Black bag group of the goddess of war

Pan Fu first looked at Dongshu coldly, after thinking about it, he said in a calm voice, “Tomorrow you hurry back, I met your father-in-law in the evening, the words are ugly, but after all, you have been married for several years, the couple's feelings are there, how to go back to be obedient, you don't lose your temper.” In the end, for fear that Dongshu could not hear his seriousness, after thinking about it, he added, “There is no precedent for our daughter to divorce in the Pan family. I don't want you to be the first one.” Dongshu listened in one ear, and the other ear went out directly, not taking it to heart. At this time, Dongshu seems to begin to understand why the original owner is so humble and careful. Because the family does not support divorce, they are thinking of ways to let the original owner go to medical treatment, and then give birth to children. Hong Ye didn't come back again? Pan's father saw that Pan's mother had already filled the rice and asked with a twist of his eyebrows. Hearing Pan's father's question, Pan's mother smiled and said with some ingratiation, “Xiao Ye is busy. Don't always hold him back. If he doesn't come back, he won't come back. There's a place to live around him.” “You can spoil him. A loving mother is a loser. Sooner or later,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, you will destroy her. Every day, you will play with those improper things.” Pan's father snorted with some anger, but in the end he didn't say much. Dongshu extracted a key point from the words of the two people. Hong Ye. It should be Pan Hongye. Because Pan's father said that a loving mother is a loser, so this person should be the son of two people. As for whether it is the elder brother or the younger brother of the original owner, this is not known for the time being, but we can consider taking a look at the messages in WeChat. At the dinner table, Pan's mother could not avoid the old talk and began to nag again. Of course, both inside and outside the words are to let Dongshu live a good life,Flush Retrofit Kit, do not make a little temper, is not an injection to take medicine, cooperate on the line, really make a divorce, they have no face in the town ah. The town is so big, and the news of the big fart soon spread all over. If Dongshu is really divorced, how can she live in the future. Everyone knows she can't give birth. Who dares to marry her? Dongshu did not say much, but nodded. After a full meal, she helped Pan's mother clean up, and Dongshu went back to her room. The area of the home does not seem to be too large. Dongshu now lives, it seems that it should have been a storage room, so the place is not big, can only put down a small bed of 1.2 meters. Next door is Pan Hongye's room, because the door is closed, so can not see what is inside. For these, Dongshu does not want to be picky, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, nor does she want to compare anything. After tidying up, I went back to my room and sat on the bed to think about my present situation and how to go after that. The original owner is not feeling well today, so he asked for a day off. Only for this reason, Dongshu felt that the credibility was not high. She should have been wronged in her husband's home, so she went home. Dongshu took the mobile phone over, and carefully looked around the WeChat message. This time I looked more carefully, because I also knew the names of some people, so I found the chat record with Pan Hongye. The other party is the younger brother. Because he has been calling me sister, and what he means is that if he can't go on, there is no need to wronged himself. Sister Hong Ye, at least you graduated from university. Why are you still brainwashed by these people? If you can't go on, you will divorce. If you divorce, you will not be able to live. You are more than 30 yuan a month. It's not that you can't afford to support yourself. Why do you always look at other people's faces. The condition of Hong Ye's Sun family is better, but it looks good in a small town. You haven't been to a big city. It's much better than his condition. If he hadn't been introduced by my aunt, I wouldn't have agreed. There's a lot more after. The original owner complained to the other party that she could not give birth, and then her husband's family always targeted her. Pan Hongye is more clear than Pan's father and mother, but also to provide a lot of information to Dongshu. For example, the original owner graduated from university and studied in a big city. But why did they all go out and come back? If there is a better development in my hometown, it's okay to come back. If not, what is the purpose of coming back? If you just go out for a walk, the cost is quite high. Because the time is still early, Dongshu can not sleep, plus no memory, do not know what the wishes of the world will be. Do you insist on not divorcing, or what? Dongshu doesn't know. Just as I was thinking, my cell phone rang. I took it over and saw that it was a message from AAA's husband. How are you thinking about the divorce of AAA's husband? Pan Yuzhi, for the sake of our three years of marriage, I am not difficult for you. But as you know, our family has been single for three generations. It's impossible to break up here. Even if you give birth to a girl, you have to give birth. So, let's not embarrass each other like this. Let's get a divorce tomorrow when we get the certificate. Dongshu didn't come back for the time being. The other party is determined to divorce, and if the original owner still wants to save it, then the whole life will become a tragedy. East Shu does not want tragedy, so think about it, or tomorrow will take the certificate to leave? But I also thought that my colleague said in the group in the afternoon that it was the end of July, and the company had been sorting out the accounts, hoping that she would ask for less leave, because everyone was too busy. If you ask for leave tomorrow, you will inevitably be told by your colleagues. Think of these, east Shu to AAA husband back to the message. Pan Yuzhi at the beginning of August, the company settled accounts at the end of the month, the workload is heavy, it is not good to ask for leave. The AAA husband is OK, don't go back on your word when the time comes. This marriage is definitely going to be divorced, and it is definitely impossible not to have children! To this, Dong Shu did not return again. Before going to bed at night, nourish the body with healing techniques. Probably a few years ago has been taking medicine injections, the original owner's body is not particularly good, always take medicine, inevitably some drug precipitation, or some side effects. So,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, the constitution is really not good. Dongshu walked around with the treatment. Chapter 1491 the family has the throne to inherit 4. I got up early the next morning, before six o'clock. Dong Shu first went to take a shower, and then found clothes to change. Then I cooked porridge and steamed eggs. He took two boiled eggs to work and kept the rest for his family.