Steak observation diary

It doesn't matter how much you have to pay, it doesn't matter if you die together, I want that Quinn? Schmidt got what he deserved. ! …… He must die! Only on this point, I will not give in! “Rambo..” Edward froze for a moment, then lowered his voice slowly and said softly, “Don't let your anger blind you to such a stupid thing.”. As for Quinn? Schmidt I won't let him get away with it, believe me. I don't know how to answer. What is this? Help me, a stupid human who wants to fight vampires, take out Quinn? Does Schmidt mean it? ?! I stared at him with tight lips, and my dark eyes were gradually calming down, and the pupils were gradually relaxing like a whirlpool of blood in the kitchen sewer. 『…………』 Without saying anything, I gave Edward a sharp look in my eyes. “Get out!” I couldn't rely on Edward in this matter, or I didn't want him to get involved at all, and the kind words sounded like a sharp point about the fact that I had no way to deal with vampires. I can't rely on vampires to seek revenge from vampires. It doesn't make any sense. Against Quinn? Schmidt was like a snap of the finger for Edward. And yet we humble humans must pray to God for help in our dire Straits, which is of no use except to give me a thorough understanding of what it means to be weak and helpless, and I have never hated my powerlessness so much as I do now. No,plastic laminated tube, not.. You believe I didn't mean.. Edward was startled. He frowned helplessly at me, baring his teeth and claws, and for the first time there was an unusually sarcastic and anxious expression on his face. I don't care what you mean, no one can stop me in this matter! And don't listen to what I think! I bared my teeth at him demonstratively, grabbed the phone that had fallen to the ground with my violently shaking hands, put it in the crook of my arm,custom cosmetic packing, and stared at the blue buttons on it viciously. “Doodle..” Thank God! The phone isn't broken yet! I bit my lower lip, my frantically trembling fingers didn't listen to me, my throbbing brain couldn't give a decent command, and I tried several times with all my strength, but I couldn't press the right button. 'Oh! Hell I cursed unceremoniously, the nerve that kept tightening in my brain made me completely unable to think normally now, my vision was clear and blurred, and the strong dizziness almost made me struggle to maintain such a posture. Damn it, can someone tell me what the phone number is at Officer Swan's house, and why the brain is all blank in retrospect?! Why can't I even remember the alarm call?! All I know is that my fingers are clasping the phone as hard as they can, but I can't control it anyway. If it weren't for the phone in my hand, empty cosmetic tubes ,plastic cosmetic tubes, I'm sure I wouldn't break down and cry. The feeling of helplessness that I had never felt before made my eyes black, and I bit a circle of bright red teeth marks on my arm, and the stimulation of pain finally made me barely faint from embarrassment. What on earth is the use of myself like this? Encounter things can be flustered to such an extent, but also talk about revenge for Aunt Darina, I am a waste who can not even dial a phone, but also can overreach themselves to release those stupid cruel words. I have endured too long, since tonight or since I came to Forks, all the misfortunes I have suffered in the past few days have piled up and burst out at this moment. 『…… Bastard! Almost subconsciously, I blurted out that I was so disgusted with myself that I couldn't even do this little thing well that my fingers grabbed the phone and slammed it to the ground, and the plastic made a harsh sound on the floor tiles. Desperation on the verge of extinction made my whole body tremble uncontrollably, the telephone line was still wrapped around my wrist, and the tremendous impact almost pulled me down. “Aah! Aah!” I fell to the ground, my thighs seemed to be punctured by the debris on the ground. Under the stimulation of intense pain, I held my head and screamed uncontrollably. My throat was filled with the smell of blood. The tingling sensation on my body made me almost unable to hear anything clearly, but I couldn't stop at all. Rambo, Rambo?! It seemed that someone was constantly calling my name, and I wanted to move my eyes to see, but the stiff body was completely out of my control, only the terrible blood on the ground constantly stimulated my collapsed nerves. I have never experienced such a painful feeling, only the instinct to wail the name of my aunt, “Darina, Darina, Darina..” “Rambo, that's enough. Calm down!” Edward seemed to want to grab my hand, and the cold touch on my wrist made the distant pain clear. -Let go! I don't know where the strength came from, but I waved him away. My arm hit the wall unexpectedly, and after a dull thump, the sharp pain made me almost faint. Damn it.. You stop it! After a second of silence, Edward's fierce roar suddenly came from his ears. A pair of hands grasped my arm tightly and stopped my movement. The tremendous force almost crushed my bones. My last syllable was stuffed back into my stomach, and my dull brain could not function properly, as if it had been a long time before I could feel the cold and piercing touch of my jaw. In fact, however, Edward's kiss was already suffocating. 54 『…… Rambo. Rambo?! Mrs. Betty turned up the volume, and I suddenly woke up from my fugue. Yes, Betty. May I help you? 『……』 Mrs. Betty looked at me in silence, hesitated several times,cosmetic plastic tube, and smiled awkwardly. “No, it's nothing.”. The students in your class are already here. Aren't they going to discuss their mid-term report? …… Interim report? I paused, and it took me a long time to realize that Fox Middle School was already in the middle of the holidays.