Borrowed Kitchen Bakery

If you’re planning on opening a bakery, there are many things to consider. From zoning laws to permits, it’s important to research what is needed before you start the process.

A popular option for bakers is a “borrowed kitchen.” They’ll rent a space in the community to operate their business, allowing them to keep costs down and avoid long-term lease agreements. What We Make

Borrowed Kitchen specializes in baking and catering, and it does so with a flair. Aside from their baked goods, they also offer a full coffee bar and a smorgasbord of take home meals. You can even purchase a bespoke menu for your next dinner party.

The best part of Borrowed Kitchen is that they’re a family business, so their bakes and other delectables are made with love, which means you can expect fresh ingredients in every bite. Aside from the aforementioned coffee bar, Borrowed Kitchen also offers a menu of breakfast sandwiches, paninis and soups to start your day off on the right foot. The restaurant is open Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm, with a special brunch time on Saturdays from 12pm to 3pm.

There’s no question that Borrowed Kitchen has the best food in town, and their staff knows it. They’re always happy to chat, and their service is top notch. Their menu is the most extensive we’ve seen anywhere in Kitsap County, and their selection of tea is impressive.

It’s no wonder that Lacey and Kory Anders have earned a spot in the local foodie scene, and they’re a popular choice for weddings, parties and corporate events. Desserts

At Borrowed Kitchen Bakery, we love baking. Whether it’s cookies, cake, or a delicious pastry, our recipes are always made from scratch and are guaranteed to be fresh and made with love.

The desserts we make are simple and delicious, with the highest quality ingredients available to us. The bakery focuses on traditional European-style desserts, including cakes, pies and cookies, which are all made from scratch daily.

Lacey Anders, owner of Borrowed Kitchen Bakery in Kingston, has been baking and selling her treats at local farmers markets for the past six years. She started out in a rented kitchen, and her business has grown and changed with each passing year.

In addition to a small selection of traditional baked goods, she sells gourmet coffee, teas and specialty drinks. You can also find a variety of take-home meals for busy families, including homemade soups, sandwiches, and dinners.

Another important factor in the success of Borrowed Kitchen is that it’s family-owned and run, she said. Throughout the bakery, she and her husband, Kory, display family photographs and handwritten recipes. They also have an employee roster that includes three generations of the Anderses’ family.

And it’s not just the desserts that draw customers to Borrowed Kitchen: She says that her bakery is a place where people can come and relax. It’s a place where you can sit down with friends and family to share a meal and a piece of dessert.

It’s also a place where you can bring your dog or cat and let them have some fun with a special menu of treats for their favorite people. The bakery also offers pet-friendly rentals of the space.

The bakery’s name, borrowed kitchen, is a reminder of its mission. Lacey and her husband are committed to serving the community and providing a place for people to have fun. They work hard to ensure that all the food they sell is organic, locally sourced and fair trade. They also donate a portion of their profits to local charities. Breads

Bread is a staple of many cultures, and for a lot of us it's the go-to carb for comfort and, of course, breakfast. In recent years, there's been a renaissance of interest in artisan bread and doughs made with distinct grains, often with a healthier and more sustainable approach to ingredient sourcing than in the past.

There's a strong movement towards baking more whole-grains and less refined flour, and for good reason: The more complex the grain, the better it tastes. Whether that means swapping wheat for barley or going gluten-free, the trend is one that's here to stay.

At Borrowed Kitchen Bakery, we make a wide range of breads from simple to intricate, including whole-wheat loaves and multigrain breads with added seeds or fruit. They're available at our cafe and a handful of grocers throughout Snohomish County.

We're also a part of an emerging co-op baking movement, which gives bakers the option to test their products in a shared space. Our own Nicole Matheson has been a member since its inception. She sells her granola and cookies through Central Market and Haggen Foods stores, but now she's taking her sweet business to another level with a new cooperative kitchen in the old Kingston Hotel.

A few other bakers, too, have joined in this community movement, a few from across the country and a few more from around the world. They're all making a difference in the way people eat, and the world is a better place for it.

In Long Beach, California, a bustling port city with working-class roots, a growing bakery movement is centered on autonomy and affordability, embodied by the artisanal Health rental made at the Long Beach Bread Lab. While the space is small, it's packed with the energy of the bakery's founders — Jesse Hellen-Lloyd and Christina Wilson.

And it's a lot of fun, too, to watch them develop and grow. The co-owners, who are also a husband and wife team, are busy at their home base in Bellflower, launching a booming wholesale business selling their pain au levain and other crusty, hearty loaves to Central Market and other local grocers. Pastries

The best way to test your baking mettle is with a little practice and a few well-crafted samples. We make a few of the standard suspects, but we also dabble in the culinary arts from time to time. We're always looking for the next big thing, so if you have a cool recipe or something a bit more ambitious in mind, let us know!

Most importantly, we'll be there to help. Whether you're looking for a tasty snack or a nip to fuel the morning run, we've got you covered.

Our top-notch bakers are committed to making your bakery dreams a reality. Located at 384 Pownal Road, the shop is open Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 5pm. Our friendly staff is on hand to answer any and all of your questions, no matter how trivial or offbeat they may seem.

You're more than welcome to drop in or give us a call.