Self-respect in the world of online games

God, regardless of the fact that he was now on the main road and that the two victims were right in front of him, divided the money on the spot: “One brother, one little, one sister, one of me..” One for me, one for my brother, one for the little one. Seeing God like this, we couldn't help laughing, God actually treated us as children, so we couldn't see the money, but we didn't expose God, the girl also looked at God with interest. Finally, all the gold coins on the ground were divided up, and the rest was some equipment. According to reason, these equipments are much more valuable than the gold coins on the ground, but the God did not even look at them, and threw them all to the girl he had just met. God knows we don't need these things. But the girl, like God,Steel investment casting, threw the equipment out like garbage, without paying any attention to the white faces of the two men standing behind her. Well, my sister doesn't have any good equipment yet. God will give you a good one. God looked at the girl and said. No, no, my sister has, but my sister is not used to wearing those equipment, so she has not worn it. The girl said hurriedly. Never mind, God's equipment will never be,non standard fasteners, sister rest assured. God said and took out a shining feather coat. God, this is your neon and feather clothes. How can you give them away? I exclaimed in surprise that I had not been worried about God all the time because she had this Nishang Feather Clothes. The strong defense of Nishang Feather Clothes could not even cause too much damage to my Qinglong Crescent Blade. This alone is enough to put it on the level of an artifact. God wants to send something to the girl he knows. I have no objection, but I can't send out the things that save my life. Don't worry, brother, God still has it. God said, afraid I do not believe, but also deliberately showed their own neon clothes and feather clothes said. After God finished, a set of colorful feather clothes appeared on his body. Seeing this, I had to shake my head helplessly. I don't know how many times I have seen this feather clothes on God's body. It won't be fake. And the neon clothes and feather clothes can usually be hidden. I don't know if you are a relative of the system or what, but you got all the incredible equipment, and you got two sets. “I shook my head helplessly and said that I had to blame this on God's luck.” Of course I am a relative of the system, and this system is my sister, so I have such good luck. God said with a smile. Hearing what we said, metal stamping parts ,alloy die casting, the girl didn't know what to do. According to us, this neon and feather dress is very precious. Should she take it or not? Although she likes it very much. Take it. Since God still has it, there is no problem. I said to the girl with a smile, but I didn't notice that the two people behind me were staring at the feather clothes with their eyes and greedy faces. Advertise for a friend: Pirate Hunter, link: p? B1 _ d = 57445 Chapter 164 The first episode of the world out of my generation chapter 164. “Come on, let's go and find the next target to play.” I stood up and laughed. Let's go, let's go, sister. God also stood up and took the hand of the girl he knew and said. Well, it's my first time to come out. I must have a good time this time. Said the girl, not noticing the two men who had come with her. By the way, what's your name? I haven't known your name for so long. I asked her. My name is easy to remember. My name is Qingfeng. How about it? Is the name familiar? The girl said to me with a smile. Easy to remember, easy to remember. I touched my nose and said, “You are still called Qingfeng. Why don't you call it Mingyue?”. The moon should be added well. “I want to call it Mingyue, but the name has been robbed, so I have to call it Qingfeng.” Qingfeng said with a smile, not embarrassed at all, as if it was normal to call Qingfeng. Hey, wait, let me ask you a question. You're not really a monk in reality, are you? I looked at Qingfeng strangely and asked, “This one is called Qingfeng, but it is specially used by ordinary monastic people.”. “Of course not, is it necessary to cultivate Taoism if it is called Qingfeng?”? Isn't she also called God? Is she God? The breeze pulled the God and said. Her name is Xiao Xiao, but she's not so small, but of course she can't compare with you. Qingfeng pointed to the small novel. Like her, she looks like a little elf, but she can't be called an elf. The breeze pointed to the elf who did not know when to climb on my shoulder and said. You're right. Her name is Elf. “I laughed and said,” What's an elf if it's not an elf? “” “Uh..” The breeze suddenly stopped, staring at the elf with incredible eyes, and did not even hear what I had just said. You, you're an elf. Qingfeng walked carefully to my side and asked, because the elf was sitting on my shoulder, so she spoke as if she were talking to me. Elf, come and say hello to our friend. I shrugged my shoulders and said that it was normal for Qingfeng to be like this. Everyone who saw the elves for the first time was like this. Of course, it was limited to women. If it was a man, the eyes were naked and wanted to occupy it. Because the elf is so lovely and beautiful, if she is as big as we humans, I'm afraid God can't compare with her. Hello, my name is Pixie, this beautiful sister, who are you? The elf flew up from my shoulder and said that she had been sleeping and did not know what had happened outside. My name is Qingfeng. Aren't you cold, elf? You're still wearing a skirt. Qingfeng looked at the elf and said, “There is also a distinction between the four seasons in the game. It's autumn now, and it's really a little cold.” Nope Oh,Magnetic Drain Plug, of course it's a little cold, but my brother always says he has no money and doesn't buy clothes for others. Said the elf, pretending to be pitiful.