The favorite concubine of the king of Liao

Yelv Hao snorted and said disdainfully, “You can still say this with a smile. You know you are an assassin. I cut you down at that time.” His tone is vicious, not because Linglong is the king's lover and polite to her, in his eyes, she is to hurt the king. I didn't know he was Yelv Xiuge, the king of the North Court. If I had known he was Yelv Xiuge, I would have given you poison instead of ecstasy. Linglong's body moved to his eyes, and his distance could not be closer, “Yelv Hao, if I killed him at that time, there would be no such situation now.” She reached out and grabbed his chest, and her eyes flashed with pain. She would not forget the oath she had made to her sister, nor would she forget that she was the murderer who killed Yelv Xiuge's nephew Anxin. What are you going to say to me? Yelv Hao knocked off her irreverent hand, stepped back and looked at her warily. “What do you want now?”? Continue to kill the king? “I hope you will not interfere in the matter between me and the king, and we will break up.” The smile faded from Linglong's eyelids. “I am an assassin sent by the emperor of the Song Dynasty to kill the king, because the emperor of the Song Dynasty thought that the king had humiliated him in the battle of Gaoliang River.”. God is so fond of joking with people. He and I met in the streets of Shangjing and fell in love with each other. The hatred between us is indescribable. Yelv Hao, I know you are hostile to me. You want to get rid of me quickly. “Yes.” Yelv Hao admitted and looked at her with a black face. “All the things and people that are harmful to the king are what I, the general manager of the North Court, want to get rid of.” That's what he does. You let me go before you go back to the palace of the North Court. Linglong's face sank,wholesale plastic pallet, almost begging his tone, “Yelv Hao, I, Jian Linglong, have never begged anyone so humbly. What I want to do with Xiao Jian has always been done directly. Now I beg you like this because you are his most loyal subordinate. What you do is for his safety.” Yelv Hao raised his eyebrows and said with a sneer, “What would happen if you did things according to Xiao Jian's style?” His voice did not fall, Linglong's body had floated in front of him,drum spill containment, his right hand grabbed his chest, and he sneered grimly, “I will kill you at night when I can't see five fingers.” It's not a threat. She does what she says. Yelv Hao replied with a sneer, “Your martial arts look pretty good, but I'm not afraid of you, Jian Linglong. You're here to kill the king. Even if you say you love the king, your purpose has never changed, has it?” How can he not change his face? Linglong could not help admiring his calmness, loosened him, smiled, and was told by him that something was on his mind. Indeed, even now that she and Yelv Xiuge have revealed the truth, she has not given up her intention to kill him. Am I right? Yelv Hao patted his clothes, wholesale plastic pallet ,spill plastic pallet, snorted coldly, and glanced at her, “Jian Linglong, my purpose will not change easily, I just want to kill you.” “If it doesn't make sense, it's up to you.” Linglong was no longer angry with him. She always admired people with backbone. If Yelv Hao was frightened by her threats, she would look down on him and show him a sincere smile. “Yelv Hao, I like you a little, because you are a real man.” Smiling, she stretched out her hand and patted him hard on the arm. “Yelv Xiuge is lucky to have such loyal subordinates as you.” “Don't touch anything.” Yelv Hao patted her hand and looked at her unhappily. “Jian Linglong, it's useless to smile so brightly. That is to say, it's useless to fall in love with me. You are a real danger to the king. I must get rid of you.” His eyes sparkled with determination and his lips smiled. “I, Yelv Hao, was born to protect the safety of the king.” His smile had just begun, and unexpectedly, Linglong kicked him over, kicked him away, and fell far away. After landing heavily, he could not help crying out. Linglong's body floated and moved to his side. He squatted down and stared at him bitterly. “Yelv Hao, the man Jian Linglong fell in love with is Xiao Ning, but he is Yelv Xiuge. I love him. You will never understand how hard it is for me to love him. Yelv Xiuge is the only man in Jian Linglong's heart. You are not allowed to read the most beautiful and desperate feelings in my heart!” Her eyes almost burst with anger. Yelv Hao looked at her in surprise and was surprised to find that her eyes were gradually covered with a layer of fog, a touch of sadness was fleeting, and her eyes were struggling with painful emotions. This was her truest feeling, and he saw that she really loved the king. Linglong stood up, turned around, looked up and swallowed her tears back into her stomach, clenched her fists, straightened up and walked away. Yelv Hao slowly stood up from the ground, looking at her back far away, the heart shook open indescribable emotions, some shock, some surprise, but also some loss, he was confused, she loved the king, but to kill him, why? Liao King's Beloved Concubine Temptation Volume Chapter 94 Pain Yelv xiuge sent to the north court army task is to rest in the army, let the army adult a good patrol again, said simple again simple, said difficult is also very difficult, because it is not easy to be serious. Xiao Yang turned around and came back. He was so hungry that he got off his horse and saw that Yelv Xiuge had finished the military meeting. He sighed and went to sit down beside him. He took a bite of the leg of mutton in front of him. The defeat at Yanmen Pass was a great blow to morale. He saw his friend looking at the map without saying a word, patted him on the arm and asked,plastic trash bins, “What are you going to do?” Yelv Xiuge looked up at him with a cold light in his eyes. Do you want Linglong to die, too? He put the map aside with a bad face. What's going on? You're not in a bad mood because you lost the battle, are you? Victory or defeat is a common thing for military strategists. Don't take it to heart. It's your majesty who wants to retaliate against the emperor of the Song Dynasty. I've said it's too hasty to send troops this time. 。