Chiyou's body once again appeared in Tsing Yi, without the insolent and overbearing momentum just now. After a moment, sure enough, Li Jie slowly calmed down. Father, I did it. As soon as Li Jie opened his eyes, he was overjoyed to say to Li, and then immediately knelt down on one knee to Chi You and said, “Xie Dazun passed on my Six Demons.” Chiyou said with a faint smile, “If you want to thank your father, thank him for his hundreds of millions of years of hard work.” Suddenly- “Report to the Master that Li Yang has brought it!” The voice of the boy in gold sounded outside the pavilion. There was a smile on Chiyou's face: “Let him in!” Chiyou immediately cast his eyes on Li Jie's father and son, “You two can leave.” “Yes!” Li and Li Jie immediately bowed and left, while Li Yang came in with a smile. The three of them crossed each other, just looking at each other and nodding slightly. Could it be that Dazun said just now that he wanted to pass on the “Six Wonders of Demons” to others, and that this person was Li Yang? Li, Li Jie father and son thought to themselves at the same time, but did not dare to ask, directly out of the Qingxiao Pavilion. www.xiaoshuotxt.com Chapter 6 The Secret of the Six Realms Li Yang and Chi You are the only two people in Qingxiaoke at the moment. In Xiang Lou, you can see the nine heavens when you look up, and you can even see the chaos at the highest place. In the chaotic world, the energy shocks and riots are unbearable. Even if you are a master of the Demon King level, you can't live in it. Li Yang looked at Chiyou carefully. What was the difference between the legendary Chiyou Dazun. Fortitude face, a pair of tiger eyes, clear eyes, the body naturally exudes a strong momentum, that light pressure also spread out, this is the natural possession of Dazun, of course, Chiyou can also restrain pressure, but he did not. Even Li Lu Demon Emperor wants to be flustered under the pressure of Ben Zun's power. Ben Zun wants to see how you are. Chiyou had a sense of struggle in his heart. Li Yang frowned, that from all directions, as if the same pressure of heaven and earth directly, the momentum is determined by the mind, and the pressure is determined by the primordial spirit, on the primordial spirit, Li Yang is not weaker than Chi You, but Li Yang can not control his own pressure. Now Chi Youwei presses, Li Yang yuan Shen naturally sends out the pressure, resists with it. Chiyou is like a boundless wave. The wind and waves beat Li Yang crazily, but Li Yang is like a rock that does not move. No matter how strong his pressure is, Li Yang does not bend half a minute. The pressure is silent and difficult to detect with his eyes and ears. Li Yang and Chiyou look at each other like this. Ha ha, good, good! Chiyou burst out laughing, and the pressure he exerted suddenly converged, and Li Yang's pressure naturally dissipated. Chiyou was shocked in his heart. “How could it be possible? I've never heard of it. After Pangu created the world, besides the birth of the spirit of the five elements of chaos, there were other super-gifted souls.”. If I hadn't known that Sun Wukong was the Golden Spirit of Chaos, I would have thought that Li Yang was the Golden Spirit of Chaos. “Li Yang, practice well in the future.”. You may also achieve the position of great honor. Chiyou inconvenience to tell Li Yang a lot, this is the rule, that is,akba boswellic acid, the original Zhu Rong, Gonggong is also to the late Demon Emperor was told that he is the spirit of chaos. Li Yang is stupefied: “Dazun, what do you mean by that?” 。 prius-biotech.com

In terms of God, I only serve my teammates.

