Jinjiang gold medal recommended VIP 2018-12 [comprehensive animation fan]

“Judge Gexian decided to vote for No.3 Cherry Blossom Zongzi.” “Ah ~ yes, that piece of rice dumplings is really a work of art,” Gexian drank a mouthful of tea to clear his throat, and then nodded affirmatively, as if he was still in the aftertaste. “The taste is also to my liking. It's like returning to spring to taste the rich and light cherry blossom fragrance in this hot summer.” “So at present, the highest vote is the cherry blossom dumpling.” Bodo pressed the small calculator. The following blades are also talking about it. “Which one did you choose?” “I chose the spicy one, and I can eat spicy food a little bit recently.” “Well, the super sweet chocolate syrup dumpling only got one vote. Who voted for it?” “I don't know, maybe my taste is bad.” “Next is the judges candlestick cut Mitsutada's choice,” Tsurumaru walked to Mitsutada's side, “have you decided?” Guangzhong hesitated for a long time. The proportion of the judges' votes was very large. As long as he voted for the one of the two zongzi in front of the cherry blossom zongzi, he was sure to win. But Guangzhong finally pointed to No.5 and voted for the syrup zongzi with only one vote. Huh?! All the people in the audience were surprised and suspected that they had misheard or were dazzled. This, master also said that the most important thing is to participate in it, I think it is also possible to encourage the participants who get the least votes. Guangzhong explained, “In fact, I think this rice dumpling has a very good idea, maybe it can really become a very good snack if it is improved.” Xiaohua listened to Guangzhong's statement and nodded secretly. The steamed hot dumplings would steam the fillings inside,ibc spill containment pallet, and the frozen ones might succeed, or even be improved into ice cream dumplings? “And the winner?” Tsurumaru asked Hakata, “No.3, Cherry Blossom Zongzi.” Bodo held up the blackboard and announced the vote count. Master, are you satisfied with the result? You have a veto. Taking advantage of Hakata's announcement of the data gap, Tsurumaru immediately ran to Xiaohua to inquire. No,collapsible bulk containers, no, just have a good time. Although the little flower said so, the heart can not help feeling that the selection is still some child's play, the song fairy is a pair of cherry blossom dumplings to blow up the appearance, Guangzhong is to encourage the last one, the results of ordinary votes to select the most popular taste but did not select the first, but since the rules are set, cherry blossom dumplings are also based on ability to get the first. The rice dumplings in this competition are all carefully prepared by everyone. In fact, most of them are very delicious. They have the flavor of Zephyr seaweed, which completely imitates the traditional brown sugar flavor and salt and pepper flavor of Xiaohua's hometown, the roast pork of rice cake, the cherry blossom flavor, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, the spicy fish floss flavor and the wild vegetable flavor. Competition also has luck bonus, especially this kind of food competition, the delicious degree of dishes is comparable, really can only see the subjective tendency of the judges. The winner of the first Honmaru Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi Wrapping Competition is the Knee-cutting Pill Group. Tsurumaru announced the final winner, and he waved to Xiaohua and then turned around and bowed to everyone to thank him, receiving a lot of applause, and the groups that lost the game also applauded magnanimously. “It's a pity that it was so close.” Mutsu clapped his hands. “But the cherry blossom dumplings are really beautiful and delicious, and we are convinced to lose.” “Lord, the gift of the tetrarch.” “Qaq” Hasebe tears, unwilling to look at the list, the first ordinary ticket, at that moment he was so close to the position of the champion. “It doesn't matter, master said, the most important thing is to participate.” Zong San comforted him. Yes, the most important thing is to participate. This is also a kind of spiritual practice. “Shan Fu Guo Guang saw that the mountain grandmother was somewhat disappointed, and comforted his brother.” “This is really a good experience.” It will be better next time. “Good!”! Be sure to work harder next time! Hasebe, who immediately perked up, seemed to be burning with a flaming flame. Ah I told you I'm not good at cooking. The Mitsuke sighed, “We got five votes of approval,” he was very satisfied. “We will continue to work hard next time.” “Yes, just try again next time.” And Moriya Izumi nodded to Horikawa. “It doesn't matter to Yaoyan, we still have a lot of opportunities,” the first issue also comforted the shoulder of Yaoyan. Ha ha ha ha, I didn't think we could get the votes of the judges! Ai Ran laughed with his waist crossed, happier than the Genji brothers who won the first prize. “Even the chef of Honmaru said that our creativity is very good. Are we very good?” “……” Yingwan covered his face. Fortunately, he still got one ordinary ticket, otherwise he could really cry. Genji brothers won the championship, for the audience who can only see but not eat in front of the screen, the meaning is somewhat different. After all, in addition to a dark dish of “rice soaked in syrup”, other zongzi looks delicious and looks regular. Cherry blossom zongzi is the product of refreshing everyone's new understanding of the appearance of new zongzi. Ah, ah, ah, such a beautiful cherry blossom rice dumpling is actually the work of cut and knee pills! “Is this a victory for the party of appearance?” “Long live the cut ~ \ (≧ ≦)/~ Long live the knee pill ~ \ (≧ ≦)/~” “What do you mean by unexpectedly in front of you? Sure enough!”! Is it really good? “Congratulations to the elder brother for cutting the younger brother's pill = 3 =” “Gexian is really the party of appearance.” “Cherry Zongzi is well deserved, besides the most beautiful Xiaocao master also commented that it is very delicious!” I want to eat too!!! Crazy roll ~ ~ ~ “I have placed an order for materials, and I hope they will arrive soon, so that at least I can eat the same kind of food at night.” “Excuse me, where can I buy that cherry blossom?” “I want to eat too.” It's a pity that you can't fire in the university dormitory! “I am more concerned about what brand of sago to buy to achieve such a high degree of transparency?” “X treasure search salted cherry blossoms have the same style, no thanks.” The sago imported from Siam should be OK,plastic pallet crates, right? Don't buy that junk that costs a few yuan a pack. “In our small area, there are no salted cherry blossoms in supermarkets, so it seems that we can only order them online.” “Cuisine waste just want to ask where to sell finished products = = | | |”. binpallet.com