Beginner should know about using a vape

If you are a beginner with no vape knowledge at all, you may be wondering what to choose a vape based on. By choosing a vape that suits your tastes, you can enjoy its charms to the fullest. Here we will explain what beginners should keep in mind when choosing a vape, including some points to keep in mind.

What is an electronic cigarette “VAPE”?

We will explain the mechanism and structure of an e-cigarette vape, as well as the differences between a vape and a traditional paper cigarette.

How does a VAPE work?

A vape is simply a liquid that is heated to produce vapor, which is then inhaled and exhaled like a cigarette to enjoy the aroma and taste. By changing the volts and wattage, the amount and aroma of vapor can be changed, which in turn changes the way people enjoy vaping. In addition, there is a wide variety of liquid available, allowing you to freely change your favorite flavors. However, because of legal restrictions, the liquids available in Japan do not contain nicotine. If you wish to enjoy nicotine-containing liquids, you must import them from overseas.

Structure of Vape

A vape can be roughly divided into three parts: the battery unit, atomizer, and drip tip. The battery unit, as the name implies, is the part that supplies the power; it is also called a mod. The part called the atomizer is the entire part of the vape that produces vapor. It is composed of a tank for filling with liquid, a coil for running the battery's power, and other detailed devices. By customizing this part, it is possible to adjust the amount of vapor and enjoy safer usage. Finally, the drip tip is the part that is attached to the mouth when inhaling vapor. There are a variety of drip tips, including metal and resin ones, and you can choose the one that best suits your preference.

Differences from paper cigarettes and heated cigarettes

Conventional cigarettes are made by burning tobacco leaves wrapped in paper and inhaling the resulting smoke through a filter. Heated cigarettes, such as IQOS and glo, heat tobacco leaves instead of burning them to produce water vapor. The vapor generated is inhaled and enjoyed, and is considered less harmful to health than paper cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are similar to heated cigarettes. Liquid, rather than tobacco leaves, is heated and the resulting vapor is inhaled and enjoyed. Liquids are plentiful and, as mentioned above, nicotine-containing liquids can be used. Liquids that do not contain nicotine are considered to have little or no health effects, given their composition.