Before she could speak, Wei Xiao put away his sharp expression just now. His eyes were warm and firm. He called her softly: “Midsummer, is it not good to face it well?” Yin Midsummer looked at him steadily, smiling with red eyes, “I listen to you.” She was also convinced of him! Wei Xiao also smiled and looked at her eyes with a touch of kindness like “children can be taught”. Yin midsummer lowers one's head, continue to look at those data, amazed way: “Still have the data of my match unexpectedly, boss how long did you do last night?” Wei Xiao yawned and said indifferently, “I didn't sleep. I'm used to it. I used to climb the ladder all night when I was playing dota.” “Thank you so much.” Yin Midsummer originally did not have any hope, but his series of documents plus his visit as a boss, such a scientific way of persuasion, may. She can look forward to her parents' reaction, right? “So come on, stay and help me take care of the team!” He said the wind was light and the clouds were light. Yin midsummer nodded heavily. Wei Xiao first drove to the school to pick up a face of confused Gu Bai, and then went to Wei Zhai to pick up the elated Wei Yingying. Only then did Yin midsummer admire Wei Xiao's wily mind again. Wei Yingying is obviously a cover, and she has no use except to be the mascot of the team. Wei Xiao asked her to go,pumpkin seed extract, apparently using Wei Yingying to tell Yin's parents that there were not only men but also women in the base, so that her parents had no worries about her safety here. In addition, Gu Bai's university belongs to 211, such a top student can compete with them, she is only an ordinary key university, such persuasion seems to go up a floor. After listening to Wei Xiao's explanation of the reason for asking them to go together,turmeric extract powder, Yin Midsummer held out his thumb to him and exclaimed: “Gao..” It's really high. After Wei Yingying got on the bus, Wei Xiao called her directly: “Yingying.” Wei Yingying had never heard him call him so intimately, and hurriedly responded to him like chicken blood. Wei Xiao guided her step by step: “Do you want to go to the team for a long time and have your own position?” Wei Yingying nodded like garlic without even thinking about it. Wei Xiao looked back at her and asked her, “Come with me to Midsummer's home. You just need to be likable and express that you live with Yin Midsummer at the base for a long time.”. How about letting you be a teaching assistant when things are done, and then you can go in and out of the base at any time? Wei Yingying is as happy as a dream. The assistant of the team! So after they enter the LPL, she can brag about this title for a lifetime! Looking at the brilliance in her eyes, Wei Xiao continued to ask: “Can you do it?” Wei Yingying could not stop laughing and replied, “I promise to finish the task!” “What are you talking about?” Gu Bai asked weakly after waiting for them to finish. Yin said with a smile: “You need to play a super scholar with a dream of e-sports!” “What do you mean by acting?” Gu Bai rolled his eyes at her and solemnly said, “My major is the top three in the country, OK?” “Uh-huh, you're the best!” Yin midsummer is in a perturbed mood, best green coffee bean extract ,turmeric extract powder, but full of expectations. That's more like it. Gu Bai finished with a big yawn, put his head on the back of the copilot's chair, and whispered to Yin in a low voice: “Xiao Yin, I will try my best to convince your parents, if..” If they really don't agree. You go to school, as long as you have time to come back, you will never be a substitute, you are my starting assistant. Looking at his sincere attitude, Yin Midsummer felt warm in his heart and answered him in a low voice: “It must be done.” “Mmm.” Gu Bai yawned again. Last night he waited for her to call until more than two o'clock. He wanted to call her in the middle and was afraid that she had fallen asleep. Later, he fell asleep slowly after there was no hope. Wei Xiao has started the car, to Yin midsummer home a city to speed up the past. A city line, Yin midsummer just saw how powerful Wei Xiao's eloquence, her father who had stood on the platform for more than 20 years was convinced by what he said. Although her parents did not give a definite answer until they left, with her understanding of her parents, it only needed to add another fire. As soon as Wei Xiao and his party left, her parents called her brother and called an emergency family meeting. Yin midsummer perturbed heart just put down, her brother in a city local university, come back only need less than half an hour. Yin's father and mother went back to their room. As soon as she returned to her room, she received a text message from Yin Yunxiang. Yin Yunxiang: Mom's tone is so serious. What's the matter? Yin midsummer: I quit school to play e-sports. Yin Yunxiang: You are doing so well in the team now. Playing for a year has more advantages than disadvantages. If it were me, I would definitely agree, but Mom and Dad.. Yin: They didn't object as much as they did before. They asked you to come back as if they wanted to consult you. Yin Yunxiang: Is it good to stand on your side? Yin midsummer full of black lines, suddenly remembered Wei Yingying, so hurried back to him. Yin midsummer: The assistant of the team is 18 years old, pink, tender, beautiful, simple and lovely, single. After attaching a picture of Wei Yingying's WeChat avatar, almost instantly, Yin Yunxiang's message came back. Yin Yunxiang: Deal. At the family meeting, Yin's parents suddenly enlightened a lot, Yin Yunxiang's credits have been completed, only need to practice, his parents weigh again and again, finally decided to let Yin Yunxiang follow Yin midsummer to C city to find a job internship. Yin's father took Yin to her school the next day to go through the formalities of one year's suspension. In the afternoon, Yin's mother helped her buy some rather neutral clothes. She gave her a severe education about the matter of tying her chest while she was still growing. After confiscating the corset, she helped her buy some neutral underwear. On the third day,jujube seed powder, a family of four arrived at the training base in C city. Yin's parents were very satisfied with the environment of the base. Yin added a bed in his room and put a lot of cute hands. Yin knew that it was Wei Yingying's “residence” arranged by Wei Xiao. In addition, Yin's father and mother were also very satisfied with Aunt Liu's existence. They felt that not only the daily life and diet were guaranteed, but also an adult in such a house could rest assured. prius-biotech.com

The emperor is not bad, the imperial concubine does not love

“All right!”! Ok! ! Bai Yueyao, don't regret it. ! I think that girl Zhang is also good. There is food and drink here. At the worst, I will not have sex with that girl. “Ah!” Bai Yueyao sighed, then stood up and walked to the other room, while I followed him and scolded him all the time! It was not until Bai Yueyao pushed open the door of a room that I stopped cursing him. This room was like the “wine pool and meat forest” of Bai Yueyao's bedroom. It was a huge pool inside, and it seemed that no one had used it yet. I was surprised. It was just a west courtyard. Was the place where the guests lived so good? How can he live in a more luxurious place? Bai Yueyao pushed me into Yuchi when I was stunned. The water was not deep, so it was over my waist. But I was very angry about Bai Yueyao's sudden action. Don't go too far! Then I walked towards the vulgar pool. However, he also suddenly jumped into the pool, then went around behind me and hugged me: “We will be separated in three days, so take this opportunity to make out!” Then his hand came to my chest. I'm so angry! I'm so angry! Even if we do part in three days, I won't make out with him. I pushed him away with all my strength and turned to look at him angrily: “Mixed protein moon!”! Bastard Bai Yueyao! With these words, my hands dropped to his chest. He did not resist, but let me vent, his charm smiled,lycopene for skin, lips fell on my lips, and I beat his chest hands also slowly stopped, in exchange for my hands against his chest … … The blue butterfly who was kissed by the white moon gradually panted unevenly. After all, they had been intimate for a long time. Their clothes had already been soaked by the pool water and tightly wrapped around their bodies. The strong figure of the white moon was perfectly displayed, and the graceful figure of the blue butterfly was also concave and convex. Last night,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Bai Yueyao could not bear his desire, but he had to endure it because of the blue cloud. At this moment, when the blue butterfly was pushed into the beautiful pool by himself, facing the blue butterfly full of temptation, Bai Yueyao's desire swelled uncontrollably, so he jumped into the pool involuntarily. The intense and lingering kiss lasted for a long time, until the air in the room was thin, and the white moon and the blue butterfly were reluctant to part their lips. The panting of the blue butterfly and the panting of the white moon rose and fell, and the white moon licked her slightly dry lips. The fierce hand tore the blue butterfly's clothes, and then couldn't wait to hold the bump on the round blue butterfly with his mouth. Being treated roughly by Bai Yueyao, tannic acid astringent ,lutein eye complex, Blue Butterfly did not feel afraid, but there was a greater sense of pleasure, she only felt a stream of electricity all over her body, and her lower body was itching. When Bai Yueyao saw the blue butterfly enjoying so much, a bad smile appeared at the corners of her mouth: “If you really marry that woman, you can't have sex all your life.” I'm afraid you can't stand loneliness. If I marry that woman, won't that be right with you, and you can find more women? Blue Butterfly asked Bai Yueyao with a slight jealousy. After listening to the words of the blue butterfly, Bai Yueyao nibbled the round bump of the blue butterfly. Um. … ” The pleasure of being stimulated by pain made the blue butterfly sing softly. Bai Yueyao said with a charming smile, “I am the only one who can make the butterfly make such beautiful music, and the only one who can satisfy me is the butterfly.” Hate Being teased by Bai Yueyao, the blue butterfly beat Bai Yueyao's back shyly. Hate Bai Yueyao said playfully and stopped touching the blue butterfly: “Then I will stop?”? As soon as Bai Yueyao stopped, there was no doubt that Blue Butterfly felt very empty. She nibbled her lower lip and said the shy words: “Yes, yes, I'm sure I can't stand loneliness, so come and satisfy me.”. Seeing that the blue butterfly had surrendered, Bai Yueyao kissed the blue butterfly with satisfaction: “This is good. How can I call my butterfly lonely?”? So we're leaving before you get married. “Bai Yueyao finished and picked up the blue butterfly easily by the buoyancy in the water, and then the blue butterfly's feet were wrapped around Bai Yueyao's waist.” Why did you leave three days later? The blue butterfly asked in puzzlement. Secret Bai Yueyao said mysteriously and put his desire into the body of the blue butterfly. Um. … ” At this moment, the blue butterfly felt so full that she couldn't help giving out a murmur. You can enjoy it now. Bai Yueyao said that he held the waist of the blue butterfly in both hands and kept sprinting with his own desire to swell to no good. … This is the first time I made out with Bai Yueyao in the water, but the feeling is very exciting, I do not know because it is too long to make out? Or because of a strange place to make out. I'm ashamed to think that I just said that kind of dirty words. Bai Yueyao and I were still immersed in the water. Bai Yueyao's body was leaning against the edge of Yuchi, while my head was leaning against Bai Yueyao's chest. What the hell are you up to this time? In fact, I was undoubtedly dizzy just now, thinking that if Bai Yueyao was not a ghost bending over, how could he ask me to marry another woman? Bai Yueyao chuckled, then stroked my forehead: “This time to punish you, so this matter with you to keep secret, when the time comes you wait to escape marriage!” Bai Yueyao finished and got up and went out of Yuchi. But what he said about punishment? Is it because I just said that I don't like him, and he still cares about it? This fool is so stingy! But think about it carefully, I have never told Bai Yueyao that I like him. I have always told him that I hate him and don't like him. Will I go too far? Looking at the white moon out of the bath, I found my clothes: “Hello!”! My clothes were torn by you, how do you want me to go out? “And now we have no alternative clothes,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, this is troublesome ah, just immersed in the pleasure of intimacy, did not think about clothes at all.“. prius-biotech.com

