Substitute Princess by Ah Cai The answer to Xiao Qi's question is Nanuo Creek, which is said to be unfamiliar with this place. Don't worry, there was a fire here before, and it will be out in three days. “How is that possible?” Small seven puzzled, this forest is so big, how can it be destroyed in three days, this, can not believe, difficult, that white tiger can really appear? Through the rain, some can not see the face of Nan Nuoxi, but the voice is gentle, Nan Nuoxi's tone with a smile, as if it is a very happy thing to be able to solve Xiao Qi's puzzles. According to the older generation, the animals here will organize to put out the fire. They have lived here for generations. They will not allow the fire to burn their homes. It is also said that there is a spirit beast guarding, the evil fire is not strong, in short, the fire can be extinguished in three days. Some dull, small seven nod, is this white tiger really can appear? It was the first time she had heard that animals put out fires by themselves. If there was no leader organization, it would be impossible. If there was a leader organization, the animals in the South Forest would be obedient and cooperative. Only the white tiger could do it. If it was really a white tiger, then the fire would really come. In that case, let's wait here for three days and see the spectacle of animals putting out fires. Not everyone can see the sight of the beasts coming out of the mountains. Xiao Qi wants to see it very much. The most important thing is to see if the leader of the beasts is the white tiger. If so, they are really lucky. OK Without even thinking, Bei Junmo agreed. Qin Xiao and other people's eyes flashed incredible, these two people do not know the danger of the forest? Don't you know the danger of this beast? Are you going to watch the beasts come out of the mountains here? “This is unavoidable.” Too dangerous, if those animals found their existence, it is more terrible than the hundred thousand troops of Xiling Ce. Because the sound of the rain was so loud that Xiao Qi and Jun Mo did not hear the sound of Qin Xiao,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, but saw his frowning brows. Qin Xiao, what did you say? Small seven loudly asked, no way, this rain sound is too loud, can not hear clearly. Originally wanted to say, here to see the beast out of the mountain is too dangerous, but was stopped by a look in the eyes of North Junmo, no way, small seven hiding in the arms of North Junmo, relaxed mood,304 Stainless Steel Bar, also did not gather internal force. But Bei Junmo was different. He was on guard all over. Even if the rain was a little heavier, he heard what Qin Xiao had just said. Qin Xiao was a little depressed by Bei Jun's silent stare, and the pet is not so spoiled, as for it. However, under the pressure of Bei Junmo, he changed his tune. I say It's a wonderful sight for all animals to come out of the mountain. We have to choose a good place. So as not to be found by the beasts and eaten directly, the loss outweighs the gain. Small seven nodded, is to find a good position, safe, good perspective. In fact, for this danger, of course, Xiao Qi understands that although it is possible to meet the white tiger, but this may be minimal, so Xiao Qi did not say it, after all, the probability is too low. Just, she really want to, want to see this beast out of the mountains, this life may only be such a time, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, God, please forgive her capriciousness. Also, Bei Junmo, Qin Xiao, Nuoqin, Dark Rock and Jintian, please forgive my willfulness. Looking at this scene from beginning to end, Nuoxi and others, without a word, just smiled, Xiao Qi wanted to see, accompany is, beasts, found them to fight, but run, but run, that is. Rain, slowly small up, and the forest fire is getting bigger and bigger because of the rain, looking at the large sparks, although far away from them, but they can feel the tenderness of the fire. Is this fire reminding them that some people can feel her tenderness at a distance, and if they are too close, they may be burned. Qin Xiao looked at Xiao Qi and thought silently in his heart. Xiao Qi, for me, are you such a person? The only thing that answered him was the sound of the rain drops, and the sound of the burning trees in the distance. 252 Hip-hop Updated June 25, 2010 9:38:55 Words: 2102 The rain came suddenly and stopped suddenly. An hour later, the heavy rain stopped, the sun came out immediately, and there was only moisture in the air and the fragrance of the grass mixed with the earth. Such a good weather, people's mood can not help but relax, Xiao Qi gently a deep breath, let their whole body relax, enjoy this pure natural pollution-free air, and this quiet and detailed atmosphere. Except, of course, for the fire in the distance, which was getting farther and farther away from them, and they could only see the red sparks and the warmth. The crowd is also a burst of relaxation, drenched in a rain, but it is not embarrassed, one by one is refreshing. Jin Tian took off his raincoat and sighed with emotion. Xiao Qi, your clothes are really good to use. After being caught in the rain for so long, I have no water on my body. Even my shoes are dry. Had it not been for Xiao Qi, they would have been in such a mess when the rain came down. Even if they had internal force to protect themselves, it would be difficult to guarantee that they would not get sick. Xiao Qi, when did I give you something of inferior quality? Dark Rock took off his clothes and pulled leisurely. Anyway, they had no intention of continuing to walk. They had plenty of free time to chat with the owner of the brocade building and kill his spirit to pass the time. Things are good, but it's too much trouble to make, and the material is so hard to find, alas. These six clothes have to be made of materials worth thousands of yuan. It's Xiao Qi who has money in them. Xiao Qi is really rich. Well, in other words, those materials were given to her by the evil doctor, and she had no chance to use such extremely poisonous things, so she refined them. Now, listening to Jintian's words, it seems to be a waste. However, Xiao Qi is too lazy to reply to Jin Tian's words. Jin Childe, recently, he is too talkative. Since the inside story that he is the owner of Qingtian Building has been exposed, he really doesn't treat them as outsiders. The gentle Childe's face is not hanging every day. Occasionally,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, he will put it down and have a rest. For example, now, there is the appearance of Jin Childe praised by everyone in Jianghu.