Overnight love A few hours later, when he finally finished his last official business and ran excitedly to Fengzi to claim credit, he found that his assistant was already outside the office. Xiaozi, wait a minute! “Vice President, something's up!” Quite impatiently withdrew the left foot that wanted to step into the elevator, and the charm turned around and stared at him rudely. What the hell, couldn't he see that she was starving to death and needed to go to the temple of the five viscera? Shall I invite you to eat Japanese ramen? There is a new shop not far from here, and the food is very authentic. He said warmly. Stretched Noodles! Just thinking about it, her mouth is watering. How far is it “It's only 25 minutes by car, isn't it?” Close enough to starve her to death on the road. No, I brought a lunch box. It's on the twenty-sixth floor. It only takes half a minute. What's good about the bento: the ramen soup in that restaurant. Fang Weiyang still wanted to say more, but his charm was too lazy to pay attention to him. He cursed the elevator that he couldn't wait for, turned around and went to the stairwell and climbed the stairs. Fang Weiyang hurriedly turned around and followed him. He opened his mouth plaintively, trying to win a little attention from the beautiful woman. Small posture- “ Feng Zi still ignored him. He did not give up trying again, “Xiaozi, Xiaozi, Xiaozi..” “Shut up!” Finally, she was so annoyed that she couldn't stand it. She turned around and shouted angrily. She pulled Fang Weiyang's collar from a commanding position and shouted, “Don't always follow me and scream in my ear.”. I know you're gay, but don't show up in front of me all the time. I can't stand it! “But people.” Fang Weiyang blinked his big eyes with grievance and added innocently: “You are the only friend.” “Don't always blame me!” Feng Zi stroked her forehead unbearably. She sighed and let go. “Fang,Magnesium Oxide powder, sometimes I wonder if you are a man after all.” Yes, of course he is, and if she wants to prove it herself, that's all the better. You Xiaozi, you.. How can you say that? Others Others “Speak of me!” While impatiently correcting, she casually rewarded him with a loud burst of chestnuts, and her long eyebrows,calcium ammonium nitrate price, which had always been heroic, suddenly unfolded with the pleasure of venting, and she almost snickered. Great, she is always at a disadvantage at home and is repaired by Leaf and Lucky. Today she finally has her own punching bag. She's smiling! This woman snickered after hitting him?! Fang Weiyang wrinkled up a pair of beautiful eyebrows, and very quickly, he was wronged and suffered a handsome face, sniffling hard, and then there was a suspicious light in the corner of his eyes. Hey, you?! He actually.. Cried. Charm immediately panicked hands and feet, urgent comfort: “You … …” Don't cry. It's my fault. I said the wrong thing. Of course you're a man, and. And it doesn't matter to say'others', really, it doesn't matter at all. She made a promise. Can But Others Fang Weiyang, who was sobbing, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, cried and held her hands in her arms, and happily buried her face in the chest of the beautiful woman. I want to be friends with you. We.. It's a friend. The charm looked down at him inexplicably, but also found that the posture in front of him was too. She looked stiffly at the muscles all over her body and was too frightened to move. God, somebody help her! The vice president is gay, but at least he is a man, right? The situation in front of her was too exciting for her to have few desires for several years, but she dared not push him away rashly for fear that he would cry again. Wow-that's great. Aware of the stiffness and discomfort of her whole body, Fang Weiyang, who had snickered, let her go at the right time and happily followed the fleeing beauty upstairs. Why is it so late? Ye Zi, who had been waiting for a long time, asked with concern, but her gentle eyes turned sarcastic after catching a glimpse of the follower. Because he.. Don't worry Sitting down sullenly, the charm chooses silence, after all, less words means less mistakes, “Leaf, how can he eat the same lunch box as us?” When Pei Zaiyu raised his drooping black head, he raised his eyebrows and asked indifferently, “Can't you?” “No, it isn't.” Who dares to say no? Don't you want to change your job? Ye Zi sighed, and Ah Zi's reckless temper could not be changed. She put the lunch box of the charm in front of her, opened it for her again, and then explained: “The general manager paid the money, specifically.” Do we do takeout at home? No one told. Before he had finished speaking, he was surprised to see a claw of Lushan taking her spoon and eating her lunch box. Hey, Fang, what are you doing?! She roared. Eat. Without even lifting his head, Fang Weiyang ate like a scoundrel. Sending a spoonful of boiled beef into his mouth again, he mumbled with a lisp as he ate: “Delicious.” Hearing his praise, Pei Zaiyu suddenly stopped eating. He smiled coolly and said, “Lucky did it.” After he had stuffed a large spoonful into it. Cough. Cough.. Nearly choked to death by rice grains, Fang Weiyang, who survived the robbery, grabbed the juice of the charm for the second time and drank two mouthfuls before he stopped coughing violently. Are you trying to kill me? His eyes are accusatory. Where is it? Pei Zaiyu smiled back at him indifferently. He was robbed for the second time and saw that the culprit was always flirting with his lover, and his charm could not help but fly into a rage. Fang, if you dare not give me an explanation, I will. I'll show you! “Xiaozi, forgive her once. She won't dare to do it again.” The speed of changing faces was amazing, and in a twinkling of an eye Fang Weiyang was already pitiful. Ew- ' The two outsiders took two steps back together and took away their lunch boxes. This man, thanks to his eloquence, was really coquettish. Nausea. The man surnamed Fang is really not ordinary shameless, this kind of trick of abducting children also has the nerve to show off! Ye Zi was shocked and turned his head to “admire” his boss. “I can't imagine that the general manager not only has first-class working ability, but also tastes like this. Special. No one had ever made him so angry,dap diammonium phosphate, even though he had recently received a variety of accusatory phone calls from his father, mother and his nominal fiancee, Lelia. But no one has ever been able to prick him like this and make him crazy. stargrace-magnesite.com