The sky is changing

Zhou Weiqing has seen a lot of strong people. “He judged in an instant that Shangguan Cher must have a very unique place in swordsmanship, just like Shangguan Feier's close combat ability.”. Compared with Shangguan Cher, Shangguan Feier is dangerous, but not fatal. But the feeling that Shangguan Cher brought to Zhou Weiqing was thunderous. Once she attacks, the power of terror is by no means comparable to that of Shangguan Feier. Who says that Gu Yingshui is the first strong man of the younger generation? Let him have a try on Shangguan Cher, who is wearing a vast and infinite suit. Qizhu Xiuwei's Shangguan Cher may not be his opponent, but there is a vast palace behind him! Once Shangguan Cher is promoted to the realm of eight beads, with the eighth vast infinite suit, at least after completing all the armor of the legs, Zhou Weiqing can be sure that Gu Yingbing can never be Shangguan Cher's opponent. At this time, Zhou Weiqing suddenly remembered that Shangguan Cher had said that if he wanted to marry her sister, he had to go through her first. Forced to flatten the S head of the apology, no matter how to say, “Zhou Weiqing also intends to experience this vast infinite suit and Shangguan Cher's fierce say again.”. For dzi masters, it is not a bad thing to have a strong opponent. With Zhou Weiqing's cultivation experience, the promotion of dzi masters is often in the face of tremendous pressure in order to better stimulate their own potential. Just like his trip to the Snow God Mountain. When he went there, he had just broken through to the realm of six beads. But when he was under a series of tremendous pressure in the Snow God Mountain, and even struggled out under the threat of death, he could clearly feel that his mastery of the Six Gods Mang Array and the improvement of the cultivation of Tianli had improved a lot compared with before, especially his understanding of Tianxu Li. If he followed the normal situation, I'm afraid he might not have a deep understanding in half a year. This is the benefit of stress. The moment Shangguan Cher closed her eyes,carnosic acid price, she had already completely regarded Zhou Weiqing as her enemy. “In order to survive,” but also for this pressure, Zhou Weiqing must have all the spirit to deal with it. At the foot of Zhou Weiqing, six beads formed a hexagram. At this moment, around his body, the six attributes of heavenly power hovered in an orderly manner. Zhou Weiqing, who released the array of six gods,pumpkin seed extract, immediately had a feeling of being able to control everything. When he was on the Snow God Mountain, in fact, he did not fully display the Six Wonders of God Mang Array. In the face of the Lion King Guster, he used his own judgment and design to “have no intention to calculate”, which made him build the project at one stroke. At this time, in the face of Shangguan Cher, his pressure is even greater than that in the face of Gusty. After all, “Guster was also suppressed at that time, and the Lion King could not use congealed equipment, so how could he compare with Shangguan Cher in front of him?”? Back wings slowly open, if someone is here, must be able to feel the strong air of all kinds of attributes of heaven and earth yuan Li is crazy toward Zhou Weiqing body chalk condensation. In this respect, he even surpassed Shangguan Cher. Relying on Liujue Shenmang Array, the wings of his dragon and tiger, and the profound meaning of immortal magic, ghana seed extract ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, even Shangguan Cher, who wears a vast and infinite suit, is not as good as Zhou Weiqing in absorbing the power of heaven and earth for his own use. However, Shangguan Cher's Tianli promotion degree is not fast, but the sword intention condensed on her body is rising crazily. Snow white vast infinite sword is also becoming more and more bright, in Zhou Weiqing's eyes, it seems that there is no Shangguan Cher, only the existence of that sword. Two people so confront each other, Shangguan Cher originally messy clothes at this time has been completely covered by the vast infinite suit, only the left leg is not covered by armor, however, finally pants were not taken off by Zhou Wei halal. Zhou Wei took a subconscious glance at Shangguan Cher's left leg, recalling her delicate and tender skin before, and his heart suddenly swung. Also at this moment, Shangguan Cher moved. Shangguan Cher's Qi is completely locked in Zhou Weiqing, although she uses swordsmanship, but it is not a dexterous route, but a magnificent momentum route. Zhou Weiqing's mood fluctuation is completely in her sword meaning perception, here Zhou Weiqing's mood slightly appears the fluctuation, she immediately has the induction, the attack also follows. Body sword in one, horse practice also like snow-white sword light crazy rush out, Zhou Weiqing at this moment can see, unexpectedly only a little snow-white light. Shangguan Cher's sword has been locked in Zhou Weiqing, how can Zhou Weiqing's observation of her be less? At the moment when Shangguan Cher moved, Zhou Weiqing also showed some of the mysteries of her swordsmanship, but these not only did not make Zhou Weiqing feel relaxed, but more shocked. Around the huge gem heart-protecting mirror on Shangguan Cher's chest armor, there are twelve four slots. At this time, seven of the four slots are inlaid with Shangguan Cher's seven cat-eye beads. From Shangguan Feier, Zhou Weiqing got some news about the strength of Shangguan Cher, after all, he will challenge Shangguan Cher sooner or later. Shangguan Cher's beads are four attributes, namely, water, fire, earth and wind. Although it is not as abnormal as Zhou Weiqing and Liujue Emperor, it is also a peerless genius. There is even one more attribute than Shangguan's shame. At this time, her seven beads were inlaid around the huge gem in her chest, and she gave up all the rubbing skills of beads. “In other words, Shangguan Cher has not had any rubbing skills since the day she practiced.”. All her cultivation is on the vast infinite sword in her hand. This is a kind of ultimate practice, and the only pursuit is kendo. This way of practice was explored by Shangguan Cher herself. When she awakened in the dzi beads and had her first piece of congealed equipment, the vast infinite sword, she made such a plan. Shangguan Tianyang and Tianyue brothers once persuaded Shangguan Cher to give up this way of practice. After all, a dzi master does not have the skill of imprinting dzi beads, which is totally contrary to common sense. However,fenugreek saponins, Shangguan Cher is persistent to make their own decision, she is still young, just said that they do not rub skills for the time being. prius-biotech.com

