Lady Lord from the East The clerk, who did not know if he was an apprentice, said hurriedly, “The other tailors in the shop are also very good.” Then he recommended others to the guests. They were all apprentices brought out by the old tailor. They had finished their apprenticeship. Even if they were not as good as the old tailor, their skills were not too bad. The most important thing was that their fees were cheaper. However, there are still a few people who order clothes. Most of them come to buy cloth to make clothes at home. Of course, because of the recent fashion, there are more people who only buy a small piece of cloth to make hat decorations. Although the life of the people in Sardinson County is much better now, and they don't feel bad about spending a little money, they are still used to choosing carefully and bargaining hard when shopping, so that they can buy what they want at the least price, so the tailor's shop is full of voices, besides bargaining, there are women's favorite gossip. Wei Wei in the shop around a circle did not see what he wanted to buy, simply found a corner to sit, while listening to gossip, although nothing more than some of the content of the East and West, but occasionally listen to it as a relaxation. There is too little entertainment here, and she has no time to think of ways to entertain herself. When she can relax, she will enrich her spiritual needs. “Jean, you can go shopping,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, too. You don't have to stay here.” She said to Chin, who was standing on one side. When Chin saw that she really wanted to buy some cloth, she answered and went to the counter to pick it up. It wasn't long before someone called out behind her in a hesitant voice, “Jean, is that you?” As soon as Chin looked back and saw him, she lifted the gauze and smiled in surprise at him. “Wendy, what are you doing here?” “It's really you. I was worried about mistaken identity just now.” Wendy, Jean's best friend of the same age,stainless steel welded pipe, exchanged a surprise hug with her and said, “Long time no see. I came to buy some cloth to make clothes for Meryl and Jamie. Oh, they are my eldest daughter and youngest son. You haven't met them yet, have you?” Chin sighed, “Yes, we haven't seen each other since you got married. How have you been all these years?” She and Wendy were the same age, nineteen years old this year, but Jean was fourteen when she left home to be a maid at the castle, and Wendy married when she was fourteen, and married to the town of Uk, so they haven't seen each other for five years. I'm all right. What about you? I heard you went to the castle to be a maid. Are you used to it there? “When Wendy asked, she looked at Wei Wei in the corner of her eye. If she hadn't heard her call Qin just now, Wendy wouldn't have noticed her. After all, they had been separated for many years, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,304 stainless steel wire, and Qin had covered her face. Of course she couldn't recognize her.” I'm used to it. The people in the castle are easy to get along with. Jean smiled and didn't say much. She turned the conversation back to Wendy. “I heard your mother say you had another baby on vacation. It's Jamie. It's a pity that I didn't have enough vacation to visit you in Wuke Town. How about bringing them back to me next time?” “Of course, when Jamie is a little older, I'll bring them back with me, and then you should remember to prepare gifts for them as an aunt.” “After what? Not long now? Don't you want to buy cloth? I'll pick some for them, too.” Wendy's family conditions are general, and the people she marries are not rich. In the past, she tried not to go back to Dingle to burden her family, so she would always miss Qin. But now her family's conditions are slowly improving, and she has the confidence to go back to her family. My husband is now working in a pasta factory with a good salary. The town of Wuke has started to build a farm again. When it is built, I will also sign up. If I can be recruited, I will not have to worry about the cost of my family in the future. “Certainly no problem. You used to be very good at taking care of pigs. Your piglets are always stronger than others. They will be selected smoothly.” Chin said sincerely. Wendy was in a better mood when she said that. Don't talk about me. What about you? When are you going to get married? Chin was not too young for an unmarried girl, but it was not impossible for her to get married later than she did, so Wendy asked the same question that Chin's family asked every time she came home. Chin's appearance can only be said to be ordinary, but since Chin became a castle maid, there have been many people who went to her house to propose marriage. But first, Chin was favored at home, and her family wanted her to find someone she liked. Second, she worked in the castle, and if she got pregnant after marriage, she might be dismissed. Chin, who had always aimed at being a housekeeper, was naturally unwilling, so Chin never had the idea of getting married. She also didn't like the people who came to ask for marriage because of her work, and the matter dragged on. Now when Wendy asked, Jean still said, “I'm not ready to get married yet.” Wendy wanted to persuade her to get married early, after all, Chin was not young, but then she thought that Chin was working as a maid in the castle, and that there had been things that happened before when a maid was pregnant and had to resign after giving birth to a child and could not go back to work. So instead of persuading her, she said, “Well, it's better to get married after saving more money now, but if there is a suitable candidate, we should seize it well.” Chin just smiled at her words. In fact, recently, Chin is no longer the low-ranking maid who was worried about being dismissed when she got married and had children. From her promotion to Wei Wei's personal maid, this concern is gone. The personal maid will not be dismissed because of this. If they can get the master's attention, they can even get a long maternity leave before and after having children. Chin thought she could still get such an honor from Wei Wei, but now she got the chance to learn from the housekeeper, and at this time to get married, Chin thought it was a foolish choice. So when Wei Wei asked her if she wanted to get married, she, like Penny, answered that she didn't want to get married for the time being. As they spoke, both of them were choosing cloth. Wendy could only afford to buy coarse linen. Although the family was richer and fine linen could be bought by gritting her teeth, Wendy felt that it was too extravagant to spend so much money on making clothes for her children. Their clothes were changed quickly and could not be worn for a long time. As for other cloth,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, she still could not afford it. The choice of color of burlap is also very small, so the choice is just to see which piece of burlap is relatively delicate, there are not too many threads on the cloth.