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Because of this story, the relationship between Atletico Madrid and Chang Sheng is even worse. If they knew that Lazio wanted to buy Motta, they would not let him go! Unexpectedly, Lazio encouraged Motta to terminate his contract with the club in order to avoid this situation! Bypassed Atletico Madrid in this way! The angry Madrid Athletic Club then attacked Lazio for doing these shady things, encouraging players with contracts to terminate their contracts with the original club, so that they could get players for free.. This practice is despicable! It is an unscrupulous way to destroy the order of European football! In response to Atletico Madrid's attack on Lazio, the Lazio Club responded: If Atletico Madrid does not agree to terminate the contract, we will not get Motta. But Atletico Madrid chose to terminate the contract because Atletico Madrid wanted to get rid of Motta. In this case, the Lazio Club did not have any private dealings with Motta. Atletico Madrid's criticism can only make them look ridiculous! Lazio's attitude is quite tough.. After winning the Champions League, the club has a domineering, just Atletico Madrid, they simply do not care! Chang Sheng,Self-closing Faucet, on the other hand, ignored Atletico Madrid at all. He is now the head coach to win the Champions League twice, to pay attention to status, not everyone can talk to him. ※※※ This kind of saliva lawsuit is not interesting. The Madrid Athletic Club has no evidence to prove that Lazio and Motta have been in private contact first, so the matter can not be brought to court. At most,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, both sides use the media to spit in the air. The best result that Atletico Madrid can achieve now is to discredit Chang Sheng and portray him as a desperate, moral and professional digger. But Chang Sheng's image is black enough, and it is useless for them to smear it. Chang Sheng doesn't care at all! The media followed the hype for two days and then stopped, and they thought it was boring. For a player who only plays six times a game? If you don't know, just looking at this situation, you think Motta is the core of Atletico Madrid's midfield, nearly ten goals a season, ten assists. ※※※ PS, send in the third watch, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Time Delay Tap, and then ask for a monthly ticket! (To be continued). Please search Piao Astronomy, Novels Better, Updates Faster!) WWW. XiAosHuoTXT. Com Chapter 5 Mario Goetze's Admirer Motta is the first player to be announced by Lazio this summer. Then Lazio did not announce again, but their movements never stopped. Next, Chang Sheng needs a jack-of-all-trades in the middle and front court. At the same time, this snake oil can not be too expensive. Chang Sheng first thought of Antonio, who is now in Udinese. Candreva Novel chapters are updated the fastest. Candreva is a Roman and he did join Lazio. But now he's in Udinese. Last year, Udinese scouts saw his talent and recruited him into the team. And had a Serie A appearance. However, in the time and space before Chang Sheng crossed, he was loaned to Livorno for 20082009 the season, two consecutive seasons on loan, where he performed well and was eventually spotted by Juventus. Later, he became an Italian national kick. What Chang Sheng needs to do now is to change Candreva's career ahead of time. First of all, he offered Udinese a loan. Udinese probably disagreed with the direct buyout. After all, they have only bought Candreva for one year, and they are interested in Candreva's future potential. So Chang Sheng intends to use the way of first renting and then buying out. That is to rent for a season and then add the right of first refusal to the loan contract. The exact price is subject to negotiation. But Candreva Chang Sheng is definitely wanted. As a player who can play front waist, back waist and full-back, there will never be a lack of opportunities to play under Chang Sheng. ※※※ After signing the versatile Candreva, Chang Sheng intends to add strength to his forward line. Because he basically knew who would go and who would not go before, he now knows his team shimew shimewèizhi confirmed. Winger w'wèizhi is short. Falcao will go, and Benzema will definitely go. It's inevitable that the silver boots of last season's Serie A league. The silver boot of last season's Champions League, such an excellent striker, has long attracted the attention of numerous big clubs. And Benzema is not the kind of person who is willing to stay at Lazio for two million euros. He is ambitious. He dreams of joining a real big club. Obviously, Lazio is not a real big club. If Benzema is gone, Nnàme Lazio's main forward line combination last season will win only one David. Silva 。 Cazorla can take advantage of the situation. But there is no substitute. So Chang Sheng has to find a substitute. This time, Chang Sheng has a long-term vision. He intends to make a long-term investment. His goal is to be a young genius in Dortmund, Germany.. Mario.. Goetze 。 Although Gezer did not play as a striker in Dortmund later, he belonged to the “3” w wèizhi in Dortmund's 4231 formation. This wwèizhi is a winger in Lazio's 433. Chang Sheng doesn't need Götze to score many goals, he just needs to be able to surprise his opponents with his plate. In other words,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, Gezer was Messi before Lazio's Messi had unlimited firing rights. The shihou's götze is just 16 years old and plays in the Borussia Dortmund youth team. Dortmund did not sign a professional contract with him because he was too young. So in theory. Gezer does not belong to Dortmund Club. As long as there is a team that can convince Gezer, you can get him, and then at most only give Dortmund Club tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of euros in training fees. It depends on how much Dortmund cares about Götze. Dortmund actually cares about Götze. Ask them if they can't sign a professional contract with Gezer.