The emperor is not bad, the imperial concubine does not love

“All right!”! Ok! ! Bai Yueyao, don't regret it. ! I think that girl Zhang is also good. There is food and drink here. At the worst, I will not have sex with that girl. “Ah!” Bai Yueyao sighed, then stood up and walked to the other room, while I followed him and scolded him all the time! It was not until Bai Yueyao pushed open the door of a room that I stopped cursing him. This room was like the “wine pool and meat forest” of Bai Yueyao's bedroom. It was a huge pool inside, and it seemed that no one had used it yet. I was surprised. It was just a west courtyard. Was the place where the guests lived so good? How can he live in a more luxurious place? Bai Yueyao pushed me into Yuchi when I was stunned. The water was not deep, so it was over my waist. But I was very angry about Bai Yueyao's sudden action. Don't go too far! Then I walked towards the vulgar pool. However, he also suddenly jumped into the pool, then went around behind me and hugged me: “We will be separated in three days, so take this opportunity to make out!” Then his hand came to my chest. I'm so angry! I'm so angry! Even if we do part in three days, I won't make out with him. I pushed him away with all my strength and turned to look at him angrily: “Mixed protein moon!”! Bastard Bai Yueyao! With these words, my hands dropped to his chest. He did not resist, but let me vent, his charm smiled,lycopene for skin, lips fell on my lips, and I beat his chest hands also slowly stopped, in exchange for my hands against his chest … … The blue butterfly who was kissed by the white moon gradually panted unevenly. After all, they had been intimate for a long time. Their clothes had already been soaked by the pool water and tightly wrapped around their bodies. The strong figure of the white moon was perfectly displayed, and the graceful figure of the blue butterfly was also concave and convex. Last night,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Bai Yueyao could not bear his desire, but he had to endure it because of the blue cloud. At this moment, when the blue butterfly was pushed into the beautiful pool by himself, facing the blue butterfly full of temptation, Bai Yueyao's desire swelled uncontrollably, so he jumped into the pool involuntarily. The intense and lingering kiss lasted for a long time, until the air in the room was thin, and the white moon and the blue butterfly were reluctant to part their lips. The panting of the blue butterfly and the panting of the white moon rose and fell, and the white moon licked her slightly dry lips. The fierce hand tore the blue butterfly's clothes, and then couldn't wait to hold the bump on the round blue butterfly with his mouth. Being treated roughly by Bai Yueyao, tannic acid astringent ,lutein eye complex, Blue Butterfly did not feel afraid, but there was a greater sense of pleasure, she only felt a stream of electricity all over her body, and her lower body was itching. When Bai Yueyao saw the blue butterfly enjoying so much, a bad smile appeared at the corners of her mouth: “If you really marry that woman, you can't have sex all your life.” I'm afraid you can't stand loneliness. If I marry that woman, won't that be right with you, and you can find more women? Blue Butterfly asked Bai Yueyao with a slight jealousy. After listening to the words of the blue butterfly, Bai Yueyao nibbled the round bump of the blue butterfly. Um. … ” The pleasure of being stimulated by pain made the blue butterfly sing softly. Bai Yueyao said with a charming smile, “I am the only one who can make the butterfly make such beautiful music, and the only one who can satisfy me is the butterfly.” Hate Being teased by Bai Yueyao, the blue butterfly beat Bai Yueyao's back shyly. Hate Bai Yueyao said playfully and stopped touching the blue butterfly: “Then I will stop?”? As soon as Bai Yueyao stopped, there was no doubt that Blue Butterfly felt very empty. She nibbled her lower lip and said the shy words: “Yes, yes, I'm sure I can't stand loneliness, so come and satisfy me.”. Seeing that the blue butterfly had surrendered, Bai Yueyao kissed the blue butterfly with satisfaction: “This is good. How can I call my butterfly lonely?”? So we're leaving before you get married. “Bai Yueyao finished and picked up the blue butterfly easily by the buoyancy in the water, and then the blue butterfly's feet were wrapped around Bai Yueyao's waist.” Why did you leave three days later? The blue butterfly asked in puzzlement. Secret Bai Yueyao said mysteriously and put his desire into the body of the blue butterfly. Um. … ” At this moment, the blue butterfly felt so full that she couldn't help giving out a murmur. You can enjoy it now. Bai Yueyao said that he held the waist of the blue butterfly in both hands and kept sprinting with his own desire to swell to no good. … This is the first time I made out with Bai Yueyao in the water, but the feeling is very exciting, I do not know because it is too long to make out? Or because of a strange place to make out. I'm ashamed to think that I just said that kind of dirty words. Bai Yueyao and I were still immersed in the water. Bai Yueyao's body was leaning against the edge of Yuchi, while my head was leaning against Bai Yueyao's chest. What the hell are you up to this time? In fact, I was undoubtedly dizzy just now, thinking that if Bai Yueyao was not a ghost bending over, how could he ask me to marry another woman? Bai Yueyao chuckled, then stroked my forehead: “This time to punish you, so this matter with you to keep secret, when the time comes you wait to escape marriage!” Bai Yueyao finished and got up and went out of Yuchi. But what he said about punishment? Is it because I just said that I don't like him, and he still cares about it? This fool is so stingy! But think about it carefully, I have never told Bai Yueyao that I like him. I have always told him that I hate him and don't like him. Will I go too far? Looking at the white moon out of the bath, I found my clothes: “Hello!”! My clothes were torn by you, how do you want me to go out? “And now we have no alternative clothes,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, this is troublesome ah, just immersed in the pleasure of intimacy, did not think about clothes at all.“.