Recommend [Shuang Wen] to dress up as white moonlight for me to get rich behind me.

Although it's a little old it hasn't been decorated in recent years This hotel has been in Hong Kong for a hundred years and has always stood firm It must have its own unique features Ming Jingyan did not have a bar and patiently explained Ms Yu asked again “Is the food delicious” Ming Jingyan nodded “If it were not for years of cooperation with the Institute most people would not be able to Organic Chemicals make an appointment to eat” “All right then taste it” Ms Yu reluctantly agreed and asked Su Liang “Have you come to eat” Do you like it If you don't like it will your sister take you to another hotel tomorrow Ming Jingyan “Don't go too far!”! Didn't my sister count it in her heart Su Liang “” When I was a child I was not thrown away but I could still raise it It is absolutely a mountain of maternal love The author has a word to want to say Bright Bar Bar The person is polite call you elder sister still think oneself are elder sister really Ms Yu In the next episode I will perform beating my son on the spot Chapter 40 Ms Yu was obviously used to it She not only ignored him but also imparted her experience to Su Liang in front of him “You must not be angry when dealing with this kind of contrarian” If he's out there forget it He can do whatever he wants If he's at home beat him up tape his mouth and lock him in his study for one night He's sure to be honest the next day Su Liang Oh Ming Jingyan is obviously a dead pig who is not afraid of being scalded by boiling water He is still bragging there “If you can't hear the truth just say that people are on the line Is what I said wrong” Which sentence did I say wrong An old aunt in her fifties but also let a 20-year-old girl call you'sister ' how big your face is is it swollen with hyaluronic acid Su Liang “” I think you're bloated and want to be beaten Ms Yu's good self-cultivation disappeared after she entered the private room He took off his coat and hung it on the hanger put his bag on one side of the sofa rolled up his sleeves and prepared to beat his son on the spot Su Liang hurriedly hugged her “Sister sister calm down we do not follow his general knowledge” It has been said that he is a contrarian so don't be harsh on him with the requirements of normal people It seems that being at the bottom of the food chain is not unreasonable Ms Yu stared at him for two minutes then finally calmed down and sat down on the sofa to drink tea Su Liang gave Ming Jingyan a push “Go to order and have a share of all the delicious food” What if you can't finish it That's a lot of money Su Liang It's my money In other words it's yours Su Liang glared at him “If you can't finish it pack it!” It's not easy for people to come here Are you so stingy Ming Jingyan had no opinion and went to order food honestly Ms Yu's eyes turned and her long eyelashes flashed twice The little girl had a good temper It seemed that there was no need to worry too much China Chemicals Suppliers However Ms Yu's line of sight stayed on her plain face for a few seconds Sure enough she was still a young girl Her plain face was so bright that people could not extricate themselves Her skin was enviable It was white with powder and soft Just looking at it made people happy Emmm…… The contrarian should also look at the face of this face for a while Ms Yu turned her eyes to the wide black down jacket on her body and turned around twice with some doubts in her heart Even if the little girl's family is a little poor her son of Yushu Linfeng won't be so stingy right Don't even want to buy a beautiful dress for others After thinking about it I still think that the little girl is used to simplicity and is not allowed to buy it right Su Liang had no idea what her future mother-in-law was thinking She searched out several kinds of tea from the cabinet and asked “Which one do you like to drink” Ms Yu looked over and said with a smile “This tea looks good What kind of tea do you think tastes good” I don't have much research on tea drinking Generally I drink whatever others like “Chrysanthemum tea bar there are several dishes more spicy chrysanthemum tea clear mouth” “Yes” Seeing Ms Yu so easy-going Su Liang's tense heart suddenly relaxed In fact there is nothing to be nervous about Feelings come from getting along with each other and she is not a difficult person to get along with Ming Jingyan is so bad that both of them are still talking well and his family must not be a problem After a meal the host and guest enjoyed themselves Ms Yu looked at her watch It was too early It was just after eight o'clock She dragged Su Liang to the mall and said with a smile “I came from the sea city There was a meeting Organic Solvents there I didn't have time to prepare the gift for you Why don't we go to the mall and have a look What do you like I'll pay for it OK” Su Liang subconsciously refused “No I didn't prepare any gift for you” But Ming Jingyan hurriedly answered “Well go go go It's still early” No one can resist the power of Ms Yu when she puts clothes on others Ming Jing Yan secretly thought must put all the pink inside the mall all wear to Su Liang body! Sure enough when he was ready to go home at ten o'clock Su Liang was already full of confusion Ming Jingyan carried more than a dozen large and small bags in his hands half of which were pink clothes whether they were overcoats or woolen sweaters or small fragrant coats or even underwear All of them have a pink! Young girls should be pink and tender How beautiful they are After Ming Jingyan sent Su Liang home he went back to the expert apartment with his mother Ms Yu taunted him “Give you such a big house to live in isn't it still a loner” Ming Jingyan “Su Liang's parents live in the community behind the dormitory building What else can I do” Besides do I look so horny I fall in love to get married not for a while! Ms Yu said “Tut” “No matter how righteous you say you can't change it You still live like a single dog Ming Jingyan you're going to be twenty-seven soon and you have something in mind! My birthday in November is only twenty-seven in half a year! Besides why didn't I count it Is Su Liang not good “Yes but can't others see the good things” The little girl is only twenty-two and she still has several years to pick and choose What about you 。 globalchemmall.com