Black bag group of the goddess of war

But after all, Xie Xiu is different from other people, and he still has vision. So, he saw it, and just now he felt its strength. At this time, looking at the two silk threads, it was like mocking his ignorance and overreaching himself. It was a great shame for him. It's too much to mock us. Xie Xiu is really angry. Dong Shu this is simply mocking him, and silent mockery. The two upturned silk threads, at this time in the air, slowly floating, and slowly returned to the whisk. Bit by bit in slow motion, as if to say: Look, we deserve to be moved. Xie Xiu was so angry with his own brain that his skull hurt. Raised his hand, but found on the back of his hand, a little bit of blue marks, this is. Lividity. After discovering this, Xie Xiu turned his head fiercely. As a result, the next second, a golden light almost dazzled his eyes again. He also has a very dangerous strangling amulet on the altar. It can give people a fatal blow. As long as he is not close to the altar, he will be killed by a blow. But the problem is that Kong Siyu is dead. After Kong Siyu approached, he felt a touch of uneasiness, and his heartbeat was somewhat irregular. However, Kong Changjin is close at hand, Dongshu also let her save, which means that there is no problem. It can be saved. So, even if she was upset, she faced the difficulties. The next second,saw palmetto extract, a black fog came to her face. Kong Siyu's instinct was to go straight back. As a result, the flying amulet came forward single-mindedly and collided with the black fog. Kong Siyu panicked for a moment, and the next second, he tightly covered the position of his heart. Sure enough, after the slightly hot temperature, a golden light flew out fiercely. With the black mist, then, shatter, dissipate. The altar, which was originally black and foggy,stesweet stevia, slowly revealed its original appearance at this time. In fact, it is a very common one, about two meters high, with a large area above, estimated to be more than 20 square meters. And there were more than twenty people lying on it. There are both men and women, and they are lying there at this time, and they are not in a particularly good state. Everyone was covered with ominous black smoke. Kong Siyu did not care about anything else and rushed to Kong Changjin's side first. Sure enough, he was wearing the red sweater he bought for him. This silly boy, also does not know cold, this big winter also wears a hoodie. But think about it, it is the age of smug beauty, it must be grace, not temperature. Chapter 2399 Taoist Goddess 54. .630shu.co, the fastest to update the latest chapter of the black pack group of the goddess of war! At this time of Kong Siyu, see Kong Changjin, quite a kind of lost and recovered mind. With the hand to probe Kong Changjin's breath, fortunately, there is breathing, although the heartbeat is weak, naringenin price ,rosmarinic acid supplement, but at least, people are still alive. As long as there is a breath, it still belongs to the world, and it can be saved. Thinking of this, Kong Siyu breathed a sigh of relief, then turned his head and looked at the others. And the other side of the evil to see this scene, a long scream: “No...” This sound startled countless puppets. Probably because there is no array, no altar energy supply, the fighting ability of those puppets and mummies is declining at a rate visible to the naked eye. Originally, Shen Yi played very hard, but at this time, it gave him an illusion. He can do a hundred!!! Yes, delusion. How could that be? He's a regular guy. I'm in a panic. Especially at the moment, Kong Siyu is not there, leaving him alone, waving the steel pipe at random, weak and helpless. Xie Xiu gave a long scream, and after screaming, he went crazy. Yes, completely insane. His altar was destroyed, the array was also destroyed, more than 10 years of hard work, once returned to the pre-liberation. How could he not be angry? At this time, I wish I could tear Dongshu's hand directly, crush it, and then put it into my own alchemy furnace, and then refine the medicine to make myself recover. So, at this time is also desperate to go forward. As a result, Dongshu's whisk moved again. It's really not my style to fight and kill. Dong Shu at this time, still talking trash. Think, will say? I can do it too. And I talk trash, and I pick my time. Like this time, Xie Xiu is already in a trance, and talking trash can affect him the most. So, what Dong Shu said is very smooth. “Oh, it's an evil practice, but I seem to want to influence it. Do you want to accept it?” “Oh, how can you be so unreasonable? It's too much to be so rude.” “Look, my whisk, it's thin and long, doesn't it look like..” “What are you angry about?”? How to vomit blood again, I did not say again, oneself brain fill, blame me? …… Xie Xiu:..! Knock in? Shut up. Dong Shu said trash talk for a while, and then a whisk in the past. The threads of the whisk let go of themselves again and flew out. Then the strands flew through the body of Xie Xiu. Nope As soon as Xie Xiu saw that he could not keep his body, he let out a fierce scream. As a result, the next second, he could not call out. He just looked at Dongshu with a frightened face. It's too noisy. As a result, Dongshu simply and roughly replied. After saying that, the imperial sword walked away and went up to the altar. Shen Yi:?? Do you sisters have a conscience? I'm still fighting monsters! Shen Yi originally thought that Dongshu would be able to come and help him after playing the big BOSS. And the result? The imperial sword fluttered lightly on the altar, leaving him one who could not fly, at the bottom, for the final struggle? What about conscience? Dong Shu:.. I'm sorry, Maude. Strands of whisk, at this time again returned to the Dongshu whisk pole. Wait until Dongshu fell on the altar, originally already fragmented altar, this time, finally can not hold on. And then slowly dissipate into nothingness. Had it not been for Dongshu, she would have shaken the whisk again,jujube seed powder, and the strands of thread would have turned into a net, holding these people. These people, I guess they can wake up directly. prius-biotech.com

