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One after another, with a gentle push, Lu Mingyu finally woke up. Picking mulberry took a long breath and looked at her bleary-eyed master on the bed. She chuckled and said, “Madam, I've already gone to court. We're not allowed to disturb your good sleep before I leave. But it's already daybreak. Madam has had breakfast and is going to pay her respects.” If there is no accident, it's time for Mrs. Tai to hand over the cards of Guogongfu to her master today. Lu Mingyu also remembered this matter, immediately sober, this is about to sit up, the results just raised his head, the waist just hard, the whole body immediately came a burst of pain, acid so that she frowned and lay down again, her right hand can not help but hold the waist, and what happened last night, once again clear. Chu Xing said that he slept in the front yard at night, but he carried her into the tent before it was dark. The front was light and the back was heavy. The strength was so strong that it seemed to get her through. Finally, Lu Mingyu really had no strength at all. She was carried by Chu Xing to take a bath in the West. She fell asleep before she finished. She slept until now. Madam Picking mulberry looked at her waist confusedly. She knew what the two masters had done at night, but she didn't know exactly. You rub it for me. Lu Mingyu lay face to face on the pillow, helplessly asking for help, she had to go to Sanqiutang early, there was no time for her to slow down. Backhand patted the back, Lu Mingyu closed his eyes and pointed to pick mulberry, “gently rub,plastic bulk containers, don't force.” Picking mulberry answered, hung up the curtain, and sat askew on the bed to serve the master. When he rubbed it, Lu Mingyu's thin lining shrank upward, revealing a piece of skin like snow, with a big slight green palm print on both sides of his waist. At first sight, Picking Mulberry was startled, and a picture slowly emerged in my mind. The tall and big Guogongye pinched his master's small waist from behind. It's just a pose like that. What can you do? In the end did not experience,stackable plastic pallets, picking mulberry really can not imagine, moderate strength to press a cup of tea kungfu, Lu Mingyu can finally go to the ground. After eating a delicate and small sugar steamed bread and drinking half a bowl of porridge, Lu Mingyu led the mulberry picking to Sanqiu Hall. Chu two madams already arrived, is accompanying too madam to talk, sees Lu Mingyu, two people coincidentally all stare at Lu Mingyu's small face to look. Lu Mingyu is a natural beauty. She seldom dresses up when she goes out when she is young. On the day of offering tea, her face is charming and shy. But today, Lu Mingyu's face is obviously painted with makeup, which is a little whiter than usual. But his face could be painted, but his eyes could not be covered. Seeing the faint blood in the eyes of the bride, Mrs. Chu hurriedly pulled Lu Mingyu to her side and sat down. She clapped Lu Mingyu's hand and smiled at Mrs. Tai. “Shijin is true. I also said that he would love people when he was old. Who would have thought of that?” Look how tired Ah Nuan is. When Shijin comes back tonight, Niang, you have to talk about him. Mrs. Tai nodded with a smile. “It's time to say, it's time to say. But Ah Nuan, you have to be tough yourself. You can't depend on him for everything. You're still young. How can you stand his body?” Because Chu Ying, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet supplier, Chu Xiang is not here, the elders are not so secretive, after all, are experienced people, this is concerned about the younger generation. The makeup could not be concealed, and Lu Mingyu bowed his head in shame. After teasing for a while, the second lady of Chu formally handed the cards to Lu Mingyu. Of course, Lu Mingyu had to be modest. The second lady of Chu insisted on giving them to her. She only said what Lu Mingyu didn't understand and then went to the second room to ask for advice. Too madam also advised Lu Mingyu to accept, at this moment, Lu Mingyu is not polite, put away the cards, listen to the elders. As we chatted, the forecourt steward sent an invitation. Too madam lets servant girl hand Lu Mingyu, “have what card later, give a madam directly.” Lu Mingyu hurriedly said, “Grandmother, read it first. I've just been a housekeeper. I'm sure I'll have to discuss it with you later. You read it first, and save me from handing over the post again.” The tone is very intimate. Too madam refuses to answer, ask her meaningfully, “a Nuan does not even have the strength to read the post?” Lu Mingyu was immediately defeated, took the post, pretended to be angry, and turned his back to the elders. Mrs. Tai and Mrs. Chu looked at each other and smiled. When Lu Mingyu finished reading the post, her heart missed a beat. She hesitated for a moment. She got up and replied with a smile, “Grandmother, second aunt, it's a post from Fu Wang Fu. At the end of the month, the third emperor's grandson is one month old. The princess invites us all to have fun.”. ” Last year, the third prince got married and married the youngest daughter of Lord Yan, the governor of Tongzheng. After marriage, she was granted the title of King Fu and given another place to live in the palace. When Mrs. Tai heard this, the smile on her face faded. The second lady of Chu also had a trace of melancholy on her eyebrows. Up to now, the three princes have given birth to three grandsons one after another. However, the eldest grandson of the emperor was born to the imperial concubine of Prince Qing, and the second grandson of the emperor was born in Prince Rui. The aunt of the Chu family, Princess Qing, has been married for nine years, but only two granddaughters have been born, and one son has not been born. An ordinary woman can't stand up straight without a son, let alone a princess? His own granddaughter can not give birth to the emperor's grandson, and then listen to other Wang Ye to add a son, the wife's heart is not blocked. ~ When Lu Mingyu first took the cards, his wife's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law worried that she was not used to it and told her a lot of things. Lu Mingyu sat in Sanqiu Hall all morning and had a meal with his wife at noon. Then he went back to Dingfeng Hall with backache. As soon as he came back, he went to bed first. Shall I rub it for you again, madam? Picking mulberry asked thoughtfully. Lu Mingyu nodded. Picking mulberry sits down and controls the strength more skillfully. Lu Mingyu lay on his stomach with his eyes closed, thinking of the full moon ceremony at Fu Wang Fu. In her previous life, she married to Guogongfu in April. At that time, she was the wife of Chu Sui. She was not the wife of Guogongfu, and the second wife of Chu was young. At that time, the second wife of Chu continued to be the housekeeper. But the second lady of Chu liked her very much. When she was the housekeeper, she would call her over,euro plastic pallet, which meant that she should be familiar with her first. So Lu Mingyu had a draft for the gift list to Fu Wang Fu. As for Princess Qing. Lu Mingyu didn't have to worry about the sad faces of his wife and the second wife of Chu. If everything was the same as before, Princess Qing would be able to give birth to the fourth grandson in March next year. Her wife held the fourth grandson in her arms and cried with tears streaming down her face, saying that her nephew looked like her uncle and that the fourth grandson looked like Chu Xing. It must be her eldest grandson who was reincarnated. cnplasticpallet.com