The Da Vinci Code

But now in the Temple Church Langdon threatens to break the keystone leaving Remy's future in doubt It was hard for him to think of what he was about to lose so he decided to act boldly The gun in his hand is a concealed small bore j-shaped “Medusa” revolver but it can cause fatal wounds in a small area Remy came out of the shadows and walked quickly to the center of the round house He aimed his pistol directly at Teabing's head “I've been waiting for you for a long time old man” Sir Ray Teabing's heart stopped when he saw Remy pointing his PMedicinal Plant Raw Materials gun at him What's he doing Teabing recognized at a glance the revolver he had locked in the glove box of the limousine for security reasons Remy what's wrong with you Teabing sputtered Langdon and Sophie were equally stunned Remy hugged Teabing from behind and slammed the barrel of his gun into his back which was high on his left side and facing his heart Tibbin's muscles tensed “Remy I didn't —” “Let me get this straight” Remy said looking over Teabing's shoulder at Langdon Put the keystone down or I'll shoot Langdon seemed to become numb for a moment What do you want the keystone for “You can't turn it on” he stammered “A bunch of self-righteous fools” Remy sneered “Haven't you noticed that I've been listening to you talk about these poems all night I've heard everything and I've spoken to others who know more than you do You're not even in the right place The grave you are looking for is somewhere else Teabing panicked What is he talking about! “What do you want the Holy Grail for” Langdon asked “You want to destroy the world before it ends” “Take the keystone away from Mr Langdon” Remy told the monk As the monk pressed forward Langdon backed away holding the keystone high as if ready to slam it to the ground I would rather destroy it than let it fall into the wrong hands Teabing felt a twinge of fear It was as if he saw his life's work vanishing before his eyes and all his dreams turning to dust Robert no! “He shouted” No! That's the Holy Grail in your hand Remy's not gonna shoot me We already know ten — Remy fired a shot at the ceiling The pistol is so small but the sound it makes is too loud The sound of the gun echoed in the stone room like thunder and lightning I'm not kidding “I'm going to shoot him in the back next” Remy said Give the keystone to Silas Reluctantly Langdon held out his hand and Silas went up to get it His red eyes were filled with the pleasure of revenge He put the keystone in the pocket of his robe and stepped back the pistol still aimed at Langdon and Sophie Teabing's neck was held tightly by Remy Remy dragged him and began to retreat out of the house the pistol still against his back China Chemicals Suppliers Let him go Langdon ordered I'm taking Mr Teabing out for a drive Remy is still backing up If you call the police I'll kill him If you try to interfere I'll kill him too Do you hear me clearly “Take me” said Langdon his voice cracking with emotion Let Ser Ray go! Remy laughed “Come on I have a good relationship with him and he's very useful” Teabing dragged his crutches behind him and he was pushed by Remy to the exit Silas also began to move back but his pistol was still aimed at Langdon and Sophie Sophie's tone was very firm “Who are you working for” “Miss Neveu you'll be surprised if you say it” Remy laughed triumphantly Chapter 87 The fireplace in Chateau Villette's living room was cold but Lieutenant Collet walked up and down in front of it reading a fax sent to him by Interpol Everything was beyond his expectation According to official records André Vernet was a model citizen The police have no criminal record against him not even a parking ticket He was educated at the preparatory school and then at the University of Paris where he graduated with honors in international finance According to Interpol Vernet's name often appears in newspapers and is always positive Apparently Natural Pigments this person was involved in the design of the Zurich Savings Bank's security system making it the world's leading electronic security system today According to Vernet's personal credit card he was a lover of art books and expensive wines and he loved classical music — most of his recordings were Brahms which he apparently listened to on a particularly advanced stereo system he had purchased a few years earlier Nothing Collet sighed This evening from the information provided by Interpol the only bright spot is obviously the fingerprints left by Teabing's servant At the other end of the room the chief inspector of the pts sat in a comfortable chair and read the investigation materials handed in Collet looked over Have you found anything new The prosecutor shrugged “These are the fingerprints of Remy Legrud” He was cited for a minor crime It's no big deal It seems that he was kicked out of school because he reinstalled the phone Jack in order to enjoy the convenience of making free calls Later he went to sneak around arrested and released and was arrested again Once he had an emergency tracheotomy he tampered with the bill issued by the hospital He looked up and chuckled About having an allergic reaction to peanut oil Collet nodded remembering the time the police had gone to a restaurant to investigate and the restaurant had not stated on the menu that the meat sauce contained peanut oil As a result a guest sat down at the table to eat a mouthful and died suddenly because of an allergic reaction to peanut oil Legrud may be living here to avoid being arrested “He was lucky that night” said the prosecutor looking pleased 。 globalchemmall.com

Misery Summoner

With that, the already prepared phantom plants broke out, and the corpse-eating villains, Bloody Mary, Red Blood Dragon Vine, Dark Overlord Vine, and the bloodthirsty ghost vine recently cultivated with the corpses of the blood clan, these ferocious and ferocious attacking plants launched attacks one after another. What the hell is this? What a big mouth, with teeth, ah-my arm! “Damn plant rattan, can actually eat people, everyone pay attention, don't be swallowed ah!” “No, this white plant can suck blood through the armor, even the fighting spirit is useless, the magician?”? Give us more shields! Shit, there's a piece of armor stuck to me. Help me pull it off! Corpse Eater and Bloody Mary are the original alchemy plants, which are of low rank and do not need to be cultivated with specific corpses. All kinds of Warcraft can be used, so attack and defense are not strong, and they are won by quantity. But the red blood dragon vine and the black overlord vine are very horrible, directly swallowing one, like an enlarged version of the body of a python, opening a round mouth full of sharp teeth, ignoring the base armor and fighting spirit of the fine armor, all swallowed into the abdomen, without worrying about indigestion. With their huge bodies, ordinary knights can only cut a bleeding wound, which may be quite serious for humans, but for their huge bodies like valley tunnels, it is not painful at all. Only those extremely powerful and explosion-oriented martial arts can cause serious damage, but these magic vines have powerful self-healing abilities, which are nothing unless they are cut in half. Moreover, even if it is cut off, it will not die. As long as it does not hurt the plant core similar to the core of the Warcraft, it will be seriously injured at most. After going back and cultivating for a period of < i2000 >, it can be restored as before, and its vitality is as tenacious as an earthworm. But these four are nothing, anyhow there is a law to break, the last kind of new cultivation of bloodthirsty ghost vine is the real headache, the last battle to break through the eternal night meeting, killed hundreds of blood clan corpses on the spot were all collected by Downing, as feed to cultivate plant vine, Lilith in this biological alchemy skills increasingly sophisticated, self-combined with the undead magic, Cultivate this plant vine, which is between the undead and the living things. Bloodthirsty ghost vines have the body of the undead and are in a state of nothingness, so they can ignore the obstruction of armor, but on the other hand, they have the effect of physical blood-sucking, and after blood-sucking, they can quickly derive and split more bloodthirsty ghost vines. Fighting spirit is not really invalid for them, but it must be a special fighting spirit with attributes. Fighting spirit with ordinary attributes still belongs to the physical category in essence, which is not true for the bloodthirsty ghost vine in the state of nothingness. In addition, Lilith is also constantly using magic to carry out long-range attacks, her own strength is not weak, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, light, dark two systems have reached the sixth order, element four system to the fourth order, a six system of magic is too strong, the ninth order magician may not be able to beat her in this respect. What's more, when she uses magic, she doesn't need her men, she doesn't need to worry about hurting her companions, there's no elbow, and as for hurting those vines, she made them and didn't care at all. At the same time, she also commands the second-level magic free tentacle vine, which attacks the magicians from time to time. In addition to the magic free effect, the other abilities of the tentacle vine are the same as those of the lowest level, but it is not that group of magicians can resist. Once they are attacked when casting a spell, the result is that they are pierced through the magic shield and body and die. This kind of unprecedented, called the evil way of tentacle rattan attack, in a short while this group of life-saving magicians were scared to turn around and run away, the magicians who graduated from the regular magic school had ever seen such a strange battle, the noble status of their ability to survive here is not stronger than a small soldier, as the lowest mortality rate in every battle. Here they are treated equally by the little tentacle vine, and such a suffocating death is not what they want to see. Escape is the expertise of the magicians, anyway, even if the dereliction of duty those commanders also dare not punish them too severely, the moment as birds and beasts scattered, all to save their lives. Without the help of the magician, the warriors and knights were even more suffocating, shouting abuse one by one, but powerless, facing the physical immunity of the bloodthirsty ghost vine, there was no way at all. Some wise people thought that the enemy was attacking the headquarters, and that once all the commanders surrendered or were killed, the blame for the failure would not fall on them, and they would rub oil on the soles of their feet and run away. Some snipers attacked Lilith with bows and arrows, and were intercepted by Yiyi, who was guarding beside them. At the same time, they threw wind blades to fight back. Some of them broke through the plant vine defense line. The knights who charged thought they could easily knock down two little girls, but they were hit by incredible brute force and flew out. Yiyi, the descendant of the demon wolf, was completely defeated in terms of speed and strength. Especially hit by that small fist, even the so-called heavy infantry equipped with the top armor of the fine armor base, there will be a sunken pit, completely unable to withstand the physical impact, although the appearance can not see the injury, but the internal organs were mixed together, the whole person dizzy, it feels like being hit by a giant hammer. All of a sudden, the burly soldiers were unable to break through the defense line formed by the two little girls, and there were even signs of defeat. After the war, that kind of childish and innocent crisp bell laughter has become a nightmare for many people, almost an allergic reaction, hearing it will produce fear, constantly shivering. In the barracks, Downing went on a killing spree, invincible, holding a sword in both hands and a knife in the right hand, freezing people's actions with the cold of the sad frost, and then ending their lives with the evil knife and rhinoceros horn. In addition, the exit was blocked by Lilith and Yiyi,cold drawn tubes, and the small space seemed to be a purgatory on earth. In a short time, half of the people died. Surrender! Our army is willing to give up resistance and surrender to your army. The general shouted in panic, already scared shitless. cbiesautomotive.com

