Types of Vape Devices

There are many different types of vape devices. Each of them will be explained in detail, touching on their merits.

Pen Type

Pen-type vape devices are often used by advanced vapers because of their substantial contents for their small size. They produce a large amount of vapor and liquid flavor, so you can enjoy an authentic taste. This type can be used without complicated operations, and is of course easy for beginners to handle. In addition, most of them are all-in-one types, such as those with an integrated liquid tank and battery. There is no need for troublesome maintenance.

Box type

The box type is characterized by the ability to adjust the number of outputs and other details to suit the characteristics of the liquid and the way you like to smoke. Since you can customize the vape freely, you can enjoy making your own vape. Many people choose this type of vape for the first time and continue to customize it to their liking. In most cases, the battery capacity is larger than other types, so you can vape for a long time. The size of the VAPE is not too large for its size, and it is easy to operate because it fits in your hand.

Stick type and POD type

The stick type is similar in size to paper cigarettes and is easy to use, with a similar sensation. Although it is slightly inferior to other types in terms of functionality, its portability is more than enough to make up for this. Because they are compact and easy to carry, many people have a stick type as a second device. Another appeal is the stylish design of many types.

POD vape is available in a square box type or pen type, and the common specification is that the atomizer and the coil are integrated into a single unit and the cartridge can be replaced. The number of POD vape users has been increasing rapidly.

Characteristics of VAPE for beginners

There are various attractive features of vapes that beginners should keep in mind. Some of the features are explained in detail below.

A wide variety of liquids and flavors

Vape comes in a wide variety of flavors, including sweet-smelling, mentholated, and fruity ones. If you want to use your vape like a regular cigarette, you can choose a tobacco flavor, as some vapes taste like cigarettes. You can also enjoy nicotine-infused flavors if you import them from abroad. By combining flavors, you can also enjoy your original aroma. If you use a liquid-infused type, you can change the flavor each time according to your mood.

Enjoy smoking in different ways

One of the appeals of vape is that you can enjoy vaping in different ways by changing the way you smoke. It is said that there are three main ways to smoke a vape. The first one is called “mouth to lung,” in which the vapor is held in the mouth. This is the same as smoking a regular cigarette, so people who have smoked before may be familiar with this method. The vapor is stored in the mouth, sent to the lungs, and slowly exhaled. The aroma and taste can be enjoyed.

There is another way to inhale and exhale as you normally do. This is also called direct lunging. The vape is also popular for its technique of using the vapor to create an explosion of smoke.

The third is the “puffing” method, in which water vapor is held in the mouth but not in the lungs. Since the vapor is not put into the lungs, even people who have never smoked before can easily try it. It is also characterized by the fact that the aroma of the liquid can be felt more easily.

No unpleasant smell of cigarettes

As mentioned above, vape is characterized by the fact that tobacco leaves are not used. As a result, the unpleasant odor characteristic of cigarettes does not occur. Compared to cigarettes and heated cigarettes, vape smokers are less likely to be bothered by the smell, and the only smell that is generated around them is the faint aroma of the liquid flavor. There is no worry about the smell drifting into the room or onto clothing, as with the smell of cigarettes. Compared to other tobacco products such as paper cigarettes and heated cigarettes, it is a smarter way to enjoy smoking.

However, it is essential to follow the rules of use. You cannot use it in public vehicles. Vape users and non-users alike should try to use vape products in a way that is comfortable for both parties.

Useful for reducing and quitting smoking

Many people find the greatest appeal of vaping to be its ability to help them reduce or even quit smoking. vaping allows people to inhale and exhale the vapor produced, just like smoking cigarettes, so they can feel as if they are smoking a cigarette. Vape smoking can be used to reduce or quit smoking in a healthy way, even when nicotine-free liquids are used. Many people have been able to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke or quit smoking after using a vape.