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Chiyou was stunned: “The Six Wonders of Demons?”? Li, do you know that this “Demon God Six Wonders” is generally only passed on to the disciples of this school. However I was just a little disappointed, but when I heard'but ', my eyes lit up, and it seemed that there was still hope. But I'm about to break this rule and pass it on to others. In that case, I might as well break it first and pass it on to your son. Chiyou smiled. From the heart a move: “pass on to others?”? Who is Dazun going to pass it on to? But on the surface, Li immediately knelt down on one knee and said, “Xie Dazun.” One side of Li Jie is also intelligent, also followed by kneeling down: “Xie Dazun!” “ Chiyou said with a faint smile, “You don't have to thank me. Your father has been following me for hundreds of millions of years, and he has made a lot of contributions. It's nothing to pass on to you in The Six Wonders of the Demons. Li Jie, last time in the square, you were able to support for two and a half days, which shows that your potential is still very good. It's no problem to reach the Demon King. As for the Demon Emperor, if you work hard, you are sure.”. Chiyou said that there was hope that Li Jie would reach the Demon Emperor. How could Li Jie not be excited? Xie Dazun! Li Jie said excitedly. Li is also happy, his son is hopeful to become a demon emperor, if his father and son are demon emperors, that is a good story in the demon world, after all, the demon emperor is also very difficult to achieve. Look at how many thousands of years the entire Central yuan Domain has been the Nine Demon Emperors. Good, now the original will pass you “Demon God Six Wonders”, you sit cross-legged. Chiyou said indifferently. Li Jie immediately crossed his knees respectfully and waited for Chi You to pass on his Six Wonders of Demons and Gods. Chiyou's eyes closed slightly. Hum ~ ~ ~ “ As if with Chiyou as the center, the whole space was shaken, Chiyou's blue clothes turned into nothingness in an instant, Chiyou closed his upper body, the blue light flashed on Chiyou's body, a strong and brutal momentum rose to the sky, and even the world changed. Pangu body! Absolutely tough! At this moment, Chiyou's domineering power is completely spread out, and his eyes are closed. The reason why it is very difficult for him to pass on the “Six Wonders of the Demon God” is that every time he passes it on,ghana seed extract, it consumes his mind, especially when Chiyou wants to pass on the complete “Six Wonders of the Demon God” to others, which consumes his mind even more. What is the status of Dazun? Naturally, they are too lazy to spread it to others. Chiyou's eyes suddenly opened, and two rays of light went straight to the nine heavens, as if they had penetrated the nine heavens, and even shot into the boundless chaos above the nine heavens. Boom! His right arm stretched out lightly, and a blue light bombarded Li Jie's heavenly spirit. One side of the heart from a surprised, but he did not dare to doubt Chiyou, can only wait quietly in the side, at the moment, he is like an ant on the frying pan. Li Jie's body trembled, his face turned red, and his heart became more nervous. No need to be nervous, just accepted the “Demon God Six”, naturally to accept the “Demon God Six” that momentum baptism, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,phycocyanin spirulina, small things, he can still bear. Chiyou's body once again appeared in Tsing Yi, without the insolent and overbearing momentum just now. After a moment, sure enough, Li Jie slowly calmed down. Father, I did it. As soon as Li Jie opened his eyes, he was overjoyed to say to Li, and then immediately knelt down on one knee to Chi You and said, “Xie Dazun passed on my Six Demons.” Chiyou said with a faint smile, “If you want to thank your father, thank him for his hundreds of millions of years of hard work.” Suddenly- “Report to the Master that Li Yang has brought it!” The voice of the boy in gold sounded outside the pavilion. There was a smile on Chiyou's face: “Let him in!” Chiyou immediately cast his eyes on Li Jie's father and son, “You two can leave.” “Yes!” Li and Li Jie immediately bowed and left, while Li Yang came in with a smile. The three of them crossed each other, just looking at each other and nodding slightly. Could it be that Dazun said just now that he wanted to pass on the “Six Wonders of Demons” to others, and that this person was Li Yang? Li, Li Jie father and son thought to themselves at the same time, but did not dare to ask, directly out of the Qingxiao Pavilion. Chapter 6 The Secret of the Six Realms Li Yang and Chi You are the only two people in Qingxiaoke at the moment. In Xiang Lou, you can see the nine heavens when you look up, and you can even see the chaos at the highest place. In the chaotic world, the energy shocks and riots are unbearable. Even if you are a master of the Demon King level, you can't live in it. Li Yang looked at Chiyou carefully. What was the difference between the legendary Chiyou Dazun. Fortitude face, a pair of tiger eyes, clear eyes, the body naturally exudes a strong momentum, that light pressure also spread out, this is the natural possession of Dazun, of course, Chiyou can also restrain pressure, but he did not. Even Li Lu Demon Emperor wants to be flustered under the pressure of Ben Zun's power. Ben Zun wants to see how you are. Chiyou had a sense of struggle in his heart. Li Yang frowned, that from all directions, as if the same pressure of heaven and earth directly, the momentum is determined by the mind, and the pressure is determined by the primordial spirit, on the primordial spirit, Li Yang is not weaker than Chi You, but Li Yang can not control his own pressure. Now Chi Youwei presses, Li Yang yuan Shen naturally sends out the pressure, resists with it. Chiyou is like a boundless wave. The wind and waves beat Li Yang crazily, but Li Yang is like a rock that does not move. No matter how strong his pressure is, Li Yang does not bend half a minute. The pressure is silent and difficult to detect with his eyes and ears. Li Yang and Chiyou look at each other like this. Ha ha, good, good! Chiyou burst out laughing, and the pressure he exerted suddenly converged, and Li Yang's pressure naturally dissipated. Chiyou was shocked in his heart. “How could it be possible? I've never heard of it. After Pangu created the world, besides the birth of the spirit of the five elements of chaos, there were other super-gifted souls.”. If I hadn't known that Sun Wukong was the Golden Spirit of Chaos, I would have thought that Li Yang was the Golden Spirit of Chaos. “Li Yang, practice well in the future.”. You may also achieve the position of great honor. Chiyou inconvenience to tell Li Yang a lot, this is the rule, that is,akba boswellic acid, the original Zhu Rong, Gonggong is also to the late Demon Emperor was told that he is the spirit of chaos. Li Yang is stupefied: “Dazun, what do you mean by that?” 。