All he said was prophecy.

This is more comfortable than some orthodox gods, but they can't leave the alley for a long time. What goes around comes around. Liang Quan clearly could not see the appearance of the lane God, but he could feel the long legs of the lane God stepping on it all the time, and finally heard a sentence, “I can only look at it.” Liang Quan chuckled and took the hat handed over by the lane God, but he did not expect that as the lane God took off his hat, in his feeling, the originally tall and treacherous lane God suddenly turned into a small appearance of only half a man's height. Lane God did not seem to feel the vest off, but also with that hoarse cold voice fiercely threatened, “only one eye, or I eat you!” There was not much difference between the hat and the ordinary hat, but when Liang Quan touched it along the brim of the hat, a gentle smile gradually appeared on his face. Sure enough, he didn't feel wrong. It was really the master's handwriting. It's rare to drag and owe so much. This demoiselle hat was made by the poor Taoist master, and the poor Taoist should also show filial piety. Liang Quan wiped a handful on his hat, as if he had put something on it, and then hung it on the finger of the alley God who had come out early from the depths. Liang Quan bowed to the lane God, then slowly walked out of the dark and gloomy lane, his figure was swallowed up by the warm sun at the entrance of the lane, and the lane that ordinary people could not see was restored to silence. The alley God sat on the top of the wall, his long legs leaning against the wall,stainless steel 304 pipes, and just as he was about to raise his hand to touch his hat, he saw a little man standing upside down on the brim of his hat. The white little man stood upside down on the brim of his hat, moving his hands and feet in a lively way, and then pinched the big finger stretched out by the lane God. He babbled and gestured several times. Seeing that the lane God did not move, he began to work by himself. The alley God saw that the little man took out a piece of paper the size of a fingernail, and along the brim of the hat was a sexual struggle, and unexpectedly began to wipe up the demoiselle hat that had not been cleaned up for decades. This spirit has never been seen since the birth of the Lane God. The little man was smaller and more delicate than what Liang Quan had brought with him. His hands were fat and his feet were fat, which made the lane God even more helpless. He looked nervously at the little paper figure and looked at the little man hanging upside down with his cross-eyed eyes. Finally,aluminium coated tubes, he found that his tall body could not play with the little man at all. He flattened his mouth. He raised his hand and took off his hat. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a small figure that Liang Quan had just caught a glimpse of. For a long time, deep in the alley sounded the giggle of a half-grown teenager, compared to the previous horror, but with a little vitality. On the surface of the river, several magnificent boats flowed down the river, surrounded by numerous boats and accompanied by elite troops. The flags flying at the bow of the boats made all other boats afraid to approach, and they landed or stayed away one after another. Fortunately, the team did not clear the field, so calmly passed in the civilian boat. Emperor Sui stood by the window, and an attendant behind him said cautiously, “Your Majesty, there is something wrong with that bag of tricks.” He held a black tray in his hands, and his face trembled. Dressed in a black brocade robe, the emperor casually picked up the bag of tricks, stainless steel tube 304 ,Precision Welded pipes, opened the long-bound seal, looked at the burning ashes at the bottom of the bag of tricks, raised his eyebrows and eyes slightly, “It seems that it's time.” “Where is the next place?” “Your Majesty, it's Jiangdu.” This fleet was noticeable from the very beginning. After all, it was the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty who went to the south of the Yangtze River for a tour of inspection. How could it cover up the attention everywhere? Half a month later, the fleet docked at Jiangdu and left two days later. Jiangdu, as always, returned to normal with the departure of the Sui Emperor's fleet, except for the restless atmosphere of those two days. The streets were crowded with people, and the noise was full of vitality. A toddler stumbled and fell in the middle of the road with a snap, and his fat fingers grabbed the clothes of a rich boy in front of him. The son of the rich family glanced at him, his eyes were faint, and the child's parents apologized nervously and took the ignorant child away with stiff hands and feet. Liang Quan calmly drank the last cup of tea and thought with a sigh that if such eyesight was useful to him, it would be a good thing. Rich children with two attendants swaggered in the street, swayed to the teahouse where Liang Quan was, skipped the front of the teahouse waiter, and went straight to Liang Quan's table. Liang Quan silently took out the tea money, but the rich son suddenly smiled, melted the frost on his face, and his handsome face became smart. “This little Taoist is predestined with me, why not drink a cup with me?” Although he said so, the two attendants behind him suddenly stepped forward, the sword half exposed, impressively threatening appearance. Waiter watched helplessly as the rich boy turned to him and said with a smile, “a pot of tea.” He sighed for the young Taoist in his heart, turned around and happily held the reward silver to arrange it. In the Sui Dynasty, tea drinking was not popular, and it was more popular in the south, while only the upper class in the north began to attach importance to this new thing. Liang Quan once saw Yang Guang making tea by himself in the palace. But it's not called bubbling, it's called boiling. Liang Quan looked at the son of a rich family and sat down in front of him naturally. “I felt like old friends at first sight with the little Taoist priest. It's time to exchange names.”. Nickname Amo, I don't know how long. Liang Quan looked helpless, “Amo, what do you mean?” Yang Guang blinked, with a smile in his tone, “joint?” This was supposed to be the last day for Liang Quan to stay here. The reason for the delay was that Liang Quan found that his master had stayed here for a long time. The Alley God is the best proof. The demoiselle hat looked ordinary, but in fact it covered up the appearance of the lane God and added a deterrent force, which should have taken a lot of effort. But that old appearance and the original appearance of the lane God is not matched, his master character is naughty, even in the care is also mixed with evil interest, for decades have not changed. Yang Guang found, this is not the place to talk, after a pot of tea, Liang Quan took Yang Guang back to the inn where he stayed. As soon as he entered the inn, Yang Guang's attendant spontaneously stood guard outside the house, and the door was closed. A white flash from Liang Quan's skirt, Yang Guang thought he was wrong, after a while,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, a little man struggled to climb up Liang Quan's shoulder, the small black eyes of the paper head foolishly and Yang Guang. Simple facial features and flat paper appearance, a look is a paper figure. cbiesautomotive.com

Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

Had it not been for Lin's delaying tactics, how could the Lin family have survived until now? With these lessons, Lin Zhentian they already understand, strength, is the most important! In the north of Yan City, a manor stands tall. At the gate of the manor, many guards stand here like piles. This is the new residence of the Lin family in Yan City. Now that they have planned to shift their focus to Yan City, a decent place is naturally indispensable. So after spending a lot of money, this manor changed its surname to Lin. In the depths of the manor, there is a quiet small courtyard, here is the separate residence of Lin Dong, now his status in the Lin family is also getting higher and higher, even can be comparable to Lin Zhentian, have such treatment, is also no objection, after all, if not Lin Dong, they Lin family, I'm afraid they are still shrinking in Qingyang town, by a small Lei Xie two dead pressure. In the courtyard of green grass, Lin Dong sat on a stone pier with his eyes closed tightly. All over his body, the primordial force of heaven and earth sent out waves, and finally turned into a trace of primordial force, which quickly penetrated into his body. After more than half a month of hidden practice, the twenty-two meridians of “Sanyang Jue” have been completely opened by Lin Dong, and when they are running, they are not weak, and they are much stronger than the previous “Qingyuan Gong”. And this “Sanyang Jue”, not long ago, Lin moved is also taken to Lin Zhentian,side impact beams, after all, the Lin family that “Qingyuan Gong”, it is too shabby, now conditional, nature is to change, of course, Lin moved out of the “Sanyang Jue”, can only get through the original fifteen meridians, similar to him, but did not say,side impact door beams, he is not private, but this thing involves the mysterious stone amulet, Cautious, he has kept it in mind since he heard the reminder of the raccoon dog that day, and dared not reveal it at all. In the “Sanyang Jue” as the major of the Lin family after the secret book method, Lin move is also secretly will be a “Yin and Yang special” to his father Lin Xiao, now Lin Xiao, is the strength of the late Tianyuan realm, his talent, compared to Lincoln Lin python two people to be much stronger, if who has the best chance to enter the yuan Dan realm, it must be none other than him, so, this “Yin and Yang beads” Only when Lin Xiao uses it can he get the greatest effect. Whew.. In the small courtyard, Lin Dong's practice lasted for a full hour. His closed eyes slowly opened, and a group of white gas spurted out of his mouth. Immediately, his hands reached out, only to see that his palms were shining with a little luster. After a moment, these luster turned into two fist-sized yuan Li light groups. In the light groups, there was a faint trace of pale gold. The surface of the light group is flexible, and a wave of force with some violent learning emanates from it. This light group is the “Sanyang Group” cultivated by “Sanyang Jue”. After half a month's study, precision welded tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, Lin Dong also succeeded in condensing two “Sanyang Groups” in the Dantian. Although he did not fully display them, Lin Dong was able to feel the lethality of this thing. If he could condense this thing when fighting with Wei Tong, perhaps Lin Dong would win more easily. Lin moved to stare at the two “three Yang group”, in the feeling of the violent fluctuations contained in that, this is slightly satisfied with the nod, palm a turn, is the income of the Dantian. This half a month, Lin moved and did not because of the defeat of Wei Tong will pull down the practice, this matter, completely offended the blood wolf gang, according to Yueshan's temperament, will not easily give up, although he is afraid of Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, but once he found the opportunity, will not hesitate to hand, under such pressure, Lin moved the practice, naturally dare not relax. He was able to slay the small perfect state of Wei Tong, but not sure to be able to defeat the big perfect state of Yueshan, the two, although the difference of a word, but the strength, is far apart, this point, from the whole Yan city, is not more than ten fingers of the number of Dzogchen strong, is able to see the clue. Lin moved a little headache to wipe his head, can only temporarily put the matter in mind, and then blew a whistle. Whistle just fell, a red shadow is as fast as lightning from outside the courtyard, blink of an eye, is directly rushed into the side of Lin move, that brings the oppressive breath, even Lin move eyebrows are can not help but pick pick. The red shadow is naturally the small inflammation brought by Lin Zhentian from Qingyang Town, which has not been seen for several months. Although the volume of the small inflammation has not increased, the hair all over the body is getting more and more red, and even looks like it is going to condense into crystal armor, which is extremely strange. For this change in Xiaoyan, Lin Zhentian did not know what the reason was, but the only thing they knew was that the ordinary python would not become like this. Moreover, the most shocking thing for them is that now Xiaoyan, a month after Lin left, fell into a deep sleep, and after it woke up, Lin Zhentian they are aware that Xiaoyan's strength has risen sharply again, and even, according to their guess, even in the face of Xiaoyuan Dan's strong, now Xiaoyan dare to fight. For this change of Xiaoyan, Lin Zhentian is at a loss, but Lin Dong is able to vaguely guess that this may be related to the demon crystal swallowed by Xiaoyan in the mine at the beginning. “Master Lin Dong, Master Yan has sent a message for you to leave him there.” While Lin was smiling and playing with Xiao Yan's red hair, a maid suddenly appeared outside the courtyard and said respectfully. Oh Hearing this, Lin was stunned, but this was the first time he had received such an invitation from Master Yan, but for the latter, he had always been quite respectful, and immediately nodded. Chapter one hundred and thirty tower “Is this where Master Yan lives?” Lin Dong stood outside a courtyard that looked rather ordinary, looking at the residence without any luxury in amazement, but for a moment he did not come to his senses. This is where the famous Master Yan lived. Roar! At the side of Lin Dong, Xiao Yan sent out a low roar. This time, Lin Dong also brought it out. Although it attracted some attention with its size, it was still tolerable. After all, here in Yan City,side impact door beams, I had seen many strong men who could control the monster, so I was just a little surprised that Lin Dong was the God of the fire python, and did not trigger the imaginary crowd. cbiesautomotive.com

