Original Title: Li yuanjie Becomes a “Music Tailor”, and His Famous Song “Sorrow of Separation” Has Been Copied by Three Songs by Netizens! Li yuanjie became a “music tailor”, and the famous song “Sorrow of Separation” was copied by netizens for 3 songs! In the introduction of the first song, “Sorrow of Separation” is a song written, composed and sung by Li yuanjie, which has been promoted by the public who like the ancient style and has become the No.1 of the hot song charts of major music platforms for several months. Just people red is not much, song red is the same,custom tailor tape, there is a B station net friend real hammer blast said the song “leave sorrow” is a patchwork pseudo-original songs, before and after the plagiarism of three songs “fireworks easy to cold”, “Pure Brightness rain”,personalized tape measure, “small building outside the mountain night listen to rain” even pay tribute to the ancient style is just a gimmick. In “Tomorrow's Son”, Li yuanjie, the author of Zhonghua Chenyu's comment on the sorrow of separation, appeared to be very irritable, and even said frankly that the basic skills were not solid and the melody misled the audience. Expand the full text Generally speaking, seamstress measuring tape ,retractable tape measure sewing, “Sorrow of Separation” is Dai Quan's singing style. The prelude of fireworks is easy to be cold and the chorus of listening to the rain at night in the small building outside the mountain. To be more accurate, the chord trend is the same, but some notes are modified in the middle, but the melody is bounded by 8 bars of similar notes. It draws lessons from Jay Chou's prelude, which is just 8 bars, and then takes Xu Song's backhand and begins to copy again. Take the small building outside the mountain listening to the rain at night for example, even from the simplest auditory contrast, it is basically close to the melody of one to one. It not only sounds like listening to the rain at night in a small building outside the mountain, but also sings the words of leaving people's sorrow in the tune of listening to the rain at night in a small building outside the mountain. In the final analysis, it is to elevate a few tunes. Even the rhyme of the climax is basically the same! I should be leisurely in Jianghu, drinking a pot of turbid wine (I drink alone in the small attic outside the mountain, listening to a night of lovesickness) Look at the deep sorrow of flowers in drunkenness (after drunkenness, people are worried, and their worries are hard to stop) Don't take that pass for a field tour, leaving a beautiful woman waiting (in the small attic outside the mountain, I take a small boat) In the dream martyrdom this sentiment is high several buildings (puts misses to drift with the wind) In fact, there are many songs with the same tone in this mode, but Xiaobian still can't help but sigh that the music tailor lives up to his reputation. It seems that there will be great achievements in the future! So is the plagiarism of “Sorrow of Separation” true? In fact,custom tape measure, there is no conclusive evidence at present, and some are only close to the melody and prelude, so how can we believe that the small partners will have a number in mind! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com