Biao Qi-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise “Villa Leader, it's not too late for you to say that someone has really become a ghost under the flowers. I'm afraid, Zhao, I'm afraid that the golden wind chimes you want to take will be in the hands of the eminent monks in Wutai to extradite your soul.” Fang Er nodded slightly and said strangely: “Han Shan Chong, this is your initiative to pick-, no wonder the Villa Leader...” Hanshan heavy also nodded: “I don't blame you, because you used to like to pick.” Fang Erji looked back gently, kissed his horse on the nose, patted his horse's mane with his right hand, and then the horse retreated, as the rider retreated, the atmosphere around him seemed to be dripping with blood. Quietly, Fang Erji did not look back. He kept staring at his mount and walked slowly backwards. Han Shanzhong could not see his expression, but he could hear the heavy and nervous breathing of the disciples of the Wutai Gang standing around him. Han Shanzhong hung his hands calmly. He knew that a fierce fight was about to start, and the outcome was still unknown. Fang Erji turned around and grinned at Han Shan again. His teeth were white and neat. When the flashing porcelain light in his mouth began to reflect into the pupils of each person, a strong flash of electricity like a golden snake was so fast that it made people fly to the front of Han Shan. The thin figure quenched and plunged three steps, and the purple leather shield and the cold and bright axe and halberd struck back at the same time as the figure moved, so powerful that it was like a mountain shaking the sea! Golden Mang left and right even flash, with the brilliance has almost expanded into a light curtain, shield axe double flying double crutches, in a very small turning point of radian, and it is too many things to see to turn over and cut up! The figures of the two sides could not be seen clearly at all, only to see the golden snake flickering, the shield and axe leaping, wandering on the bluestone road in front of the Heart Buddha Temple. The two fighters were so fast that they could not be compared. They were as fast as the time that had passed since the ancient times, and as fast as the streamer that had flown down to dry for a hundred years. Master Da Luo's two eyes condensed and stared at the rare battle of dragons and tigers in front of him without blinking. Behind him,small geared motors, the six eminent monks of Wutai were even more absorbed and nervous. Over there, the Eight Swords exchanged a few words with Ji Zi'ang in a low voice from time to time, but their eyes did not dare to leave the arena. Sima Changxiong's face was still expressionless, and he looked coldly at the evolution of the battle situation. Only the soft heart of the dream memory has already been mentioned in the mouth. Fang Erji's silver cloak fluttered, his footsteps followed closely, his left arm rolled like an eagle's wing, the golden sword stirred up thousands of waves, flying down in the air, the body slightly deflected, the golden sword came out of the hollow,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, gathered into a golden arrow, from the nihility, fast and ruthless, and strange! Cold mountain heavy leather shield rolling and flying, continuous and dense, like thousands of huge and heavy rocks floating and sinking all over the sky, while his halberd and axe roared like a river surging into the sea, interweaving vertically and horizontally, meeting the golden waves all over the sky in a critical moment, striking the long arrow between breathing flashes, so.. The two figures suddenly shot separately, and at the same time they touched each other again. Their moves were as fast as the sunshine in the sky, as ruthless as blood, and as poisonous as the glandular teeth of a hundred-pace snake! There is almost no pause, and it is so compact, faster than people's thoughts, faster than people's thoughts, when the spectators have not thought of the moves of both sides, Vending Machine Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, and those unexpected moves have become the past, when people have not had time to worry about the safety of both sides, and that safety has been repeated many times! Since the first move of the two men, the impression is still deep in people's minds, as if just in the past, in this short period of time, Han Shanzhong and Fang Erji have been fighting each other for more than seventy strokes! Master Da Luo took a deep breath and said in a low voice: “Gui Xuan, this is an excellent and rare test.” Master Gui Xuan stepped forward and said: “Yes, it's unbelievable how powerful Fang Er is.” Master Da Luo said slowly: “I have long believed that he has been revealed by his arrogance.” After thinking about it, Gui Xuan asked in a low voice, “Almsgiver Han, Elder Martial Brother, it's more like a dragon flying to heaven.” Master Da Luo smiled imperceptibly: “Apart from him, I'm afraid we can't compete with this house.”. “Master Gui Xuan looked at the shadow of the sword of the axe, which was flying and turning endlessly in the field, and quietly said:” “Elder Martial Brother, Haomu Yiding is the overlord of talent!” Master Da Luo twirled his long beard slightly and looked at the arena with praise in his eyes. In the arena, Han Shan was shooting and jumping hard. After twelve flashes from left to right, he pounced down. The shield hit him from the top, the axe cut him obliquely, and his feet twisted his opponent's neck. He was ruthless and accurate! Fang Erji stayed where he was, and the Golden Light Sword found the enemy's way to attack and blocked the counterattack at the same time. Han Shan smiled coldly, and in the laughter, he turned over in the air. Nineteen shields, twenty-seven axes, like a storm and a gale, were covered with one breath! The golden awn, deep and strong, suddenly shot out, the cold mountain broke again, suddenly followed, but the golden awn in a flash of fierce and side back, the illusion of streamer vertical and horizontal, cloth into a curtain, cloth into a net, interwoven into the boundless sea of gold, combined into heaven and earth, so ferocious and impeccable stamping. The eyes of the cold mountain, as heavy as electricity, were cold and fierce. His whole body suddenly bounced up, but in the instant of bouncing up, he rolled down again. His whole body, like a miracle, flashed thousands of dazzling silver lights, surging vigorously, and the sharp howl of the air, like a bright star falling from a distant and illusory sky, strong and invincible. It was so sharp that people's eardrums could not follow the sound of gold and iron. It seemed that ten thousand plates of ice beads suddenly fell to pieces on the ground. The golden light and the silver awn twisted and shot, reflecting strange and gorgeous colors. In that dazzling brilliance, two figures flashed out from two directions, slightly circling, and then suddenly swept back to fight in one place! Fang Erji's long golden sword trembled very fast. Its thin blade was like a devil's sharp mouth. It greedily gnawed at the neck, shoulders, belly and legs of the cold mountain. The sharp wind of the sword carried the air around it, and the face was cold. The sword came and went very fast, so fast that people trembled. Taking a deep breath, Han Shan pressed his lips tightly,brushless gear motor, and his thin body moved at countless different angles in the same position. His movement was so compact and so fast that it seemed as if he had not moved at all. However, the blade of the strong enemy was all slightly less than one point. With a chuckle, Hanshan suddenly burst into drink:.