Upper raiders by Mo Ling

Wu Huan nodded without hesitation, “Si Yu to me, not only has the grace of saving lives, but also the grace of teaching, but also..” She paused and glanced at Rong Zhao, “the love of family.” Rong Zhao grabbed Wu Huan's hand slightly hard, “it's not impossible, but this way Shuiyunyuan will be destroyed.” Would you like to trade Shui Yunyuan for a chance to go out? Wu Huan lowered his eyes, looked up for a moment, and looked straight into Rong Zhao's pupils. OK Rong Zhao sighed and hugged her gently. Unreal Moon Continent. The red light in the sky is empty, and the people in the whole land of the phantom moon are in a panic. No one knows what it is. The spirit beast on Lingsi Mountain broke through the seal again and fled from Lingsi Mountain crazily. Strangely, the spirit beasts did not hurt people, but ran away, as if they wanted to stay away from Lingsi Mountain. They did not know what was in Lingsi Mountain, nor did they dare to rush in. Until one day Lingsi Mountain suddenly sent out white light, which met with red light, and then people felt that the spiritual power on the mainland was losing, and the spiritual power in the air was getting thinner and thinner. This is not the worst thing, the worst thing is that when there is no spiritual power in the air, the spiritual power in their bodies is also disappearing. It's like being sucked away quietly. The land of the Phantom Moon was plunged into unprecedented chaos and panic. Crying children and looters can be seen everywhere. They can only find a trace of safety in killing,aluminium coated steel tube, killing without spiritual power, is to see whose physical strength is better. To the back to kill the red eye, regardless of men and women, old and young. Blood soaked the land, and the whole land of the phantom moon was covered by a hazy color of blood. The town soul continent is not much better, although there is no killing, but people continue to disappear,side impact beams, those people seem to disappear out of thin air. The person who is standing beside you one moment disappears the next moment. You don't know when you're going to disappear. Come on, it's over there. “A group of people chased a man and a woman through the bloodstained alleys.” Ah One of the petite women suddenly fell down and let out an exclamation. The man quickly turned back and helped the woman up, speaking anxiously, but still gently, “can you still run?” The woman's little face was pale and her head nodded gently. Come here The man grabbed the woman's hand and ran with her. About a fall, the woman's feet are a little lame, the man found the woman's strange, looked back at the end of the alley has appeared, and picked up the woman around the waist. The woman is frightened, “East, your wound.” “It doesn't matter.” Dongfang Jing frowned and ran forward at a faster speed. When he turned a corner, he was stunned. There is no road ahead. “East..” What to do? Tao Yao's eyes were red. “Why don't you give me to them? You go quickly. Without me, you can escape.” “Shut up.” Dongfang Jing scolded, looked down at the woman in his arms, impact beam tubes ,Precision steel tubes, he immediately softened his tone, “Yaoyao, I will not leave you.” “But.” There is no way forward, there are pursuers, how can they escape? “Ha ha ha ha, why don't you run? Run!”! Wasn't that rude just now? I'm showing it to Grandpa. “Boss, look at the way the two of them are separated from each other. Oh, I'm almost moved to death.” “Ha ha ha.” The people behind also caught up at this time, and a group of people immediately burst into laughter. 515 is coming soon. I hope to continue to hit the 515 Red Envelope List. By May 15, the Red Envelope Rain will be able to reward readers and promote works. A piece is also love, must be better! Chapter 506 no one can resist under the way of heaven. ICP Record No.: Xiang B2-20100081-3 Internet Publishing Qualification Certificate: Xin Chu Wang Zheng (Xiang) Zi No.11 Network Culture Business License: Wen Wang Wen [2010] No.128 PS. With today's update. By the way, give the “Starting Point” 515 Fan Festival a vote, everyone has 8 votes, vote and send the starting point coins, kneel down to ask everyone to support and appreciate! “Smelly boy, give that little girl to our eldest brother, maybe the eldest brother is in a good mood, but also let you live on.” Dongfang Jing looked at the man who spoke, “Dreaming.” “Oh, this brat.”. “With a sniff, the man raised his knife and rushed up.” If Grandpa doesn't teach you a lesson today, you won't know the depth of heaven and earth. “ Dongfang Jing dodged with the peach in his arms, but he was already injured, and with a man, he soon got a knife on his arm, and the smell of blood seemed to stimulate the people over there, and immediately two more people rushed up. The three men besieged Dongfang Jing, and they teased him like a cat and mouse. Constantly left a mark on his body, but did not give him a fatal knife. East, East.. Tao Yao grabbed his skirt with tears in her eyes. “Let me go. You will die like this.” “No..” Dongfang Jing struggled to squeeze a word out of his teeth. Tao Yao cried even more fiercely. Don't cry, little beauty. As long as you follow our boss, you will be popular and spicy. “Yes, what future do you have with such a useless brat.” The man's voice stopped, as if he had been strangled by something. His eyes were fixed on the back of Dongfang Jing, and this strange look made the others follow suit. At the end of the alley, a whirlpool appeared, something seemed to come out of the whirlpool, and an invisible pressure spread from the whirlpool. Dongfang Jing protected Tao Yao, leaning against the corner of the alley, and also slanted his head to look over there. The pure black clothes are flying out of the whirlpool, and the golden lines are spread on the clothes, as if they were golden lotus blooming in the dark, enchanting and breathtaking. The black figure slowly emerged from the whirlpool, white face without the slightest expression, eyes as cold as frost and ice. But this still does not lose her seductive,beam impact tubes, all over the body with a strange evil. She is like a demon who has climbed up from the endless hell and can kill people at any time. Dongfang Jing was also surprised by the sudden appearance of the man, but when he saw the peerless purple figure, he immediately felt as if he had been immobilized. cbiesautomotive.com

