What is an endless swimming pool? Imagine your own private swimming pool, installed just steps away, set to the temperature you desire. A pool that can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or out and used year-round for lap swimming, aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy and family fun. There is nothing like running or walking on the Endless Pools powered underwater treadmill. The buoyancy of the water eases pressure on your joints while the water’s natural resistance provides a great workout.

An Endless Pool is a compact, precision engineered swimming pool which allows you to swim against a smooth current that can be adjusted to meet any swimming speed or ability. That means you can swim to your own schedule and at your perfect pace.

10 Reasons to swim in the endless pool 1. The user can control the current: the endless pool have propeller, and the user can adjust to control the water flow, adjust the current speed and challenge the athlete by providing resistance. Resistance training improves speed and strength in the water. When resistance training is done in the pool, it burns more calories but is easier on the body and joints.

  1. Improve body awareness: You can put a mirror on the endless swimming pool. Swimmers can observe their exercise and body mechanics. Observing the body while exercising can allow athletes to immediately solve problematic sports and postures.

  2. Allow targeted training: coaches and trainers can observe every movement in the pool, targeted training can increase the impact and effectiveness of the exercise.

  3. Allow the coach to provide instant feedback: the coach does not have to run along the pool, nor forget the athletes in the pool. This allows the coach to observe every movement, position and pool height. Allows the coach to correct the problem immediately by reaching the pool And technology.

  4. Eliminate turns and stops: The swimming pool is compact, but currently makes it an endless training space, a training space without walls, driveways or contact with other swimmers. The countercurrent of the endless pool is the secret of its success. Swimming with the current competition eliminates the need to push away, so swimmers can focus on form and performance.

  5. Let triathletes practice in a real water environment: Triathletes rarely encounter smooth water during competitions, which is why some triathletes don't like swimming in traditional pools. The space is too small and the water conditions are different from the open water. Triathletes choose endless pools because they can imitate open water conditions. Current resistance offers triathletes the opportunity to tailor swim training to their training needs. Endless pools can also easily handle bricks and transitions without the hassles of traditional pools.

  6. Low-impact exercise for all ages and abilities: The endless swimming pool is not only ideal for athletes, but also a great choice for those who improve their fitness level. The endless swimming pool can be adjusted to suit various training and fitness needs and abilities.

  7. Athletes and coaches will get immediate feedback: each time they swim, the athletes and trainers work side by side to improve technology and physical performance. In addition to mirrors and trends, athletes and coaches can observe collected swimming data through sensors and cameras, which can be used to improve performance and reduce injuries. The coach can manually change the speed and let the coach actively manipulate the training.

  8. Provide users with therapeutic benefits: swimming pools can not only improve performance and physical function, but also have therapeutic effects. The endless swimming pool can be heated to promote relaxation and improve muscle recovery.

  9. Rehabilitation and healing: The benefits of an endless pool are not just to improve performance and increase endurance in a particular sport. The endless pool can also help recovery and healing. When athletes are injured, hydrotherapy can increase flexibility, improve balance, reduce pain and swelling, and promote blood flow to the injured area. https://www.monalisa.com/