Buddha is originally the Tao.

Said Ba Liming lascivious heart big hair, super Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun two women rushed. Two women see, hurriedly close the sword, Jiao drink, and a finger, two sword light magic into thousands of, to kill forward. Ba Liming laughed twice and breathed heavily, like the roar of a cow. With both hands, he grabbed and fished forward, as if fishing in a big net, and fished the purple and green swords in his hands. The two women were in such a hurry that they hurriedly collected their swords, but where they could get them back, Ba Liming threw the two swords into his mouth, chewed them at random, and at the same time, he grabbed them from their chests. But when Abbess Dragon Slayer came in and saw that the two women were in danger, she shouted at the top of her voice, “Evil spirits dare you!” Sacrifice the dragon knife slanting to assassinate. When Ba Liming saw that the two girls had not caught him, a tall and ugly nun appeared on the way. He was furious and laughed twice at the sound of his fangs. And spit out a mass of flesh and blood, is facing the dragon knife, but the body like lightning to the front of the dragon slayer. Abbess Dragon Slayer knew that none of the people in Shushan could compete with the evil spirit. She hurriedly raised her right hand and shot out 3,600 goddess needles. At the same time, she retreated. See the opposite gray cloud a shop, the goddess needle like mud cattle into the sea disappeared, at the same time a strange claw up, a fierce pull, his right hand up to the shoulder are pulled down. Finally, he ran fast and saved his life. Hurriedly, I saw that Taiyuan Zhenren, Tiegu Xian, Sanzi, Changmei Zhenren, Tiandu,collapsible pallet box, Minghe Erlao, Miaoyi Zhenren and his wife, Xuanzhenzi, Fenghuo Taoist, the enemy of Chuanxin Monk, Fushou Taoist, Wuling Laodao, Mayuan Patriarch, Shuimao Shengjun, Qingyang Laozu, and more than a dozen outstanding disciples such as Qi Jinchan, Zhu Wen and Shisheng also gathered together. Over there,mobile garbage bin, Mao Zhenzhen shouted, “Elder Martial Brothers and Elder Martial Sisters, hurry into the sword array and join forces to kill this demon.” It turned out that the four men over there had trapped Dharma King Xuanyuan and were fighting fiercely. More than a dozen outstanding Shushan disciples immediately flew into the sword array and besieged Dharma King Xuanyuan together. Xuanyuan Dharma King's pressure suddenly increased dozens of times, and he fell into the downwind and shouted again and again. Seeing that he was in danger, the swan goose rushed forward and attacked outside the array, but the number of people in the place was large and the magic weapon was exquisite, so it still fell to the leeward. After fighting for a while, both of them were trapped in the array. I, Buddha, help! Abbess Dragon Slayer was chased by Ba Liming, but no one came to save her, so she had to ask Shakyamuni Buddha for help. She converted to Buddhism, so she was called Abbess. Now I have no choice but to respect the Tathagata. Master Xuandu hurriedly said, “This battle is to free people from killing and plundering.”. Each has its own life and death, and cannot be forced to do so. In the world of immortals, the cause and effect of the boundless sword fight is just here to end. Shakyamuni Buddha also knew this truth, and saw that in the other camp, the nine phoenixes did not move, but they did not care. Abbess Dragon Slayer shouted several times, but Ba Liming had broken the nun's Buddha light. He pulled himself in, grabbed his paw in front of his chest, and pierced a big hole. One after another, the head was also bitten off by Ba Liming and eaten into the stomach. Ba Liming also regardless of what, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic wheelie bins, hold down the heart of lust. Eyes red light, the whole body clouds, broke into the sword array. A Taoist nun who looked like a girl, holding a precious umbrella and an Ananda sword, came to kill herself. But she is a disciple of Shushan, the goddess Ying Yi Jing. Qi Jinchan, Zhu Wen, Shi Sheng, Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun this war Xuanyuan Dharma King, Hongyan couple, see this old devil rushed in, hurriedly to fight. Ba Liming was furious, his body was erratic, and his claws were like dragons. He tore the umbrella of the goddess baby Yi Jing. Then he held the other's body in one hand, pinched it in his hand, and threw it into his mouth. The true spirit went to the Deification Platform. When Qi Jinchan saw that Ba Liming had killed another one, he immediately looked sad and indignant. “I'm going to fight with you, the devil,” he shouted. As soon as he finished shouting, he saw a flower in front of him. Ba Liming grabbed the Thunderbolt Mandarin Duck Sword and opened his mouth to bite it. When Zhu Wen saw that his lover was in danger, he rushed and sacrificed his life in front of him, but let Ba Liming eat a mouthful on his chest and bite himself to death. Ba Liming Jie Jie rushed up, a slap in the past, but Qi Jin cicada head out of the body, then a vertical body, mouth ten times bigger, a hungry tiger attack food, will also eat. The two of them really went to the Deification Platform. Brother Cicada, Sister Wen! When Shi Sheng saw that the two men had been eaten to death by Ba Liming, his eyes turned red and he rushed at them crazily. What kind of person is Ba Liming? He killed without mercy, ate without mercy, but opened his mouth, spurted out the flesh and blood of the two people he had just eaten, and wrapped Shi Sheng in it. As soon as the hand reaches out, immediately pulls into two parts, along with the flesh and blood all entered the mouth. See all around, resist the sword gas, but see only Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun two women, in the hands of a new magic weapon. His face changed miserably and he was about to escape, but Ba Liming was just panting like an ox. WWW.xiAosHuoTXT.com Chapter 454 extinction. “Evil spirits should stop running wild and take their lives.” The voice of grief and indignation came from behind. It turned out to be Yu Yingnan, an outstanding female disciple of Shushan. When she saw several Elder Martial Sisters, the Elder Martial Brother was killed in a twinkling of an eye. She immediately tried her best to throw the Nanming Fire Sword in her hand, recite the Taiqing Immortal Method, and turn the sword into a dragon. A fire dragon transformed from Nanming Fire bared its teeth and claws, sprayed thousands of feet of red thunder and fire, and ran to the back of Liming. Afterward, in the sword the sword gas crystal light is big, four Kunwu divine swords rise to pull up, twisted into a strand, the waist toward Ba Li to chop. Zhou Qingyun and Li Yingqiong's two daughters also raised their hands. One of them offered a magic weapon that looked like a drill bit and turned it into a ray of fire. However, it was Li Yingqiong's ancient treasure Suiren drill. According to legend, it was Suiren's drill wood, which was used to teach the acquired fire. Extremely powerful. Those who are in the middle are crushed to pieces. Zhou Qingyun, however, held the five clouds, and with one hand, there were bursts of auspicious clouds. Two female sacrifice to the magic weapon to fight, the body a flash, but is hiding in the array, see the sword gas vertical and horizontal, blood light ups and downs, up and down is a brilliant, others do not know whether it is heaven or earth. Although this Yu Yingnan is also unusually beautiful, the red skirt green silk, the body is graceful and slender, but in the view of Balao Devil, it is no different from a group of flesh and blood. When the Shushan Sect was at its peak, it spread overseas. When Prince Long of the East China Sea saw Yu Yingnan, he came to propose marriage. He wanted to make a good marriage, but he was rejected and humiliated. The Dragon King of the East China Sea thought that he had lost his face, but he couldn't do anything about it. We'll have to do it. At that time,collapsible bulk container, Yu Bu of Shushan was implicated in the Saha Pure Land, and there were monkeys in the Saha Pure Land, who dared to say more about such ferocious spirits as fighting against the Buddha. This is not mentioned. cnplasticpallet.com