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Sometimes, people's sixth sense is very accurate. Summer was followed as early as the evening, by none other than Linnaechun, who had left medical school. Luo Qingchen's side always has a Su time, Lin Naichun felt that he was not good to start, then pointed the finger at Xia Mo. But after all, she is only a woman, if you want to do it alone, it is certainly not so easy. But it happened that God seemed to be giving her a chance to avenge herself and let her see Summer go to pick up the car. Although it's just a very ordinary car, Summer seems to be very happy. Novice driving speed is always very slow, she has been looking for opportunities all night, because Lin Hui is beside her, so she has not found the right opportunity, only the driver has been following behind Summer. Finally, at 10:30 in the evening, she and Lin Hui said goodbye to driving alone and stopped at the gate of the West City Hospital. In the underground garage, she heard the conversation between Summer and Luo Qingchen. It is said that because of the news of the explosion of the chemical plant, she failed to date Sue Time. But this is a big good news for her, originally Lin Naichun just want to deal with summer first. I didn't expect her to find such a chance to kill two birds with one stone. She tampered with the brakes of Summer's new car while Summer parked her car to find Luo Qingchen. It was not a difficult thing for her, and it was not the first time she had done it. When everything was ready,plastic pallet supplier, she sat back in the car, waiting for them to get in, waiting for the chance to make an accident. – In the elevator, Luo Qingchen touched his stomach and said, “I'm really hungry. What did you and Lin Hui eat today? Why didn't you bring me any?” We're full! Xia Mo smiled and said, “I specially picked you up for dinner. Did your doctor husband go to pick up his sister?” “Nonsense.” “He went to save the earth,” said Luo Qingchen,heavy duty plastic pallet, defending Su Time. “So powerful!” “It's super awesome.” When the elevator arrived at the negative second floor with a ding sound, Luo Qingchen pursed his lips and said, “Let's go to the food stall in Xikou!” Chapter 3249 of the main text, you amazed my time (58). “Instructions received!” Summer winked and said, “Distinguished guests, please get on the bus. I am a novice driver. Driving may be a little slow. Guests don't mind!” Luo Qingchen was amused by Xia Mo's incomparably official tone. After opening the car door, he said, “Xia Mo, you really miss the taxi driver like this.” “Isn't that right?” Summer responded with a proud look on his face: “I will rely on this car to make extra money in the future and earn back the cost of the car.” …… “It may be a little difficult.” When she finished this sentence, her eyes suddenly flashed a scene of a car crash, and her heart jumped up in an instant. By the time she came to her senses, Summer's car was on the flat road. Pour the dust. Pouring dust.. “Huh?” You.. You look so bad. Summer looked around worriedly and said, “What's wrong with you? Do you want to go home and cook porridge?” She rarely saw Luo Qingchen so flustered, in general, plastic pallet box ,foldable bulk container, no matter what she did, her eyes were very calm. And when I first got on the bus, I was still talking and laughing, how could I suddenly be silent. Luo Qingchen nodded slightly, frowned tightly, and felt very uneasy. This feeling of uneasiness seemed to alert her that something bad was definitely going to happen, which was what her weak foresight told her. The pileup, is it referring to Summer's car? “We're not going to the food stall. You slow down and park on the side of the road.” “Huh?” Summer blinked and said, “But it's coming soon.” “Listen to me.” Luo Qingchen did not give a superfluous explanation, although she did not know what would happen, a flash of the moment may also be their own hallucinations, but she always felt that the car stopped first is better. “Good..” Summer answered resentfully, and when she was about to slow down the car, her face turned pale, and even her lips trembled unconsciously. “What's the matter with you?” Luo Qingchen frowned tightly and said, “You..” What's going on? Summer's hands trembled, his eyes were red, and he sobbed and said, “Pouring dust..” Pour the dust on me.. I don't seem to be able to brake. “What did you say?” Luo Qingchen almost exclaimed. His eyes widened and he said, “Are you sure?” I should.. You should be sure. “Don't panic, let's change places first, I'll drive, and you'll find a chance to jump..” “Doodle, doodle, doodle-” Little did they know that before Luo Qingchen's voice fell, he stretched out his hand and heard a rapid sound of trumpets. Luo Qingchen looked away at the rearview mirror, the big red car, C10228. Why does it look familiar. The next second she came to her senses, gritted her teeth and said, “Oh, Lin Nai-chun.” “What..” What Linnaechun. “Summer, listen to me. There's a road ahead that will pass a long lawn. After we change positions, I'll ask you to jump out of the car and you jump out of the car.” “I don't-” Summer clung to the steering wheel and said, “I don't want to leave you alone!” “I..” In the case of this crisis, Luo Qingchen did not know how to explain it, so he could only shout at the top of his voice: “You listen to me.” “But..” But I can't change places with you. I Luo Qingchen frowned, and Summer told her that it was really not good to change places with her in such a tense situation. Moreover, the speed of the car has been getting faster and faster, when changing positions, it is likely to hit other cars or guardrails. “Then don't change it. If I tell you to jump out of the car, you jump straight out.” Chapter 3250 of the main text, you amazed my time (59). Because the situation is too urgent, Luo Qingchen temporarily wants only how to live. The speed of the car was too fast, the wind from the window rushed back and forth,plastic pallet bin, and the cold wind made her a little more sober. I'll count to 123 and you jump, okay? “But..” But I don't want to leave you. “Young lady, you can leave me quickly. I have my own way to get away.” 。 cnplasticpallet.com

