The burial of youth

“You're the ones who have a choice. I don't. The next movie collapsed, and I went back to my original shape.” Li Jie said, “This is the first time that the so-called instant hit has made me tremble.” “Have you ever been afraid?” Shihua folded his hands. The previous experience could not be worse, what could be worse? I got a little lucky all of a sudden, but I'm not used to it. Shihua said again: “Good luck.” Looking at the back of Li Jie's departure, Shihua knew that he was in the business of making movies. In the past, even though he was penniless and had nothing to do, he still had a strange charm. Maybe this is the star charm. An Xiong checked her so tightly that he called his brother every day. It's a little strange to think that Anxiong is not that kind of person. Mrs. Sheng and Mr. Sheng came back from the banquet and saw Shihua still in the hall, dressed neatly. Why don't you sleep? Fasson and you have been talking since this afternoon? Mrs. Sheng seems to be very comfortable. I was sleepy, so I went to sleep, and you two had a heart-to-heart talk. Mr. Sheng has never been interested in women's words. He is only interested in doing business. Shihua, do you like Fasong more or Cheng Anxiong more? Mrs. Sheng asked her daughter. Mom, I'm not getting married. “Cheng Anxiong sounds very good. I don't object to your association with this excellent boy,14 needle valve, but Fasong is also good at everything and is a family friend with us.” “That's fair competition. You haven't seen Anxiong yet. Don't be impatient.” “What is his family like?” Asked Mrs. Sheng. I can get by. At least my sons are studying abroad. Shihua said. At night, Shihua's heart was confused again, and Anxiong was fine, and Li Jie appeared in her life again. In fact, he never disappeared from her life. When I woke up in the morning,hydraulic fitting supplier, Anbang came again. Did you happen to pass here again? Shihua asked grumpily. What youth idol is your boyfriend? Anbang asked, “My brother doesn't know?” “I don't know how many girlfriends your brother has had before, and I won't send a sister to check and ask every day.” “My brother didn't ask me to check you and ask you. I'm just busy.” Anbang said. Then don't meddle. “Go out for breakfast.” Anbang said. I don't have an appetite. Shihua said. It's not convenient to talk about some things here. “What's so inconvenient for me to talk to you here?” “Yes.” Anbang waved his head to the gate and motioned for her to go with him. He drove a small old Austin saloon car to a small platform on the hill facing the sea, which was rarely visited by people, and sat down on the coarse sand and mud. Shihua also sat down. You've been living with my brother for half a year. Anbang said. How do you know? An Xiong told you? How could he tell me? I have great powers. Just know it. Anbang said thoughtfully, “are you happy together?” “Yes.” “Are you still a virgin?” Anbang won't spare her. How do you know? Shihua was startled. I'm not investigating you. If you have another boyfriend, I won't tell Anxiong. If you love him, you don't have to defend yourself for anyone. Anbang said. How can a brother speak for his brother like that? Shihua is very strange. That's it, let's go. Anbang pulled her up. In the car, 38 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, Anbang, contrary to his usual mischievous talkativeness, suddenly became silent and seemed preoccupied. He did not speak, but Shihua became uneasy. She had never needed to speak first to tease a boy, but this time, the noisiest one was completely silent. She had only seen him four times. What should she say? After driving for about twenty minutes, Anbang laughed and turned to look at her: “Why didn't my brother suffocate you like wood?” Shihua could not help but reach out and rub him: “It was a trick on me!”! I thought you had something on your mind. Anbang raised his hand to parry, dodging left and right, twisting the steering wheel left and right with the other hand, and the car zigzagged on the road. If you fight again, you're going to crash! Anbang said. Have you had enough? Shihua stopped. It's so hard for me to endure. Anbang grinned. I just want to see how long you can not speak. “ “Why don't you act when you're so good at acting?” “Why don't you go as a stone when you can't speak?” “All right, Anbang, wood, stone, what else is there to insult me?” “Big man!” Anbang finished and protected his head with his hands. Hold the wheel! Shihua cried out in fright. When he was about to turn, Anbang only held his head in his hands but did not turn the steering wheel. Anbang chuckled, put his hand back on the steering wheel and turned the corner in time. I'm afraid you'll hit me. Girls are most annoyed that people say she's big. Anbang shrank his head in fear. Am I fat? “No, you are twenty pounds short of the standard for fat and two laps short of the standard for too big bones, that is, normal.” “I'm sure you don't have a girlfriend without a good word.” Shihua said angrily. Even you are willing to see me four times. Will I not have a girlfriend? It's really hard to find time to see you. “Cheeky, who invited you?” “Well, then I won't come if I'm not invited next time.”. My phone number is 2262393. Shihua made him helpless. When the car arrived at the door of Sheng's house, the servant opened the gate. As soon as Anbang looked, Fasong's red Ferrari sports car was already parked inside. He did not drive the car in, only accompanied Shihua out of the car, passed a section of the garden in front of the mansion, picked a small red flower and handed it to Shihua: “Happy Birthday!” Shihua was just confused by him, and now he remembered that today was his birthday. How do you know that? Anbang looked up and smiled mysteriously: “I came early in the morning to be the first person to say happy birthday to you.” Suddenly gentle Anbang, also has his moving place. When he's not winking, he's as handsome as Yasuo. An Xiong is Yingting,needle valve manufacturer, but the static state of Anbang is poetic. Urchin and poetry, that is Anbang, a very strange combination.