I am the only immortal _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt novel paradise

The sea dragon snorted and said, “Cut the crap. Who told you to come to dinner?”. Since you suggested it, you should solve it. You have eaten me many times before. It's also right to invite a guest. Looking at the way they laughed, she couldn't help smiling, and she was always so happy when she followed the sea dragon. In her eyes, no matter what the sea dragon does, it seems right. Hongzhi stood up helplessly and walked to the boss. All the greasiness on his mouth disappeared, and there was no frolic on his face. He walked up to the boss and said solemnly, “Amitabha, benefactor, the little monk is polite.” The boss looks more than 30 years old, the stature is medium, the appearance is ordinary, the person arrives is very amiable, hastens the way: “The master is not polite, also has anything to need to say.” This was the first time Hongzhi had faced such an embarrassing scene. He scratched his head helplessly and said, “Almsgiver, I want to discuss with you.”. It's like this, the little monk will do it to ensure that your hotel will not be invaded by evil spirits in the future. And we don't have any money with us. Do you think we can offset the money for today's meal? The boss frowned and said, “Master, the shop is a small business. Today you have eaten three taels of silver. The shop really can't afford it.”! It seems that you are not a real monk when you see the old wine and meat piercing the intestines. It is not necessary to do so. Otherwise, you can see if you have anything valuable on you, and you can use it to pay the bill. When you have money,tube lip gloss, come back and change it. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 46 ten thousand years old demon. After listening to the boss's words, the sea dragon could not help spurting out the wine he had just drunk. He was so clever that he laughed and said, “Yes, yes, boss, what you said is right. He is clearly a fake monk.”. Let him give you money. You can settle the account with him today. Oh, clever, why are you so vindictive? I didn't mean it just now. As he spoke, the sea dragon casually blocked the little clever wine arrow. “It's settled,custom cosmetic packaging,” he whispered. In the case of very different magic power, the little clever simply did not have the ability to resist, immediately unable to move. The sea dragon soothes: “Your teacher is a little while, wait for Hong Zhi to pay the bill, we go to the city to play, anyway is wine, not dirty, perhaps, can also help you to remove lice.” Small clever glared at the sea dragon, but how to repair is not as good as people, the body is fixed by the immobilization method, want to attack also have no way. Hongzhi looked at the sea dragon for help, but the sea dragon did not seem to see the general, while intoxicated holding the misty hands, while drinking wine, indescribable freehand brushwork. Hongzhi turned his head helplessly and said with a wry smile, empty lotion tubes ,cosmetic tube, “Boss, I'm really sorry. We really have no money!”! I have nothing of value to give you. The boss grabbed Hongzhi's monk's robe and said angrily, “Since you have no money, why do you come to me for dinner? Although I have a small business here, it is not easy to bully.”. My wife and I have worked hard for ten years to get this small shop. Is it easy for us? I don't care. If you don't pay today, you won't leave. Hongzhi said helplessly, “How about this? I'll stay here and work for you until I pay off my debts. That's all right.” The boss curled his lips and said, “You?”? Work? I don't think so. You are so good at eating. The work you do every day is not enough to pay for the meal. Our shop is small, and there is not so much work to do. I want your meal money, if you eat free food and act shamelessly, I will drag you to see the official. Just then, a gentle voice sounded from the back hall, “Xianggong, what's wrong?”? Why is it so noisy? As soon as the boss heard the voice, his face suddenly softened a little. The door curtain was opened, and a graceful figure came out. The sea dragon and the misty looked closely, only to see that it was a middle-aged woman with an ordinary appearance. On the surface, she looked as ordinary as the restaurant owner. She did not seem to see anyone else, only her husband in her eyes. He went to the boss and said, “I heard some of what you said just now. Since these guests are not convenient, I think we should forget it.”. Who doesn't have an inconvenient time? It's not easy to be away from home. Let them go. ” The boss is urgent: “But, wife, they ate us so much thing, we this do not have how many money turnover, if they do not give money, be afraid on hand can be tighter!” The proprietress sighs lightly, way: “Forget, you listen to me, let them go.”. If you do more good deeds, you will be rewarded. The boss nodded helplessly, glared at Hongzhi and said, “My wife has a good heart. Forget it this time, but don't come again.”. We can't stand another freeloading. Hongzhi's eyes suddenly shone brightly and he said in a deep voice, “Boss, even if you let me go now, we can't go.”. What an evil spirit! It doesn't show its true colors yet. A faint yellow light emanated from Hongzhi's body, and the huge Buddhist spirit suddenly stood in awe in the small shop. The middle-aged woman's whole body shook violently. She staggered back a few steps and said in horror, “You, you are a Buddhist practitioner.” Hongzhi looked at her coldly and said, “I don't know until now. Isn't it too late?”? Evil, how dare you turn into a human form to do harm to the human world, but don't you change back to your original form and let me deal with it? Hongzhi's cultivation is still superior to that of Hailong. Although he is usually slovenly, his understanding of Buddhism is no less than that of Wuyun of the Brahma Heart Sect and Lianshu of the Lotus Sect. Among the four sea dragons, if we say Xiu Wei, it must be the most ethereal, but if we talk about the ability to distinguish monsters, it depends on Hongzhi's Demon King Kong. The owner of the hotel looked at Hongzhi's yellow light and said, “What are you doing?”? Who is the demon? “Almsgiver,” said Hongzhi lightly, “your wife is not a human being, but a reincarnation of evil spirits. Pheasant monster, don't you show your true shape? Do you really want me to beat you and destroy both your body and spirit? The Bodhi bowl appeared in his hand,pump tube, and the whole restaurant had already laid a strong ban on Buddhism. The landlady stood there. She looked at Hongzhi with despair in her eyes. With a splash, she knelt down in front of Hongzhi. “Guru, I have no intention to harm the world. Please let me go.” 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