The favorite concubine of the king of Liao

Yelv Hao snorted and said disdainfully, “You can still say this with a smile. You know you are an assassin. I cut you down at that time.” His tone is vicious, not because Linglong is the king's lover and polite to her, in his eyes, she is to hurt the king. I didn't know he was Yelv Xiuge, the king of the North Court. If I had known he was Yelv Xiuge, I would have given you poison instead of ecstasy. Linglong's body moved to his eyes, and his distance could not be closer, “Yelv Hao, if I killed him at that time, there would be no such situation now.” She reached out and grabbed his chest, and her eyes flashed with pain. She would not forget the oath she had made to her sister, nor would she forget that she was the murderer who killed Yelv Xiuge's nephew Anxin. What are you going to say to me? Yelv Hao knocked off her irreverent hand, stepped back and looked at her warily. “What do you want now?”? Continue to kill the king? “I hope you will not interfere in the matter between me and the king, and we will break up.” The smile faded from Linglong's eyelids. “I am an assassin sent by the emperor of the Song Dynasty to kill the king, because the emperor of the Song Dynasty thought that the king had humiliated him in the battle of Gaoliang River.”. God is so fond of joking with people. He and I met in the streets of Shangjing and fell in love with each other. The hatred between us is indescribable. Yelv Hao, I know you are hostile to me. You want to get rid of me quickly. “Yes.” Yelv Hao admitted and looked at her with a black face. “All the things and people that are harmful to the king are what I, the general manager of the North Court, want to get rid of.” That's what he does. You let me go before you go back to the palace of the North Court. Linglong's face sank,wholesale plastic pallet, almost begging his tone, “Yelv Hao, I, Jian Linglong, have never begged anyone so humbly. What I want to do with Xiao Jian has always been done directly. Now I beg you like this because you are his most loyal subordinate. What you do is for his safety.” Yelv Hao raised his eyebrows and said with a sneer, “What would happen if you did things according to Xiao Jian's style?” His voice did not fall, Linglong's body had floated in front of him,drum spill containment, his right hand grabbed his chest, and he sneered grimly, “I will kill you at night when I can't see five fingers.” It's not a threat. She does what she says. Yelv Hao replied with a sneer, “Your martial arts look pretty good, but I'm not afraid of you, Jian Linglong. You're here to kill the king. Even if you say you love the king, your purpose has never changed, has it?” How can he not change his face? Linglong could not help admiring his calmness, loosened him, smiled, and was told by him that something was on his mind. Indeed, even now that she and Yelv Xiuge have revealed the truth, she has not given up her intention to kill him. Am I right? Yelv Hao patted his clothes, wholesale plastic pallet ,spill plastic pallet, snorted coldly, and glanced at her, “Jian Linglong, my purpose will not change easily, I just want to kill you.” “If it doesn't make sense, it's up to you.” Linglong was no longer angry with him. She always admired people with backbone. If Yelv Hao was frightened by her threats, she would look down on him and show him a sincere smile. “Yelv Hao, I like you a little, because you are a real man.” Smiling, she stretched out her hand and patted him hard on the arm. “Yelv Xiuge is lucky to have such loyal subordinates as you.” “Don't touch anything.” Yelv Hao patted her hand and looked at her unhappily. “Jian Linglong, it's useless to smile so brightly. That is to say, it's useless to fall in love with me. You are a real danger to the king. I must get rid of you.” His eyes sparkled with determination and his lips smiled. “I, Yelv Hao, was born to protect the safety of the king.” His smile had just begun, and unexpectedly, Linglong kicked him over, kicked him away, and fell far away. After landing heavily, he could not help crying out. Linglong's body floated and moved to his side. He squatted down and stared at him bitterly. “Yelv Hao, the man Jian Linglong fell in love with is Xiao Ning, but he is Yelv Xiuge. I love him. You will never understand how hard it is for me to love him. Yelv Xiuge is the only man in Jian Linglong's heart. You are not allowed to read the most beautiful and desperate feelings in my heart!” Her eyes almost burst with anger. Yelv Hao looked at her in surprise and was surprised to find that her eyes were gradually covered with a layer of fog, a touch of sadness was fleeting, and her eyes were struggling with painful emotions. This was her truest feeling, and he saw that she really loved the king. Linglong stood up, turned around, looked up and swallowed her tears back into her stomach, clenched her fists, straightened up and walked away. Yelv Hao slowly stood up from the ground, looking at her back far away, the heart shook open indescribable emotions, some shock, some surprise, but also some loss, he was confused, she loved the king, but to kill him, why? Liao King's Beloved Concubine Temptation Volume Chapter 94 Pain Yelv xiuge sent to the north court army task is to rest in the army, let the army adult a good patrol again, said simple again simple, said difficult is also very difficult, because it is not easy to be serious. Xiao Yang turned around and came back. He was so hungry that he got off his horse and saw that Yelv Xiuge had finished the military meeting. He sighed and went to sit down beside him. He took a bite of the leg of mutton in front of him. The defeat at Yanmen Pass was a great blow to morale. He saw his friend looking at the map without saying a word, patted him on the arm and asked,plastic trash bins, “What are you going to do?” Yelv Xiuge looked up at him with a cold light in his eyes. Do you want Linglong to die, too? He put the map aside with a bad face. What's going on? You're not in a bad mood because you lost the battle, are you? Victory or defeat is a common thing for military strategists. Don't take it to heart. It's your majesty who wants to retaliate against the emperor of the Song Dynasty. I've said it's too hasty to send troops this time. 。 cnplasticpallet.com

Buddha is originally the Tao.

