Ghost Marriage Girl: I'm afraid of the dark, Lord Ghost Husband Zhao Xiang also came to interject and said jokingly, “I think my elder sister has good luck in love.” “No, don't talk nonsense. Who would like ghosts in a normal person?” Zhao Zhen touched my hand and denied it. As soon as I saw Xiu Rui beside me, I couldn't hang on his face again, and hurriedly explained, “Su Er, I'm not saying you shouldn't be with ghosts.”. He is different from my brother-in-law Xiu Rui. Xiu Rui's brother-in-law is very beautiful. “All right, don't explain. I know what you mean.” I see Zhao Zhen to describe more and more black, simply let her not explain, a group of people also left the courtyard. Zhao Zhen was very concerned about my situation and asked me, “Is it true that Lou Shao said that his brother-in-law's spiritual power was greatly reduced for him?” It's true, at that time. Yan Qing was so ill that he had to use this method. I looked up at Xiu Rui and told Zhao Zhen in a low voice. Xiu Rui's spiritual power is greatly reduced, and it can't be leaked out at will. But now that everyone knows it, there's no need to hide it from my best friend Zhao Zhen. Zhao Zhen patted me on the shoulder and praised me and Xiu Rui, “You are really loyal. I really don't know you in vain.”. Don't take what Yan Qing said to heart. He has such a temper. Since he returned to China,stainless steel edging strip, this is his virtue, which is different from what we knew when we were young. But didn't he forget everything? I still feel like I hate you. I frowned slowly, according to normal logic. [Http://] Netdisk resource search, Netdisk search artifact (novels, movies, TV series) Yan Qing has lost his memory,stainless tile trim, and his temperament has returned to his true nature. Baidu cloud search, search novel is convenient to As at first, as gentle and refined as when I was a child, but now it is still a little extreme. Zhao Zhen sighed and said helplessly, “You don't know yet. When he woke up, he was stimulated again.”. Yan Qing is really an unlucky boy. Well, let's all give in to him. “He..” Did something happen to him when he woke up? My heart missed a beat and I was a little worried. Zhao Zhen looked around for a moment and whispered in my ear, “I heard that Lan Ying, when he was in a coma, took away a secret book from Lou's family, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminum tile trim, and he was impeached by many side branches.“. For a while, I heard I was almost thrown out of office. “What's the secret? It's so serious.” I frowned even more, and I knew it was a big deal. It is said that there is only one blood of Yan Qing left in the Lou family. No matter what happens, those people are not qualified to depose the identity of Yan Qing. Zhao Zhen is not the floor family, know is also hearsay, shook his head, “where do I know ah?”? I don't know about that. “Hey, Lan Ying hasn't taken care of him since she was a child. How could she come back and do such a thing?” I lowered my voice and said something depressed. This matter is a family affair of the Lou family. Although we are all friends of Yan Qing, we are not qualified to intervene. One side of Zhao Xiang could not hold back and said angrily: “This is nothing, Lan Ying has done too much, sister did not say.”. I heard that she remarried and stole the secret book to please the man. Zhao Xiang and I chatted, and we both said it secretly in a low voice. Relying on the fact that she was a ghost, the girl raised her voice and said, but all the disciples of the building family opened their eyes. She talked nonsense, and she was happy. The disciples who passed nearby heard it and looked at it with disdain in their eyes. For a moment, it was like a awn on the back. A group of us hurriedly quickened our pace and left. Zhao Zhen sent us to the door and went back to Lou's house. With Zhao Xiang, the little girl, dragging her down, she dared not leave the house for half a step. When I got home, I saw my fourth brother playing games in the living room. The TV has become his game machine, and he pulled me to play video games with him. At first, I was not interested in this thing. At first, I played with my fourth brother, and I became addicted to it. In a flash, three days passed. I got up early and followed Xiu Rui directly to Lou's house. Because he had been to Tao Lao's small courtyard before, he only informed the housekeeper of Qiu and came to Tao Lao's side to get the pottery body made by Tao Lao. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw Zhao Zhen sitting on a stone bench with a bitter face. The expression on his face was uglier than crying. He repeatedly touched a red amulet in his hand. Seeing me was like seeing a savior. “Su Er, you're here.” “Did something happen to you? You look so ugly.” I pinched Zhao Zhen's little face and asked with some heartache. Zhao Zhen put her arms around my waist and buried her face in my bulging lower abdomen. “I'm sad this time,” she cried. “I'm finished.” “What's the matter?” I was very anxious to see my good friend so helpless. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, “He follows me every day. A ghost always follows me.” “He..” Where is he now? I looked around for the whereabouts of the man, but he didn't seem to be in the yard at the moment. Pointing to the room in the courtyard, Zhao Zhen said bitterly, “He's in there. I told you I'm not an antelope.”. He insisted on following me and said he would follow me for the rest of his life. “Did he force you?” As soon as I heard it, I felt terrible. I was haunted by an ancient ghost who had lived for tens of thousands of years. It's creepy to think about this kind of day. Chapter 206 a girl in a cheongsam. “He..” After listening to Xiu Rui's brother-in-law's words, he didn't force me to follow me all the time. Zhao Zhen is a face to cry without tears of small expression,tile trim factory, cold little hand tightly holding me. I was relieved and patted her on the back of her hand. “As long as it doesn't hurt you, it's not a serious problem. Just pretend you can't see him.” “Then..” What if I take a shower? I have to change my clothes and not take a shower. Zhao Zhen looked at me with a red face and a tangled expression. I looked her up and down. She was wearing an aqua blue dress today. The hair is also very clean, not like many days without a shower.