Liangsheng, can we not be sad-2

Ah? Bei Xiaowu exclaimed, “You have money, power and women. Why do you come to this street to be a coordinator?”? Are you out of your mind? Cheng Tianyou glared at Bei Xiaowu and said, can you control your personal hobbies? Bei Xiaowu looked at Cheng Tianyou, then looked at me, pondered for a while, as if he had found something, and said, I'm not here to be a third wheel. If you want to quarrel, you can help yourself. With that, he went into the flower shop, pulled the drunken Babao out, and swaggered away. As soon as Bei Xiaowu left, I suddenly felt weak. I thought to myself that Bei Xiaowu must have been frightened by these three big wolf dogs. So, this asshole forgot his vow to protect me and just left. I rely on, he really does not forget the origin, or very has the Wei Jiaping child that kind of very mean temperament! I looked at Cheng Tianyou's three big wolf dogs, a little scared, thinking that if I was killed by this bastard, I would not have a chance to see Su Man's sex scandal? Fortunately, by this time, the mushroom had jumped to my feet, the cat waist, hunched back, looking at the three wolf dogs in Cheng Tianyou's hands. In this way, I “led” the mushroom, and Cheng Tianyou led the three wolf dogs, confronting each other in the moonlight. Cheng Tianyou looked at me, very cold expression,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, said, indecent! Act frivolously! You! Unpardonable! As soon as I thought, rely on, I can't spell the wolf dog with the mushroom, and I can't spell the idiom with you? So, I stared at him, too. I said, mind your own business! Sick in the head! You! The dog takes the mouse! Cheng Tianyou looked at me, pulled three wolf dogs that began to bark at the mushrooms, and said, OK,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I'm a dog! Are you a mouse? Miss Jiang Sheng? I frowned, looked at the mushroom, some worried that the dogs hurt it, and then, pointing at Cheng Tianyou scolded, I said, your grandmother is a mouse! You are a rat's tail and a rat's spirit! Cheng Tianyou looked at me for the mushroom nervous appearance, unconsciously the corners of the mouth with a playful smile, eyes flashed a trace of evil light. He said, Jiang Sheng, you quickly admit that you are a mouse! Otherwise, he smiled softly, with a little pride in his eyes. He tugged at the three barking dogs and said, “Otherwise, I'll let the dogs bite the mushroom's ass!”! I listen, almost foaming at the mouth, I said, Cheng Tianyou, you are a villain! Cheng Tianyou nodded, he said, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I am a villain! So Jiang Sheng, you say quickly, you are a mouse! Otherwise, I'm gonna count to one, two, three.. As he spoke, he deliberately squinted at my exasperated appearance. He said, Jiang Sheng, you say, if they bite the wrong place and bite the head of the mushroom, don't hate me. With that, he read, one. As soon as I saw that he was such a rascal, I wanted to run back to the flower shop with the mushroom in my arms. As a result, when Cheng Tianyou shouted “one”, he had already let go of the wolf dogs.. When he watched me pick up the mushroom, the wolf dogs were already running towards me, and he shouted at me angrily, “Damn it, let go of the mushroom!”! Let go! He said these words, the whole person also ran to me, for fear that the wolf dog in order to bite the mushroom, ginger I bite. But go to your grandmother's Cheng Tianyou! Your grandmother Jiang Sheng knew you for eight generations. That night, I almost died in Cheng Tianyou's mouth with three wolf dogs. When they threw me to the ground, the bastard mushroom “abandoned the master and fled” and stepped on my face lightly. As soon as the three dogs saw the mushroom running away, they also stepped on my face with four paws and continued to run after the mushroom. One of them, especially with Cheng Tianyou, was particularly vindictive. When he left, he did not forget to bite me on the buttocks. This one took me straight to the hospital. Dr. Lu, is it beyond your duty to hold the arm of a female patient? I really don't know if I should remember this day in particular, the day when I was bitten by a dog for the first time. Cheng Tianyou is really a good man. He always gives me unexpected “surprises”. Even after abandoning me, he never forgets to give me gifts. After he sent me to the hospital, he met Lu Wenjun in the emergency department. Lu Wenjun looked at my blood-stained pants and looked at Cheng Tianyou in surprise. It was estimated that he was deeply shocked by the scene when Babao stuffed me with a condom so that I could go to see Cheng Tianyou. So he gaped at me and Cheng Tianyou. Cheng Tianyou did not even look at him, he directly picked up a nurse, said, she was bitten by a dog, hurry to find a doctor ah! Several nurses pushed me into the treatment room. Lu Wenjun's face gently eased, as if based on what to determine, he asked Cheng Tianyou, Jiang Sheng was bitten by a dog? Cheng Tianyou looked anxiously at me who was pushed into the treatment room and nodded to Lu Wenjun. Yes, I was not careful. I bared my teeth in pain in his arms, and I thought, “Yes,” it was a dog bite, and how did it become “I was careless”? Are you a dog? Lu Wenjun nodded gently and smiled, as if he had laughed at himself for his malicious idea just now. He said, “Then I'll go and see. After Jiang Sheng was vaccinated against rabies, I'm afraid the wound needs to be sutured.”. Cheng Tianyou grabbed Lu Wenjun and said, You are a psychologist, not a surgeon, and you don't need sutures! Lu Wenjun looked at Cheng Tianyou and said, I am a psychologist, but a psychologist is just a personal hobby of mine. My full-time job is a surgeon. Don't forget that I connected Liangsheng's finger! With that, the whole person rushed to the treatment room. When Cheng Tianyou heard this, he was extremely mad. He followed Lu Wenjun and shouted loudly. He said, Hey, hey, hey, I don't want a male doctor, I want a female doctor! Lu Wenjun looked back at Cheng Tianyou and said, Unfortunately, Mr. Cheng, your good wishes may not be fulfilled by this hospital! First of all, there are only male doctors here! And I'm the only male doctor on duty now! You have three choices now. First,Magnesium Sulphate price, transfer to another hospital and selfishly watch the pain of the person you like! Second, wait for the other doctors to work tomorrow morning. Third, don't disturb my work.