Said Ba Liming lascivious heart big hair, super Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun two women rushed. Two women see, hurriedly close the sword, Jiao drink, and a finger, two sword light magic into thousands of, to kill forward. Ba Liming laughed twice and breathed heavily, like the roar of a cow. With both hands, he grabbed and fished forward, as if fishing in a big net, and fished the purple and green swords in his hands. The two women were in such a hurry that they hurriedly collected their swords, but where they could get them back, Ba Liming threw the two swords into his mouth, chewed them at random, and at the same time, he grabbed them from their chests. But when Abbess Dragon Slayer came in and saw that the two women were in danger, she shouted at the top of her voice, “Evil spirits dare you!” Sacrifice the dragon knife slanting to assassinate. When Ba Liming saw that the two girls had not caught him, a tall and ugly nun appeared on the way. He was furious and laughed twice at the sound of his fangs. And spit out a mass of flesh and blood, is facing the dragon knife, but the body like lightning to the front of the dragon slayer. Abbess Dragon Slayer knew that none of the people in Shushan could compete with the evil spirit. She hurriedly raised her right hand and shot out 3,600 goddess needles. At the same time, she retreated. See the opposite gray cloud a shop, the goddess needle like mud cattle into the sea disappeared, at the same time a strange claw up, a fierce pull, his right hand up to the shoulder are pulled down. Finally, he ran fast and saved his life. Hurriedly, I saw that Taiyuan Zhenren, Tiegu Xian, Sanzi, Changmei Zhenren, Tiandu,collapsible pallet box, Minghe Erlao, Miaoyi Zhenren and his wife, Xuanzhenzi, Fenghuo Taoist, the enemy of Chuanxin Monk, Fushou Taoist, Wuling Laodao, Mayuan Patriarch, Shuimao Shengjun, Qingyang Laozu, and more than a dozen outstanding disciples such as Qi Jinchan, Zhu Wen and Shisheng also gathered together. Over there,mobile garbage bin, Mao Zhenzhen shouted, “Elder Martial Brothers and Elder Martial Sisters, hurry into the sword array and join forces to kill this demon.” It turned out that the four men over there had trapped Dharma King Xuanyuan and were fighting fiercely. More than a dozen outstanding Shushan disciples immediately flew into the sword array and besieged Dharma King Xuanyuan together. Xuanyuan Dharma King's pressure suddenly increased dozens of times, and he fell into the downwind and shouted again and again. Seeing that he was in danger, the swan goose rushed forward and attacked outside the array, but the number of people in the place was large and the magic weapon was exquisite, so it still fell to the leeward. After fighting for a while, both of them were trapped in the array. I, Buddha, help! Abbess Dragon Slayer was chased by Ba Liming, but no one came to save her, so she had to ask Shakyamuni Buddha for help. She converted to Buddhism, so she was called Abbess. Now I have no choice but to respect the Tathagata. Master Xuandu hurriedly said, “This battle is to free people from killing and plundering.”. Each has its own life and death, and cannot be forced to do so. In the world of immortals, the cause and effect of the boundless sword fight is just here to end. Shakyamuni Buddha also knew this truth, and saw that in the other camp, the nine phoenixes did not move, but they did not care. Abbess Dragon Slayer shouted several times, but Ba Liming had broken the nun's Buddha light. He pulled himself in, grabbed his paw in front of his chest, and pierced a big hole. One after another, the head was also bitten off by Ba Liming and eaten into the stomach. Ba Liming also regardless of what, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic wheelie bins, hold down the heart of lust. Eyes red light, the whole body clouds, broke into the sword array. A Taoist nun who looked like a girl, holding a precious umbrella and an Ananda sword, came to kill herself. But she is a disciple of Shushan, the goddess Ying Yi Jing. Qi Jinchan, Zhu Wen, Shi Sheng, Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun this war Xuanyuan Dharma King, Hongyan couple, see this old devil rushed in, hurriedly to fight. Ba Liming was furious, his body was erratic, and his claws were like dragons. He tore the umbrella of the goddess baby Yi Jing. Then he held the other's body in one hand, pinched it in his hand, and threw it into his mouth. The true spirit went to the Deification Platform. When Qi Jinchan saw that Ba Liming had killed another one, he immediately looked sad and indignant. “I'm going to fight with you, the devil,” he shouted. As soon as he finished shouting, he saw a flower in front of him. Ba Liming grabbed the Thunderbolt Mandarin Duck Sword and opened his mouth to bite it. When Zhu Wen saw that his lover was in danger, he rushed and sacrificed his life in front of him, but let Ba Liming eat a mouthful on his chest and bite himself to death. Ba Liming Jie Jie rushed up, a slap in the past, but Qi Jin cicada head out of the body, then a vertical body, mouth ten times bigger, a hungry tiger attack food, will also eat. The two of them really went to the Deification Platform. Brother Cicada, Sister Wen! When Shi Sheng saw that the two men had been eaten to death by Ba Liming, his eyes turned red and he rushed at them crazily. What kind of person is Ba Liming? He killed without mercy, ate without mercy, but opened his mouth, spurted out the flesh and blood of the two people he had just eaten, and wrapped Shi Sheng in it. As soon as the hand reaches out, immediately pulls into two parts, along with the flesh and blood all entered the mouth. See all around, resist the sword gas, but see only Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun two women, in the hands of a new magic weapon. His face changed miserably and he was about to escape, but Ba Liming was just panting like an ox. WWW.xiAosHuoTXT.com Chapter 454 extinction. “Evil spirits should stop running wild and take their lives.” The voice of grief and indignation came from behind. It turned out to be Yu Yingnan, an outstanding female disciple of Shushan. When she saw several Elder Martial Sisters, the Elder Martial Brother was killed in a twinkling of an eye. She immediately tried her best to throw the Nanming Fire Sword in her hand, recite the Taiqing Immortal Method, and turn the sword into a dragon. A fire dragon transformed from Nanming Fire bared its teeth and claws, sprayed thousands of feet of red thunder and fire, and ran to the back of Liming. Afterward, in the sword the sword gas crystal light is big, four Kunwu divine swords rise to pull up, twisted into a strand, the waist toward Ba Li to chop. Zhou Qingyun and Li Yingqiong's two daughters also raised their hands. One of them offered a magic weapon that looked like a drill bit and turned it into a ray of fire. However, it was Li Yingqiong's ancient treasure Suiren drill. According to legend, it was Suiren's drill wood, which was used to teach the acquired fire. Extremely powerful. Those who are in the middle are crushed to pieces. Zhou Qingyun, however, held the five clouds, and with one hand, there were bursts of auspicious clouds. Two female sacrifice to the magic weapon to fight, the body a flash, but is hiding in the array, see the sword gas vertical and horizontal, blood light ups and downs, up and down is a brilliant, others do not know whether it is heaven or earth. Although this Yu Yingnan is also unusually beautiful, the red skirt green silk, the body is graceful and slender, but in the view of Balao Devil, it is no different from a group of flesh and blood. When the Shushan Sect was at its peak, it spread overseas. When Prince Long of the East China Sea saw Yu Yingnan, he came to propose marriage. He wanted to make a good marriage, but he was rejected and humiliated. The Dragon King of the East China Sea thought that he had lost his face, but he couldn't do anything about it. We'll have to do it. At that time,collapsible bulk container, Yu Bu of Shushan was implicated in the Saha Pure Land, and there were monkeys in the Saha Pure Land, who dared to say more about such ferocious spirits as fighting against the Buddha. This is not mentioned. cnplasticpallet.com