Steak observation diary

It doesn't matter how much you have to pay, it doesn't matter if you die together, I want that Quinn? Schmidt got what he deserved. ! …… He must die! Only on this point, I will not give in! “Rambo..” Edward froze for a moment, then lowered his voice slowly and said softly, “Don't let your anger blind you to such a stupid thing.”. As for Quinn? Schmidt I won't let him get away with it, believe me. I don't know how to answer. What is this? Help me, a stupid human who wants to fight vampires, take out Quinn? Does Schmidt mean it? ?! I stared at him with tight lips, and my dark eyes were gradually calming down, and the pupils were gradually relaxing like a whirlpool of blood in the kitchen sewer. 『…………』 Without saying anything, I gave Edward a sharp look in my eyes. “Get out!” I couldn't rely on Edward in this matter, or I didn't want him to get involved at all, and the kind words sounded like a sharp point about the fact that I had no way to deal with vampires. I can't rely on vampires to seek revenge from vampires. It doesn't make any sense. Against Quinn? Schmidt was like a snap of the finger for Edward. And yet we humble humans must pray to God for help in our dire Straits, which is of no use except to give me a thorough understanding of what it means to be weak and helpless, and I have never hated my powerlessness so much as I do now. No,plastic laminated tube, not.. You believe I didn't mean.. Edward was startled. He frowned helplessly at me, baring his teeth and claws, and for the first time there was an unusually sarcastic and anxious expression on his face. I don't care what you mean, no one can stop me in this matter! And don't listen to what I think! I bared my teeth at him demonstratively, grabbed the phone that had fallen to the ground with my violently shaking hands, put it in the crook of my arm,custom cosmetic packing, and stared at the blue buttons on it viciously. “Doodle..” Thank God! The phone isn't broken yet! I bit my lower lip, my frantically trembling fingers didn't listen to me, my throbbing brain couldn't give a decent command, and I tried several times with all my strength, but I couldn't press the right button. 'Oh! Hell I cursed unceremoniously, the nerve that kept tightening in my brain made me completely unable to think normally now, my vision was clear and blurred, and the strong dizziness almost made me struggle to maintain such a posture. Damn it, can someone tell me what the phone number is at Officer Swan's house, and why the brain is all blank in retrospect?! Why can't I even remember the alarm call?! All I know is that my fingers are clasping the phone as hard as they can, but I can't control it anyway. If it weren't for the phone in my hand, empty cosmetic tubes ,plastic cosmetic tubes, I'm sure I wouldn't break down and cry. The feeling of helplessness that I had never felt before made my eyes black, and I bit a circle of bright red teeth marks on my arm, and the stimulation of pain finally made me barely faint from embarrassment. What on earth is the use of myself like this? Encounter things can be flustered to such an extent, but also talk about revenge for Aunt Darina, I am a waste who can not even dial a phone, but also can overreach themselves to release those stupid cruel words. I have endured too long, since tonight or since I came to Forks, all the misfortunes I have suffered in the past few days have piled up and burst out at this moment. 『…… Bastard! Almost subconsciously, I blurted out that I was so disgusted with myself that I couldn't even do this little thing well that my fingers grabbed the phone and slammed it to the ground, and the plastic made a harsh sound on the floor tiles. Desperation on the verge of extinction made my whole body tremble uncontrollably, the telephone line was still wrapped around my wrist, and the tremendous impact almost pulled me down. “Aah! Aah!” I fell to the ground, my thighs seemed to be punctured by the debris on the ground. Under the stimulation of intense pain, I held my head and screamed uncontrollably. My throat was filled with the smell of blood. The tingling sensation on my body made me almost unable to hear anything clearly, but I couldn't stop at all. Rambo, Rambo?! It seemed that someone was constantly calling my name, and I wanted to move my eyes to see, but the stiff body was completely out of my control, only the terrible blood on the ground constantly stimulated my collapsed nerves. I have never experienced such a painful feeling, only the instinct to wail the name of my aunt, “Darina, Darina, Darina..” “Rambo, that's enough. Calm down!” Edward seemed to want to grab my hand, and the cold touch on my wrist made the distant pain clear. -Let go! I don't know where the strength came from, but I waved him away. My arm hit the wall unexpectedly, and after a dull thump, the sharp pain made me almost faint. Damn it.. You stop it! After a second of silence, Edward's fierce roar suddenly came from his ears. A pair of hands grasped my arm tightly and stopped my movement. The tremendous force almost crushed my bones. My last syllable was stuffed back into my stomach, and my dull brain could not function properly, as if it had been a long time before I could feel the cold and piercing touch of my jaw. In fact, however, Edward's kiss was already suffocating. 54 『…… Rambo. Rambo?! Mrs. Betty turned up the volume, and I suddenly woke up from my fugue. Yes, Betty. May I help you? 『……』 Mrs. Betty looked at me in silence, hesitated several times,cosmetic plastic tube, and smiled awkwardly. “No, it's nothing.”. The students in your class are already here. Aren't they going to discuss their mid-term report? …… Interim report? I paused, and it took me a long time to realize that Fox Middle School was already in the middle of the holidays. emptycosmetictubes.com


