Yipin Gongqing

Without asking, Yingzi said simply, “Don't worry, your excellency. The villagers are all holding their breath. Even if they become a fox, they will pull out her tail.” And with the divination servant girl Xiannu around a few times, put on a busy look, and then take advantage of the night from the back door out of the county government. He turned several streets one after another and knocked on an unremarkable residential building. Hurriedly said a few words, and hurriedly came back to put on a look of nothing to boil water to take a bath. After scrubbing and cleaning, he came to Lin Sanhong's room with a pot of green tea in his hand. He put on a delicate and weak look and bowed his head and said, “The maidservant will wait on the master to sleep in peace.” Under the fluttering candlelight, the imperial commissioner's face was as gloomy as frost. “Yes, yes,” he said in a deep voice, “he is a good spy. Did you send out the message to Lord Futai? A word like a thunderbolt immediately made the fairy slave's face change greatly, and with a “buzz” in his head, his first reaction was to raise the kettle in his hand and throw it at the lame Lin Sanhong and then run away. However, his whole body was limp, and his hands and feet kept shaking. He fell to his knees and grabbed the ground with his head like a chicken pecking broken rice. The sound of “Dong Dong” was heard all the time. There was no longer a soft and weak charming state. Instead, he shouted in great fear: “Your Excellency, spare my life. The servant knows he is wrong.” “Wrong?”? No, no,Nail machine supplier, you're not wrong. Lin Sanhong shook his head slightly: “You spy on my movements to send a message to your Futai adults. I also use you to confuse Tian Zhiguo. Each is his own master. There is no one who is right or wrong.”. It's just that now you're no longer useful. Although Xiannu was a small servant girl, he also knew something about the struggle between the king of Chu and the imperial commissioner. In this level of struggle, even the imperial commissioner can be killed, not to mention an insignificant servant girl? “Your Excellency, spare my life.” Xiannu was very clear about the tragic outcome he had to face. Now that the matter had been exposed, Lin Sanhong must have arranged his hands around him. It was impossible to escape in front of the lame imperial commissioner. He just kept begging for mercy and kowtowing. In the blink of an eye, his forehead was covered with blood. Somebody. “Yes.” From behind the screen, two burly men flashed out and saluted with their hands crossed. Lin Sanhong waved his hand and said,Automatic Nail Making Machine, “I'm tired, too. Your hands and feet should be clean. Don't make it too bloody.” , The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Chapter 107 Special Hobbies Erzhaofu is the center of the whole Huguang, as the Futai Lord of Wuchang Prefecture. Tian Thief's Zhouzhi and Xunsuo are not in Wuchang Prefecture, but in Wuchang County. Although the same one is used in Wuchang. Place names, in fact, are not the same place at all. The Wuchang Prefecture, where the King of Chu is located, is directly under the jurisdiction of a small magistrate. This pattern has been followed since the beginning of the Mongolian yuan Dynasty. Because of the special geographical position and political structure, the seven counties under the rule of Wuchang Prefecture were actually nine counties, one prefecture and one prefecture, almost half of which were not under the jurisdiction of Tianfutai, but directly under the jurisdiction of Fang Boqian. Wuchang magistrate, this official title sounds really unlimited scenery, in fact, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Coil nail machine, the real authority is not as big as the magistrate of Yunnan and Guizhou and other remote places. Wamby North Because it was too close to the city of Wuchang, any official who came out of the city of Wuchang was much bigger than the adult of Futai, not to mention the local officials such as Fantai and Tabetai, even the servants such as Shiye's housekeeper in the palace of Chu, Tian Futai had to be carefully served. Of all the mansions in Huguang, Lord Futai of Wuchang is the most suffocating one. Tian Fu, how is the imperial commissioner? You have to keep an eye on it and don't make any trouble. Sitting in the big flower hall is one of the three giants of Huguangdu, cloth and press, the inspector of punishment, Cui Ming, the chief of Cui's table. The seniority of Cui Zhuotai of the third grade was not as good as that of Fang Boqian of Fantai, and his bravery was not as good as that of Lu Zhongyu, the commander, but he was the most trusted one of the three divisions by the King of Chu. In the twenty-seventh year of the reign of Emperor Hongwu, the King of Chu was ordered to go on an expedition to Yunnan and Guizhou. He was besieged by rebels in the Yang of the Dadu River. It was Cui Mingzhu who carried the King of Chu on his back regardless of everything that led to his later victory. Cui table and the king of Chu is a life-and-death friendship, with this strong political capital, Cui Mingzhu in just a few years, from a local official of the fifth grade, until now become one of the three giants. To a large extent, the table is the dog of the king of Chu, if not the absolute trust of the king of Chu, also can not sit on this seat. Tian Futai hurriedly replied, “Don't worry, your humble position has been placed beside the young boy surnamed Lin. If there is any movement, your humble position will know immediately.” Emaciated as a phlegmatic ghost, Cui's face was silent, and he could not see his joy or anger. “What has happened to that man surnamed Lin recently?” He said in the same tone. “Back to the table adult, Lin Sanhong is wantonly collecting money, according to people's eyes, he is ready to get a sum of money back to the capital.” “Hum, Huang Kou'er, he also wants to fight with Wang Ye. He really doesn't know whether he is alive or dead.” Cui Moutai's face still did not have a trace of expression, stiff as if he had already entered the eyelid of a corpse: “I think he already knows something.”. No one can do anything without real evidence. But this man surnamed Lin is also a clever man. If he knows he can't afford to be provoked, he won't provoke him. Let him go! Tian Futai hurriedly laughed and said, “Xiaguan once heard that this official surnamed Lin in Beijing was very greedy for money. He even opened a silk workshop in the south of the Yangtze River. Ha ha ha. It's really funny.” “Hum, the imperial censor should do such a dirty thing. Long live today's vision.” Cui Minggui didn't seem to want to comment on Zhu Lin in front of others. Suddenly he changed the subject: “Tian Fu, the last time I came to you, I remembered a girl called her. Is this girl still there?” Yes, yes, how can it not be? Since the last time the table adult praised the girl, XiaGuan immediately raised her up, no longer let her do rough work, now also raise the fine skin and tender meat. “Speaking of this, even Tian Fu Tai himself felt sick.”. But Cui Mingzhu is the boss, the officer level can crush the dead, not to mention the confidant of the king of Chu? Although Cui Minggui is nearly sixty years old, he likes women most,Nail machine manufacturer, especially young girls, as long as he likes them, he will not let them go. 3shardware.com