Winner is king _ Lin Hai Tingtao _ txt novel paradise

Because of this story, the relationship between Atletico Madrid and Chang Sheng is even worse. If they knew that Lazio wanted to buy Motta, they would not let him go! Unexpectedly, Lazio encouraged Motta to terminate his contract with the club in order to avoid this situation! Bypassed Atletico Madrid in this way! The angry Madrid Athletic Club then attacked Lazio for doing these shady things, encouraging players with contracts to terminate their contracts with the original club, so that they could get players for free.. This practice is despicable! It is an unscrupulous way to destroy the order of European football! In response to Atletico Madrid's attack on Lazio, the Lazio Club responded: If Atletico Madrid does not agree to terminate the contract, we will not get Motta. But Atletico Madrid chose to terminate the contract because Atletico Madrid wanted to get rid of Motta. In this case, the Lazio Club did not have any private dealings with Motta. Atletico Madrid's criticism can only make them look ridiculous! Lazio's attitude is quite tough.. After winning the Champions League, the club has a domineering, just Atletico Madrid, they simply do not care! Chang Sheng,Self-closing Faucet, on the other hand, ignored Atletico Madrid at all. He is now the head coach to win the Champions League twice, to pay attention to status, not everyone can talk to him. ※※※ This kind of saliva lawsuit is not interesting. The Madrid Athletic Club has no evidence to prove that Lazio and Motta have been in private contact first, so the matter can not be brought to court. At most,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, both sides use the media to spit in the air. The best result that Atletico Madrid can achieve now is to discredit Chang Sheng and portray him as a desperate, moral and professional digger. But Chang Sheng's image is black enough, and it is useless for them to smear it. Chang Sheng doesn't care at all! The media followed the hype for two days and then stopped, and they thought it was boring. For a player who only plays six times a game? If you don't know, just looking at this situation, you think Motta is the core of Atletico Madrid's midfield, nearly ten goals a season, ten assists. ※※※ PS, send in the third watch, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Time Delay Tap, and then ask for a monthly ticket! (To be continued). Please search Piao Astronomy, Novels Better, Updates Faster!) WWW. XiAosHuoTXT. Com Chapter 5 Mario Goetze's Admirer Motta is the first player to be announced by Lazio this summer. Then Lazio did not announce again, but their movements never stopped. Next, Chang Sheng needs a jack-of-all-trades in the middle and front court. At the same time, this snake oil can not be too expensive. Chang Sheng first thought of Antonio, who is now in Udinese. Candreva Novel chapters are updated the fastest. Candreva is a Roman and he did join Lazio. But now he's in Udinese. Last year, Udinese scouts saw his talent and recruited him into the team. And had a Serie A appearance. However, in the time and space before Chang Sheng crossed, he was loaned to Livorno for 20082009 the season, two consecutive seasons on loan, where he performed well and was eventually spotted by Juventus. Later, he became an Italian national kick. What Chang Sheng needs to do now is to change Candreva's career ahead of time. First of all, he offered Udinese a loan. Udinese probably disagreed with the direct buyout. After all, they have only bought Candreva for one year, and they are interested in Candreva's future potential. So Chang Sheng intends to use the way of first renting and then buying out. That is to rent for a season and then add the right of first refusal to the loan contract. The exact price is subject to negotiation. But Candreva Chang Sheng is definitely wanted. As a player who can play front waist, back waist and full-back, there will never be a lack of opportunities to play under Chang Sheng. ※※※ After signing the versatile Candreva, Chang Sheng intends to add strength to his forward line. Because he basically knew who would go and who would not go before, he now knows his team shimew shimewèizhi confirmed. Winger w'wèizhi is short. Falcao will go, and Benzema will definitely go. It's inevitable that the silver boots of last season's Serie A league. The silver boot of last season's Champions League, such an excellent striker, has long attracted the attention of numerous big clubs. And Benzema is not the kind of person who is willing to stay at Lazio for two million euros. He is ambitious. He dreams of joining a real big club. Obviously, Lazio is not a real big club. If Benzema is gone, Nnàme Lazio's main forward line combination last season will win only one David. Silva 。 Cazorla can take advantage of the situation. But there is no substitute. So Chang Sheng has to find a substitute. This time, Chang Sheng has a long-term vision. He intends to make a long-term investment. His goal is to be a young genius in Dortmund, Germany.. Mario.. Goetze 。 Although Gezer did not play as a striker in Dortmund later, he belonged to the “3” w wèizhi in Dortmund's 4231 formation. This wwèizhi is a winger in Lazio's 433. Chang Sheng doesn't need Götze to score many goals, he just needs to be able to surprise his opponents with his plate. In other words,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, Gezer was Messi before Lazio's Messi had unlimited firing rights. The shihou's götze is just 16 years old and plays in the Borussia Dortmund youth team. Dortmund did not sign a professional contract with him because he was too young. So in theory. Gezer does not belong to Dortmund Club. As long as there is a team that can convince Gezer, you can get him, and then at most only give Dortmund Club tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of euros in training fees. It depends on how much Dortmund cares about Götze. Dortmund actually cares about Götze. Ask them if they can't sign a professional contract with Gezer. cnkexin.com