Fringed eyebrows, is that the answer? Nan Jin smiled. “This is the most direct metaphor. What kind of animal is a wolf?” Tassels smiled. “Aren't you her guest of honor?”? Why do you say that about her? A spy? “What is a spy?” Tassel is stupefied, explain: “Spy is the kind of person that pretends to lurk beside the enemy to obtain information!” Nan Jin nodded, is to understand, this is not with the Ice Moon Palace is a peer? “Who said I was her guest?” Nan Jin asked, “Your Highness, tell me a truth, smiling at you is not necessarily a good person to you, the same, living in your home may want to destroy your home!” Gentle tone, noble face, posture is so arrogant, as if he has this capital, people dare not question the meaning of his words. Then what are you doing in the palace? “You will know later!” Nan Jin has a deep meaning. Tassels are not curious, she now wants to know whether Long Sydney is using her to achieve her ulterior motives, perhaps to contain someone, only this possibility. Nan Jin, what kind of person is the emperor? Asked the tassel again. Nan Jin smiled, “it's also a wolf!” Long Qianyue is a rare wise king, benevolent government, love the people, governing the country well. When the Yu family rebelled, the two royal armies fought in Huadu and almost destroyed half of the city. It was Long Qianyue who came out of the palace, regardless of swords and swords, to pacify the capital and stabilize a civil war. She is an impeccable king, benevolent, loving the people, brave,plastic packing tube, and loyal to the country and the people. Although the body is weak, for more than ten years, but support the broken body to hold the government, long Sydney can not regret her half position. But, who let her buckle small white! In the choice of tassels and small white, Nan Jin thinks that Long Qianyue is more monarchical than Long Sydney. Tassels have grown up, their thoughts have matured, and their abilities have matured, while Xiaobai is still young, intelligent and highly plastic. Do you have good people in your eyes? The tassels were silent for a moment and asked calmly. Have “Who?” “Me!” ...... Tassels more silent,pump tube, if he is a good man, the sky will turn over, right? Although the contact is not deep, but by feeling also know that he is not simple, eyes so cold, killing people will never be soft, such a person absolutely and good people can not fight above. Nan Jin chuckled, he found, teasing tassels quite a sense of achievement, let her head go, anyway, she was on guard against the dragon Sydney, the other he to solve. Tassel is the kind of woman who can only burst out when things come to an end. All her intelligence and cleverness are always useful in a critical moment. She is usually like a grass that everyone can bully. Long Sydney may be too small to look down on her. Maybe she can't imagine what kind of shock her good-for-nothing niece has in her mind. Do you listen to the flute? Nan Jin suddenly asked. When the tassels took the lead, Nan Jin began to play slowly, which was the favorite tune of the tassels. The lotus floating in the pond, the moonlight flowing slowly, the bamboo shadow swaying mottled, lightly hit them on the body, such as a layer of soft silk flowing through, plated with a layer of romantic color. Tassels quietly looked at Nan Jin's attentive face, aluminium laminated tube ,plastic packaging tube, between heaven and earth, all the colors were eclipsed, the white childe in front of him was like embracing all the colors in the world, a moment of youth, soul-stirring. An inexplicable warmth and touching surge up, tassel heart fever, even with eyes also fever, melodious song has a kind of lingering sadness, occasionally overflowing is a touch of happiness, but so short, sadness is the keynote of the whole song. May be the moonlight is too good, charming soul, tassels actually give birth to the illusion of the end of the world, so willing to listen to him blow down, willing to stay in this moment forever. Are you satisfied with my appearance? At the end of the song, seeing the tassels still quietly looking at his face, Nan Jin could not help smiling and asking, he was particularly satisfied with her reaction. Just so so! The tassels are typically duplicitous, and the heart is full of anger. Is a man very proud of his good looks? Look at the smile on his face, dazzling! “You're just so absorbed in it?” Nan Jin joked. Tassels face rub on a red cloud, even the ears are slightly hot, are caused by the moonlight, too charming, so he lost his temper. Remembering one thing, she lowered her head and squeaked, “That..”. That slap during the day. Does it hurt? Nan Jin smiled and looked at his wife's red face in his spare time. Is this a disguised apology? Nan Jin couldn't help teasing her again. “It's too late to ask again.” Tassels stare, the thought of their own apology, this person is also unforgiving mouth, she immediately counterattack, “Hundred Lotus Festival day, people just kiss your face, you beat people into the river, who is more excessive ah?” The tassels mentioned Nan Jin's painful feet. Remembering that he had been secretly kissed that day, he stood up with cold hair all over his body. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and stared at the tassels mercilessly. “Can this be compared?” He asked. The elegant gentleman suddenly incarnated as Yama. Naturally, he had to shut up. The tassels knew the current affairs very well. With a dry smile, he muddled through. Nan Jin hummed heavily. That's a quick change of face. When she saw that it was getting late, she used the excuse that she was going to go back and slip away. Nan Jin stopped her and raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “Good night, Princess!” This is the idiom that Su Su used to use before going to bed, and over the years, Nan Jin has also caught the habit. She also hurriedly said, then went out to listen to the rain Xuan, Nan Jin looked at her back, lips overflow a touch of soft smile. When Donger saw the tassels coming out with a red face, he covered his mouth with a smile. The tassels coughed lightly. A gust of evening wind blew, and the heat on his face dissipated a little. Walking on the bluestone path, tassels still flash in his mind when he was playing the flute, really charming and familiar! “Princess, what did you say to the beautiful young man?” Donger is a curious baby, see the princess face so red, there must be a chance. Don't gossip! Tassel smiled faintly, Donger stuck out her tongue, tassel said not to ask, she also stopped asking, suddenly they stopped, under the moonlight, a long and cold figure stood in the courtyard of Ziyue Pavilion, tall, handsome, calm as a mountain. Donger was startled,polyfoil tube, the man turned around, tassels recognized that it was the man he met in the street that day, he and Feng Nanjin seemed to know each other. emptycosmetictubes.com

