The Da Vinci Code

But now in the Temple Church Langdon threatens to break the keystone leaving Remy's future in doubt It was hard for him to think of what he was about to lose so he decided to act boldly The gun in his hand is a concealed small bore j-shaped “Medusa” revolver but it can cause fatal wounds in a small area Remy came out of the shadows and walked quickly to the center of the round house He aimed his pistol directly at Teabing's head “I've been waiting for you for a long time old man” Sir Ray Teabing's heart stopped when he saw Remy pointing his PMedicinal Plant Raw Materials gun at him What's he doing Teabing recognized at a glance the revolver he had locked in the glove box of the limousine for security reasons Remy what's wrong with you Teabing sputtered Langdon and Sophie were equally stunned Remy hugged Teabing from behind and slammed the barrel of his gun into his back which was high on his left side and facing his heart Tibbin's muscles tensed “Remy I didn't —” “Let me get this straight” Remy said looking over Teabing's shoulder at Langdon Put the keystone down or I'll shoot Langdon seemed to become numb for a moment What do you want the keystone for “You can't turn it on” he stammered “A bunch of self-righteous fools” Remy sneered “Haven't you noticed that I've been listening to you talk about these poems all night I've heard everything and I've spoken to others who know more than you do You're not even in the right place The grave you are looking for is somewhere else Teabing panicked What is he talking about! “What do you want the Holy Grail for” Langdon asked “You want to destroy the world before it ends” “Take the keystone away from Mr Langdon” Remy told the monk As the monk pressed forward Langdon backed away holding the keystone high as if ready to slam it to the ground I would rather destroy it than let it fall into the wrong hands Teabing felt a twinge of fear It was as if he saw his life's work vanishing before his eyes and all his dreams turning to dust Robert no! “He shouted” No! That's the Holy Grail in your hand Remy's not gonna shoot me We already know ten — Remy fired a shot at the ceiling The pistol is so small but the sound it makes is too loud The sound of the gun echoed in the stone room like thunder and lightning I'm not kidding “I'm going to shoot him in the back next” Remy said Give the keystone to Silas Reluctantly Langdon held out his hand and Silas went up to get it His red eyes were filled with the pleasure of revenge He put the keystone in the pocket of his robe and stepped back the pistol still aimed at Langdon and Sophie Teabing's neck was held tightly by Remy Remy dragged him and began to retreat out of the house the pistol still against his back China Chemicals Suppliers Let him go Langdon ordered I'm taking Mr Teabing out for a drive Remy is still backing up If you call the police I'll kill him If you try to interfere I'll kill him too Do you hear me clearly “Take me” said Langdon his voice cracking with emotion Let Ser Ray go! Remy laughed “Come on I have a good relationship with him and he's very useful” Teabing dragged his crutches behind him and he was pushed by Remy to the exit Silas also began to move back but his pistol was still aimed at Langdon and Sophie Sophie's tone was very firm “Who are you working for” “Miss Neveu you'll be surprised if you say it” Remy laughed triumphantly Chapter 87 The fireplace in Chateau Villette's living room was cold but Lieutenant Collet walked up and down in front of it reading a fax sent to him by Interpol Everything was beyond his expectation According to official records André Vernet was a model citizen The police have no criminal record against him not even a parking ticket He was educated at the preparatory school and then at the University of Paris where he graduated with honors in international finance According to Interpol Vernet's name often appears in newspapers and is always positive Apparently Natural Pigments this person was involved in the design of the Zurich Savings Bank's security system making it the world's leading electronic security system today According to Vernet's personal credit card he was a lover of art books and expensive wines and he loved classical music — most of his recordings were Brahms which he apparently listened to on a particularly advanced stereo system he had purchased a few years earlier Nothing Collet sighed This evening from the information provided by Interpol the only bright spot is obviously the fingerprints left by Teabing's servant At the other end of the room the chief inspector of the pts sat in a comfortable chair and read the investigation materials handed in Collet looked over Have you found anything new The prosecutor shrugged “These are the fingerprints of Remy Legrud” He was cited for a minor crime It's no big deal It seems that he was kicked out of school because he reinstalled the phone Jack in order to enjoy the convenience of making free calls Later he went to sneak around arrested and released and was arrested again Once he had an emergency tracheotomy he tampered with the bill issued by the hospital He looked up and chuckled About having an allergic reaction to peanut oil Collet nodded remembering the time the police had gone to a restaurant to investigate and the restaurant had not stated on the menu that the meat sauce contained peanut oil As a result a guest sat down at the table to eat a mouthful and died suddenly because of an allergic reaction to peanut oil Legrud may be living here to avoid being arrested “He was lucky that night” said the prosecutor looking pleased 。