Xiuxian Skill Tree Mobile synchronous reading, please visit the. Chapter 134 the challenge of Wang Gan entering the list. Wang Gan killed Yang Qing, and the next day, he single-handedly killed the Xiao family in order to save a companion. WWw. NuosHU. CoM First.. Hair Surprisingly, however, he not only miraculously succeeded in rescuing him, but also caused the destruction of the Xiao family in retaliation, causing numerous casualties. Even the Seventeen Sacrifices were awed by his power and prestige in front of him, and fled far away. The only one left behind died miserably because of his talent and arrogance. Even if Xiao Shan arrived in time, he could not keep it, and he still got away with it. The legendary news soon spread throughout the Luo Tian Mmén, and everyone in the Mmén was shocked. Especially the other seven families, their strength is not as strong as the Xiao family, the strongest but the middle of the foundation, so all day on tenterhooks, deeply afraid of Wang Gan to find them to settle old accounts. Later, in the newly published book Luo Tian Fengyun, Xiao Jia gave a very objective description of the whole process, but the facts explained between the lines are really unconvincing. Not to mention Xiao Hong's perjury, people's attention is mainly focused on Wang Gan's strength. In the eyes of others, Wang Gan was able to kill Yang Qing, who was invincible at the same level. This was a fact in full view of the public and could not be quibbled. But leapfrogging this kind of thing is too outrageous,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, let alone can also completely suppress it, and even finally took the other side's life. As for the later said that its killing power even shocked Xiao Shan, this is even more incredible. You know, the gap between the two is just like the abyss of heaven. Can a monk in the early stage of foundation building deter him in the later stage of foundation building? Ridiculous. Ridiculous. For people's distrust, the Xiao family is also suffering unspeakably. Businessmen attach most importance to credibility, so even if they do not want to mention the killing God, they have made the most objective reports based on real information, so that the information must be authentic and credible. Unfortunately,caustic calcined magnesite, what they have seen and heard is contrary to common sense. How can it be convincing? In particular, Xiao Hong, the head of the family, forcibly tampered with the paragraph about Xiao Zixiang, describing him as a traitor, and the insiders could see the trick in it. In fact, the most controversial is not this report, but Luo Tianshuangbang. On the list of Luo Tianxian Miao, which represents the potential, Wang Gan's name jumped into the top ten, ranking ninth. The reason for recommendation is very simple: overstep the ranks to kill people, and have Samadhi Pure Yang True Fire. Yes, these two reasons are enough, the fact of overstepping the ranks to kill people, undoubtedly proves the amazing details of this person, Magnesium Oxide price ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, who can do this, will always be ranked in the top ten of Luo Tianxian Miao list. What is even more incredible is that the average person can get the true fire of pure Yang is already a great good fortune, and there may not be one out of a hundred thousand people, but this person is almost a myth to monopolize three kinds of true fire of pure Yang. NUOSHU. COM First.. Hair If he can cultivate these three fires to maturity and combine them into one to form the true Samadhi fire, I am afraid that even the immortals will be burned alive. It can be seen that its potential is so great that it is hard to imagine. Just because Wang Gan's time in Mmén is too short, the information is not enough, especially there are still many doubts about the power he uses, and it is impossible to determine whether he can really use the power of heaven, so he can only occupy the ninth place at present. And on Luo Tiandi's outstanding list, there is also Wang Gan's name. He replaced Han Song and ranked 328th. This means that in his generation of disciples, his strength is enough to break into four hundred. In this way, Wang Gan can be said to be the first legendary figure who has just entered the list and occupied two seats at the same time since the opening of the list, which Lianyun Qingtian can not do. The younger generation of disciples are all talking about it, with doubts, jealousy, and worship, and the most discussed topic is which elder Wang Gan will be under m mén. It can be imagined that any elder would like to get such a great disciple with such great potential. Therefore, numerous elders, even the great elders, soon publicly expressed their willingness to include it in the mmén, and even to give out the treasure of the magic weapon series as a gift to enter the mmén. But at this time, there was a rumor that a certain peak leader had accidentally talked about Wang Gan, who was currently in the limelight, when he was preaching at the opening of the altar. His words were full of amazement, and he seemed to have the intention of accepting disciples. But somehow, he just shook his head regretfully, as if he had come too late, and there was no follow-up. Want to know, can be the peak Lord green eyes, the future is bound to become a close disciple of Luo Tianzhen disciples hundreds of people, but the close disciples are only eight people. As a result, many disciples gradually believed what the Xiao family had said, believing that Wang Gan was indeed a legendary figure with great potential. It can be said that in this unprecedented heat of discussion, Wang Gan's reputation has far exceeded Yang Qing, even though many people still have doubts, but no one doubts that he is really invincible at the same level. This is nothing, really let the whole Luotian mmén stir up, even all the elders, Dharma protectors, and even palm mmén are shocked by the heavy news, suddenly came from the Xiao family. It turned out that after learning what Wang Gan had done, Yun Qingtian immediately contacted the Xiao family and publicly announced in the name of the legitimate son of the ancient Yun clan that he had been promoted to the middle stage of foundation building not long ago. If Wang Gan could reach the same level in four months, he would issue a challenge to him and compete in the arena of life and death. In addition, he also emphasized that this was a life-and-death battle between the legitimate son of the ancient cloud clan and the disciple of Luo Tian m mén Sanjiefeng. Is Wang Gan a close disciple? The disciple of Lord Wu Feng of Wu Taiqing? Successors of close disciples have always caused a great sensation, but this time, people have only a very short time to digest the news that is enough to cause a sensation. Because behind this sentence, the significance is too great, so great that it has gone beyond the scope of Luo Tian m mén,calcium nitrate sol, and it is a major event concerning the distribution of forces in the realm of immortals. The Ancient Cloud Clan is one of the most powerful ancient clans, and its prestige is known to everyone, no less than any of the ten schools of Taoism. stargrace-magnesite.com