God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

The holy energy interweaves, the law of ten thousand beginnings is vast, interweaves this space, the thread beats continuously. Liu Aoxian stands in this space, surrounded by the law of Wan Chu, this moment is like the supreme immortal, suppressing all. Lin Tian dodged with the steps of reincarnation and interfered with other great arts. In his eyes, strands of fine awn jumped from time to time. In a twinkling of an eye, a full hour passed. An hour passed, and at this time, the fine awn in his eyes became rich, and there was a faint flash of purple awn. That's a fast jump! Liu Aoxian's face was cold. At this moment, the Wanchu Law boiled outside his body. In a twinkling of an eye, the Wanchu Fairy River turned out. It suppressed the ten directions and covered the whole Lin Tian: “In this way, you can try to dodge out again!” The immortal river at the beginning of ten thousand years is coming in an instant. Six and eight wastelands, completely surrounded and covered by the law of ten thousand beginnings, there is no space to dodge. Lin Tian's eyes were calm, and the purple awn in his eyes became stronger: “Then have a try.” As the words fell, he raised his hand, and a purple awn flashed, tearing open the Wanchuxian River and stepping out of it. At the same time, he casually pulled, a purple blade cut through the sky, instantly forced to Liu Aoxian near. Liu Aoxian changed color and quickly dodged three feet away. The next moment, where she had just stood, a small piece of space turned into nothingness and disappeared completely in an instant. That is “No..” No way That,Service Sink Faucets, that seems to be. In this place, all the monks' faces changed in surprise. The same is true of yuan Ziqing, the God of Tianyin Temple, and Luo Sze, the God of Baisheng Guge, whose powerful bodies shook fiercely. Liu Aoxian's face became the most fierce, no longer before the kind of cold and arrogant: “You.” Impossible! Just now, the purple awn outside Lin Tian's body, the purple blade offered to her,Stainless Steel Toilet China, was obviously the same as the power she offered. That is clearly the law of ten thousand! “You also control the law of ten thousand beginnings?!” She looked at Lin Tian: “Why didn't I feel anything before?” She controls the law of Wanchu, her cultivation is higher than Lin Tian, if Lin Tian also controls the law of Wanchu, then before, she can not have no induction, will definitely sense it! However, when she faced Lin Tian before, she did not give birth to the slightest feeling that Lin Tian controlled the law of Wan Chu, which made her confused and difficult to understand. Then, the next moment, she seemed to think of something, her face really changed, and even her body trembled. You You took control of it by my law of all things?! Her eyes could not help jumping. Lin Tian looked at her, her expression was flat, her eyes were lightly interwoven with purple awn, and there were strands of purple light floating out of her body. Just control, not pure broken, you accompany me to be skilled. He said. As the words fell, Flush valve price ,Time Delay Faucet, a piece of purple blade manifested, straight cut to Liu Aoxian. Chapter 2361 five-dimensional boundary. Pieces of purple blades cut through the void and fell in front of Liu Aoxian in a twinkling of an eye. Liu Aoxian's face was ugly, his teeth were gnashed, and the divine light interwoven outside his body was boiling like a towering flame in an instant, turning into a frightening waterfall and rushing up toward Lin Tian. With a sniff, the purple blade offered by Lin Tian was smashed in a twinkling of an eye, and then Liu Aoxian offered a waterfall of divine light at the beginning of ten thousand years, pressing down on Lin Tian. Lin Tian steps, the pace is very casual, step by step a purple afterimage, raised his hand toward the front of a simple punch. The purple Wanchu rule is interwoven at the end of his fist. In terms of quantity, it is far less than the Wanchu Waterfall offered by Liu Aoxian. However, the quality seems to be much stronger. With a simple punch, the Wanchu Waterfall is defeated. Come again. He said, taking a simple step, the purple awn in his eyes interweaves, and the Wanchu rule outside his body gradually becomes strong. Liu Aoxian quickly urged the law of Wan Chu to be more overbearing, and the same purple awn manifested itself toward Lin Tian. For a time, two homogeneous and homologous forces collided here, turning the void into a primitive one. He, he actually. “Borrow Liu Aoxian's Wanchu rule, only one hour, one hour, just..” “This..” Is he a man?! In this place, all the monks were shocked. From what Liu Aoxian said just now, these monks already knew that Lin Tian had not controlled the law of Wanchu before, but because after Liu Aoxian offered the law of Wanchu, he watched and realized, and then controlled such power on this day. This makes these monks frightened, one by one only feel that the soul can not help but feel cold, as if it is about to be frozen. Liu Aoxian, the contemporary saint of Wanchu Shrine, is known as the peerless genius who is hard to come out of all ages. Her potential is horrible and frightening. With the help of all kinds of laws about Wanchu left by the ancestor of Wanchu Shrine, she has been in seclusion for more than ten years, and finally controls the law of Wanchu, leading to the shock of the whole five-dimensional heaven. Now, however, Lin Tian is only used for an hour, just by watching Liu Aoxian sacrifice of the law of Wan Chu to understand, and then unexpectedly in the battle to control such power. How horrible is this?! “He..” Didn't he come from the four-dimensional sky? How could there be such a horrible person in that low-level world?! This It's impossible! Someone can't stop trembling. Even as strong as yuan Ziqing, the God son of Tianyin Temple, and Luo Sze, the God son of Baisheng Ancient Pavilion, they were shocked. Boom! “Boom!” “Boom!” Void roar, purple light in this piece of space constantly collision, where everything is dissipated. Half an hour passed in a twinkling of an eye. That's about it. Lin Tian opened his mouth, flexed his fingers, and a river of immortals surged out. The breath of this Wanchu Fairy River is frightening, and in an instant it is the Wanchu Law that Liu Aoxian offered with all his strength. Immediately, one side of the air vortex was born, interwoven with amazing force, and Liu Aoxian was directly shaken to fly. He, he.. “Wanchu rule, super..” Beyond Liu Aoxian! In this space, the monks trembled again. At this moment, everyone is a clear feeling out,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, Lin Tian's control of the law of Wan Chu, has come from behind, leaving Liu Aoxian far behind. Is he really human?! A young friar trembled. cnkexin.com

Zodiac Patron Saint _ Infinite Fiction

Xiaolou gaped at the crazy growth of various plants that only appeared in the ancient monster period on the island. Even at a distance of 100 meters, she could clearly see that the growth rate of each plant was so amazing. The island, which had been completely deserted before, had now turned into a sea of green. Apart from the fact that the clean beaches around the island are still the same, the whole island seems to be revived and full of vitality. This. What's going on here? No, it's impossible, absolutely impossible. Xiaolou exclaimed. Everything in front of her was already beyond her understanding. Qi Yue did not know when he had returned to her side and said with a smile, “Didn't I say that nothing is impossible in this world?”. In other words, here, above the disciples of the Kirin Group, I am the God here. I can cut through everything, and I can also change everything here. Now you should believe that I didn't lie to you before. The Goddess of Nature of our Kirin Group. I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to visit our group's Kirin Island? You're the first guest here since it was built. Xiaolou did not know what to say, until the down-to-earth moment, when she really felt the breath of the ancient beast period, she did not know that all this was true. Looking at Qi Yue beside him, Xiaolou suddenly stretched out his hand and pinched him on his arm. Then he asked a little crazily, “Does it hurt?” “Why don't you pinch yourself?” Said Qi Yue with a bitter face? Pinch yourself and you'll know if it hurts. Yeah, it's like the time of the ancient behemoths. The breath is exactly the same,push button toilet flush valve, even more intense than the natural breath of the ancient monster period, and the bright fruits have grown quietly, shining with crystal light. The pale green glow of the sky had faded away. But Xiaolou always felt that it was only its color that disappeared. Not itself. Watching Xiaolou walk into the forest in front of him, Qi Yue's eyes showed a ray of relief. It worked. I succeeded. Built a place of his own on earth. If it was before he went to the divine world, although he could also make such a place, Qi Yue knew that all he could do was to make it, but he could not keep it. After all,stainless steel shower tray, it is not difficult to maintain the growth of plants. However, it is almost impossible to maintain the environment here. The mask formed by the energy of the natural source must always exist for the island to remain as it is now. Without Qi Yue, the energy of the source of nature will certainly dissipate gradually. That is to say, Qi Yue must inject natural energy here every once in a while in order to maintain the status quo. That will be a very hard work. But now it's different. Everything has become different. There is only one wish, that is, Qi Yue understands the true meaning of the soul. In the same way, he just injected a breath of soul into the energy of the natural source he exported, and made it an individual, a single individual. In the future, as long as he does not die, the energy of the natural source here will always exist, absorbing the energy molecules in the air to supplement itself, maintaining the invisible protection of the island. It was an energy that no one could see, Flushometer valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and only Qi Yue could feel his existence. It can be said that the appearance here is a miracle of the world, and this miracle is created by Qi Yue. As he said, he was already a God, a real God. Looking at Xiaolou's cheerful appearance, Qi Yue's face could not help showing a smile, with his ability, how could he not see Xiaolou's feelings for himself? When a girl likes a man, the atmosphere of being together is absolutely different, but. He doesn't want to have any more problems in his relationship, so he has been playing dumb all the time. This time, he brought Xiaolou here and built the island into the shape of an ancient monster for her, which was also a kind of compensation for Xiaolou by Qi Yue. Qi Yue stood where he was, looking at the small building immersed in the environment of the ancient monster period. And he himself is also in this unique field created by himself, fully absorbing the breath of nature to supplement his consumption just now. Because the zodiac legions are all practicing in the field of the five elements of Kongtong Seal. Therefore, Qi Yue has to constantly input the energy of the source of nature every day. For him, this is not a small load, but it does not affect his ability to play. After all, the speed at which he himself recovers the energy of the source of nature is astonishing. Although it is not enough to make up for the consumption completely, as long as his consumption is too large, he will calm down to practice for a while, and the energy in his body will automatically be replenished. Thank you, Qi Yue. Xiaolou finally woke up from the intoxication of the wonderful environment and returned to Qi Yue. Perhaps because of the excitement just now, her little face looked red and lovely. As long as you like it. From now on, this will be your home. As long as you are willing to come, this Kirin Island will always be open to you. Qi Yue looked at Xiaolou with a smile, and from her eyes, he saw the familiar strangeness. Xiaolou's eyes looked a little blurred, staring at Qi Yue, “can you tell me, who are you?”? I asked everyone. I also asked my uncle, but they wouldn't tell me. Why do you have such great power at such a young age, and every one of them is willing to follow you. At your disposal. Why is your appearance not outstanding, but there is such a pair of peerless confidante, tell me, all this is why? Qi Yue sighed and said, “Why?”? Maybe because of strength, or maybe because of some other reasons, how do you want me to answer you? Miss Xiaolou, don't think too much. We will always be friends. Isn't it? Between friends, should not ask too much, you see,Concealed Flush Valve, I have never asked you about your personal affairs. Xiao Lou looked at him, a little dull. Qi Yue, are you really not willing to tell me? Or rather. Are you running away from me? 。 cnkexin.com

