Black bag group of the goddess of war Now I have a good talk with a science teacher, who has a good character and is a former student of Feng's mother. The Feng family is very satisfied, and the other family is also an intellectual family. The parents of the two families have already met, and for their wedding, they are now waiting for the two children to let go. Judging from the fact that Feng Ning has gained a few pounds recently, Feng Ning is obviously very satisfied with her boyfriend today. Otherwise, you won't be happy and fat. No flash, but it is estimated that if it is early, it will be National Day, and if it is late, it will be New Year's Day. Speaking of this, Feng Ning was still a little shy, pursed his lips, and then smiled. After the wedding process, the wedding banquet of eating and drinking began. During the meal, Dongshu sat at the woman's classmate's table. So, I saw He Huaixin on the table, and. His remarried wife, Liang Qian. Chapter 1542 the family has the throne to inherit 55. After we met, it was actually a little awkward. After all He Huaixin had pursued the original owner for two years before he got married. After the divorce, he moved his mind to pursue. As a result, there was no result, and they remarried. This wave of operation.. At this time he Huaixin quite take care of Liang Qian, although Liang Qian has not been pregnant,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, after all, the month is still small, but look at that careful look to know, is pregnant. Occasionally speaking between seats, you can also hear Liang Qian say that she is indeed pregnant. Dongshu did not respond to the whole process, and occasionally got up to help Quyao. After a meal, He Huaixin's hands and feet were stiff. Liang Qian sat beside her and saw clearly. Just outside, in the end to save face for each other. But after the banquet, as soon as she got on the bus,faux ficus tree, Liang Qian was not happy. Can't you forget Pan Yuzhi? As soon as Liang Qian got on the bus, she pulled a long face and was very unhappy. He Huaixin returned to the driver's seat, a listen to Liang Qian began to bring up the past, the complexion is not very good-looking. Everyone knows what happened before the divorce. This time, because of the accidental pregnancy, because of the child, we had to remarry, and everyone knew it. And he Huaixin also knew that Dongshu still had no idea about herself. Therefore, in the absence of choice, coupled with the pressure exerted by the Liang family, the two people had to remarry. He Huaixin did not know whether he still had feelings for Liang Qian, but he chose to remarry, and he would do his duty. But Liang Qian does not change the temper of the past, or suspicious, holding on to these old things, he Huaixin felt very tired. Originally looking at Liang Qian pregnant with a child, silk olive tree ,fake ficus tree, did not want to say anything more, but he Huaixin did not want to quarrel. Have you forgotten how we got divorced last time? After he Huaixin sat on the bus, he was not in a hurry to strike a fire, but asked in reply with a cold face. Liang Qian was choked by a word some uncomfortable, turned his head, wiped a tear, no longer speak. The way to remarry is her own choice, no wonder others. And how the child was conceived, she and He Huaixin knew in their hearts that they had played a trick. Now he Huaixin has such an attitude. Liang Qian really admitted it. Just think of, after Dongshu are in the development of Qingcheng, Liang Qian heart is extremely uncomfortable. He Huaixin here is what the situation, Dongshu does not know. After Qu Yao's wedding, Dong Shu returned to her daily life. Qu Yao went abroad for her honeymoon with a ticket. Feng Ning is also sweet with her science teacher recently. Wang Meijing. Once again, the seclusion of the mountains and forests, but the time will not be too long. Because her child is going to take the college entrance examination. Once upon a time, Dongshu thought that Wang Meijing would not even let go of a child, but now look, Wang Meijing is raised as a younger brother. There are no thoughts of men and women. After the May Day holiday, Dongshu plunged into the stock market again. In August, Dongshu came to this world for a year. The principal in his hand has been fried to six hundred thousand. No one knows how Dong Shu used twenty thousand yuan to make so much money in just half a year. But it's a lot of money. But six hundred thousand, in the Qingcheng housing market, even a sound can not be heard, let alone buy a house. So, Dongshu is not in a hurry, or rent a house. At the time of the National Day holiday, Feng Ning's wedding was not settled. The main reason was that the hotel was not easy to book. Both hotels were in good condition. They did not want to wronged their children, so they did not want to pick a small hotel. Grand hotels are fully booked during the National Day holiday, and some are even booked a year in advance. So, there was no place, and the wedding date was pushed to New Year's Day. Dongshu can just take the opportunity to go home. As a result, when I came home, I unexpectedly met several people. Sun yuanfeng, Grandmother and Dongshu know each other. In addition to these two, there is another man who is about the same age as Pan's father. Looking at the other side with Sun yuanfeng with a somewhat similar appearance, Dongshu judged that the other side may be Sun yuanfeng's father. What does this family mean by coming here? See Dongshu came back, grandmother-in-law is also very enthusiastic to come over and hold Dongshu's hand. As a result, Dong Shu directly avoided, did not let her succeed. Grandmother's face suddenly became very ugly. Yuzhi is back. Come on, yuanfeng, talk to Yuzhi. Grandmother's face was not very good-looking, but she turned her head and smiled, motioning Sun yuanfeng to talk to Dongshu. Dong Shu compared to the beginning of the year when we met, the appearance has changed a little. Dongshu left a little hair, dyed a little color, very natural color, is the kind of in the sun can be suffused with brown light. With this color, people also look very lively. Eleven, and the city here is not too cold, so Dongshu wearing wide-leg jeans, with a casual shirt. Very tall and capable. When Sun yuanfeng saw Dongshu, he was still slightly distracted. Yuzhi. After a long time, he spoke slowly. East Shu nods, did not say much,large artificial blossom trees, just motioned with Pan Mu: “I went back to the room first.” Grandmother almost exploded when she heard this. But considering that now Dongshu is no longer her daughter-in-law, she still has to ask for help, and it is useless to blow up.