Embroidered and intelligent

Today, I will write a chapter first. If I can make you smile after reading it, I will be just as happy. The same person volume two hundred and sixty chapter benefactor girl Chapter 260 benefactor girl. “Your Highness the Crown Princess, Miss Ma asks for an interview.” More than half a month has passed since the assassination. Near the end of the year, there was no movement in Liang Jun, and the city of Quzhou gradually had a New Year's atmosphere. Yiyuan, where the Crown Prince and Crown Princess stayed, was still heavily guarded by the former prefect of Quzhou to receive distinguished guests. Zhao Youxi was so frightened by the accident that when he went up the mountain to pick up his wife in person, his flying skill, which he had always been proud of, almost failed. He was so flustered that he couldn't breathe. Thanks to Chang Ning and Zhou Changan's escort on both sides, he “flew” safely to the top of the mountain. The result of the Crown Prince's fear was that for a period of time the Crown Princess was almost grounded, and even the women's barracks and the camp were rarely seen. Yu Wanqiu knew that he had a lingering fear and needed a period of time to buffer, so he did not fight. He stayed in the house every day, reading and writing, and receiving the female guests. Unable to come in person, Luo Jia, the head coach of the women's barracks, and Yang Zheng, who claimed to be the first female doctor in the camp, ran to Yiyuan from time to time. Luo Jia also just, she that kind of careless forthright disposition. To the taste of tea, the little girl is not pleasing to the eye to see Yang Zheng, no less to her face to see, Yang Zheng smiling on the surface, the heart probably vomited to death. Yu Wanqiu also does not like this ambitious girl, but people come from other States, now the weather is freezing, it is not good to open their mouths to drive people, can only wait for the weather to warm up before making plans. In fact, it is not Yang Zheng who gives her a headache now, but Ma Surong, the daughter of the prefect of Quzhou, who regards herself as a benefactor. Ma Surong ran more frequently than Yang Zheng. When he came, he sat down and didn't go. He had nothing to say about a few cars of windlasses. Yu Wanqiu was no longer happy. It was a fact that someone had saved her, and just a dozen days ago, how could he be so quickly ignored? A reward belongs to a reward, and a favor belongs to a favor. You can't refuse a favor just because the reward is particularly generous. So, hearing the announcement, Yu Wanqiu, though frowning lightly, put down the book and put his hand on the fumigation cage to dry it. He answered rather helplessly: “Let her come in.” “Rong'er paid his respects to the Crown Princess.” Reflected in the fundus, is the red feather satin cloak. White mink hat, lined with white and red oval face, big eyes fluttering, smiling two small pear vortex, how to look is a bright beauty. Yu Wanqiu stretched out her hand to help her and said, “Miss Ma, please get up. You often come and go. I told you not to make such a big gift. You should be careful.” Ma Surong said in a charming voice, “The Crown Princess loves Rong Er dearly. Rong Er is deeply moved. But when Rong Er sees the Crown Princess as if she were a fairy, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet manufacturer, she kneels down unconsciously.” Yu Wanqiu did not want to continue to be entangled with this problem, otherwise he would not be able to stop for half an hour. He just smiled and said, “Miss Ma, please sit down.” Ma Surong pouted more and more intimately and said, “I call you Rong'er. I've known you for so long, but you still call me Miss Ma. It's strange.” Mingxiang and Zhimo exchanged an “unbearable” look and put the tea heavily on the tea table, with a tone like the snow outside the house: “Miss Ma, please drink tea.” Ma Surong still smiled so sweetly: “Just ask someone to serve tea. How dare you bother to eat with your hands?” Mingxiang didn't want to talk to her. Seeing the Crown Princess looking at him, he had to reply, “You're welcome.” He turned around and walked behind the Crown Princess, standing like a door God, one on the left and one on the right. Every time Ma Surong came, the two of them never left each other. They looked up and listened, fearing that their master would suffer losses, which made Yu Wanqiu shake her head behind her back. How could she be so weak. All of a sudden, the room was full of Ma Surong's chattering laughter, and Yu Wanqiu drank Xuanshen Jujube Tea and occasionally answered one or two sentences. Just as she was worrying about how to get rid of her, several more ladies came outside. Yu Wanqiu hurriedly called, “Please come in.” At this moment, she was really looking forward to someone coming, so as not to listen to Miss Ma singing a monologue. The girl was obviously very clever in the temple, but now she had no vision. No matter how she hinted, she sat down as if she had roots in her buttocks. Until she could not bear it any more, she refused to see the guests off and never took the initiative to leave. The host has a visitor again, and if he knows a little about the rules, he should get up and move the place for the latecomers. Ma Surong sat motionless, with no intention of evading, and Yu Wanqiu could not say anything. After all, they already know each other. It turned out that Miss Ma was also there. The speaker was Mrs. Mao of Tang Sihu. She had high cheekbones, thin lips, and a shrill voice. An ordinary word sounded mean to people. Manager Jiang's wife, Yun Shi, was a chubby woman in her thirties. She was kind and courteous. She sat down and asked, “Miss Ma, I heard your mother is ill.” Ma Surong nodded: “She had a cold. She had a fever last night. This morning, I asked the doctor to prescribe a few prescriptions for heat dissipation. Before Rong Er went out, she had already drunk the medicine and saw her fall asleep before she left.” Yun Shi praises: “Is really a filial child, or the daughter is good, the daughter is intimate.” Mao gave her a sidelong glance and said, “It's not good for your three daughters-in-law to hear your words. How can they be filial to you?” Yun said with a smile, “a daughter-in-law is naturally filial, but wouldn't it be better to have a daughter-in-law who is filial and a daughter who is considerate?” Mao Shi looked at Yu Wanqiu. “Crown Princess, do you think this person is too greedy and wants everything?” Yu Wanqiu couldn't help asking, “Mrs. Yun looks so young that she has three daughters-in-law.”? How many grandchildren have you had? “Not yet,” replied Yun, shyly. Just because the daughter-in-law had not given birth for several years, she accepted two more. Ma Surong explained, “The Crown Princess must have thought that Mrs. Yun's family had three sons and three daughters-in-law. In fact, there was only one young master, one young grandmother, and the other two aunts.” Yu Wanqiu looked at Yun's face. Even if the mother, who was in her early thirties, got married early, “the young master was less than twenty years old,collapsible pallet box, so he married several women.” They are not afraid that an iron pestle will grind into a needle and die of overwork at a young age. “Yes, just eighteen,” replied Yun. Mingxiang couldn't help rolling her eyes. “Isn't that smaller than the prince?”? Such a noble status as the crown prince. They only married the Crown Princess. 。 binpallet.com

It's a matter of carelessness

Cough, it's time to start Caocao this period of time, the wind and water are smooth, and the development of Comrade Xianxian is smooth, and Comrade Qiu Shanshan gets along peacefully-oh, Shanshan's child is really not so annoying, this period of time Caocao's aunt's family has something to ask for a few days off, Shanshan actually has time to cook for himself, Caocao just as the child is repaying his kindness. He hastily raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was time to go to Zheng Xiannan. He had made an appointment to set up a table together. Alas, since the train to Changchun, he had met several mahjong friends. Feng Xing and Qinling often asked her to play cards. They were familiar with each other. Caocao is also considered successful into the highest level of the capital circle, anyway, this thing to eat, drink and play! She parked her Mlnlcoopen and hastily shook the key into the office of the General Political Department. Now everyone knows her. Some people are very polite when they see her. They are all guessing. I'm afraid this is the master of the prince. The prince loves him very much. The gossip below is a fart. She just cares about her own happiness anyway. Always, the moral burden is zero in her place. Then enter Zheng Xian's office. The office is always on the rampage! “Is Zheng Xian all right? I'm driving today.” There were two people sitting inside. One didn't know each other, and the other knew each other too well. Her little prince, Zheng Fei. Caocao When Zheng Xian saw her, he stood up with a faint smile. He didn't actually call her by her name, but seemed to introduce her to the two people who did it. He was not in a hurry. Now, he was in a hurry. He only said that he didn't know who it was. He had heard about it in the open and in the dark! Walk in carelessly and generously, full of heroism, you have something to do, or I will go first. Zheng Xian pointed to the sofa, “You sit down first, and we'll go together later,” but he himself went to the cabinet,plastic pallet crates, opened it, took out a box from inside, and threw it to her. As soon as he took it hastily and opened it, he immediately smiled, “You really bought it.” He pushed aside the wrapping paper and took it out to do it carefully. It's a Mahogany Grasshopper Gourd. Last time, they went to Panjia yuan and took a fancy to it hastily. They thought it was too expensive and offered thirty thousand yuan. They said it was the Gourd played by Kuiwu, the famous son of the Eight Banners in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Unexpectedly, Prince Ye got it for her. Look at the gourd hastily, but the small half of the mind is also used here, after all,secondary containment pallet, Zheng Fei sits here, always have to listen to what their brothers say. Zheng Xian in addition to the introduction of the sound of grass, also did not intentionally introduce himself to the two sitting, the two grass took a glance, just glanced at themselves, did not take it seriously, Zheng Fei did not take himself seriously, grass know in his heart, this time of course to install, but the other one, grass also does not matter. I didn't see him clearly, whoever he is. I heard it “Zhong Ming, would you like to leave this to Xiao Fei?” The man turned the chair like a wave, turned it again, and patted Zheng Fei's chair, “Xiao Fei has grown up, it's time for him to go out and experience.” Zheng Xian smiled, “but I think it's better for you to go with him this time. After all, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet containers, Xiao Fei is not familiar with Nanjing. I'm afraid he can't control those evil moths.” As soon as the man patted his thigh, he stood up. “It doesn't affect you.” He raised his head slightly toward Caocao. His expression was ambiguous but faintly contemptuous. I won't talk about the specific things in detail today. He patted Zheng Fei again and laughed boldly. Xiao Fei left again. From beginning to end, Zheng Fei smiled faintly and said nothing. After the man left, Zheng Fei simply said a few words to his brother, which was nothing more than formulaic, and also walked out of the office. Of course, I didn't look at it all the time. Cough, a feeling, open Cao Cao in the heart nothing to look for trouble sigh, dignitaries have no family ah! 37 Eighty thousand, Bar-Hu! Caocao laughed like a flower. Who is not happy to win the card? “Caocao, you have such a good fire.” “Hey hey, is to say what, the gear all can't block.” She smiles. “It's a treat. You beat us so much.” “Please, please, please.” However, Caocao wants to take some time to ask them, although you are now shaking Zheng Xian's situation, but he just gave you that grasshopper gourd in the afternoon, thirty thousand, brothers are clear accounts, not to mention Caocao don't want to make like she is in the prince, or to find a suitable time to calculate the money to him! “That's agreed, this weekend, Haitangju!” In fact, Feng Xing and a few of them heckling is also fun, want to let her come out to have a meal together is true, where will really let her pay for the treat. What's the problem! As she rubbed the hemp, she readily agreed. She took it seriously. Doodle “at this time, her cell phone rang, hastily touched out a look, Zheng Fei.” “Zheng Xian, Zheng Xian, you help me bring a plate.” Zheng Xian is chatting with a few people in the small living room over there, cursorily calling people like calling their own home, Zheng Xian is talking, heard her shout, also lazily stood up, came over, took her hand. How to calculate “, a table of people and code cards, discerning people can see that this time Prince Ye is different, take this very seriously!”! He hastily turned on his cell phone and went to the balcony and closed the door. Hey, what's up? “You were with him?” “Well, playing cards.” “Come out, I'm downstairs.” “Do you know where we are?” Then he glanced and curled his lips. Even if he knew, it was not surprising, wasn't it? They always played cards in Feng Xing, and everyone in the circle should know. My car is at the door of the coffee shop outside the community. “Then the phone hung up.”. He looked at the phone doubtfully for a while. Why, I feel that the tone of the little prince is gloomy. Caocao was still loyal enough to shake out as usual, walk to the card table, put his hand naturally on Zheng Xian's shoulder, and pinch it. “I have to go first. Our aunt said there was something at home.” Zheng Xian turned his head and looked at her, “Do you want me to send you?” He smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “You forgot that you came here with my car today.”. Zheng Xian smiled, his eyes were sticky and sticky, and they were all good-looking and ambiguous, which made people want to kiss him,plastic bulk containers, but they knew that at this time, the grade of light floating was lowered. Handsome with a wave of his hand, Xiao Sasa left first in the sound of everyone's “complaint”. binpallet.com

