God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

The holy energy interweaves, the law of ten thousand beginnings is vast, interweaves this space, the thread beats continuously. Liu Aoxian stands in this space, surrounded by the law of Wan Chu, this moment is like the supreme immortal, suppressing all. Lin Tian dodged with the steps of reincarnation and interfered with other great arts. In his eyes, strands of fine awn jumped from time to time. In a twinkling of an eye, a full hour passed. An hour passed, and at this time, the fine awn in his eyes became rich, and there was a faint flash of purple awn. That's a fast jump! Liu Aoxian's face was cold. At this moment, the Wanchu Law boiled outside his body. In a twinkling of an eye, the Wanchu Fairy River turned out. It suppressed the ten directions and covered the whole Lin Tian: “In this way, you can try to dodge out again!” The immortal river at the beginning of ten thousand years is coming in an instant. Six and eight wastelands, completely surrounded and covered by the law of ten thousand beginnings, there is no space to dodge. Lin Tian's eyes were calm, and the purple awn in his eyes became stronger: “Then have a try.” As the words fell, he raised his hand, and a purple awn flashed, tearing open the Wanchuxian River and stepping out of it. At the same time, he casually pulled, a purple blade cut through the sky, instantly forced to Liu Aoxian near. Liu Aoxian changed color and quickly dodged three feet away. The next moment, where she had just stood, a small piece of space turned into nothingness and disappeared completely in an instant. That is “No..” No way That,Service Sink Faucets, that seems to be. In this place, all the monks' faces changed in surprise. The same is true of yuan Ziqing, the God of Tianyin Temple, and Luo Sze, the God of Baisheng Guge, whose powerful bodies shook fiercely. Liu Aoxian's face became the most fierce, no longer before the kind of cold and arrogant: “You.” Impossible! Just now, the purple awn outside Lin Tian's body, the purple blade offered to her,Stainless Steel Toilet China, was obviously the same as the power she offered. That is clearly the law of ten thousand! “You also control the law of ten thousand beginnings?!” She looked at Lin Tian: “Why didn't I feel anything before?” She controls the law of Wanchu, her cultivation is higher than Lin Tian, if Lin Tian also controls the law of Wanchu, then before, she can not have no induction, will definitely sense it! However, when she faced Lin Tian before, she did not give birth to the slightest feeling that Lin Tian controlled the law of Wan Chu, which made her confused and difficult to understand. Then, the next moment, she seemed to think of something, her face really changed, and even her body trembled. You You took control of it by my law of all things?! Her eyes could not help jumping. Lin Tian looked at her, her expression was flat, her eyes were lightly interwoven with purple awn, and there were strands of purple light floating out of her body. Just control, not pure broken, you accompany me to be skilled. He said. As the words fell, Flush valve price ,Time Delay Faucet, a piece of purple blade manifested, straight cut to Liu Aoxian. Chapter 2361 five-dimensional boundary. Pieces of purple blades cut through the void and fell in front of Liu Aoxian in a twinkling of an eye. Liu Aoxian's face was ugly, his teeth were gnashed, and the divine light interwoven outside his body was boiling like a towering flame in an instant, turning into a frightening waterfall and rushing up toward Lin Tian. With a sniff, the purple blade offered by Lin Tian was smashed in a twinkling of an eye, and then Liu Aoxian offered a waterfall of divine light at the beginning of ten thousand years, pressing down on Lin Tian. Lin Tian steps, the pace is very casual, step by step a purple afterimage, raised his hand toward the front of a simple punch. The purple Wanchu rule is interwoven at the end of his fist. In terms of quantity, it is far less than the Wanchu Waterfall offered by Liu Aoxian. However, the quality seems to be much stronger. With a simple punch, the Wanchu Waterfall is defeated. Come again. He said, taking a simple step, the purple awn in his eyes interweaves, and the Wanchu rule outside his body gradually becomes strong. Liu Aoxian quickly urged the law of Wan Chu to be more overbearing, and the same purple awn manifested itself toward Lin Tian. For a time, two homogeneous and homologous forces collided here, turning the void into a primitive one. He, he actually. “Borrow Liu Aoxian's Wanchu rule, only one hour, one hour, just..” “This..” Is he a man?! In this place, all the monks were shocked. From what Liu Aoxian said just now, these monks already knew that Lin Tian had not controlled the law of Wanchu before, but because after Liu Aoxian offered the law of Wanchu, he watched and realized, and then controlled such power on this day. This makes these monks frightened, one by one only feel that the soul can not help but feel cold, as if it is about to be frozen. Liu Aoxian, the contemporary saint of Wanchu Shrine, is known as the peerless genius who is hard to come out of all ages. Her potential is horrible and frightening. With the help of all kinds of laws about Wanchu left by the ancestor of Wanchu Shrine, she has been in seclusion for more than ten years, and finally controls the law of Wanchu, leading to the shock of the whole five-dimensional heaven. Now, however, Lin Tian is only used for an hour, just by watching Liu Aoxian sacrifice of the law of Wan Chu to understand, and then unexpectedly in the battle to control such power. How horrible is this?! “He..” Didn't he come from the four-dimensional sky? How could there be such a horrible person in that low-level world?! This It's impossible! Someone can't stop trembling. Even as strong as yuan Ziqing, the God son of Tianyin Temple, and Luo Sze, the God son of Baisheng Ancient Pavilion, they were shocked. Boom! “Boom!” “Boom!” Void roar, purple light in this piece of space constantly collision, where everything is dissipated. Half an hour passed in a twinkling of an eye. That's about it. Lin Tian opened his mouth, flexed his fingers, and a river of immortals surged out. The breath of this Wanchu Fairy River is frightening, and in an instant it is the Wanchu Law that Liu Aoxian offered with all his strength. Immediately, one side of the air vortex was born, interwoven with amazing force, and Liu Aoxian was directly shaken to fly. He, he.. “Wanchu rule, super..” Beyond Liu Aoxian! In this space, the monks trembled again. At this moment, everyone is a clear feeling out,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, Lin Tian's control of the law of Wan Chu, has come from behind, leaving Liu Aoxian far behind. Is he really human?! A young friar trembled. cnkexin.com