Carve a dragon and a phoenix

Xie Bin's heart is also filled with emotion, I did not expect to receive such a sister at this age. Although there is only one word difference between “Brother Bin” and “Brother”, the literal meaning is similar. But the true feelings are much worse. Xie Bin reached out to wipe away the tears on Guoguo's cheeks. “Well, read the book quickly. If you don't understand, ask me. I'll collect this painting well.” Then he turned and went out. Said to be a good collection, in fact, is to put things in their own space, there must be a safer place in the world than this? But speaking of his magical necklace, Xie Bin did not know when he suddenly found that the wisp of blood in the necklace had disappeared, and the jade pendant had returned to its original clear appearance. Although this looks a little less strange, but Xie Bin always felt that there was something wrong, but in the end where the problem, Xie Bin himself can not say clearly, anyway, the feeling is strange. And Xie Bin's own body has no other accidents, whether it is health or power or Qigong are all good, but also feel more and more thick, more and more mellow, use is also like an arm finger, so Xie Bin did not take it too seriously, but still wear the necklace close to the body. Also not afraid of others to see, no matter who sees,stainless steel toilet, will only be regarded as an ordinary jade necklace. Similarly, this necklace for Xie Bin now, there is only a little commemorative significance, to commemorate his parents who already do not know where they are, that's all. Now that he is about to get married and have children, how can he care who his parents are who he has never met? The days of missing them are long gone. Looking at Guoguo reading carefully, Xie Bin strolled to the villa next door. As soon as she saw Xie Bin, Zou Xintong bared her teeth and brandished her claws and asked,Manual Flush Valve, “Xie Bin, your sister is too precocious. We can't let go. Are children going against the sky now?” Xie Bin shook his head. “Her parents died early, and she lived with a grandfather when she was young. It's not surprising that she is mature in these things. You just treat her as one of your own, and she doesn't have any taboos. You don't need to be so careful. When you are familiar with her, you will like her better. That girl used to be really lovely.” It's just that I've been a little too nervous about it these two days. Sister Fang said with a smile, “I can see that this girl is really great. She's just one year older than my girl, but she doesn't look at the same level at all. She's good at serving rice, washing dishes and cleaning up the housework. Alas, I don't know how much I suffered when I was a child.” Xie Bin secretly thought, can you not be diligent when you live with an old man? Mr. Zhao may be a little better than Xie Bin's grandfather, but he is absolutely no better. When Xie Bin thinks about what he did when he was a child, he can think of what kind of life Guoguo had before. Guoguo may not have to worry about her livelihood, but she still needs to worry about some family trifles. Xie Bin clearly remembered that when he first saw their grandsons and grandsons, Guoguo paid for breakfast. At that time, Guoguo was only ten years old. Can an ordinary little girl do this? Several people talked for a while, Prison toilet for sale ,stainless steel squatting pan, almost all of them were talking about how magical and sensible Guoguo was, which made Xie Bin smile bitterly. There is no doubt that children without parents can only rely on themselves. It is estimated that Chen Minhan can understand this point. However, Chen Minhan also had both parents when she was young. She lost her father when she was a teenager, and her mother's condition deteriorated completely when she graduated from school. Then Xie Bin asked something about the school, which Zou Xintong and Chen Minhan did together, but Xie Bin was afraid that the two people would forget something without experience, so he asked again. Zou Xintong said discontentedly, “Xie Bin, do you still doubt my ability with Meng Meng?”? Don't worry, it's absolutely done properly. If I can't even do this little thing well, what else can I do? But Chen Minhan honestly confessed, “Thanks to Sister Fang, otherwise we really have a black eye, and we don't know where to start.”. ” Xie Bin laughed happily, Zou Xintong did not care, “Anyway, things are done, tomorrow with the formalities directly to school, do I need to send your baby sister to school?” (To be continued.) Chapter 199 harmony of mind. Volume II Chapter 199 Heart to Heart Zou Xintong they naturally have to go, otherwise Xie Bin has to go to teacher Zhao to find the principal or something, Zou Xintong they are very familiar with. Of course, Xie Bin also has to go, he also has to recognize the way to recognize the teacher, after Xie Bin will have a job, send Guoguo to school after class. Another Xie Bin also has to give Guoguo courage, or let a 12-year-old girl alone in the face of such a strange environment, the pressure is too great, not to mention is likely to face the problem of language barrier? It is said that Putonghua is now popular in schools, but in ordinary communication, dialects are still the majority. Nowadays, some college students dare not go to school alone, let alone a primary school student? Although Guoguo, a pupil, is going to be in the sixth grade. Although today's children are all very evil, a little older know everything, but after all, is a child, even if it is Guoguo, it can only be said to be the first time to know themselves. As for some other children, no matter how smart they are, it is useless not to know themselves. Some people ask, what is self? Seemingly complex and unspeakable questions, in fact, the answer is not complicated, especially in the West, a lot of education starts from this point. Self is nothing more than a cognitive process in which everyone knows himself, where he comes from, where he wants to go, and what position he occupies in the world,Time Delay Tap, what role he plays, and so on. But many adults may not be able to think of these things, let alone children. cnkexin.com