Big Devil (Fairy Spare My Life) _

All kinds of terrible means have greatly increased the combat effectiveness and survivability of thunder. Even if you don't count the soul slave who has been restored to the strength of yuan Ying. It is no problem to fight against the ordinary senior monks of Jindan. This is simply a terrible miracle, and only this kind of thunder, through all kinds of adventures, as well as their own efforts to plan and pursue, to achieve the present situation. In the whole realm of cultivation, it is also an extremely rare thing. Where is it possible for an ordinary monk at the peak of the foundation period to make his mind strength stable at the middle level of the golden elixir? But thunder strength growth, to now basically also entered the bottleneck state, on this basis, and then want to improve the strength of the mind is absolutely little effect, the only way out is to break through to the golden elixir period. Let's talk about the soul slave of Lei Dong again. In a sense, it is a very risky thing for Lei Dong to let him recover to the strength of yuan Ying. And the prophet kukas, as well as the saint nv blue qisi also discussed in detail, after all, even if the control of the soul slave again powerful, the strength difference between the two sides is too big, there is still a certain chance to bite back, although even if he bite back, thunder also has the ability to make him disappear. However, it is difficult to protect the soul slave wing empty that guy, tortured enough, but now there is no strength to resist, will hide the mind, and so on after reaching the strength, crazy and thunder move to perish together and so on. Measure again and again, all kinds of comparisons. In the end,plastic pallet manufacturer, Lei Dong decided to open up with the soul slave wing. Three times, Lei Dong decided to use the soul slave wing air peak strength, the condition of three shots, in exchange for giving him a chance to seize the rebirth. Looking at the uncertain eyes of the wing sky, I was finally ecstatic, and the hidden haze was swept away. Lei Dong also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Think this time the decision is very right, do not let the wing air to restore the peak strength, just a golden elixir high-level role is not against the sky. But if he returns to his peak, he will be on tenterhooks all day,drum spill pallet, like a time bomb buried in his body. Although it is said that when the thunder itself reaches a certain level of cultivation, even if it is only a strong person whose mind is approaching the yuan infant period, it can completely suppress the wing sky. However, after waiting for thunder to move God to read to that extent, already qualified to control the ghost king, at that time, yuan Ying class combat power is not necessary. On the contrary, now, after the wing air has the strength of yuan Ying, the help to thunder is very great. After swearing to the sky with the heart demon, the distortion and hidden restlessness in the heart of Wing Kong disappeared without a trace, replaced by the desire for rebirth. Be honest and cooperate to restore the strength of yuan Ying. Spent so much time, the time to close the net encirclement and suppression is finally coming, thunderous eyes emerged a trace of fierce jjīng awn. I have to admit that the old white bone demon is a talented person, and if he has a chance to get married well, he can get a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, things have developed to the present, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill pallet, gratitude and resentment can no longer be clear, there is no room for euphemism. In the space of trial, the white bone demon king sits on a small earth peak, and there is some haze depression between the gods. It has been several years, and the uneasiness in my heart has not shown any signs of dissipating, but has become more and more serious. He was a monk of yuan Ying, and was kept together in this small place for several years by a monk who built the foundation, which was also a great anecdote in the world. However, the white bone demon king himself knew that when he used the magic to secretly leave ghost eyes on the two unicorn elders, he learned that both of them were killed by the terrible enemy in a short time. White bone demon king in the heart some chagrin, early know should not be so greedy, into this dangerous inexplicable temple, make oneself unable to advance and retreat. What he regretted even more was that he did not kill the thunder boy, although the boy was as cunning as a fox, he could easily be destroyed by a sneak attack. To blame, also only blame their own interests, the white bone demon king heart gently sigh, the wrinkles on his face is a little more. In fact, had it not been for his greed for the soul tree, perhaps he would not have fallen into this situation? Suddenly, the white bone demon king in the eyes of jjīng awn, secret way, finally came. Chapter 323 coercion and inducement. Chapter 323 Wei B B Yi Li. The huge breath of the two young monks appeared in this trial space almost at the same time. They did not have the breath of convergence, but also made the old demon of bones aware of it at the first time. At the same time, his mind quickly swept the field. In addition to these two yuan Ying level strength, the successive Jindan level combat power, is a pile. Indeed, now under the thunder of the golden elixir level strength, has been extraordinary. Chien Lo! Captain Chien. The first golden elixir monk under Lei Dong, who had great admiration for Lei Dong, was also loyal. At the beginning of the thunder after the initial master of the temple, then secretly received this group under the temple, practice together. Today's Qian Luo, compared to five years ago, the strength is also improved, but there is still a long way to go from the middle of the golden elixir. Under the accumulation of money, a good magic weapon, plus two golden elixir junior top-grade ghost generals, makes today's money Luo in the thunder under the golden elixir monks, firmly in the first place. Such strength, almost has the ability to press more than 90% of the monks of the same rank. Of course, he can control two junior ghosts at the same time, which is also the reason why he has been constantly refining and strengthening the spirit over the years. In addition, the Black Iron Tower and Han Chao, the two golden elixir monks, are also very powerful, and they have made a little progress over the years. It's just that thunder doesn't give them top-grade spirits. As a result, in terms of comprehensive strength, the combination of the two can match Qian Luo. It is worth mentioning that Saint nv Lanqisi and Tan Tai Bingyun, in the year before last, also both set foot in the golden elixir period. The original strength of the two nv, at the moment is also a surge in strength, plus their auxiliary war pet, it can not be underestimated. Their aptitude is good, also is to let thunder move some feeling inexplicable. Even Dengtian Dan is useless,plastic pallet price, just used some common auxiliary means, then one step to achieve the golden elixir. If it is true that people are more than people, it will make people angry. binpallet.com

