The fate of the blind girl

She took the glass meekly and drank it up one mouthful at a time with a dull expression. It was strange that there was suddenly one more person in the room where he had always been alone. He couldn't think of where to put her, so he had to drive her back to his private residence. Now, he thought about where to send her to keep her safe without disturbing him, and then he thought of only one place-the Spiritual Club. However, the Spirit Club never allows outsiders to enter. Even those who come to buy hope can only stay in the outer hall for one night and will be sent away the next day. So, can he send An Yile in? After an Yile drank the wine, his eyes slowly closed, his body slid to the sofa, and he fell asleep. He strolled to her side, looked down at her brows, which were curled even when she was asleep, and felt the impact of unknown emotions in his heart. He unconsciously reached out to remove the hair from her forehead and looked at her face carefully. She looks delicate and beautiful, not the kind of rough gorgeous, but elegant and unique charm of the oriental tone, from the appearance, gentle and delicate she seems to be unable to withstand a little injury, but she still survived from the family change, and even to find a spiritual club to help her revenge. The average girl would have fled back to Taiwan long ago and lived her life in fear and helplessness, but she chose this path of confrontation with the murderer, which could endanger her life. Should I call her stupid or brave? Why didn't she leave the United States obediently, find a man to marry, and stop thinking about anything, but she had to torment herself and put herself in danger again and again? Suddenly aware that he was worried about her safety, the thunder was surprised, what was he doing? She is one of his most hated ethnic groups, and she is a member of the group called “women”! With a sigh, he lit a cigarette and habitually strolled to the big window, looking out at the world and meditating. In fact,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, there is a reason why he hates women so much. In his memory, he has been inexplicably hostile to women since he was cut and abandoned by his mother when he was ten years old. From an early age, he wandered around with his beautiful and extraordinary mother, who lived with one man after another in a dissolute way. She was not a good mother. She often drank and got drunk. When she woke up, she hurt him. When she was drunk, she beat him. She either murmured something he didn't understand or cried secretly. He never understood what his mother was suffering from, so he could only look at her quietly and live in the shadow in silence. When he was a child, he could play with electricity. As long as there was a power supply around him, he could often ask for electricity to go east and west at will, and he could turn on and off the lights with his eyes without hands. At the time, he was just amused and didn't feel any different from anyone else, until his mother discovered his skill and she was horrified. He always remembered that when his mother learned of his spiritual power, she was like seeing a ghost, pointing at him and scolding him all the time: “Demons!”! You're just like him! Monster The thunder looked at the left-leaning reflected in the glass window, and the scar was the masterpiece of the mother's madness. When he was ten years old, iron nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, his mother saw him beating and scolding or screaming every day. He finally couldn't stand it any more. In one of her punches and kicks, he was so angry that he got an electric shock and launched a counterattack. Mother was struck by electricity, stunned for a long time, suddenly woke up, but his eyes full of resentment to stare at him, said: “You are an evil seed!”! You are the ghost that the old man gave birth to in order to continue the ability! He tricked me and used my ignorance to get me pregnant, but I found out that he was a strange man who could use electricity and often bullied me in disgusting ways. I had to kill him and run away with you when you were born. Who knows, you are as terrible as him. You are really father and son. Exactly the same. I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you! Let the old man die in his grave, you go to hell to see him early. As she spoke, she took out a knife from the drawer and stabbed him without hesitation. He was too frightened to dodge until the blade cut his left cheek. Then he pushed her away with a loud cry and rushed out of the house into the night of heavy rain. Magpie Bridge Fairy Reply [20]: But his mother still did not let him go, desperately chasing him, that frightening scene he will never forget, a sharp knife and a ferocious face, she is the living ghost from hell! Wearing his mother's human skin to end his own son's life, he had no memory of what happened next. He only remembered that when he was awake, he was lying next to a pile of garbage, the blood on his cheeks had dried up, and his mother had disappeared. From then on, he never saw his mother again. He lived alone for three years in a panic. Then, on a strange night, he walked into the spiritual club and met the manager and the magic night God. In the twinkling of an eye, he has been in the spiritual club for more than ten years, but his childhood experience makes him no longer have a good impression on women, and the terrible face of his mother in his mind is the nightmare of his life. The manager often said that when he first came to the club, he would still scream every night, and it was the magic night that came into his dreams every night to accompany him, so that he could get through those painful days safely. Perhaps this is the reason, he always has an inexplicable hostility to the magic night, not ungrateful, but he is afraid that the magic night is too deep into his heart, too understanding of him, so what dignity does he have in front of him? Therefore, in the future, the two people will fight and scold countless times, either with evil words or with cynicism. Later, when Leng Guan and Chelier entered the club one after another and became members, he realized that he was not a freak, and that there were still people in the world who had strange spiritual powers like him. Under the guidance of the manager, each of them has more powerful power and knows what their mission is. The manager told them that the spiritual club had existed since a long time ago, but it was invisible to ordinary people. Only those who sincerely asked for help could find the population, and they survived in order to solve the problems for these people. But the thunder does not think these jobs are sacred, he regards these as business, takes money to do things, but also passes the time. Up to now, he has handled many cases, from which he has seen the beauty and ugliness of human nature,Automatic nail machine, and has also seen all kinds of things in the world, but no one can help him solve the knot in his heart. For more than a decade, he has been unable to get rid of his resentment towards his mother. He regards women as a tool to warm the bed and vent. He believes that there is no true love between men and women. Love is just a joke made up by God about Adam and Eve.