Black bag group of the goddess of war

Pan Fu first looked at Dongshu coldly, after thinking about it, he said in a calm voice, “Tomorrow you hurry back, I met your father-in-law in the evening, the words are ugly, but after all, you have been married for several years, the couple's feelings are there, how to go back to be obedient, you don't lose your temper.” In the end, for fear that Dongshu could not hear his seriousness, after thinking about it, he added, “There is no precedent for our daughter to divorce in the Pan family. I don't want you to be the first one.” Dongshu listened in one ear, and the other ear went out directly, not taking it to heart. At this time, Dongshu seems to begin to understand why the original owner is so humble and careful. Because the family does not support divorce, they are thinking of ways to let the original owner go to medical treatment, and then give birth to children. Hong Ye didn't come back again? Pan's father saw that Pan's mother had already filled the rice and asked with a twist of his eyebrows. Hearing Pan's father's question, Pan's mother smiled and said with some ingratiation, “Xiao Ye is busy. Don't always hold him back. If he doesn't come back, he won't come back. There's a place to live around him.” “You can spoil him. A loving mother is a loser. Sooner or later,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, you will destroy her. Every day, you will play with those improper things.” Pan's father snorted with some anger, but in the end he didn't say much. Dongshu extracted a key point from the words of the two people. Hong Ye. It should be Pan Hongye. Because Pan's father said that a loving mother is a loser, so this person should be the son of two people. As for whether it is the elder brother or the younger brother of the original owner, this is not known for the time being, but we can consider taking a look at the messages in WeChat. At the dinner table, Pan's mother could not avoid the old talk and began to nag again. Of course, both inside and outside the words are to let Dongshu live a good life,Flush Retrofit Kit, do not make a little temper, is not an injection to take medicine, cooperate on the line, really make a divorce, they have no face in the town ah. The town is so big, and the news of the big fart soon spread all over. If Dongshu is really divorced, how can she live in the future. Everyone knows she can't give birth. Who dares to marry her? Dongshu did not say much, but nodded. After a full meal, she helped Pan's mother clean up, and Dongshu went back to her room. The area of the home does not seem to be too large. Dongshu now lives, it seems that it should have been a storage room, so the place is not big, can only put down a small bed of 1.2 meters. Next door is Pan Hongye's room, because the door is closed, so can not see what is inside. For these, Dongshu does not want to be picky, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, nor does she want to compare anything. After tidying up, I went back to my room and sat on the bed to think about my present situation and how to go after that. The original owner is not feeling well today, so he asked for a day off. Only for this reason, Dongshu felt that the credibility was not high. She should have been wronged in her husband's home, so she went home. Dongshu took the mobile phone over, and carefully looked around the WeChat message. This time I looked more carefully, because I also knew the names of some people, so I found the chat record with Pan Hongye. The other party is the younger brother. Because he has been calling me sister, and what he means is that if he can't go on, there is no need to wronged himself. Sister Hong Ye, at least you graduated from university. Why are you still brainwashed by these people? If you can't go on, you will divorce. If you divorce, you will not be able to live. You are more than 30 yuan a month. It's not that you can't afford to support yourself. Why do you always look at other people's faces. The condition of Hong Ye's Sun family is better, but it looks good in a small town. You haven't been to a big city. It's much better than his condition. If he hadn't been introduced by my aunt, I wouldn't have agreed. There's a lot more after. The original owner complained to the other party that she could not give birth, and then her husband's family always targeted her. Pan Hongye is more clear than Pan's father and mother, but also to provide a lot of information to Dongshu. For example, the original owner graduated from university and studied in a big city. But why did they all go out and come back? If there is a better development in my hometown, it's okay to come back. If not, what is the purpose of coming back? If you just go out for a walk, the cost is quite high. Because the time is still early, Dongshu can not sleep, plus no memory, do not know what the wishes of the world will be. Do you insist on not divorcing, or what? Dongshu doesn't know. Just as I was thinking, my cell phone rang. I took it over and saw that it was a message from AAA's husband. How are you thinking about the divorce of AAA's husband? Pan Yuzhi, for the sake of our three years of marriage, I am not difficult for you. But as you know, our family has been single for three generations. It's impossible to break up here. Even if you give birth to a girl, you have to give birth. So, let's not embarrass each other like this. Let's get a divorce tomorrow when we get the certificate. Dongshu didn't come back for the time being. The other party is determined to divorce, and if the original owner still wants to save it, then the whole life will become a tragedy. East Shu does not want tragedy, so think about it, or tomorrow will take the certificate to leave? But I also thought that my colleague said in the group in the afternoon that it was the end of July, and the company had been sorting out the accounts, hoping that she would ask for less leave, because everyone was too busy. If you ask for leave tomorrow, you will inevitably be told by your colleagues. Think of these, east Shu to AAA husband back to the message. Pan Yuzhi at the beginning of August, the company settled accounts at the end of the month, the workload is heavy, it is not good to ask for leave. The AAA husband is OK, don't go back on your word when the time comes. This marriage is definitely going to be divorced, and it is definitely impossible not to have children! To this, Dong Shu did not return again. Before going to bed at night, nourish the body with healing techniques. Probably a few years ago has been taking medicine injections, the original owner's body is not particularly good, always take medicine, inevitably some drug precipitation, or some side effects. So,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, the constitution is really not good. Dongshu walked around with the treatment. Chapter 1491 the family has the throne to inherit 4. I got up early the next morning, before six o'clock. Dong Shu first went to take a shower, and then found clothes to change. Then I cooked porridge and steamed eggs. He took two boiled eggs to work and kept the rest for his family. cnkexin.com