Jinjiang gold medal recommended VIP 2018-12 [comprehensive animation fan]

“Judge Gexian decided to vote for No.3 Cherry Blossom Zongzi.” “Ah ~ yes, that piece of rice dumplings is really a work of art,” Gexian drank a mouthful of tea to clear his throat, and then nodded affirmatively, as if he was still in the aftertaste. “The taste is also to my liking. It's like returning to spring to taste the rich and light cherry blossom fragrance in this hot summer.” “So at present, the highest vote is the cherry blossom dumpling.” Bodo pressed the small calculator. The following blades are also talking about it. “Which one did you choose?” “I chose the spicy one, and I can eat spicy food a little bit recently.” “Well, the super sweet chocolate syrup dumpling only got one vote. Who voted for it?” “I don't know, maybe my taste is bad.” “Next is the judges candlestick cut Mitsutada's choice,” Tsurumaru walked to Mitsutada's side, “have you decided?” Guangzhong hesitated for a long time. The proportion of the judges' votes was very large. As long as he voted for the one of the two zongzi in front of the cherry blossom zongzi, he was sure to win. But Guangzhong finally pointed to No.5 and voted for the syrup zongzi with only one vote. Huh?! All the people in the audience were surprised and suspected that they had misheard or were dazzled. This, master also said that the most important thing is to participate in it, I think it is also possible to encourage the participants who get the least votes. Guangzhong explained, “In fact, I think this rice dumpling has a very good idea, maybe it can really become a very good snack if it is improved.” Xiaohua listened to Guangzhong's statement and nodded secretly. The steamed hot dumplings would steam the fillings inside,ibc spill containment pallet, and the frozen ones might succeed, or even be improved into ice cream dumplings? “And the winner?” Tsurumaru asked Hakata, “No.3, Cherry Blossom Zongzi.” Bodo held up the blackboard and announced the vote count. Master, are you satisfied with the result? You have a veto. Taking advantage of Hakata's announcement of the data gap, Tsurumaru immediately ran to Xiaohua to inquire. No,collapsible bulk containers, no, just have a good time. Although the little flower said so, the heart can not help feeling that the selection is still some child's play, the song fairy is a pair of cherry blossom dumplings to blow up the appearance, Guangzhong is to encourage the last one, the results of ordinary votes to select the most popular taste but did not select the first, but since the rules are set, cherry blossom dumplings are also based on ability to get the first. The rice dumplings in this competition are all carefully prepared by everyone. In fact, most of them are very delicious. They have the flavor of Zephyr seaweed, which completely imitates the traditional brown sugar flavor and salt and pepper flavor of Xiaohua's hometown, the roast pork of rice cake, the cherry blossom flavor, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, the spicy fish floss flavor and the wild vegetable flavor. Competition also has luck bonus, especially this kind of food competition, the delicious degree of dishes is comparable, really can only see the subjective tendency of the judges. The winner of the first Honmaru Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi Wrapping Competition is the Knee-cutting Pill Group. Tsurumaru announced the final winner, and he waved to Xiaohua and then turned around and bowed to everyone to thank him, receiving a lot of applause, and the groups that lost the game also applauded magnanimously. “It's a pity that it was so close.” Mutsu clapped his hands. “But the cherry blossom dumplings are really beautiful and delicious, and we are convinced to lose.” “Lord, the gift of the tetrarch.” “Qaq” Hasebe tears, unwilling to look at the list, the first ordinary ticket, at that moment he was so close to the position of the champion. “It doesn't matter, master said, the most important thing is to participate.” Zong San comforted him. Yes, the most important thing is to participate. This is also a kind of spiritual practice. “Shan Fu Guo Guang saw that the mountain grandmother was somewhat disappointed, and comforted his brother.” “This is really a good experience.” It will be better next time. “Good!”! Be sure to work harder next time! Hasebe, who immediately perked up, seemed to be burning with a flaming flame. Ah I told you I'm not good at cooking. The Mitsuke sighed, “We got five votes of approval,” he was very satisfied. “We will continue to work hard next time.” “Yes, just try again next time.” And Moriya Izumi nodded to Horikawa. “It doesn't matter to Yaoyan, we still have a lot of opportunities,” the first issue also comforted the shoulder of Yaoyan. Ha ha ha ha, I didn't think we could get the votes of the judges! Ai Ran laughed with his waist crossed, happier than the Genji brothers who won the first prize. “Even the chef of Honmaru said that our creativity is very good. Are we very good?” “……” Yingwan covered his face. Fortunately, he still got one ordinary ticket, otherwise he could really cry. Genji brothers won the championship, for the audience who can only see but not eat in front of the screen, the meaning is somewhat different. After all, in addition to a dark dish of “rice soaked in syrup”, other zongzi looks delicious and looks regular. Cherry blossom zongzi is the product of refreshing everyone's new understanding of the appearance of new zongzi. Ah, ah, ah, such a beautiful cherry blossom rice dumpling is actually the work of cut and knee pills! “Is this a victory for the party of appearance?” “Long live the cut ~ \ (≧ ≦)/~ Long live the knee pill ~ \ (≧ ≦)/~” “What do you mean by unexpectedly in front of you? Sure enough!”! Is it really good? “Congratulations to the elder brother for cutting the younger brother's pill = 3 =” “Gexian is really the party of appearance.” “Cherry Zongzi is well deserved, besides the most beautiful Xiaocao master also commented that it is very delicious!” I want to eat too!!! Crazy roll ~ ~ ~ “I have placed an order for materials, and I hope they will arrive soon, so that at least I can eat the same kind of food at night.” “Excuse me, where can I buy that cherry blossom?” “I want to eat too.” It's a pity that you can't fire in the university dormitory! “I am more concerned about what brand of sago to buy to achieve such a high degree of transparency?” “X treasure search salted cherry blossoms have the same style, no thanks.” The sago imported from Siam should be OK,plastic pallet crates, right? Don't buy that junk that costs a few yuan a pack. “In our small area, there are no salted cherry blossoms in supermarkets, so it seems that we can only order them online.” “Cuisine waste just want to ask where to sell finished products = = | | |”. binpallet.com