Rum is a typical American. He is blonde and tall. His tone is very arrogant when he speaks: Governor Ma, I strongly condemn the actions taken by Yueyang City in your province. Mr. Williams, the general manager of our group, has always been law-abiding and has never had any criminal record. Moreover, he has made a lot of contributions to the economic development of China. He is responsible for most of Huaxia's investment. I don't know why Yueyang City wants to arrest him, and we have received information that Yueyang City police have tortured Mr. Williams and brutally beaten him, for which I express my strong indignation! And at present, our Media Group has put pressure on the Huaxia government through the US government. I hope Governor Ma can take into account the interests of our investors and severely punish the irresponsible officials in Yueyang City! Otherwise, if Mr. Williams is not released within three days, our Medea Group will take a very drastic way to express our freedom to defend human rights! At this moment, Ma Aofeng saw Rum's domineering momentum, and he really felt guilty. Because he did not know what action the Yueyang police had taken against Williams? Although the report submitted by Yueyang City mentioned that Williams was not tortured, he still had no idea. However, Ma Aofeng was quite disgusted with Rum's cocky posture, but he did things with a sense of propriety. He kept smiling and dealing with Rum: “Mr. Rum, I already know your attitude. We will hold a standing committee meeting in the afternoon to discuss this matter, and we will give you a proper answer.” “Hum, Governor Ma,stainless steel needle valve, you'd better hurry up. Mr. Williams is the only son of our chairman. He appreciates and values Mr. Williams very much. Now our group has joined forces with the American government and the European government to put pressure on China in various fields!” Rum said with great arrogance. Ma Aofeng just smiled faintly, and his eyes flashed a trace of anger. As a provincial governor, to be able to meet such a special envoy as Rum is already very face-saving for him. If it were not for the sake of the overall situation, Ma Aofeng would not even meet him. After the meeting, Ma Aofeng just came out and received a phone call. After seeing the phone call, Ma Aofeng bowed hurriedly and his expression became very respectful. He repeatedly said: “Well, OK,tube fitting manufacturer, OK, you can rest assured that I know that most of Williams'investment in China is in the provinces controlled by our forces. I will deal with this matter according to your instructions.” Yes, we will soon convene the Standing Committee, and I will take the overall situation into account. After hanging up the phone, Ma Aofeng called several standing committees in the province one after another to communicate in advance and show his attitude. At this moment, Liu Fei's father, Liu Fengyu, also reported to the old man what had happened in Yueyang City. When he reported this, Old Liu Tou and Old Xie Tou were playing chess at Old Liu Tou's home. After hearing Liu Fengyu's report, the old man did not make a statement immediately, but said to Liu Fengyu: “Fengyu, wait a minute, I will reply to you later.” After putting down the phone, brass tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, Old Liu Tou first discussed it carefully with Old Xie Tou's two old men, and then dialed a few phone calls to ask other people's opinions. Then Old Liu Tou asked the guards to call Liu Fengyu and said to Liu Fengyu, “Fengyu, this is the first time that Liu Fei has made his voice heard on an important matter. In this incident, We must firmly support Liu Fei, because I believe that Liu Fei has a sense of propriety in doing things, since he wants to do so, there must be his reasons, we must support him! This incident is also an excellent opportunity for Liu Fei to establish his authority within the faction. As long as he can handle this incident well, his position within the faction will be greatly improved. I have discussed with several elders in the faction, and everyone supports Liu Fei. But you have to be careful, as far as I know, Liu Fei's position has violated the interests of some factions, so there may be a lot of variables in your Standing Committee, so you must find ways to attract more support! At this moment, Liu Fei in the car did not know that because of his clear-cut stand, the top level had been stirred up by him. The water of this matter is getting more and more mixed. Boss, no, someone wants to *** us! “Sunspot, who was driving, saw two off-road vehicles suddenly stopped in front of him and the big truck that crashed into him desperately behind him. His face changed greatly and he shouted.”. Volume VI Zouma Yueyang Chapter 661 Close Call Liu Fei before and after such a look, immediately scared to fly out of the sky, because the sunspot car is driving very fast, watching is about to hit the front, and the big truck behind has been crazy rushed over! And next to the big truck, also followed by an off-road vehicle, basically has blocked the retreat, want to reverse, basically are wishful thinking! Cold sweat, down Liu Fei's forehead patter down. Am I, Liu Fei, going to be buried on this winding road today? Looking at the approaching trucks behind him and the two off-road vehicles that had stopped in front of him, Liu Fei suddenly remembered a poem: “He died before he got out of the army, which made the hero full of tears!” However, what really surprised Liu Fei was that in this case, the sunspot not only did not slow down and stop, but stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, and the Audi A6 jumped out like a rocket and hit the two off-road vehicles in front of it. At the same time, the drivers of the two SUVs in front of them had opened their doors and ran down quickly, so that they could ensure their safety to the maximum extent. At this moment, Liu Fei closed his eyes bitterly. Hit! It depends on fate. Just then,12 needle valve, Sunspot suddenly said to Liu Fei, “Boss, sit tight. We can only let go now. Look at me!” 。