It's a matter of carelessness

Cough, it's time to start Caocao this period of time, the wind and water are smooth, and the development of Comrade Xianxian is smooth, and Comrade Qiu Shanshan gets along peacefully-oh, Shanshan's child is really not so annoying, this period of time Caocao's aunt's family has something to ask for a few days off, Shanshan actually has time to cook for himself, Caocao just as the child is repaying his kindness. He hastily raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was time to go to Zheng Xiannan. He had made an appointment to set up a table together. Alas, since the train to Changchun, he had met several mahjong friends. Feng Xing and Qinling often asked her to play cards. They were familiar with each other. Caocao is also considered successful into the highest level of the capital circle, anyway, this thing to eat, drink and play! She parked her Mlnlcoopen and hastily shook the key into the office of the General Political Department. Now everyone knows her. Some people are very polite when they see her. They are all guessing. I'm afraid this is the master of the prince. The prince loves him very much. The gossip below is a fart. She just cares about her own happiness anyway. Always, the moral burden is zero in her place. Then enter Zheng Xian's office. The office is always on the rampage! “Is Zheng Xian all right? I'm driving today.” There were two people sitting inside. One didn't know each other, and the other knew each other too well. Her little prince, Zheng Fei. Caocao When Zheng Xian saw her, he stood up with a faint smile. He didn't actually call her by her name, but seemed to introduce her to the two people who did it. He was not in a hurry. Now, he was in a hurry. He only said that he didn't know who it was. He had heard about it in the open and in the dark! Walk in carelessly and generously, full of heroism, you have something to do, or I will go first. Zheng Xian pointed to the sofa, “You sit down first, and we'll go together later,” but he himself went to the cabinet,plastic pallet crates, opened it, took out a box from inside, and threw it to her. As soon as he took it hastily and opened it, he immediately smiled, “You really bought it.” He pushed aside the wrapping paper and took it out to do it carefully. It's a Mahogany Grasshopper Gourd. Last time, they went to Panjia yuan and took a fancy to it hastily. They thought it was too expensive and offered thirty thousand yuan. They said it was the Gourd played by Kuiwu, the famous son of the Eight Banners in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Unexpectedly, Prince Ye got it for her. Look at the gourd hastily, but the small half of the mind is also used here, after all,secondary containment pallet, Zheng Fei sits here, always have to listen to what their brothers say. Zheng Xian in addition to the introduction of the sound of grass, also did not intentionally introduce himself to the two sitting, the two grass took a glance, just glanced at themselves, did not take it seriously, Zheng Fei did not take himself seriously, grass know in his heart, this time of course to install, but the other one, grass also does not matter. I didn't see him clearly, whoever he is. I heard it “Zhong Ming, would you like to leave this to Xiao Fei?” The man turned the chair like a wave, turned it again, and patted Zheng Fei's chair, “Xiao Fei has grown up, it's time for him to go out and experience.” Zheng Xian smiled, “but I think it's better for you to go with him this time. After all, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet containers, Xiao Fei is not familiar with Nanjing. I'm afraid he can't control those evil moths.” As soon as the man patted his thigh, he stood up. “It doesn't affect you.” He raised his head slightly toward Caocao. His expression was ambiguous but faintly contemptuous. I won't talk about the specific things in detail today. He patted Zheng Fei again and laughed boldly. Xiao Fei left again. From beginning to end, Zheng Fei smiled faintly and said nothing. After the man left, Zheng Fei simply said a few words to his brother, which was nothing more than formulaic, and also walked out of the office. Of course, I didn't look at it all the time. Cough, a feeling, open Cao Cao in the heart nothing to look for trouble sigh, dignitaries have no family ah! 37 Eighty thousand, Bar-Hu! Caocao laughed like a flower. Who is not happy to win the card? “Caocao, you have such a good fire.” “Hey hey, is to say what, the gear all can't block.” She smiles. “It's a treat. You beat us so much.” “Please, please, please.” However, Caocao wants to take some time to ask them, although you are now shaking Zheng Xian's situation, but he just gave you that grasshopper gourd in the afternoon, thirty thousand, brothers are clear accounts, not to mention Caocao don't want to make like she is in the prince, or to find a suitable time to calculate the money to him! “That's agreed, this weekend, Haitangju!” In fact, Feng Xing and a few of them heckling is also fun, want to let her come out to have a meal together is true, where will really let her pay for the treat. What's the problem! As she rubbed the hemp, she readily agreed. She took it seriously. Doodle “at this time, her cell phone rang, hastily touched out a look, Zheng Fei.” “Zheng Xian, Zheng Xian, you help me bring a plate.” Zheng Xian is chatting with a few people in the small living room over there, cursorily calling people like calling their own home, Zheng Xian is talking, heard her shout, also lazily stood up, came over, took her hand. How to calculate “, a table of people and code cards, discerning people can see that this time Prince Ye is different, take this very seriously!”! He hastily turned on his cell phone and went to the balcony and closed the door. Hey, what's up? “You were with him?” “Well, playing cards.” “Come out, I'm downstairs.” “Do you know where we are?” Then he glanced and curled his lips. Even if he knew, it was not surprising, wasn't it? They always played cards in Feng Xing, and everyone in the circle should know. My car is at the door of the coffee shop outside the community. “Then the phone hung up.”. He looked at the phone doubtfully for a while. Why, I feel that the tone of the little prince is gloomy. Caocao was still loyal enough to shake out as usual, walk to the card table, put his hand naturally on Zheng Xian's shoulder, and pinch it. “I have to go first. Our aunt said there was something at home.” Zheng Xian turned his head and looked at her, “Do you want me to send you?” He smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “You forgot that you came here with my car today.”. Zheng Xian smiled, his eyes were sticky and sticky, and they were all good-looking and ambiguous, which made people want to kiss him,plastic bulk containers, but they knew that at this time, the grade of light floating was lowered. Handsome with a wave of his hand, Xiao Sasa left first in the sound of everyone's “complaint”.