It is not easy to be an abandoned concubine

See Xuanyuan night mark twist eyebrows do not speak, Biluo hurriedly continue to add: “Do not say anything else, just say my identity, after all, is the princess of the Ming Rui Dynasty, suddenly disappeared for so long not to go back, really not very good..” Xuanyuan night mark sighed, raised his hand and gently stroked her little head, knowing that she looked a little uneasy. Even if the palace is cold, you want to go back? “Mmm.” Biluo lowered his head. How interesting Xuanyuan Yehen gave a wry smile and patted Biluo's little head. “Well, I'll send you back after I celebrate your birthday on the tenth day of May four days later!”! If you are afraid that the emperor will say something about you and let you explain what happened after the disappearance, I will look for him face to face. That's not necessary, he won't ask me, as long as I go back. Just don't embarrass the royal family. Biluo pursed her lips and lowered her head. Xuanyuan night mark a fierce meal, looking down at Biluo. Is that the brother who she said was very good to her, so good to her? The tenth day of May.. Xuanyuan Night Mark lowered his head and looked at Biluo, who was less tall than his chest, and his heart suddenly emptied. He was just curious about her for a while,cosmetic tube packaging, and after six months of getting along with her, would he really have too much affection for her. Fanwai: The Return of Biluo of Xuanyuan Night Trace Fanwai — — (34) Fanwai: The Return of Biluo of Xuanyuan Night Trace Fanwai (35) Fanwai: The Return of Biluo of Xuanyuan Night Trace Fanwai (35) Four days later, on the tenth day of May, Biluo got up early, but did not see the figure of Xuanyuan night mark until noon. After waiting for a long time, in the evening, Biluo was packing up her things and preparing to leave tomorrow. Her face was full of sadness and disappointment,metal cosmetic tubes, and her eyes were red while she was packing. Xuanyuan Night Mark is a big liar! Biluo tied the bundle, then sat down on the edge of the bed and raised her hand to wipe her tears. He said that he would celebrate her birthday on the tenth day of May, and that he would wait until dawn tomorrow to send her back to the palace, but he hasn't appeared yet. Biluo shriveled his mouth and looked at the sky outside the waterside pavilion with grievance. The sunset glow had already risen, and the sun had gone down more than half. Seeing that it was going to be dark, some tears of grievance could not stop falling again. She is not a girl who loves to cry, but Xuanyuan Night Mark really dares to cheat her! Just as Biluo was about to roll up his bundle and leave, the secret door of the waterside pavilion suddenly opened. Xuanyuan Night Mark came in, just in time to see Bi's tearful eyes holding a bundle in her hand, wearing thick clothes, looking like she was leaving. “Do what?” Xuanyuan Night Mark twisted his eyebrows and pressed Biluo's shoulder. Don't touch me! Biluo's temper, which had disappeared for several months, finally came up again, plastic laminted tube ,eye cream packing tube, shaking his shoulders and turning around to walk out from the side of Xuanyuan Night Mark. Xuanyuan Night Mark stepped forward and took Biluo's little hand. “Won't I send you back tomorrow?”? It's your birthday. Why are you leaving like this? Biluo suddenly turned his head and stared at him with tears in his eyes: “Do you still know it's my birthday?”? You know you disappeared for a whole day, I don't want you to give me anything, but you at least have to accompany me on the last day I'm leaving, the sun has gone down, you just came, you clearly don't care about me at all!!! Xuanyuan Night Mark seemed to understand why she was angry, suddenly smiled helplessly, took Biluo's hand, pulled her back, gently pressed her back to the bedside, and conveniently took the bundle off her shoulder. “Silly Girl.”. Xuanyuan Night Trace chuckled helplessly: “I haven't forgotten what day it is today. Birthday is birthday. Today you are thirteen years old. How can I forget it?” “But you didn't show up all day. Didn't you forget what it was?” Biluo pursed her lips and raised her eyes to stare at Xuanyuan Night Mark: “You clearly forgot!” “No.”. “Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Xuanyuan bent down and put her face close to her wet little face.” This is the first time I've seen you cry like this. What's wrong, little girl? When did you start to care so much about my existence? “ Biluo blushed and raised her hand with chagrin to push away Xuanyuan's body: “Don't smile with me. You don't come out all day. Even if you don't forget, you don't come to celebrate my birthday. That's because I'm not important in your heart. You don't think you need to care about me at all..” “I don't have it.” Xuanyuan night mark helpless, raised his hand to hold Biluo's little hand: “Forget it, it's dark, I'll take you to a place!” “I'm not going!” Biluo tried to shake off Xuanyuan Night Mark's hand, but Xuanyuan Night Mark pulled her up and hugged her shoulder by the way, imprisoning her from moving. I'm not going, you let go of me! Today will be over in two or three hours, and I don't need you to comfort me now! What you said before was a lie. I don't want.. Ah Suddenly, Xuanyuan night mark picked up her small body horizontally, regardless of her restlessness, turned around and strode out. Xuanyuan Night Mark! You bastard! You don't keep your word, you don't touch me, you let me go, let me go!!! Along the way, Xuanyuan night mark only hugged her forward, the front is a dark path, Biluo simply can not see where he is going to hold her, only struggling hard. Xuanyuan Night Mark. You bastard! You let go of me, you've gone too far. “Be quiet, girl.” Xuanyuan Night Mark finally couldn't stand it. He lowered his head and gazed at Biluo. “You'll know if I've forgotten your birthday when I get there. I've been waiting for those things all day. If you don't go to see them, you'll really blame me!” “It's night, what are you pretending to be, you.” Ah Suddenly, Xuanyuan Yehen walked into the garden specially built for her with Biluo in his arms and put her among the flowers. The sudden implementation at her feet also startled Biluo, and when she came to her senses, she realized that she had been put on the ground by Xuanyuan Night Mark. Xuanyuan Night Mark, you. Biluo just wanted to curse loudly, Xuanyuan Night Mark bent down and raised a finger to her mouth: “Don't use cursing to cover up the discomfort in your heart now, some things,eye cream packaging tube, haven't seen, haven't come to the end, don't draw a conclusion so easily.” “Bastard..” You Biluo gritted his teeth. emptycosmetictubes.com