Fat Sword Strange Monk Record-Little Tilia _ txt Novel Paradise But the man raised his face and smiled at the red curtain. “I seem to be crazy.” Somehow, Qin Honglian was surprised by his laughter. Zhou Wonton seemed to have seen something and suddenly shouted, “Wei Ping, so it's you..” He wanted to say, 'You're pretending to be a ghost,' but before he could say it, he saw that'Wei Pingping 'had clapped his hands on the pot table and said with a smile, “I'm not that Wei Pingping in those days!” The pot full of oil was quiet in the pot, and under his palm, like a bucket of gold beads, it rose into the air and exploded, straight to Gu Wuming's three explosions. The man was really not afraid of being hot, so he reached out his hand and fished out a sword from the remaining oil in the pot. As soon as the sword appeared, it shone brilliantly. What was even more amazing was that the wind from the sword, carrying thousands of drops of oil, like a sparrow spreading a golden screen, cut open in the kitchen where the smoke had not yet dispersed. Splash has exclaimed: “It's Wei Pingping's' Oil Reservoir Sword ''!”. “ The man laughed loudly and said, “The sword is really an'oil reservoir ', and the man is no longer'unfair'!” As soon as he laughed, Gu Wuming,industrial racking systems, Zeng Yide and Zhou Wonton were attacked at the same time. Gu Wuming was the smallest, but he was burned the most by the boiling oil. He screamed and said angrily, “Mom!” A pair of small hands grabbed the man's throat. That person already laughed: “ 'child his mother', 'child his mother', practice this skill but hurt oneself, no wonder you never grow up.” He just fell to the ground with the word'big 'and opened his mouth to bite the white and fat little hands that Gu Wuming had stretched out. Gu Wuming had been working on these hands for more than thirty years, but somehow, when he saw the man's white teeth,shuttle rack system, he dared not let him bite them. With a strange cry, he retreated. The man attacked Zeng Yide with a sword. The sword had already dazzled Zeng Yide's eyes, and most of the oil droplets brought up by the sword had hit him. With a strange cry, Zeng Yide lifted his robe to cover his head and face, covering his whole body. But the robe was also stained with oil, and he threw it away as soon as he took it off. He had already taken off a robe when he put out the fire, but there was another one below. I don't know why he wore so many robes, that one off and this one, this one off again, and there was another one below, just like his ventriloquism-his face was black, and he even changed his face. It turned out to be a'face-changing 'stunt in the Demon Sect. His face suddenly turned pale, and his eyebrows, like two brooms, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehousing storage solutions, were swept down in the dark, as if he were an impermanent hangman. Listen to that person to laugh only: “Ceng Yide, hey, the time that you press box bottom is used up.” As soon as Zeng was anxious to avoid the oil bead, he stabbed him with the sword and Zhou Wonton took it for him. This is a hard-hitting move. As soon as Zhou Wonton, an iron clapper used to sell wontons, touched the sword, the clapper made a'ding 'sound, and the sharp thorns pierced everyone's ears, buzzing, making everyone uncomfortable for half a day, not to mention the feeling of Zhou Wonton. As soon as he stepped back, he shouted, “The idea is prickly!” Call him and then retreat. Zeng Yide and Gu Wuming were his best friends, and at a glance they knew that he was going back to the wonton blunt pick, where all the magic weapons of Zhou's wonton blunt were inside. The man stared at Zhou Wonton with a sword and ran after him. Zeng Yide and Gu Wuming also ran after the man. The four men had leaped from the kitchen into the hall like lightning, and went out of the hall through the window. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhou Wonton was already close to his wonton pick, and he took a breath on his back. Qin red curtain and five phoenix knife children looked out of the window, only to see that a few people rolling over and over, disappeared in the night. Qin Honglian and Zhang Splash looked at each other. At this time, they heard a special whistle outside. The children of Wufeng Dao in the hall changed their looks and looked at each other. In a twinkling of an eye, they turned around and walked away. Zhang Sa patted Younger Martial Sister on the shoulder and jumped out of the window. He ran after Gu Wuming in the direction of the four of them and said, “I'll take the picture first, Curtain Sister.”. You can come back later. Qin red curtain here a look back, see the original bustling hotel has become empty, a mess, I do not know how to have a sense of desolation. All the people in the kitchen had already escaped, and on the cabinet in the hall, only the shopkeeper was still standing with trembling legs-not because he didn't want to go, but because he was paralyzed and unable to move. Qin Honglian looked at the back of the stove, only to see the figure on the wall grow up, and then appeared, and sure enough, it was the blind old man and the little bitter master and servant. The blind old man looked desolate, as if he could not imagine that Gong Changchun would one day fall into hiding from the enemy. The little bitter son grinned and felt that the scene just now was very funny. His master looked at the mess of oil and wood on the ground and did not know what he was thinking. Somehow, Qin Honglian looked at the expression on his face and felt that the thoughts in his heart were the same as his own. Gong Changchun sat down on the edge of the table. He was blind, but he seemed to be able to see everything. He walked without stumbling, which made Qin Honglian look at him doubtfully. As if he had guessed, he looked at the red curtain and said with a smile, “Little girl, you don't have to be suspicious. The little old man is really blind.” Tan Honglian blushed. The blind old man smiled: “Some people's eyes are bright, but their hearts are blind.” As he spoke, he looked at the young man with deep meaning. “My old man is blind, but his heart is not yet blind.” Tan Honglian was even more embarrassed. Eager to change the subject,warehouse storage racks, she asked aloud, “Is the elder Gong who was called'Changchun Sword 'in those days?” The blind old man smiled and nodded. “But who was that man just now?” Asked Qin Honglian? Is he Wei Ping? She seemed to be very sensitive to the three words of Wei Ping, as if she wanted to find him for something. 。 jracking.com